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Psychic Eve

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Hello, I'm Eve, a professional counselor with numerous spiritual gifts. Call me and let's talk and get you onto the right path. You were born wired to love and to experience that joy, let me help you get it. You are a blessing to me, there is not another person like you on this amazing are truly special and necessary to this planet. I am eager to speak with you!

Love offers Make it or take it?

​We all receive so many messages about what we have to do for attention and love.  Buy this, do that, wear this, say that.  Millions of dollars are spent to make us believe that there is a product or service that will make us more appealing,  All of these efforts to unbalance our feelings of worthiness.  The constant manipulation often results in our being in situations where we are trying to win or prove love instead of being available to the love is meant for us.  Relationships are good, productive work with desirable results.  Everything else is resistance and diversion and, on some level, confirming our unworthiness.  Ugh, there's work to do.  Let the Universe help you.  Many Blessings, Eve

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It can be whatever you want it to be...

​Many times we judge the outcome of a situation based on other people's actions or reactions.  We are totally capable of manifesting what we truly desire for our growth but that natural ability does not extend to other people.  No matter what we do or say, the Universe will not bend another person to your will.  Coercion and manipulation are simply witchcraft and not worth the skewed outcomes that you will receive.  Accepting the reality of any and every outcome with gratitude and a commitment to your growth will allow the "right" situations to unfold.  Open up your mind and enjoy every moment for more happiness to find you!  Many Blessings!  Eve

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Are you ready?

​Is it time for you to drop the mental baggage?  Taking risks is both scary and exhilarating.  It's so easy to talk yourself out of opportunities when you weigh yourself down with bad memories and anticipating terrible results.  What if things go well?  Life will move forward whether you trust in yourself or not.  For every bad outcome has been a victory that can give you the confidence to move toward your dreams.  Love yourself.  Trust the Universe to guide you,  Many Blessings!  Eve

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Moving on...

​It's very hard to wait.  There is no question that past heartbreaks are hard to forget.  We want to re-imagine the endings and defend our actions.  We think of all of the things we could have done different.  We re-live the terrible mistakes we made as a result of our negative state of mind.  Its hard to imagine how to recover from commitment that wasn't honored.  Even worse, our attempts to resolve a situation or get closure can make the situation worse.  When Love is no longer the focus of a relationship it is time to commit to yourself.  Until the time is right to celebrate with  another, find ways to celebrate yourself.  You can follow your own passions without being influenced by another's opinion or limitations.  Heartbreaks are a signal that its time to transform.  Your heart belongs to you and only you.  You are learning lessons about what and who to trust.  Its all about you, knowing what works for you and committing to that, no matter what.  Many Blessings, Eve

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Happiness is right around the corner

​Why do we allow our thoughts to torment us when the Universe wants to give us happiness?  Because we haven't been informed that happiness is a choice!  If we rely on other people's agreement or approval we will never be happy.  If you choose to follow the flow of the Universe by prioritizing the messages from your Spirit, no person or circumstance can interfere with your happiness.

Many Blessing!


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Stay or Go?

​Every relationship has its own trajectory.  Beginning are magical and memories of the bonding experience can last a lifetime.  Endings are painful and we all have a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of the experiences, forgetting that Love is eternal.  Why?  We are conditioned to honor our thoughts and of course, the ending of any connection will send us on a thought-feeling spiral that can go on forever.  The only way to get out of that spiral is to offer new thoughts that honor yourself, the other party involved, and the Universe.  Some lessons are harder to learn, but all lessons are worthwhile.

Many Blessings!


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When is the time right?

​The answer is when you can release the outcome. You have prepared yourself. You have stood in integrity. You have spoken truth. You have operated in fairness. You are more than ready for what you want, so reject anything that isn't exactly what you want and stand firmly for what you do want. Every opportunity that arrives is a chance for you to stand your ground peacefully and interact with love whether you are getting your wish or not. Peace to You! Eve

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Love Lessons are Always Worth it!

​You are always learning and pain is growth.  The time you spend putting your love lessons in Spiritual Context is an investment in the success of your future relationships.    Loving yourself and/or another requires your effort o ensure that you both are having the God given experience that is meant for you.   Go forward with confidence knowing that your Love life is in alignment with the overall plan for your life.   Even your painful experiences were meant to steer you in the right direction.

The love of your life is in the mirror and when another can see your value and beauty, and you can see theirs, everything else will fall into Divine Order.

No matter what your experience has been so far, your heart can be healed and you have what it takes to attract more Authentic love!  Let me provide guidance from the Universe to mend your "picker" and release your fears regarding LOVE!


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Wants and Needs...

​Trust what you know... because the thing that you believe is your life purpose can actually support you!  Work is so important and meaningful work that supports both your livelihood and ideals is worth the effort it will take to get to your idea of success.  Balancing needs and wants is a part of everyone's life and knowing that our efforts contribute to God's will and Divine Love is the best Motivation!   Eve

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Love Yourself First!

​Loving and appreciating yourself helps yo to know exactly what works for you in relationships.  Your dreams will come true, you owe it to yourself to affirm your own needs and desires so you can know what you need from another.  Truly love yourself.  Do the things that lift your Spirit.  Be with people who appreciate you.  Spend your valuable time doing things that you really enjoy.  Only then will you align with your soul tribe and soul mate.

I would be honored to be in your life,  Eve

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Who do you talk to?

​Whether you pray, write, or simply spend time in nature, you are always communicating to the Universe.  Intention is key and focus communicates the intensity of your desires.  The next step is to listen through mediation, look for signs, follow your instincts and reach out for guidance from The Divine when you need support.  I am honored to be part of your journey,   Eve

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Inspiration from the Universe

​You never know when you will get your next income generating idea, so its important to know the difference between what works for everyone else and what is Divinely meant for you!  Pursuing your dream life requires you to be flexible and open for the gems that the Universe will happily provide if you are tuned in and ready to act!  Your life of abundance awaits you!  I am honored to be part of your journey... Eve

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Notice the signs and symbols

​Your loved ones often use signs and symbols to remind you that their departure from the earthly world has not stopped their Love and Connection.  Love is Eternal and the only thing that matters,  Take the tim to notice when the Spirit allows a message to pass through the veil to encourage you, inspire you, or lift you up.

I am happy to channel for you, Eve

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So much waiting for you

​There is so much love and success waiting for you.  With some guidance from the Universe you can confidently go toward the Blessings that are Divinely Yours!

I'm happy to channel your messages...


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