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Seasons Changing

​Since the beginning of 2019 our weather has been very harsh cold winter lots of snow wind and hail lots of rain. Weather that causes damage to our property, but spring is here and now the weather will warm up flowers will bloom grass will be green. Such a beautiful season. Life is the same thing as our seasons and our weather at least with the weather we know when the storm is coming but in life the storm just hits. Along with the storm we have to fix and repair or replace things, the same actions accur in our lives we have to fix and repair our selfs and sometimes even replace things in our life we need to make changes. The point is if your in a dark place right now you are in a storm and the storm dose not last long the sun will shine again in your life and all will be better and you will have happiness. Don’t give up have hope and faith 

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​We are now in a season of rain and snow. Right now we are enjoying this weather, but the more it continues the more unhappy we get with the cold wet weather. Life is exactly like the seasonal weather some days are beautiful some are not. Just like Mother Nature needs these storms so trees,crops,and water flow, for everyone and for our wildlife to grow, we need the storms we go through to grow as well. It’s always good to look at the positive than to look at the negative. It’s very difficult when we are in our own storm, but just like the weather it don’t last forever and there’s always a better tomorrow. Let  the rain in your life allow your green grass to grow.

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​We all get used to our routine and before we know 5yrs have gone by and still in same routine. Then something changes without our permission or out of our control. This is because our life is like a book and just because we find our groove in life that’s comfortable does not mean to end the story of our lives. Things need change some good, some bad, some without understanding. This is because we need to grow and mature also to find things out about ourself. This is why we go through good and bad. So things that change naturally don’t question it. Just go with it because there’s alway something to gain. Not all losses are lost. Some are gain and we will find that out some point in time. For now live,,love,,and enjoy the journey. Make your story a good one no matter the challenges you face. Always remember there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and many surprises on our journey we call life.

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Living free

​Do you ever feel held back or that you HAVE to do something for someone else because it is expected of you?

Well these things are what causes us to feel unhappy then sometimes depressed. Don’t feel obligated to someone no matter who it is ... if it’s you mother/father Husband/wife boss,co-worker, friend bf/gf. It don’t matter who. Stand up for yourself. Be free of obligation to another person. They're just as capable as you are unless there’s a medical condition that keeps that  individual from being independent then I can see that situation, but any other situation I say ... set yourself free and you will be a much happier person.

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Live, love ,laugh is a saying we all heard a time or two and think umm ok that sounds nice, but we never gasp the concept of the saying. We often have expectation from other people and get disappointed from not receiving our expectations and that leaves us feeling sad, unhappy, possibly depressed so how can we live, love, laugh? It's not about hat people do for us or what we get, it's about you doing for other no matter what they did or how badly they treated you. Give out with your heart and you will feel much better. Life is about living so live how you like, give what you like, do what you like. and you will get that in return at some point. You reap what you sow.

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​Are you feeling like everything is falling apart in your life things seem to be going complete opposite from what it was 3 months ago even a year ago?. This is because a change is taking place or a change is needed to take place. Change the energy in your life the people  your around in your daily life if you feel there a negative energy stop being around them, if you feel you daily routine is a negative energy stop your routine. What ever your intuition is saying causing negativity in your life change it. Stop living in fear and wondering how your going to get threw, start figuring out when this started what changes and what went wrong and change it. I know easier said than done, but it can be done!. Call me for advise and guidance on CHANGE in your life to have things fall in to place and go right for you in any area of your life.

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​There are times when we sit back and reflect on our lives and come to the conclusion that we do same thing everyday nothing new nothing different, but how is it threw the years of doing same thing everyday that so much in our lives has change with relationship finances and properties its the one day out of our daily routine that changes things in our lives. Even thoe every day is same schedule there always something new that comes along. Have hope be inspired keep on moving because you never know when that ONE DAY may be that changes everything. It can happen and it will happen no matter what your goal is a new car, new house, a relationship, a spouse, more money it can happen in any one day!.

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​The wind has many affects as we look at life much like the wind. There could be a light breeze which is nice and spring like just like breezing threw life so simple. Then there is windy a cold windy day that brings us down as i compare this to life we have those days that certain things can bring us down. Then there's a strong wind that can be a tornado well this is the tornado of life sometimes it's brewing and sometimes it hits out of nowhere's totally unexpected. So there alot of different ways to look at the wind in our life what type of wind is it and these are things we can not figure out. Give me a call today to advise and or guidance on how to handle the wind let's dance in the wind of our life. Just remember much like the wind it's not always there it dose go away and before you know things are back to normal. But it's learning how to deal with the wind in our life.

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Depression and Anxiety

​We all go threw tough emotional things in life, LIFE that brings upon anxiety and or depression if it with loneliness financial situation or if it's the people around us friends, family or whoever.  Whatever the cause it brings us down and we feel hopeless. There is hope as long as you face another day. There is hope in just on how you deal with these situations and how we get ourself to handle and solve the problem. Don't think you can't. Don't feel like you can't because of whatever it was you been threw. There's Still Hope.

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​Sex is a very important part in displaying our affection toward our love interest. And sometimes our sexual energy or sexuality are low or none existence because of our mental and emotional state of mind with daily life work, money, family, and  life is difficult for our partners to recognize what the issue is. It creates a problem because they feel offended. How to fix and solve this problem no matter what your sexual preference gay,straight, bisexual. It is important to separate our daily stress and our love life and to emotionally connect with our partner, lover, spouse by being more creative with toys or games, something spicy that will excite both of you for more on this topic call me. Let's fix your relationship 

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​Distractions. Some times we need a distraction from a relationship because things seem to be overwhelming or confusing. We may need a distraction because we lost a loved one and we find ways to cope with grieving. Whatever the situation maybe, distractions can be good or get us in to more trouble or confusion. This is where we have to find balance and just thinking of all this is overwhelming on its' own. This is why w don't make decisions on our own. This is why we talk to friends, family, psychics, counselor. If you are feeling this way contact m so I can bring clarity on your situation on what type of distraction you need, if you need it, and to give you advice and guidance on how to deal with the situation you are going through. I can also advise you on the outcome of things as well. 

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​Happy New Years.  A new month and New Year is a great time to make the changes in your life you always wanted to make. Let's get rid of the negativity and focus on the positivity of what could be. There's a lot that goes on in our life that brings us down or lift our spirits and there our times where we just stay in one place for a long time because we have grown comfortable in our ways. We all need change in our lives from time to time. Change is good, but it is also hard. Contact me for more insight on this on how to improve your well being for this year of 2018.

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