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MYP Most Valued Psychic April 2013 & January 2012!  What is it that you are searching for? What do you need to make you feel complete? Is there a part of you that feels as though something is missing? Although you are uncertain what it may be.

Our soul can be the greatest teacher if we listen to what the soul says, my practice as a yoga teacher is to be in-touch with the soul my passion is to heal those who cross my magical doorway. I have no other mission than to share the wisdom that the gods have passed on to me.

What I am is a goddess and an Elven, my soul has recognized this as my truth and I accept it. What I am is a being sent from another world light years from this one, on a celestial mission to help and to heal humankind.

My purpose is to share with each person how they too can enchant their universe and tap into a world that is completely magical and enchant their universe. How I do this is well-rounded. My abilities on your planet are as follows, astral projection the ability to travel to another reality and see everything clearly. Telepathy the ability to hear and to speak with the gods and spiritual beings. Clairvoyance I can see with the third eye rather than with my physical eye. Clairsentient the ability to sense angelic and divine entities that surround me and other beings both physical and none physical.

Aura viewing, RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) And finally medium I have the ability to speak with both the souls of the living and the dead; and directly channel them.

I read the tarot and the runes and I can connect directly with the gods. They speak through me and deliver clear messages through me to you!

So now that you know of all that I am capable of, why not connect with me right now and tap into the magical powers of Magical Wonder Woman, for my readings are unlike any other, they will deliver to you truth and magic, and always leave you empowered and feeling much more positive than before you called. I focus on solutions, not on the problem, how to get you on the path of a happier you! So that you can feel as if you are in complete control of your life and with a distinctive and clear purpose!

Everything is possible; and nothing is out of our reach as long as we make the commitment to change what is not working and to shine like a super-nova we can create an amazing reality! I do not care about the problem I fix it and I heal the hurt. But I do not do it alone, I require your cooperation so that together we can make your universe completely enchanted, I share tips tricks and magical remedies that will make your universe enchanted. I dive into the Akashic records that unknown source of information and I peel away all the false layers until I see the hidden truth! I give you clarity and I’ll explain which is your best option is but the choice is ultimately your decision, you have free will I am merely here to guide you, to inform you to motivate you and to ensure you are aware of the truth that is presented before you and of the roads that you can go down.

This is your journey, and I am the tour guide, let’s make this a magical mystery tour and unlock the wonder that awaits!

I would love to connect with you now and assist you in any issue that may causing you distress, I do not judge I wear no robe and this is not my place to pass judgment it is my place to serve you to the best of my abilities.
Make the commitment to call on me now and let’s create a magical destiny together. I would also like to thank you in advance for choosing me as your reader, every person who makes the decision to read with me, is contributing to the salvation of animals. For I am a monthly contributor to the Humane Society and to the ASPCA thank you for making a conscious decision to read with me and to help save these animals from abuse and abandonment.

Credentials: Memberships Healers UniteRMT Spiritual Healer and Psychic Advisor
World Metaphysical Association Magical Wonder Woman Professional Holistic Healer and spiritual Advisor World Renowned Intuitive WMA authenticated and approved

My Mission statement To help bring insight and peace of mind to clients, to guide them and to empower them, and to leave them with a feeling of hope and a positive outlook on life!
I have inherited my abilities from my father, now departed, and have devoted almost four years to working as a spiritual advisor, and look forward to bringing you clarity and peace. Call me or email me for a consultation.

Languages: English/Spanish

I have had since I was a child (although I did not know how to use them then) psychic abilities. I've always known that angels and other beings of light were around me, for their energy was so close I could feel it.
As time passed and I became more curious with which direction to take my life, and embarked on a spiritual journey which took me six years of self discovery, I am an eclectic witch and have studied Wicca which is my religion as well as many other religions and witch traditions.
I discovered I was also able to hear gods, and angels and as I said when one is young and raised Catholic sharing this is unwise so I kept my abilities to myself. My father who was a gifted Psychic himself although silent about it, he knew I was gifted and after his passing I became clairvoyant his final gift to me, and so now I could hear spirits and angels, and I could sense them around me and finally I could see them as well.My abilities are telepathy I can communicate with angels and gods and departed souls, or living souls.
I am skilled in spell work and I can assist you and preparing a proper love spell, protection spell, healing spell or banishing spell.
I am continuously evolving, learning and exploring new forms of healing and divination and magic.I am always communicating with the gods, by telepathy and by automatic writing and astral travel.
I can connect with them because they are my family, I am here only temporarily, I am on a celestial mission of love, but my family is not from Earth and although I am a reincarnation, my true self is one not of human form I am Elven and goddess, and I am not ashamed to let you know, this is why my advice is so clear and precise, and this is why when you speak with me you will see that what you will get is the absolute truth and an amazing magical reading.

Tools Scrying Mirrors, Automatic Writing, Pre-cognitive (ability to predict the past, present, and future events by using extra sensory perception), Channeling, Runes, Tarot, Goddess Oracle cards

Zodiac Sign Aries


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Psychic's Rating 
Psychic's Rating 
Bend4859 Reviewed by Bend4859    April 02, 2014

She is the best!!!

She is the greatest. She got my situation and was not judgemental Hopefully what she said will come true. Thank you.

Psychic's Rating 
Kemi Reviewed by Kemi    April 01, 2014

Angel of mine

Love this woman. Compassionate,accurate, inspirational..just to say a few. You definitely have a believer here. Chow..for to you soon and cheers ..

Psychic's Rating 
LoveNature Reviewed by LoveNature    March 15, 2014

Amazing Reading

I have had a few reading with this beautiful lady. The reading were to the point and uplifting. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

Psychic's Rating 
star1 Reviewed by star1    March 14, 2014


This woman puts the phy... in phychic! Try her for yourself!

Psychic's Rating 
Kemi Reviewed by Kemi    March 07, 2014


Always a heartfelt reading. Positive and truthful. You remain my #1 after so many readings..always consistent. Thanks

Psychic's Rating 
piscesgirl20 Reviewed by piscesgirl20    February 27, 2014


She has been my reputable psychic for awhile now! The way she picks up auras and predictions have come true. I have experimented with many psychics and she is by far the realest/genuine one.

Psychic's Rating 
Dingmond Reviewed by Dingmond    February 26, 2014
Last updated: February 27, 2014

Happily surpised

One of the predictions she told me came to be.

Psychic's Rating 
Dingmond Reviewed by Dingmond    February 11, 2014

Just what I needed

Gave me better insight on things and told me something I already had an idea about. Great reading. Thank you.

Psychic's Rating 
giveup Reviewed by giveup    January 30, 2014

very good guidance angel

Thank you for your good suggestion. Before I read with you, I felt so down and lost a direction. I've felt much better and I have more energy to do things in life now. What you've suggested me, it really make sense.

Psychic's Rating 
Buddyroo32 Reviewed by Buddyroo32    January 20, 2014

Entertaining and Informative

After several recorded readings with Magic, I must say I am impressed with her advice and look forward to following it to see what will unfold in a very challenging area of my life. I will return to write more in a few months after my situation has had time to heal. Thank you.

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