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Psychic Robert Ratings & Reviews

I feel once Robert is discovered by everyone he will become a favorite and be sought after Diane | Jul 06, 2020
Top pychic that I have spoken to on a first time reading. Very insightful and validating. Cheri | Oct 16, 2020
He is definitely more than just a good psychic. There is definitely something different. Denise | Oct 12, 2020
Always a pleasure Rachel | Sep 25, 2020
He never gets stuck. He doesn't repeat info. He just keeps giving you more valuable detail Denise | Sep 24, 2020
Every psychic has their gift. Robert is one of the most gifted that I've seen! Denise | Sep 19, 2020
Josh and I already got date tom night and he’s ready for commitment, dead accurate Linda | Sep 11, 2020
He’s the real deal. Very in tune and doesn’t sound like a broken record Rachel | Sep 11, 2020
Robert is the Psychic that everyone should have! He is absolutely, positively, amazing!! Denise | Sep 11, 2020
Lots of info but I am not sure if I got the exact answers to what I was asking Linda | Aug 13, 2020
I loved it! Rhonda | Jul 14, 2020
He's good and accurate but maybe he rambles too much instead of being short and precise. Mo | Jul 02, 2020
Very insightful and always a pleasure to speak with. Patrick | Jun 30, 2020
He's great! Gave me very helpful tips. Mo | Jun 27, 2020
Absolutely the best! Rhonda | Jun 25, 2020

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