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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I'm an artist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Psychic and Spiritual Guide who has been a practicing mage for nearly 25yrs. I'm also an artist and very much love to share my gifts with anyone in need. I've worked to enhance my natural gifts and abilities in order to better serve my fellow humans in this life and I would love the opportunity to share this with you.

Intuition, Gut Feelings, and Guidance

​When I was very young, I can remember suggesting that thing would happen, or somehow knowing when someone was lying to me. I'd feel it right deep inside of me. Sometimes I'd see their words come out of their mouth like fire. Other times, I'd get a little twinge when some aspect of the truth snuck through. It gleamed like a diamond and I knew to pay attention. All of us are born with these amazing abilities of intuition- the ability to tune into frequency and subtle waves of energy that keep us on track, guide us, nudge us, and sometimes jerk us right back into the path we need to be on. So often we are told that there's "no way we could have known that," eventually many of us begin to turn it off, calling it paranoia or anxiety. While paranoia and anxiety are real mental health concerns, being in tune and being aware of the energy around you is a very different thing. In fact, paying attention to your intuition and gut feelings can often relieve your anxiety and paranoia, when you learn to trust and how to allow these feelings to guide you. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with this information, you can learn to use it to steer your ship back on course, avoiding any obstacles that may float into your course.  

As I grew older, rather than being told my instincts and feelings were useless, I was instead taught about my gypsy heritage. This inspired me to look into the tarot, study other forms of divination, practice using a crystal ball and gazing, meditation, and various other studies of the occult. I've worked to enhance my ability to receive direction to your questions directly and without doubt or hesitation. Often times, the truth is clear and plain to us, but we still must seek out another we can rely on to confirm our feelings. 

Doesn't it help so much to hear from another person that those little nudges and hunches you feel are real? To be reassured, and to begin to learn to understand how to read and trust themselves is such an empowering ability. Using Reiki, energy healing as well as a connection to your Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Guides, I can help clear and open these pathways to understanding the messages that are provided to us. I can help you confirm and clarify what you already know, deep inside, and are just too afraid to let go and trust. 

Sometimes it's not what we want to hear, but NEED to hear, that helps us heal. Sometimes we can't rely on anyone else to give us what they know might hurt for now, but hearing and feeling our suspicions confirmed or denied allows us to clear the path for so much more and what is so much better for our highest purpose and finding true happiness. You can trust me to aid and guide you to the truth that allows you to become the greatest version of you! 

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