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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Prediction Dates & Love Compatibility for the Leo Zodiac Sign

Date RangeDualityElementQualitySymbol
July 23–August 23 Masculine Fire Fixed The Lion

This Month's Horoscope

  • A backward-moving Mars is a weakened Mars, and you could find your enthusiasm and motivation to pursue an educational or mind-broadening goal diminishes or nosedives. 'Mind-broadening' can cover quite a list, but is primarily associated with anything connected with law, studying, travel or media. But it's your financial picture that could have you punching the air with joy. A Full Moon on September 2 and a New Moon on the 17th target money, income, and monetary gains. It looks like your patience and diligence have paid off - literally!

This Month's Love Horoscope

  • Leo is the sign that has been singled out for Venus magic this month! From September 6 until October 2, you could attract attention due to the magnetic, alluring, and charismatic vibe you emit. If you're single, then not taking advantage of romantic opportunities on offer will be entirely through choice. They certainly exist! If you're attached, then a loved one could find your noticeably stronger youthful and lighthearted qualities to be extremely attractive. A lover will want to shower you with affection and adoration - and you'll love every second of it!

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