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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
A reading with me will be a different experience than any other advisor my clients will have ever had because I will be giving a reading from my mind and connecting with yours, and the person or people whom you are asking about. I will connect to you via clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and high-level remote viewing. I FEEL your answers and CONNECT to you questions (that is why it has to be specific because I literally connect to the energy of the question itself). The images will be very clear and I will relay them to you distinctly. I will likely hear names, or at least initials (letters) and very exact details to verify, and will also see what is going around the people you are asking about-this will get stronger the more I know you, by the way). My goal is to help you be happy, succeed, solve life's greatest mysteries, and how to excel in life. My readings go out as far as you would like (years if that is what you want, I can remote view anything). Most commonly people will want to know what is person of interest thinking, feeling, intending, what will happen, and timing. I can answer those questions along with making future predictions for you of any sort. I also answer work, career, real estate, pet, family, money, investments, relationships, how men and women work together, and can advise you on relationship questions. I will help you get the person you love back by telling you things that you can do right, tell you on what you may doing wrong, even helping you to construct "those text messages"! Please note: Please be very clear in your ORIGINAL question. I do need a question that I can actually grab onto and click into your energy to get the ball rolling to do a reading. After that it will flow. The more you participate in your reading the more high quality your reading will be. This means asking questions, it does not meaning giving info, just being present and not holding back your energy so that I may access you. This way i will be able to "see and feel" a lot about you and all of the things you are asking about. Soulmate and twin soul questions are welcomed :) If you are calling for healing I can transform and heal your energy field in many ways, it is very fast and things will appear to me in your energy field that need healing, or if something is bothering you, you can let me know and I will fix it. This can involve chakras but it can involve anything in your field, and you will feel it instantly. Often when people are stressed they will feel calmer or better fast. You will have instant results. I also do house numerology so if you are moving please let me know - I can also remote view "moves". I have x-ray vision into people's energy fields, yours or others to understand what is going on. I can send you positive beautiful energy to heal you, calm stress, calm pain.You will feel it!. I also do relocation astrology (astrocartography) - I need your birth details.

How Love and Meditation work together

A small survey recently found that singles who meditate end up dating and in success relationships more than those who don't. To me, this is no surprise, because love and meditation, as well as a connection with our inner selves, are all linked.

We have several basic natures, or qualities, that we are all born with, and one of the most important is love. Everyone wants to receive love. Everyone wants to give love. Somewhere deep down that's who we all are. Each person alive is also a product of love. This is why love is so crucial in everyone's life, and why many people search for mates to share their love with.

The problem is, the stresses and events of life take us away from our basic nature. The pure love, peace, happiness, and bliss we are born with gets slowly diminished as we go through our daily lives. Many people react to this by looking for love outside themselves in another person.

But think about it this way-If you have lost something inside your house, and you are looking for it outside your house, you'll never find it. Love works the same way—and you've probably heard this idea before. You must discover love of yourself before someone else can truly love you.

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