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Psychic Susan Ratings & Reviews

Susan was absolutely amazing and extremely accurate 100%. Thank you Susan Leanna | Mar 28, 2020
WOW!!! I ran out of time, but she was VERY in tuned to me. Will call again! Suz | Sep 25, 2020
Susan picked up quickly and rolled with vision. Truly a gifted person Rachel | Sep 01, 2020
Highly recommended! Rhonda | Aug 10, 2020
I loved it! Rhonda | Aug 10, 2020
Highly recommended! Rhonda | Aug 10, 2020
I loved it! Linda | Aug 06, 2020
Amazing! I Literally have chills from all the information in the accuracy. She’s the best. Trichelle | Jul 10, 2020
Susan is very compassionate and very easy to talk to Kristie | Jun 30, 2020
Exceptional, compassionate, providing endless support, accurate! Grateful! Savannagh | Jun 29, 2020
Susan was so accurate and helpful. I will forever be one of her Customers. Wilnetta | Jun 11, 2020
Psychic Susan is awesome. She very caring, understanding and kind. Tina | Jun 05, 2020
I loved it! Rhonda | May 27, 2020
Psychic Susan is so very understanding, caring and kind. She is awesome! Tina | May 25, 2020
Psychic Susan is awesome! She is kind, very caring and 100% accurate with her readings. Tina | May 22, 2020

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