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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Prediction Dates & Love Compatibility for the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Date RangeDualityElementQualitySymbol
December 22–January 19 Feminine Earth Cardinal The Goat

This Week's Horoscope

  • You have a Full Moon influencing emotional foundations and roots, which relates to special, loving relationships and maybe one in particular. It also affects your home, family, or domestic set up. A chapter connected with any or all the above is coming to an end - and another's beginning. Also, with Saturn moving forward, you could find your stern exterior returns and responsibilities that you feel obliged to shoulder increase. But it's from this week that you have a chance to become clear in your mind about what you would like an ambitious reward to be - and invest the necessary faith and effort to ensure it becomes yours.

This Week's Love Horoscope

  • If you and a lover or potential sweetheart have had to deal with tricky, painful, or even one or two dark matters recently, then the end is in sight. There may still be one or two fears that need facing or vulnerable conversations required to continue to make progress. But any heavy, intense, or secretive vibe should start to show signs of diminishing this week. Trust that the sun is doing it's best to break through the clouds. If you've wanted matters of the heart to feel more adventurous, then buckle up!

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