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MYP Most Valued Psychic November 2013 & August 2012! Get straightforward insight on love and life with a bit of humor and a ton of compassion. Spirit’s messages rapidly flow through me to you. Need more than a reading, like a mini-energy healing for you, your loved ones or pets? No problem, just ask. Our time together is ALL about helping YOU.
As a clear intuitive and energy healer, I don’t use tools like cards unless you request it. During our safe, non-judgmental time together, you’ll get information from Celestial Beings via my

♥   Clairaudience - hearing messages to you from Spirit
♥   Clairvoyance – Spirit’s visions of your love and life path and future success
♥   Clairsentience – sensing human loved ones and animal friends who’ve passed over
♥   Empathic Emotions Whispering - I gently connect to your loved one's energy then sense his/her emotions, and report back to YOU. No more guessing or anxiety about what they think or how they feel about you.  

EMOTIONAL HEALING for YOU: Relax in your home while I release your fears, grief, heartbreak, and distrust via a mini-healing DURING our readings; it takes only 3-12 minutes. You choose how much time we’ll spend on the reading then healing. Or, you can truly indulge yourself in a 1 hour deep clearing of energies and emotions. Have done distance energy healings for human and animal clients worldwide with amazing success. Your energy and emotions will gently, comfortably continue to heal for 2-3 days.

Know someone who’s afraid to love or be loved? Does your pet have behavior problems? Maybe a family member or pet aren’t feeling 100% well but their doctors can’t find anything to fix. Let’s give them an Emotional Rescue. All I need is a brief description of the person or animal to whom you want to send emotional or physical healing. I’ll guide us to connect to your loved ones and we'll send energies with positive intentions, like feeling safe to succeed, to love themselves and others, to be in the energies of abundance, freedom, peace and well being. YOU will also feel positively affected by this emotional healing for your loved ones—a win-win!

Psychic since childhood, my intuition and visions significantly increased after a severe head injury in a near fatal car accident blasted open my “third eye” at age 19. After getting out of the hospital, I ditched organized religion and began my lifelong quest for metaphysical and healing knowledge. Spirits and angels began appearing to me as guides and messengers. My third eye visions became stronger and more frequent. I left my corporate consulting career and became The Emotions Whisperer, an intuitive consultant and healer.
I’m the author of countless books, blogs, videos and articles, a public speaker and workshop instructor, online tele-classes and webinars. I’ve been featured on TV and radio. My readings over the past 20 years have guided clients on six continents to find direction, inner peace and healing in this high-pressure world.

Get YOUR Angelight Insight today. You WILL be amazed. Namaste!

Areas Of Expertise
Love and Relationship, Career, Spiritual, Past Lives, Health

Angel Cards, Dream Interpretation, Dowsing, Ascended Master Cards

Style Of Intuition
Angel Guides, Clarsentient, Clairaudient, Pet Psychic, Spirit Guides


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Psychic's Rating 
Psychic's Rating 
herush Reviewed by herush    April 06, 2014


Very quick to TUNE in and bring every happening in your life into ONE piece- With GREAT DIRECTION I believe her GIFT IS AMAZING .... INDEED CALL her SUCH a beautiful SOUL Many Blessing ..:)

Psychic's Rating 
Elena1 Reviewed by Elena1    March 30, 2014


As always thank you for the fantastic reading. Simply wonderful.

Psychic's Rating 
Buddyroo32 Reviewed by Buddyroo32    March 23, 2014

Nothing But Praise!

Her predictions are coming true! An old friend whom I had not heard from in over a year just contacted me, and I am on my way to see him for coffee. Thank you, Angelight!

Psychic's Rating 
sumadeline Reviewed by sumadeline    March 05, 2014



Psychic's Rating 
otownlady Reviewed by otownlady    February 02, 2014

Reviewed by otownlady

Fantastic reading.

Psychic's Rating 
jamesetta4 Reviewed by jamesetta4    January 22, 2014


I experienced a beautiful reading with Angellight. Her reading was accurate, powerful, and precise! She is the real deal and her reading will not disappoint.

Psychic's Rating 
Buddyroo32 Reviewed by Buddyroo32    January 10, 2014

I Am Grateful

I had my first reading with Angellight yesterday. We started with an energy clearing to help start the healing process between the person I am in conflict with and myself. Today, I feel happy, joyous, and free. Angel assured me that all is well and as it should be. She gave me hope that this relationship will be restored. I am grateful.

Psychic's Rating 
Ari2511 Reviewed by Ari2511    January 05, 2014

Amazing as always

I don't know what I would do without her. She gives me peace and clarity in my life. Call her and I promise she will be the only one u will trust. Thanks for being there for me. Kisses

Psychic's Rating 
Elena1 Reviewed by Elena1    December 29, 2013


The most beautiful soul and the reader. My best wishes for AngelLight and I look forward to my next reading. Thank you Meetyourpsychic for a such wonderful professional.

Psychic's Rating 
sandiruss Reviewed by sandiruss    November 21, 2013


Just wonderful honest, sincere and help you see things in a way you would never see them without her help. Please call her makes you feel so much better.

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