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I enjoy giving insight & clarity that is needed.

Pomba Gira

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Psychic Pomba Gira Ratings & Reviews

This gifted lady is rocking the cards! She offers insight that is quite incredible! Karen | Oct 14, 2020
She is my go to. She calms my spirit, she has been so accurate... I highly recommend her Krista | Nov 17, 2020
Always a pleasure and enlighting very very intuitive. Deborah | Oct 24, 2020
Euphrasia | Oct 20, 2020
She was amazing she answered every single question accurately Euphrasia | Oct 20, 2020
She was amazing ! Hit it right on the head. Lindsay | Oct 19, 2020
5 stars Rhonda | Oct 12, 2020
Pomba is awesome the connection everything she said . She is a Angel and my go 2 Rhonda | Oct 12, 2020
This is the one that calms me down. Monica Earl | Oct 09, 2020
I trust her. Just waiting. Monica Earl | Oct 08, 2020
Pomba Gira is my saving grace. Each and every time :) Patrick | Oct 08, 2020
Quick and to the point she predicted time and it came through as soon as I got her message Brenda | Oct 07, 2020
She always gets it! Call her now. Gabriela | Oct 02, 2020
I cannot wait to post my details she left upon me. She has left me with chills.1000 stars Monica Earl | Oct 01, 2020
She is head on all the way. I love this one. Need the truth she is the one!!!!! Monica Earl | Oct 01, 2020

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