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The Ego-Driven Response

The ego-driven response is easy to spot, but the hardest to handle. It typically comes in the form of rage and is often a result from a lack of listening.

When someone asks you a question or does something that doesn't settle well with you, make sure you pause and think about how you will respond. Jumping in to fast without thinking can ruin a relationship.

It is best to come from a place of curiosity and openness. Instead of leaping to judgment, take a moment to consider you may not know all the answers because the truth is that you will never know all the answers. The moment you believe you know everything is the moment where Ego has become dominant in your ways of thinking. Take a moment to think about that very carefully. Curiosity leads us to that place of playfulness that we had as children. It leads us to build bridges instead of building walls.

Take for instance a recent interaction that comedian Sarah Silverman had with a man on Twitter who sent her a one word tweet calling her something very offense. She could have leaped into a place of rage and responded accordingly. She would have been right to react in that moment, but would it have been the right course of action in the long term?

Ms. Silverman took the high road. She paused. She listened. She went to the man's Twitter profile and read his history of tweets. She saw how much this man was hurting, physically and emotionally, and in a series of compassionate tweets she listened to him, comforted him, showed him support in ways he had been longing. She came from a place of decency and grace because she removed her ego from the equation. She realized his comment to her had nothing to do with her. They were coming from a place of pain and anguish. And, by doing all of this, she changed this man's life for the long term. She built a bridge not just between them, but a bridge that he can now build towards others in his life.

All this happened because she was open to not being in the right. She was open to not having any definitive answers. She was open to listening to him and being curious to where that would lead.

The next time someone seems to push your buttons, pause. Listen deeply. Respond from a place of curiosity and place yourself in their shoes. What are they really asking anyways? What are they trying to communicate? And what are you not hearing in their words?

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How to Forgive

Forgiveness can sometimes be the hardest thing we need to do to move forward in our lives, but once we harness the power to forgive we raise our vibration.

To move into a place where you're able to forgive, you'll want to feel a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for all that you have in your life. Feeling gratitude for the lessons learned from bad situations and toxic relationships can lead you to a place of forgiveness. Start slowly by keeping a gratitude journal and see where that takes you. Small steps can bring about eventual big and positive changes in your life.

Forgiveness is about accepting that we're all human. Be at peace with that sentiment and everything will start to come together for you.

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We learn lessons in life in many different ways, but a common one we tend to ignore is our life's teachers. They are the ones that we have turbulent relationships with us, the ones who ask more of us, the ones who walk away. It's these relationships that teach us about ourselves and our capacity to give and receive.

Take an assessment of your relationships over your lifetime. Do you notice any patterns you need to be aware of? What lessons have you learned from each one? Find the answers to those questions and you will begin to free yourself from patterns, guilt, resentments, in your future relationships.

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A Balancing Act

Sometimes our lives get busy and chaotic and our daily goal is to balance everything as best we can. It can be difficult at times, sometimes even impossible, but we must keep ourselves grounded or else we won't enjoy all those precious moments.

If things get out of control (or just seem to), just take a step back and breath. Reassess your situation. It just takes a few seconds to calm down and see what is really going on around you. Don't get caught up in your own worries and don't get caught up in other people's. 

Remind yourself what's important in your life and stay focused on your values. Who you are is key in carrying yourself through any situation. Tap into that knowingness and ask for guidance when you need it. We all have to balance.

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Being at Peace

Life can be stressful at times, but you don't need to give into the stress of other people. Let them be who they are and don't allow their chaos to affect your inner peace.

Just remember that you're at your best when you're at peace. Relax. Take a deep breath. Let it all go. And then take another deep breath. And let it all go some more.


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When we get to a point in our life where we have to make a difficult decision, sometimes we stall. One reason is that we get scared of change and another is that we are uncertain of what path to take. A larger reason is that we worry about what people will think of us if we fail.

But, we can't focus on any of those things to move forward. We must just simply take the leap of faith and believe in ourselves. Life will turn out for the best no matter what we choose. Our Angels and Guides have are best interests at heart and will look over us.

We just need to trust.

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Loving Unconditionally

To love without conditions is to let go of all expectations. It is to no longer fight with our own ego and desires, but to embrace the unique qualities in ourselves as well as others.

To accept love without conditions is to let go of old hurts and patterns. Release anything holding you back and you will find unconditional love flow to you.

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Laughter Raises Your Vibration

Did you know that laughing can raise your vibration? It helps you sync up with joy and enlightens you in more ways than one.

It relieves stress, allows your body to gently exercise, and is great for the heart. You can add humor to your life by seeing playfulness in the world around you. Children are wonderful with this and so are animals.

Have you ever heard of laughter meditation? This type of meditation encourages you to laugh for a period of time until there is a need for silence. The idea is that it helps you remove nervous energy in a playful way.

Add some laughter into your day and feel your vibration rise!

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When in doubt

When in doubt, stay calm. When in doubt, don't panic. When in doubt, just breathe.

Embrace everyday with gratitude. Greet it with sunshine even on the darkest days. Find love in your heart. Share it.

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Coming Together

It may be hard to communicate with others right now, but we all need to come together and celebrate our differences and love each other. Start today by practicing a deliberate act of kindness. Seek out someone who needs help and lend a hand. Kindness expands and ripples.

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Spark in the Darkness

Look for love. Look for hope. Single out that spark in the darkness and help it grow. Be the light inside yourself. Bring the light outside of yourself. Connect.

Be the love. Be the hope.

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Pray for Peace

​Pray for peace. Pray for kindness. Pray for unconditional love. Pray for forgiveness.

Pray for a better world. Pray for unity. Pray for togetherness. Pray for courage.

Pray for peace.

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Self Care

Taking care of one's self is vital. We cannot be there for others if we can't be there for ourselves. 

Nap, when you need it. Say no, when you need it. Talk a walk in the park, when you need it. 

Listen to your body, your heart, your mind and soul. Where does it ache? Nurture that. Feed that with healthy thoughts and passions. 

Take time for yourself and watch your world grow.

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A New Hope

Challenge yourself to embrace every day of this new year with hope. Fill your soul with the vibration of the word and hold on to it throughout your day. Share kindness with strangers. Celebrate the beauty of the every day with your loved ones. Be a beacon of love and serenity. Give yourself permission to let go of the past and embrace this year with new hope. Renewed hope.

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Holiday Wish

​Remember in all the good you've had in your life. Rejoice in all the beauty you've had in your life. Relive the best memories you've had with loved ones. Renew your spirits by appreciating every moment of your life and all the moments yet to come. 

Now make a wish for the holidays for next year. Have faith. May it bring you love, light, and peace.

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