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As Venus' Retrograde Comes to an End, Remember to Love YOURSELF (and What the Retrograde Could Mean For You!)

    ​As many of you may know, Venus has been in retrograde since October 5, just before the New Moon in Libra. So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, Venus is the "love planet", and its retrograde can have a HUGE impact on your romantic life. If a relationship isn't solid, or if you may have been going through a rough patch prior to the start of this retrograde, you may experience a bit of turbulence and disharmony throughout the next couple of weeks. Alternatively, if your relationship was strong and fruitful prior to the retrograde, you may now be experiencing a boost in your sex life, or you may find that you're feeling a bit more bonded with your partner! 

    If you're not currently in a relationship, the same outline still applies. If you were unhappy or displeased with yourself before the start of the retrograde, you may now be experiencing symptoms of depression, irritability, or increased stress. Alternatively, if you were feeling positively about yourself before the retrograde, you could be experiencing a sudden burst of confidence, self-love, and a sense of unity within yourself. 

    Whether or not you're in a relationship, and regardless of the impact this retrograde has on your energy, it's important to pay attention to your own well being, and take this time to focus on self-care. Do the things that calm you and bring you peace. This can be as leisurely as having a spa day, or as simple as laying in bed listening to your favorite song -- it's all about doing what makes YOU feel good!

    If you're having a hard time finding peace during this time, now is a good time to take up a creative outlet or other means of release. Paint your feelings, write all the negative thoughts on pieces of paper and burn them, drive out to the country and scream into the open sky, meditate, take a nap, run until you just can't anymore. Do whatever feels right to help ease any negative thoughts or feelings without being harmful or destructive to yourself or others. 

    With a little over 3 weeks left, the retrograde will come to an end November 16, and life should regain normalcy. Any conflicts that may have occurred should find resolution, and any negative energy left over will begin to diffuse. Once the retrograde has passed, take some time to burn a bit of sage, and smudge your home and your sacred space to clear out any unwanted energies left over from this chaotic time. Use this time to practice some positive affirmations, or repeat a mantra you resonate with. Most importantly, remember to love yourself, and be patient with yourself -- you're allowed to not be okay sometimes.

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