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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Hi, I’m Holly. I would love to help you! I am a powerful Empath with Clairsentient and Clairvoyant psychic insights. I connect through vibrational energy to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, to set you on the best path. I specialize in Twin Flame connections, Love and Relationships, Careers, and Energetic Clearing. I also lead very successful Past Life meditations, to help you discover your purpose here today. No matter what challenge you face, you can be certain that we can sort it out together!

Manifest Your Twin Flame!

​It seems like it shouldn't be possible, right? It IS possible! I know, because I've done it. If you are on the Twin Flame Journey, whether you've met your Divine Partner or not, you can manifest them into your life!

If you believe that you are a Twin Flame, then by default you agree that you've lived multiple lives where you and your other half have come together for love and healing. That means, as an awakened Twin in ​this​ life, you have either a) not yet met your Twin, b) have met and are in separation, or c) have met and are working on/in union. If you fall into the first two categories, it is possible to use simple ​manifestation techniques to bring them into your life.

Let me tell you how I did it - for what feel like my entire life, I have known that there was a ​special someone​ in the world who was Divinely meant to be both my lover and my partner in Spirit, helping other people find joy. I had crushes, dated, even entered committed relationships, all the while knowing that my someone was still out there. I would daydream - not about his looks - about the qualities he would have, what kind of person he would be. Someone who valued family, was honorable, kind, funny, and loved me just as I am. Needless to say, I wasn't all that surprised when he walked into my life! I was more surprised to discover we were Twin Flames, and all of the deep healing that came along with it. As part of that healing we entered separation, but I didn't give up. I remembered how I had manifested the man of my dreams, so I began seeking teachers to help me understand better how to manifest successfully. I studied the work of Neville Goddard and realized I had already been doing most of what he taught! 

After a year of study, reflection, and growing understanding I began to put into practice manifesting my Twin Flame back. Would you believe - in less than three months after I began, he reached out to me. On the fourth anniversary of our first meeting, we were reunited. And it didn't happen with stress, and tears and anger. It happened with peace and happiness and total belief in the outcome.

Order a reading from me to help understand your Twin Flame journey, and how you can use simple manifestation techniques to bring the person you love to you. I also lead guided meditations for manifesting ​anything​ you desire. Call me today!


Psychic Holly

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I am an Empath - Here's how I Work

​Hi friends! I thought this week I'd tell you a little bit more about my abilities as an Intuitive Empath, Clairsentient and Clairvoyant. So, what does that mean?

I was born Empathic. This wasn't a "talent" or skill, it is literally part of what makes me who I am. I can feel (Clairsentience) and see (Clairvoyance) the energies that are produced by the emotions of most things animate (people and animals). I also receive energetic information from places with long histories or strong vibrational signatures. I can and do clear homes and businesses of energy signatures regularly. My presence also attracts these energy signatures who are actively seeking dispersal - in layman's terms, nearby spirits come to me for release into the next life.

As a "psychic" and one who does distance energy readings, I pickup on your energy through our connection, whether via phone or chat, or written text. Based on what I see in your energy, I relay the information as it presents its self, whether a visual image of the past, present or future, or a sense of "feeling" towards the question and object of interest. Sometimes the feelings are not clear enough to translate into our limiting language, so Tarot cards or rune sets help me give a clearer message to you. Anyone within your energy sphere can be read for, but when we start going from 1st person (you), 2nd energy (your object of interest), 3rd energy (a person or situation attached to the 2nd energy) etc... well, the energetic signature fades. When I tell clients not to worry about a 3rd party, it is because the 2nd party has absolutely zero energetic connections showing up!

I most often relate messages with the words "I feel" or "I think" and this is sometimes misconstrued as my opinion. In reality, these are the limiting verbs that I have to use as a human to translate what is essentially an energetic message. Only the Light Language transmissions are free of my human limitations, but that is a specialty area that I wouldn't use unless requested to do so.

When you book a reading with me, the messages you are getting are coming straight out of your own energetic field, which means in many cases to change your situation you will have to change something within yourself first. This isn't usually fun or easy, but the outcome is always worth it.

On a final note, I cannot do readings for Pets because the non-verbal language of animals means I have to be present with them to understand their energy!

I hope this was interesting and informative. Remember that we all channel messages in different ways, so if my style doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean that ​no​ psychic will. Keep an open mind, and your energy will remain open, too. Love and light!


Psychic Holly

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Portals, Programming, and Patterns, Oh My!

​If you have a tendency to delve into the more meta-physical side of Spirituality, you've probably head phrases like "Twin Flame Portal", "Ancestral Patterns" or "Old Programming" tossed around. These meta-physical ideas are rooted in the idea that we are, from birth, indoctrinated in a certain way of seeing and acting (patterns and programs) and that we experience on Earth heightened times of Spiritual activity and growth (portals, among other things). There have been many prominent scientists through the centuries who believed that these changes and activities could happen on a cellular level, and although the name "meta" physics reminds us that this is an exploratory area, not backed up by scientific proof, it is important to understand how we are affected by these ideas, and how they also affects the world around us.

Portals - they happen every month, at the very least, like moon cycles. And also like moon cycles, they can have a profound affect on our energy, emotions, and sensitivity to inner and outer changes. The monthly portals fall as such-











11.11 (The famous Twin Flame portal)


The June 6.6 portal was a powerful portal for ushering a new era of love and light, especially for those on the Twin Flame, or Divine Soul paths. The 6.6 portal will have given those who asked a crash of new programming downloads, which is one of the most important parts of portals - they are where the energetic veil between the 3D and the 5D (and beyond) is very thin, allowing humans a concentrated influx of ascension energy. This is particularly helpful for Twin Flames. So what is this programming? Well...

Programs - Also called "templates", these are the codes written in our DNA that cause us to be a certain way. These Spiritual and meta-physical programs are the 5D equivalent of whether a person is, say, lactose intolerant or not. Have you ever met someone with an intolerance to lactose, but they still eat cheese or yogurt? Changing your gene programming isn't easy, it takes work and it CAN be painful, but often we have no other choice. If we are programmed to stay in the lowest vibrations of fear and ego, changing that programming is they only way we can rise out of it. Awakening new programming in out DNA can also tell us if we are an Indigo Child, Starseed, or other meta-physical Lightworker.

Patterns - patterning is similar to programming, but it is more deeply tied to the Spiritual rather than the meta-physical. Patterns can be the result of thousands of past lives karma left unresolved. A deep fear of something irrational (say, dying at sea on a sunken ship) can be the patterns that have been retained through karma. I personally experienced this - my very first recollection of a past life was the sinking ​Titanic​ which I began talking about when I was five. Terrified my parents, but this is a normal expression of karmic patterns. Ancestral patterns are tied to the men and women in your family line who came before and after you. If toxic situations continue to be repeated (poverty, lack of education, loss of children/parents) then they are more and more densely written into the Akashic Records, and into your own patterning. When people celebrate "the first in his family to attend college" or "the first in her family to leave the neighborhood" they aren't just celebrating an accomplishment, they are celebrating the breaking of Ancestral Patterns that will continue to be a source of pain if not stopped. Both types of patterns can only be released by the soul's understanding of what patterns it experiences, and the sheer will to change. Breaking old patterns takes much more clarity and mental strength than changing old programming, but both are essential to our ascension process.  

These metaphysical things can get complicated, so just remember - ​portals​ download new ​programs​ which help break old ​patterns​. If you need more help, book a reading with me, and ​I can teach you how to be open to the new downloads, and how to integrate them once you have them!


Psychic Holly

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Twin Flames - Road to Union

​Most of my clients are at one of two places on the Twin Flame Journey. They either want confirmation of the connection they have or they want to know why a relationship that they previously enjoyed has suddenly become so difficult. I am going to address the latter point.

More and more Twin Flames are being incarnated due to our rising population and the decline of Mother Earth due to human interference. Many of these people never realize, or "wake up", to the journey. For those that do, it can feel like being thrown into the deep end of an intensely painful, turbulent relationship. This is due to the cycles of triggering pain then retreat that each Twin has to go through. Without resources, you may be left seeking out similar stories as your own online, or watching general Tarot readings on YouTube (I did both of these). A personalized reading, however, is the best way to determine where you are on the Journey and the next steps for you to take. I can help you with that.

Despite the love you feel for your Twin, everyone who is on the TF Journey will come to a point where they can no longer support the triggering cycles and must take time apart to heal. Remembering that this ​is​ in your best interest is easy to say but much more difficult to put into action! The time will arrive that you feel like you just can't deal with the other person's bull**** any more, but at the same time, it is terrifying to think you might lose them.

For those who have reached that point, I strongly encourage you to follow the Divine guidance you receive, and ​end​ contact with your Twin. Although physical contact must stop, Spiritual contact can continue, and I am here to guide you through meditation strategies, Twin Flame Telepathy, and psychic connections with your Twin both in dreams - and daydreams! It is real, and it can help you get through the difficult period of separation that is necessary for you to heal the core wounds blocking you from coming into the stages of final Union with yourself and your Twin. Past Life Regression work can also help facilitate healing, by allowing you to remember karmic wounds and then heal them.

No matter what anyone says, the Twin Flame Journey is ​not​ easy, but with the help of someone who has been where you are, it becomes easier to understand. With understanding, comes acceptance and with acceptance comes healing. Let me help you understand and heal so that you can reunite and enjoy your Twin Flame's company once more.


Psychic Holly

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Twin Flames 101

I previously wrote a post about the two stages of Twin Flame Union, but because so many people are waking up to this journey (and are just as confused as I was), I thought I'd make a rough guideline of what to expect. You can identify where you might fall, and when you call me, we can go over your situation in-depth.

​Remember​ everyone has a different timeline and different aspects that need to be recognized and healed, for both halves to the Divine Partnership and everyone will have a unique journey. These are the sort of "milestone" markers that most Twin Flames experience.

  1. The Sweet Beginning - When you first meet your Twin, and exist in a state of blissful harmony. This phase usually lasts until one or both partners begin to experience feelings related to co-dependency or fear of abandonment, which can (and usually will) result in a break-up, the first separation. 
  2. The Awakening - this usually occurs around the time you first meet your Twin Flame, but can also happen months or years later. Those who have gone through this stage usually report frustration that they can't "get over" their Twin, and also relief when they discover what a "twin flame" is. This stage usually coincides with a Tower/Dark Night of the Soul awakening, and new grasp on Spirituality.
  3. The Cycle of Inadequacy - While one or both Twins begins to become aware of the Twin Flame Journey and its purpose, there is usually a period of chaotic connections. You might reunite with your Divine Partner only to have them leave, or get messages, only for them to ghost you. You may also decide that it is you who needs to leave, only to give in to the desperate urge to contact them again. There is no timeline for this period, as it can last as long as it takes for the Twins to go into full separation, to heal the deep core wounds, that can only be done alone.
  4. The Horrible Separation - I call it that because it feels horrible at the time, but is in fact a ​much needed​ time away from your Twin. Only during this time can you face yourself and the true issues that have been keeping you from Twin Flame Union. This can be anything from Inner Child healing, Past Life healing, Chakra opening and balancing, to the very deep and difficult work of clearing Karmic wounds and ties, ancestral patterns, DNA programming and activation, to ultra Quantum healing in the soul and etheric body. Most people acknowledge that even after they think they have healed everything, some new trigger will pop up and they have to go within once more. That is why this stage is both so difficult, and so demanding. You will essentially be clearing out all patterns related to love and relationships as you understand them, and replacing them with new, healthy patterns that will elevate you to ascension.
  5. Union - As detailed in my previous post, Twin Flame Union happens in two stages. The first is Inner Union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us all. The second is Twin Flame Union, between the two Divine Partners - the Divine Masculine Body and the Divine Feminine Body. This is the reward for the hard work you did in stage 4, but don't make the mistake to think that the work isn't over yet. Twin Flames in union will continue to trigger and heal each other, but these are smaller issues that are dealt with ​together​, and there will be no more periods of long separation. Over time these triggers will be complete and the Twins can begin the Soul Mission they came here to work on, together.

Your Twin Flame soul mission is entirely personal to you, so I cannot offer advice on a general level. If you wish more information about any of these stages in the Twin Flame Journey, please call me!


Psychic Holly

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The Twin Flame Conundrum

​So. You're a Twin Flame. Congrats on awakening to one of the most difficult paths the Universe has to offer! If you're beginning to looks for guidance, you have likely discovered this for yourself. A Twin Flame (TF) relationships isn't nearly as glamorous as many people within the community make it out to be. Those are Soulmates. That's a whole different ballgame.

Twin Flames are here to test and transmute the traditional paradigms of love, sex, self, and ultimately, surrender. It is a huge undertaking and as with any such job of this manner, it comes with a lot of pain and heartbreak. The desired outcome of Twin Flame Union is what makes the hard work worth it. Union comes in two phases. Inner Union is the first phase that must be accomplished. This involves allowing yourself to surrender, to become whole in both your Masculine and Feminine energy, and release expectations. This is hard.

Your reward will be the second phase, Physical Union, where you and your Twin come together to begin working as a whole, thus creating union between the Masculine and the Feminine in the 3D (regardless of gender). This doesn't mean things will always be perfect, but once you've created the unshakable Union ties, you will not have to go through the pain of releasing and surrendering your Twin any more.

The conundrum is how to get there. Every outdated romance template tells us to try to go forward ​to get the thing that we want, even if it is unhealthy. This is why TF relationship can appear narcissistic and co-dependent on the outside. What you need to do is learn how to break the old patterns and traditions, and allow in the updated paradigms that are the foundations of the Twin Flame purpose. It helps to have an ear to talk to, and that can be hard. Let me help you. Through my own Inner Union I can look at your connection, answer your questions, and teach you methods to safely destroy the old templates and make room for the new, so you can achieve Union as quickly as possible. You'll get there! Order a reading with me, and let's sort it out, what do you say?


Psychic Holly

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Accessing Past Lives

​As I've touched on last time, there are many people in the realms of science, metaphysics, and spirituality who believe Past Life Regression (PLR) is dangerous and/or unreliable. This usually surrounds situations where the mentor or guide either deliberately or accidentally leads the PLR session in such a way that implants ​false​ memories which can cause the client unnecessary grief.

My past life sessions are lead by Archangel and spirit protectors, allowing you the intimacy of dropping barriers that are subconsciously in place. Then, I will guide you through a series of questions designed to give no false memories or recollections. This is because the questions are empathic and ask your Higher Self to provide information about sights, sounds, tastes and other sensations. As you recall more and more sensation, you may begin to realize why you enjoy particular things, or find certain situations scary.

My guided past life sessions are not designed to give you an exact date and name of your past self. Instead you will discover what needs and desires your past self had, and how that affects you in the present. However, most of my clients have been able to go on and discover their complete past life on their own, through visions, dreams, and research after as little as two sessions. Continuing the PLR sessions often unlocks a running "theme" from life to life, which is often key to discovering your true purpose in the here and now.

PLR is not for everyone, and those who are susceptible to suggestion should research the practice before trying it. It can, however, be a very useful tool on your path to understanding and healing. 


Psychic Holly

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Twin Flames

​"Twin Flames" are a real hot topic in the Spiritual community right now, and believe me, it is for good reason. Although many people do not or will not notice, there is a collective shift in the energy that Earth is experiencing at this time and in this place. Twin Flames are a vital part of that energetic shift, and as more and more people wake up to their Twin Flame journey, there will be a lot of questions - questions that I can help answer for you.

As an Awakened Divine Feminine I play an integral role both in my own journey and in the Collective Journey. I actively help to heal childhood and ancestral wounds, as well as offer mentoring and guidance as you navigate the Twin Flame waters, so to speak. Just a handful of the questions I can help you answer about your own Twin Flame journey are:

  1. How can I tell the difference between a false Twin and my true Twin Flame?
  2. What is the difference between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine?
  3. Why did my Twin Flame run from me?
  4. When will my Twin Flame return?
  5. Who brings about Union? What does it mean?

There are so many more. I have been awakened on to my own Twin Flame journey for five years, and the past two years I have been helping others, from those who are newly awake to those who are nearing Final Union with their Twin Flame. I'd love to help you, too. We can talk about your Journey any time you'd like to book a reading. I hope to hear from you soon!


Psychic Holly​

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​Hello! As an Old Soul (someone who has reincarnated many times over millennia) I would like to share some information about reincarnation, past life regression and how it can help you fulfill your life purpose in the here and now. Remember that reincarnation can only be studied anecdotally, so take what information resonates or feels right, and leave the rest behind.

Although karma is one reason for reincarnation, it is not the only reason our souls choose to come back to mortal form lifetime after lifetime. For many of us, the drive to acquire wisdom or engage in a physically stimulating occupation can also play a role in the return. For others, the enjoyment of love relationships, or the opposite - a need for revenge - can be the trigger to reincarnate. When souls incarnate for Self-seeking reasons they will gain or release karma. Reincarnation for Soul-seeking reasons allows the soul to remain in karmic balance.

This is the reason that you may feel like you were "put here for a reason" or "can't seem to find where you fit". Your soul has come for a specific reason but once the Ego Self matures, it takes over and tries to "control" the vessel - you. You end up feeling adrift. Many people will never be able to move the Ego Self out of the way, to realize the true calling of the soul, but a past life regression session can help!

Contrary to many popular claims, there is no danger in guided past life regression. As an experience guide, I assure you that you can be in a simple state of meditation, fully aware and in control when you recall your past life events. With your chakras open and your mind clear it is easy to find these soul memories, as I guide you where to look for them. Once recalling past life events, you will be able to remember the soul's purpose for incarnating in this lifetime which gives you the freedom to take action, or to choose a different path. The best thing about incarnating into a mortal life is that you have the free will to follow the purpose you set out on, or choose a new direction. Understanding the reason will give you greater clarity and sense of purpose.

Of course, life purpose isn't the only reason to check in to your past lives. I will be happy to write more about it next time. Cheers!

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