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Psychic Ellen

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic

As an empath, I feel everything. This helps me better understand your needs from a mental-emotional, spiritual and physical perspective. As an intuitive, I access all six intuitive (clair) senses, and allow your guides and angels - and sometimes your ancestors - to channel through me. It creates a conversational dynamic that gets me mostly out of the way and puts you in direct contact with your spirit team. As an energy healer, I'm able to support energy shifting within your energy field (aura) and energy body (your spiritual body), balancing your chakras, cutting etheric cords, and even past-life viewing. In addition, I'm able to improve energy within your home or office (energy clearing). My background, education, and certifications in Reiki, energy work, life coaching, holistic wellness coaching and spiritual advising support me to support you more fully. That's what I'm here for, now, in this incarnation. My purpose is to help you be wholly and lovingly in this life. Let's talk.

Trust Your Gut

"Trust your gut" is more than a throw-away catchphrase. It refers specifically to your solar plexus - the center of your abdomen, a.k.a. gut - and your solar plexus chakra which is the seat of your intuition.

Trust your gut.

When you trust your gut, you're trusting your own deep intuitive knowing. It's that part of you that is free of judgement - free of all ego.

  • ​It's that part of you that knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what's what. 
  • It's that part of you that tells you "yes" or "no," even when it may not make a whole lot of sense. 
  • It's that part of you that warns you of danger before your physical senses can tune into it.
  • It's that part of you that is, quite literally, your soul-based GPS.

Imagine how life can be when you trust your own gut's wisdom.

Trust your gut.

When you trust your gut, you tap into the energy of your solar plexus chakra, which is also your personal power center.

  • ​It's what reminds you of your self-worth.
  • It's what reminds you of your internal Wonder Woman or Superman.
  • It's what reminds you that you are more than enough, without need of anyone validating you.

Sometimes we "give away" our personal power, which is why we may struggle with worth, feel helpless and/or powerless, and look to the people in our lives to raise us up. It isn't as though we actually hand it to anyone, it's that we forget how powerful we really are.

Imagine how life can be when you permit your gut to empower you.

Trust your gut.

This is your mission, if you choose to accept it. I hope you will. You're so worth it.

Blessings be. ~Ellen

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Powerful Messages for You

​When we connect, you and I, we aren't alone. When we connect, we're in the company of your guides and angels, and sometimes your ancestors.

The sole purpose for that broader connection - that conference call, so to speak - is to deliver to you the powerful messages you need to move forward in your life.

It may not always be what you want to hear, and yet those light beings, guides and heavenly messengers will make sure you receive what you most need to hear. That's so much more important.

It isn't just about moving forward, either. It's also very much - perhaps mostly - about living in the present. "Blooming where you're planted," is a good way to put it. (To be clear, if you're in a living situation that isn't for your highest good, you won't be encouraged to bloom there.)

The purpose for that form of encouragement is to support you to be deeply aware of your own needs and desires, and joys and sorrows, and also your own intuition.

The powerful messages for you, brought forward through our conversation, are always for your very highest good, because that's what your spirit team - your spirit guides, angels and ancestors - want most for you. They want you to live and experience the best life possible.

What powerful messages do you need to hear today? Let's connect.

Blessings be. ~Ellen

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Seeing the Future

When we ask to see the future, and we're shown that future, there's an important truth to bear in mind: The future isn't a "done deal." It isn't cast in stone.

The future we see is based on what is possible for each of us when we live up to and in to our full potential. Living up to and in to our full potential means taking positive, creative action on our own behalf.

If we're shown a beautiful house, a loving spouse, adorable children and both a cat and a dog, that is available to us. However...

If we don't seek a house (and take care with our finances so we can afford it), and if we don't  put ourselves out there and date potential life partner candidates, and create space for those children and pets, they probably won't appear in our lives - and least, not in the way they could.

The future can truly be rosy (not necessarily in the Pollyanna way), if we take action (by the way, baby steps are action, too) on our own behalf toward that future vision.

When someone asks me what their future looks like, their spirit guides will show me what's available to them through the lens of their full potential. It's a fascinating and oftentimes exciting thing to behold. Sometimes it makes sense based on the present, and sometimes it's a huge stretch. The reality that comes with it, though, is the need to step up and do the work to get there - whatever that work may look like.

So, what are you doing today - that one baby action step - that will open the door to your ideal future life and self?

What will you do tomorrow and the next day toward that ideal future, too?

Hold the vision, create the actions, and make it so. You have the ultimate power.

Blessings be. ~Ellen

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Channeling Your Spirit Guides

About 99% of the time, I don't use any physical tools in a reading; no Tarot or oracle cards, no crystal ball. Instead, I rely solely on the connection I form with your spirit guides.

Oh… And I allow them to speak through me.

This form of channeling is one that I began developing in 2015, on a sunny June day in New Hampshire. It was as much a surprise to me as it was to the friend I was with at the time. The first energies that channeled through me both surprised and shocked my friend and I. They were Quan Yin, Buddha, Mother Mary and Jesus.

This was so far beyond anything we'd yet to experience, or dream was possible, and at the same time it felt wonderfully "normal" and amazing. I cried. My friend cried. Clearly, it happened in divine timing. There's no other explanation for it.

At first, it was super awkward. I imagine you can compare it to a child learning to talk - except the child is an adult. While I could speak for myself just fine, when spirit guide, ascended master and angel energies wanted to speak through me, it was - yup - awkward, and painstakingly slow, at times.

The more I practiced - meaning, the more I allowed spirit guides (my own, my friends', my family's, some particularly open-minded clients) to speak through me - the better I was able to align my energy with their much higher-frequency energy.

Now, there are times when even I'm not sure who's talking - me or them. That's how seamless it's become, and that's how they - your spirit guides and mine, too - prefer it. Even so, I always make clear when your spirit guides are talking. (Sometimes, it's after the fact, if they're particularly adamant about speaking.)

It can be quite the adventure.

Most of the time, I have no idea what's going to come out of my mouth through channeling until it's been said. That keeps me on my toes, for sure, since it's as much new to me as it is to my client.

What's said, sometimes, is straight-up funny, because of its tone. Spirit guides have personalities much like we do - at least, they express themselves with some level of personality. When a human hasn't been paying attention to their spirit guides' guidance, their guides can get humorously fed up about it.

(Mind you, they'll never give up on us, no matter how much we may ignore their wisdom. They'll stick with us, no matter what.)

Angels tend to be without human personality, in my experience. Their frequency is so drenched in love, that it's only love that pours through, no matter what's said. It's similar with the ascended masters, although Buddha's energy feels distinctly different coming through than Jesus' does, for example.

So, when you have a reading with me, expect that you'll hear directly from your spirit guides. And please be curious about what they see going on in your life, and what they want for you. Because what they want for you, for me, for all of us is all that's best for us, and for our highest good.

Blessings be. ~Ellen

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There Are No "Bad" Tarot Cards

I could get really philosophical about assigning a "good" or "bad" label to anything or anyone. I'll leave that for another day. ;-)

In a Tarot reading, there are some cards we'd rather not see; The Tower and The Devil, for example.

The Tower

The imagery of The Tower, in a traditional Rider Waite Smith deck, is certainly harrowing. Typically, we see a figure falling from a tower that's struck by lightning. The tower is on fire and is obviously about to crumble to the ground.

It's understandable we might gasp with dread when it shows up in a reading, given that visual. Here's the thing, though: The Tower is an indicator of change, nothing more.

When The Tower shows up in a reading, it tells us that life as we know it either needs to change or is in the process of changing. While change can be upsetting, it's also necessary to move us forward.

When I see The Tower in a reading for myself, I'm grateful. It tells me that thinks are being shaken up so I can move forward in life. I love that.

The Devil

The imagery of The Devil, in a traditional Rider Waite Smith deck, isn't pretty. The main figure looms large, while two smaller figures - a female and a male - are chained at his feet. The whole of the image is rather dark and dire.

It doesn't inspire warm fuzzies, for sure. However… The Devil card isn't about the archetypal devil (a.k.a. Satan) as depicted in The Bible. It isn't even about a person, in most instances. Instead, it's about our ego, which can certainly devil us, and chain us in place.

When The Devil shows up in a reading, it tells us to take a look at when, where and how our very own ego - our "monkey mind" - is sabotaging us. It encourages us to give the steering wheel back to our heart center, and to put our ego in the backseat, where it belongs.


Next time one of the "bad" Tarot cards shows up in a reading, calm down and consider their more helpful implications. As with all Tarot cards, they're meant to serve as medicine for the betterment of our spiritual and physical life. That's the sort of medicine I want in my life. How about you?

Blessings be. ~Ellen

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Uncertainty in Relationships

First, let it be said I'm not expert in relationships - especially of the romantic sort. Romantic relationships aren't my specialty as a psychic, and I don't pretend it's otherwise, even though your spirit guides, angels and in-spirit will give me - and you - an earful, at times.

Regardless, I see and hear a lot, and I am an excellent seer and listener. (Just ask my spirit guides and angels. ;-) They'll tell you.)

When there's uncertainty in relationships, it's my observation that the uncertainty lies within ourselves more than it does within the actual relationship. If we're uncertain of our place in the relationship, or uncertain of ourselves and our own motivations, then that will absolutely bleed into any relationship - be it romantic or otherwise.

My guides and angels are fond of using gardens for analogies. Going with that, consider this:

We'll feel a lot more certain - one way or another - if we tend our own garden lovingly and carefully.

What's our own garden?

It's our body, mind, and spirit.

Think of it like we have three raised beds in our garden. One bed is for our body, another for our mind, and the third for our spirit.

When's the last time we weeded those beds and removed the toxic stuff our ego tries to choke them with?

  • Body: Less soda, more water
  • Mind: Less worry, more peace
  • Spirit: Less noise, more quiet

When's the last time we fertilized those beds and supported their growth?

  • ​Body: Gentle movement and stretching, whole foods, plenty of rest
  • Mind: Mindful choices for viewing and reading and listening
  • Spirit: Prayer and/or meditation

When we tend our gardens lovingly and carefully, our relationships make a lot more sense because we have the bandwidth to discern what's what. And when they make a lot more sense, the uncertainty changes to certainty - whatever that may look like in our personal situations.

Most important of all...

Love yourself first. Fall in love with yourself, from the heart. That one act alone will change everything for the better.

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