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Psychic Laura Estelle

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Blessings everyone. I am Psychic Laura Estelle. I am a Libra. Having spiritual blessings has definitely been a balancing act for me since I have had these gifts from childhood. It took me many years to embrace my gifts from God, and with many readings given to friends and family, I was called to share my gifts with the world.

I connect with people's energy, present and passed. Using my own intuition & Clair senses, I connect with the Angels to guide me in my messages to be relayed.

I am known to be very honest, energetic, straightforward, down to Earth, funny, caring, an empath, loving, understanding, generous, having the Clair senses, an energy healer, Reiki Master, in which I have touched many lives with through my readings.

My wish for you, is to give me the opportunity to connect to your Angels so that I may gift to you some clarity about your concerns that you are facing on your life journey. I am here for you. Much love
~Many Blessings~

Being a Sensitive Human

        As I begin to write this I have a lot going through my mind of what it is to be a gifted, sensitive human. Yes, being sensitive is a gift as it allows you to feel, see and experience things on a higher frequency than let's say other people who are not as sensitive. You may be asking...."How is that a gift?" I am going to share with you some of my experiences I have had that make it so. It will probably show you as well, it is a gift.

     Having strong intuition doesn't guarantee that you are seeing, hearing, or even feeling the correct thing at the time, but what it does mean is that you are in tune with something that is meant to guide you and show you opportunities that may be right for you to choose. It is a strong interpretation for you to unravel. Interesting enough, I tend to hear things clearly for other people more than I do for myself. I think a lot of us sensitive people experience that. This gift allows us to share what someone else may be missing. In turn, aiding in support for others. How many of you have friends, family, or even strangers coming to you with their conflicts, decisions, or stories?? I am sure quite a few of you.

       This gift of sensitivity emanates a warm, welcoming aura that others can feel. Hence they feel safe to ask your opinion, or share their stories with you. You are meant to help people with this gift and who wouldn't want to do that!? I feel that being able to help people in whatever way that I can is an amazing gift. Being a sensitive human isn't always easy because we feel things very deeply which can cause a lot of anxiety within. When I share my gift with people, I feel very honored to connect with them. Knowing that we are ALL learning, growing, in order to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. I am human and do my best to use my intuition, along with the Angels, to relay whatever information they wish for me to deliver. I share my gift because it is empowering myself to live my life purpose, along with encouraging others to follow their heart, loving themselves along their journey.

     It is wonderful to know that there are real people who are willing to help you understand something that is concerning you, or give you clear advice as to what speaks more to your heart song. Using this gift has truly been a blessing in my life, connecting me with many amazing spirits in this world who trust in my gift of sensitivity. I feel amazingly blessed. This is why for me, sensitivity is a gift. I use my gift to be there for people.

    My wish is for everyone to feel loved, hopeful, peaceful, appreciated and empowered. Each of us has different gifts we were born with to make a difference in this world. With each and every person I connect with, it is affirmed that I have made a difference in this world. My heart sings. I hope yours does too!
Psychic Laura Estelle

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~The Power Of I AM~

Ending the month of January 2016, I have been guided to shine some light onto you. My wish is for you to embrace the love that you embody. You are a divine being, containing many of the answers that you seek. Listen to what your intuition is guiding you to and from. Your, I AM, will always be there to tell you the truth. It is your choice to listen to it, or ignore. The power of I AM, is to let go of your outside influences, including your own ego mind, to tune into your inner self, your silent self, your peaceful self, your loving self, to allow the knowledge already inside of you to emerge.

It was an emotionally challenging month for a lot of us, yet it brought us closer together realising that we are all in this together. We are all here to help each other listen to our higher selves of I AM. Our humanness allows us to get discouraged, angry, disappointed, fearful and disconnected sometimes. These emotions take us away from our true nature, our true self of love. When we put energy into these situations we end up manifesting exactly what we don't want. I can say that there isn't one person that would be able to tell you that it is easy to stay connected to that intuitive voice of I AM. It takes daily practice. The more you embrace what your I AM already knows and tells you, the happier your life will become. Abundance flows to you. A lot of us get scared to accept this as truth because we are so used to controlling things around us. Resisitence only creates blockages within ourselves. Believe in your spirit. Believe that the Universe would not steer you wrong to sit with yourself to just listen to this loving voice, this I AM,  this inside knowledge to guide you towards the beautiful life that you are meant to live. 

What is your I AM trying to tell you? Are you listening, or are you trying to control what is being shared? Free yourself from life's obstacles by embracing this powerful inner voice that loves you unconditionally. The Universe will share it's abundance with you. Love yourself. We are all learning and growing. We are all connected in becoming the best version of ourselves that we choose to embrace. Much love.

Many Blessings,
Psychic Laura Estelle

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Happy Holidays! Innocent

     I wanted to thank every one of you, for sharing yourselves with me. Allowing me to share the messages your Angels have had for you during the readings we had together this past year. What a fabulous 2015 it has been for all of us! We have had a lot of twists, turns, miracles, blessings, growth and obstacles, from which we all are better people from it. Our Angel's love has been protecting & guiding us along the way. Thank you Angels for helping us this year as you always do!

I also wanted to personally thank those of you that have taken the time to leave me a positive review on my page. Your loving words touch my heart completely, and continue to inspire me to be the best I can be for you. SO, THANK YOU!

With this new year approaching us very quickly, there is still time before the year ends to share your love with those around you. Ending the year on a positive note does our soul good, makes us feel good about ourselves, helps us live our truth of being loving human beings, especially during the times that we don't really feel very loving. There has never been one act of kindness, forgiveness, chivalrous, generosity, patience, compliment, or gesture of love, that has gone unappreciated. This speaks volumes of your soul's voice when you can put aside your own agendas to do, or say something nice for someone else. Make someone else's day by sharing the love you have within your heart. Love is an action! It's great karma too!

Here is to an abundant 2016! May all you have learned, embraced, acquired and have been blessed with, follow you into this exciting new year. Your Angels are always with you, and love you unconditionally as do I.  I look forward to hearing from you, and being here for you as always. Much Love.

Many Blessings,
~Psychic Laura Estelle

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The Universe Is On Our Side

Happy Labor Day Everyone!
     I hope that you all have been having a lovely weekend.

    Have you been feeling the energy around you helping you let go of some things? A lot of change? Well, September is the month of change. There is no need to get anxious, or even worrisome about this. Yes, change can be frightening sometimes, but this shift of energy brings about some great things for us as long as we are willing to embrace the changes, easy or difficult, that we are faced with. Change is good! We need change in our lives to learn and grow. These shifts bring about opportunities that our Angels have planned for us. So try your best not to control these things. Let go to allow for room, for the winds of change that bring abundance to you.  Whether this has been in the form of cleaning out your home, cleaning out the people around you, cleaning out emotions, or cleaning your spiritual self.There are a lot of changes happening for all of us right now, and I wanted to share a little bit with you as to why we are all going through this.

     Right now we are in an eclispe energy that started yesterday, the 6th, and will be felt through October 7th. The actual eclipse happens on September 27th, with the Full Blood Moon rising. It has been an exciting time for all of us through these shifting energies. We have all accomplished quite a bit during the past four months! All thanks to the guidance of the Angels and Universe. It is helpful to know when these moon phases happen to help us understand better why things may be occuring during that time. The Universe is helping us to move forward with great knowledge of ourselves and each other. For some sensitive people, particularly us Empaths, these energies leave us with no room, but to pay attention. It is a gift!

     So why is this important to you? Well, all of these moon phases we have had, that have brought about change are all for our highest good. They have strengthened us, allowed us to cry and release any anguish we have held onto for too long, and they have brought about hope for us to see that everything is going to be alright. Our Angels have been listening to our thoughts and are helping to manifest those dreams, wishes, wants and needs to come true. Soon you will be seeing some of these things appear in your life by the end of this month. Remember, this is the month of change.

    Much Love & Many Blessings to you,
                 Psychic Laura Estelle


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Remaining in Faith

     Loving others seems to come quite easy. Don't you agree? A lot of us are "givers", and we love with all of our might. It is built in us! The essence of us, is love. We all think of love as an emotion that we feel, but more so, love is energy, an action. We know this because it is how we express love, through action. So it is no surprise that we lead with love in our lives. Whether it is our family, pets, friends, career, passions, hobbies, or possessions, we share the love that is inside of us with these people/things. Let's not forget ourselves in that bowl of love. When we love so much, sometimes it's easy to forget to give that love back to ourselves. We've all fell victim to this.

     Something to remember when you catch yourself giving so much of that love to others or things, rather than giving that love to yourself, is to ask, "Have I loved myself enough first, to be able to give so much away?" This question is very important because there must be a healthy balance of taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves first, before we focus our love onto these other things. How you will know if you have a healthy balance with the people/things you love, is by the joy you feel when sharing your love. It is given freely and reciprocated. You are at peace, you feel balanced. When there isn't a healthy balance, you will see, or experience, negative feelings, frustration, towards those people/things you have given all of your love to. Sometimes without realizing it. You can turn that around. Your Angels will be guiding you.

     You have the power to create a healthy balance of loving yourself first, then others. No one wants to feel frustration when they are faced with giving too much of themselves, resulting in that person/situation, unable to match up to what you have been offering them. All of your love. You are in the driver seat of creating and keeping your healthy balance by living your life the way that makes you happy. You are responcible for your own happiness, to love yourself. Each good choice you make puts you onto a path of connecting to your soul. What a gift that is to yourself! Yes, when you choose to do what makes you happy, although it may effect other people,(you are not in charge of their happiness, you are in charge of yours), you are chosing to love yourself. Fears and insecurities may be triggered by you loving yourself. Don't allow that to deter you. Have faith. There can be a balance.

     We are love, so there is plenty to go around. Yes, there are consequences from each choice we make. Keep that in mind as you love yourself, creating a healthy balance that will evoke a mutual respect from others. When others see us loving ourselves first, they either offer that back to us, or they turn away from us because they have not learned to love themselves fully yet. We can't give, what we don't have. Reality is, we are only responcible for our own happiness. Living your truth, following your dreams, listening to your heart, those are the focus of loving yourself. Remain in faith that the joy you choose to put into your life will produce an abundance of success. You will be happy!

     As we move along our journey of life, we encounter obstacles, meant to teach us lessons for us to grow. These changes are part of our souls evolving more and more. Loving ourselves better and better. A true blessing in disguise. How we react to these obstacles builds our character, integrity, grace, vulnerability, patience, all of the necessary qualities to better finding that balance of loving ourselves. They are our teacher. Diligence is key. Have faith in yourself that you are doing the best that you can. We are all doing the best we can with what we know. If you are blessed to be given another day, try again. Thank yourself for what you have accomplished, what you have learned, and what you will accomplish and learn on this given day. Be the best version of yourself you can be with confidence. You'll love yourself for it!

Much Love,
Psychic Laura Estelle 
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Trust & Embrace

Blessings & love to All!
We all are gifted. Many of us have different gifts that we utilize each day, and many of us has similar gifts. The one gift that we all have in common, is the power of thought. It is an amazing gift that we all have and can use everyday, every hour, every minute. We can choose to keep ourselves in constant optimism, or we can allow the mishaps we face to disrupt our outlook. Maintaining positivity is not for the weak hearted. Life can be challenging when circumstances in our lives are in constant motion. Overwhelming at times, especially for us sensitive empaths and light workers. Energy is always present, shifting, whether we see it or not. Once again the universe is making some big shifts out there with the coming full moon happening this Saturday. This energy change is causing all of us to review decisions we have made and be at peace with them. The universe is always encouraging us to grow in one way or another, reminding us that ultimately we need change in order to improve our lives and ourselves.

With our Angels being part of our universe, what they want for each of us is only the best, because they love us unconditionally. Our Angels always deliver! Our lives become inspirational when we trust in their guidance. It is not time to second guess those decisions you have already made. It is just time to think about how they have impacted our lives and helped us grow. Some of us may still be feeling stuck trying to decide what to do, and that is alright as long as you don't sit in that too long. Listen to what your heart is telling you that would be best for you. It is time to come to some final decision. Allow yourself to do what is best for you. It can be overwhelming, but you must trust in the universe, yourself, your Angels, that the decision you have made will all work out for your highest good in the end. Nothing is ever final, it is a process. Know that this is part of your soul's process. Embrace it & trust it.

You are never alone. Your Angels always have your back. Call upon them to help you sort through whatever it is you struggle with. That is what they are there for. Try not to judge yourself. Know that we are all learning and growing together. Remember, when you look up at the sky, that is how much you are loved. 

Sending love and light to you,
Psychic Laura Estelle

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Becoming Inspired

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have been inspired to write some empowering words, and today, I am happy to say that has changed! I am thrilled to share with you what I have learned during my spiritual journey regarding being happy. We are all spiritual beings wanting to ultimately be happy, right?! Of course we are. Now, I can only take credit for this happening for me, in the way of allowing myself to be vulnerable and open to what was happening around me, rather than trying to figure it out, or control it. My Angels did the rest! They guided me to people, videos, articles and many other things to discover I wasn't living my life in the way that was going to bring true happiness in my life.

How is that possible you say? Well, what I have come to realize is that most of us live our lives through intention. Intention, is a plan hoping for some result. Some of you may be saying, "Well how is that a bad thing?" It's not as a whole, but when we put all of our energies into what we desire, the plan, we can sometimes forget that things change. Intentions change. Plans change. Life changes. These intentions are out of our control. We all go into things with good intentions, right? Some of us are under an illusion that we actually have control over our intentions, when actually intentions are never meant as a standing ground, they are meant as a footing, something to guide us towards growth to becoming a better being.  

We all have to begin somewhere, and that somewhere, may be to first set intentions. Now look beyond that desire, plan, hope. Use that intention as a footing, as an inspiration for you to get the ball rolling to what it is you truly wish for yourself. Make those changes to feel better, follow your passions, empower yourself, live your truth! When you use that little bit of intention to catapult you into certain directions, you will soon begin to see that everything that is intended for you will be delivered to you in Divine timing because you are using that intention in the right way. When we allow ourselves to look ahead, knowing what we want, we start to become aware of ourselves and others in our lives. Sometimes things match up and sometimes they don't.

Our intuition guides us to what path we should take next. Sometimes we listen to it, sometimes we follow our own free will. One is not better than the other because we learn on both accounts. The only difference is, is that free will brings us down paths of pain, while intuition brings us down paths of joy.We all have a choice. Sometimes our soul needs to go down the painful journey to learn and grow. That's ok. It isn't fun, but we had to go through it to come to a realization about ourselves and our lives. A blessing in disguise.

It isn't easy to follow that intuition, because we fall back into the habit of believing that what we want, our intentions, are what we should be following. This is what I have discovered about myself recently. We all do it, as we are only human after all. I aspire to be greater than that though. I don't want to rely on old bad habits that just bring me down the wrong paths. I want to follow my intuition, my truth, and trust in the Angels guidance they have planned out for me. I want to go with the flow as I do great things that make me happy. I want to trust in the process, knowing that all my desires, hopes and dreams will transpire because my Angels love me and know what is best for my highest good. This is what has led me to become inspired. Inspiration is what I have discovered that will empower me to live my truth, to be happy, to guide me to my next adventure, to keep me from relying on old bad habits, and to most importantly keep me connected to my higher self. I wish for the same for you.

Our journey's in this life aren't easy, yet somehow we manage to make them more difficult on ourselves than necessary. Remind yourself to be inspired. Life is such a blessing and it is meant to be lived. Thank you for being a part of my journey. You ALL inspire me & I hope that I do the same for you.

Much Love & Blessings,

Psychic Laura Estelle 

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~ Happy Saint Valentine's Day~

     I want to wish everyone much love for this Valentine's Day. There are many ways people will spend this "love" day, and I hope that each of you spend it loving yourself first, then others next. I say this because when we pamper ourselves, we refuel our souls which then allows us to give 100% to others. Try to make this a habit for yourself, not just on this Friday. It is very beneficial to not only refuel yourself, but to overall do something nice for yourself on a weekly basis. This gives respect to your life, your body, your inner core. It is showing your Angels gratitude for the many gifts that they give you daily. As you know, when you express gratitude it not only makes others feel appreciated, but it makes you feel full of joy as well. How can you go wrong there??? So please, go out and do something nice for yourself, for your well being. You won't regret it.

     Love is such a wonderful emotion. Whether you have a romantic person in your life or not, always know that you have your Angels that love you unconditionally everyday! Just close your eyes and feel their wings wrapped around you, loving you and bringing you comfort. It is such an amazing gift that sometimes we overlook. Celebrate the love you have in your life. The story of Saint Valentine is about sacrafice. He sacraficed his life to join people together in love. Saint Valentine knew there were ups and downs when it came to love, yet he knew that love was an undeniable gift. Knowing what a martyr he was, I can just imagine that he refueled his mind, body and spirit the way we all should. Remember, you ARE loved!

     I wish all the love in the world to you all. Have a wonderful Saint Valentine's day!

     ~ Many Blessings ~
   Psychic Laura Estelle

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~ Unveiling the Hidden World ~

     When we think about where our passed loved ones reside, or where our Angels live, we often think of them as way up in the sky, or for some, in Heaven. This "other" world seems like it is just a fantasy, a realm of the unknown. The only thing is, that it is not. Many people all over the  world receive messages from their Angels, and passed loved ones letting them know that their Soul's are alive.  Other's have been witness to being brought back from the dead, to then share their journey of those few moments of being in that realm. Are you one, that has yet to enjoy these little gifts sent from above? Or maybe you just haven't known that they are signs being sent to you. When, we we allow ourselves to be open to such gifts, that is when they tend to show up. There are different times of awareness, as things are constantly changing in our world. Our perception about things change. Our perception of our surroundings become heightened. Intuition comes in waves. One thing that does remain the same, is the unconditional love that your Angels and passed loved ones have for you, along with the soul personality of your passed loved ones.

      During these times of change, we transition in our journey of life. New thoughts and ideas come to you. You may have noticed your dreams becoming more vivid. Realizing that the same little things keep showing up for you, like finding pennys, or seeing a certain color. These are some signs being given to you unveiling the hidden world. As we embrace these gifts in our lives, they become meaningful signs. We are closer than we perceived, to the "other" world. This brings an inner light of peace to us. Let go of struggles, let go of worry, and allow all to just be. Know that we are still connected to our passed loved ones, and that our Angels love us, guide us, to becoming the best person we can be.

     ~ Many Blessings ~
   Psychic Laura Estelle 
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~ What you Love ~

Hello Everyone!

     As we the end the first week into the new year, a lot of you can feel the changes occurring already. It is time to leave those old worries behind, so we can move forward into the new year of opportunities. Yes! I said opportunities. I can hear some of you saying,"What opportunities?" Well, the Angels have shown me that there will be many positive events happening for all of us this year. The only thing we need to do, is to continue doing what we love. Yes, that is right! The hidden gem is within your heart's desire. The things that we love doing is where our core begins to shine. The more we allow ourselves to embrace what we love to do, abundantly the good will flow to us. It takes courage and self love to do great things. 

     When we acknowledge our talents, skills, gifts, we are thanking the Angels for what we have been blessed with. They hear you. They see your efforts. This creates that positive energy around you to further share these things. Our gifts we have been given, were meant to be shared. It allows us to grow, and others as well. Giving your love freely, unconditionally towards others is a gift. Drawing, or being creative is a gift. Having patience is a gift. Being a loving parent is a gift. Sharing your abundance, is a gift. All that is good and brings light to this world, are gifts. We each have gifts to bring to this world and share with each other. That is your life purpose. To be the best person you can be. To love with all of your heart, not only towards others, but towards yourself. Continue to do what you love as this brings awesome energy to you and the people around you.

   If you are one who is stumped  about what gifts you bring to this world, I can assist you in uncovering those things. You may be at a cross-roads in your life. Your Angels may be directing you to venture towards a new chapter in your life, as they see that you have learned lessons and are ready to move forward. That is always an exciting time, scary sometimes, yet exciting. Trust in the Angels that they know you best, and want you to do what you love. I look forward to hearing from you.

    ~Many Blessings ~

  Psychic Laura Estelle 

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~ You Are The Light ~

  Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful, safe New Year's.

     Now that we have begun our New Year's resolutions, (for those of you that made them), or have just carried yourself into the new year with a decision to be the best person you can be, it is very inspiring. Having this positive jump into a new year is a great way to shine light on things that need to be addressed in our lives. For those of you that connect with your Angels, it can be quite obvious what those things are. When we decide to lead ourselves out of a dark room, instead of turning the light on, we will struggle to find our way, and even bump into things as we try to lead ourselves out. Light changes everything! 

     Do you remember when you were little and it was time to get up? The sun pierced through your blinds into your eyes, signaling it was a new day for you. Some of us pulled the covers over our heads because we were just not ready to awaken. While others jumped up to get going on their brand new day. That is a fine example of how everyone deals with things differently. We are all on our own journeys. Although we are all spiritually connected, we approach the days differently. Light reveals things. Sometimes it shines a light onto what we want to see, and sometimes on things we don't. Either way, we ALL still get up eventually. Why is this? We all know that light helps us find our way, that is why. We all know that no matter what we have been dealing with in our own lives, light calls us to do something. To make a move for ourselves. Light allows us to not stumble.  Even in our darkest days, our Soul reminds us that,"You Are The Light! You are not alone! You will shine!"

     Remember, this is a new year to make whatever promise you want to yourself. What I ask of you, is this: Remember You ARE a shining Star. You are your own light! No one can take that away from you. Make it a great year!

     ~ Many Blessings ~
   Psychic Laura Estelle 

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~ In with the New ~

I hope that everyone had a blessed weekend.

     As you may have noticed, there is only one more day left before we enter into the new year. To look back on 2013, we must acknowledge that we have overcome many obstacles that were presented to us. Applaud ourselves for being strong and courageous during these difficut times. We must acknowledge many blessings we have been gifted, and thank our Higher Power for shining light to us for encouragement. We must acnowledge that we are still going to continue to learn on our journey in life, and let 2014 be the best of them yet! We are truly blessed to be able to ring in the new year as it gives us the opportunity to learn, grow, and become closer to our Angels.

     I have already begun to think about what changes I can do to make room for the new. If we never release things that no longer serve a purpose in our life, then we hinder ourselves from growing, or moving forward to a positive life. Without change, there will be no change. One thing that I have discovered, is that I have too much stuff. These are things that I have kept, thinking that I would "lose out" if I got rid of them. I have come to realize that they have been collecting dust, and are weighing my spirit down. I choose to be a better person by releasing these things, and starting my new year right! What will you choose to do to be the best person you can be in 2014? Let's make this the best year possible with the thought,"In with the New!" 

    I wish each and everyone of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

     ~ Many Blessings ~
   Psychic Laura Estelle 
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~ Your Angels Hear You ~

     I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday. What a blessing it is to have had celebrated such a joyous occassion with family and friends. Did you get what you wished for? Sometimes our wishes and wants come in different ways, than we expected them to come to us. The Angels hear us and know how or when to send us our prayed for wishes.

     One huge gift, that we sometimes overlook, we get each and everyday from our beloved Angels. It is another day to enjoy life's treasures. Seeing the world's beauty, by way of sunshine gleaming through our windows, lighting up our homes that keep a roof over our heads. Smelling, our homes filled with holiday goodies baking in the oven, or that family recipe that also puts warmth in our hearts. Hearing the carols sung, or getting that phone call from a loved one, that wanted you to know they wished they could be with you. Tasting the delicious gifts that were given from the heart of your neighbor, or just your favorite treats this time of year. Feeling those hugs from family and friends that don't get shared as often as they should. Knowing in your mind that your Angels have yet again, given you the perfect gift- Your Life. 

     Although some of us may have gotten many more material gifts than others, we are all equally blessed the same. We got another day gifted to us from our Angels. Another day to be the best person we can be. Another day to tell someone we love them. Another day to show ourselves love, by loving who we are. Another day to enjoy our left over holiday treats. Another day, to witnesss that gleaming ray of sunshine, that fills our home with the appreciation of having a place to live. We are all truly blessed and have received the best gift of all- Our Lives.

     May each and every one of you, go into the new year knowing that your Angels hear you!

     ~ Many Blessings ~
   Psychic Laura Estelle 
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~ The New Year! ~

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

     In a week's time, the holidays will come to an end. All of that hustle and bustle will be done. The next chapter of our lives is the new year! Have you been thinking about what your goals will be? What new promises you will make to yourself?  It is wonderful to fill our hearts with positive ideas of what we can change, or make ourselves to be an even better person. That is really what the new year is all about. To challenge ourselves to be the best person we can be!

     A lot of us would rather take one day at a time, while there are others of us that keep track of challenges we can try to accomplish in the new year. Either way, try to love yourself better during this new year. If you are the one that likes to take one day at a time, do just that. Love your life, love yourself, and do the best you can ech day. Leave all of those negatives here in 2013, because 2014 won't have any room for those things. This will be the best year yet, for you! Why? Because you are heading into the new year with a greater sense of self, a greater realization of positive thinking,  and a greater way of life, to go with the flow.

     For those of you that like to create challenges for yourself, be kind, be realistic, be you! Writing down these promises for your new year ahead, is a great way to "keep tabs", yes. Just make sure that they are friendly reminders of goals you have, not reminders that create havoc on your self-esteem or confidence. When making your list, be simple. For instance, instead of writing,"Lose 15 pounds!", write instead,"Eat a salad once or twice a week for lunch." See, how that was a nicer way to yourself? Words make a difference. With the same results, by the way.

     It has been an amazing year for me! I am thrilled that I am being blessed to carry on and share my gifts with you. I am truly humbled by this wonderful company, beautiful clients and lovely reviews I have recieved from you all. I am truly, truly appreciative of all that I have. I look forward to 2014 with you all!   

     ~ Many Blessings ~
   Psychic Laura Estelle 
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~ Being Kind to You ~

     Many Blessings to all. 

     As we quickly approach the new year, it is important to work through old wounds, so that we can  try to start the new year off fresh. A "clean slate", if you will. If not "clean", at least a board that has less stuff on it. Everyone is different. Everyone has dealt with different circumstances this past year. The Angels understand that some things are difficult to recover from, or even heal from. A loss of a loved one, a bad break-up, loss of a pet, or even loss of a job. It is ok to grieve. It is alright to be upset, or even angry, about that loss. That is expected. From that pain we feel, is where the "magical seed" lies. No one can tell you how long it will take for you to heal from any of these losses, or even be able to carry on with your life. One thing is for sure, you WILL heal, at your own pace. Each new day gets a little bit more bearable than the last. Hence, the "magical seed". 

     This seed I speak of, IS magical, because it is your soul. It will never die. It is our being. It is where our core of love lies. Our core of loving ourselves, our life, our family, our Angels, our God. It is within us no matter where we are, here on Earth, or in Heaven. That is why the emotions we have towards these losses are so strong. It is about love.  This seed wants to blossom, yet when we stop watering it during these times of loss, it is stagnant. As each day passes, we become stronger, courageous, watering that seed back to life. It is what our Angels want for us. As much as our Angels want us to be happy, loved and feel secure, they understand that it is up to us to "water our magical seed".  We all do this when we are emotionally ready. This is called, being kind to you.

     Although life is a journey of lessons, it is important to be kind to you. This allows our soul to thrive, to love, to be happy. Look at your "slate", are there some things that you are ready to let go of? Can you visualize grabbing that eraser and ridding yourself of them to allow happiness back into your life? It is ok if you can not erase your whole board, even getting rid of one thing on it, is an incredible way to release that baggage that has been weighing you down this year. It is a great thing to do to start the new year off. Your Angels are proud of the courage you have taken to be kind to you.

     ~Many Blessings~
   Psychic Laura Estelle


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