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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


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Daily Tips for Wellness


up by 6 am every morning.

To help operate on a more alert level, try to be up every morning by 6:00 am.

10 min stretch session

Once out of bed, after reciting the Lord's Prayer and meditation, begin to stretch from head to toe. By doing this, you are now waking up your body from a good night's sleep as well. Stretching gives the body more flexibility throughout the day. Reducing cramps, pains, etc.

32 oz. of Water

Water is essential to the body. The easiest way to intake 32 oz. of water a day (for people who don't usually drink water) is to intake in 8 oz. at a time. OR I would suggest a water bottle with visible measurements that you'd carry around with you throughout the day.

1 Cup of Herbal Tea

In the morning, afternoon, or before you go to bed, you should have a cup (8 oz.) of herbal tea (of your choice)


Be sure to exercise at least 15 minutes everyday. (Walking, running/jogging, dancing, Yoga, Lifting weights, etc.)

spread love peace and wisdom to 5+ random people

As you go throughout the day, to 5 random people, give a compliment, give some encouragement, uplift, motive, inspire, teach (offer skills), help, etc.

reading sessions

Its true when they say "if you wanna hide something from the mass put it in a book." READ. Books are so essential. The right ones of course.

breathe out positivity

Stay positive as you go throughout your day. Even in the midst of some icky situations. STAY COOL. Look at the positive side of the matter. Keep negativity out your path. Its deadly. Even the words we use, stay positive.

embrace your creativity.

Everyday you must create something. Anything. Whatever it may be. Jewelry. Clothes. Paintings . Poem. Song. Dance. Word(s). Phrase. Everything was created by someone. Just think about that, and look where we are now. Don't let your creativity go to waste. It's valuable.

meet new people (1+)

Build your network. Meet at least one person everyday. No matter the race. You never know who people are and what good energy that could come from it. Exchange, names, contact information, etc. BUT please be cautious and very smart about this one. Be aware of those with ill intentions. You will know. You will feel it in your soul.

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