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3 Tips on How to Experience the Benefits of a Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are exciting, mystical, and can see into a situation and give us insight! However, with such an amazing tool, we don't utilize it's capability to truly help us with our situation. A lot of this is thanks to media, movies portraying tarot as a way to look into the future, or by seeing the fate of a situation. Now, don't get me wrong, the tarot is capable of predicting the future, however it's not meant for predicting a future. Another way the media shows us how tarot can be used is by looking into other's minds to see how they think, feel, and want. This is also another thing the tarot should do, but what the tarot is doing when it peers into another person's energy without that person's permission is pretty much similar to peeping through a window as someone is undressing. As some reader don't mind it, I personally believe that even if spying on someone or gaining insight on a person through improper means, we still aren't utilizing the tarot to it's highest capability.

So, here in this post I'm going to be talking about 3 tips on how to best use the tarot to benefit your situation.

  • Stabilize your energy before contacting your reader. As I mentioned before, frantic energy can really send some mixed signals to the reader as she's pulling your cards. Try to relax your mind as much as possible and don't contact a reader in a panic. You deserve to have the clearest reading possible, so be sure to center yourself.
  • Have a clear and specific question ready to go! If you give a clear and direct question to your reader, the answers will come out just the same. Law of Attraction works with everything including asking your questions. Ask your question frantically, you will probably have a very confusing and unclear reading.
  • And last but not least, the tarot is a tool that shows you options to handle your situation or give you clarity on a situation you're in. However, because the understanding of freewill is very much a factor in the tarot, it will never tell you what you should and shouldn't do. The best way to gain the most out of your reading is to ask questions that are solution-based or information-based. Relying on the tarot to tell you what to do is not going to benefit you in the long run, because the tarot is set to empower others to make their own decisions and to reach their highest potential through their own individual gifts and powers.

Just a couple honorable tips that won't be on the list are 1) avoid predictive questions at all cost and 2) refrain from asking about someone else personally, the only exception is if you'd like insight on what you need to know about the relationship between you and the other person.

The reason for these extra tips is that they are truly non-beneficial to you and your situation. Firstly, predictive readings can be very inaccurate, because you and the other person have this ability called freewill, which basically is the determining aspect to all future creation. So, a predictive reading can only follow through with the current energy you give to the reader. With that said, your energy changes frequently, so there's no guarantee that the future you heard will come true.

To the second extra tip, knowing how someone else thinks and feels may seem like it can help, but you can actually cause more of an issue in your situation than you would fix it! So, spy readings can seriously backfire in some pretty unsatisfying ways.

With these handy tips, you'll drastically see the impact the tarot can really have in your life. This beautiful tool and the reader who wields this tool can help you as long as you're willing to help yourself. Good luck and blessings to you all!

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