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Psychic Robert Ratings & Reviews

I love his personality we connected instantly! He’s a must go to! Trichelle | Jun 15, 2020
Robert is detailed through the spirit guides, doesn't sugarcoat, tells it like it is. Arlene | Jun 15, 2020
Tells things that other psychics have told me and then some that others do not say. Arlene | Jun 15, 2020
Wonderfully insightful, highly recommend! Very excited for the changes, will update as the Savannagh | Jun 12, 2020
Pretty good. Will use again. Now I need to think about things and where to go from here. Suz | Jun 12, 2020
Had one of the most in-dept and accurate readings just now! Will be reaching out again.Ty! Danielle | Jun 11, 2020
Rob has now become my go-to! Just when I thought they could not get any better! Michael | Jun 10, 2020
Rob reads with his spirit guide. Will see if everything comes true in July. Arlene | Jun 09, 2020
Rob told me things that resonated with other readers; but added things others did not say Arlene | Jun 08, 2020
1st time with Robert. I was very impressed, he did most of the talking! Will wait & see. Michael | Jun 08, 2020
He’s AMAZING! Sorry, my phone disconnected our call! You are a bright and shining STAR! A+ Tre | Jun 06, 2020
Awesome reading. Can't wait to chat with you again!!!!! Thanks for all the info. Alessandra | Jun 05, 2020
So good! 3 weeks or months I’ll get communication I’ve been looking for. Gabriela | May 27, 2020
Picked up on details no way he could have known. Waiting on prediction-up to 3 months. Diana | May 27, 2020
Ohhh yes he is good.. before you call him make sure you so 20 or more u gonna want it Rhonda | May 27, 2020

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