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Psychic Norell Ratings & Reviews

Norell is exceptional!!!! I'm so thankful Spirit lead me to her. So, glad she is on my j Brynda | Mar 10, 2020
Norell is exceptional. She has helped me through some very dark times. Brynda | Mar 11, 2021
Norell, quick thought: what if signed off also b/c of picture him I posted with note? Delilah Laurince | Feb 22, 2021
Norell is exceptional!!! She has a loving and insightful way of delivering messages. Brynda | Feb 15, 2021
She is an amazing reader & gets detailed! She is accurate beyond... PS: I saw him, nothing Delilah Laurince | Dec 26, 2020
Norell is consistent, supportive, and always providing the best guidance! Wendi | Dec 13, 2020
Exceptional as always!!! Brynda | Oct 27, 2020
Norell has been a phenomenal advisor!!! She has been consistent in what she has told me. Brynda | Oct 19, 2020
Exceptional! She ensures I receive the clarity and guidance I need. Truly gifted!!! Brynda | Jul 02, 2020
I'm so thankful to have Norell on my journey. She has provided me with great guidance!!!! Brynda | Jun 05, 2020
She is exceptional!!!! So, thankful Spirit lead me to her!!!! I give her 1000 stars!!!! Brynda | May 06, 2020
Wish I could give her 20 stars!!! She is an awesome and truthful advisor. Brynda | May 04, 2020
It was good thank you Danielle | Apr 20, 2020
She is oustanding!!!! I'm thankful to have her on my journey!!!! Brynda | Apr 16, 2020

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