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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


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Hello! My name is Laurelai. I was born into a family with psychic genes on both my mother's and father's side. From a very early age, I discovered that I most enjoyed helping others. With 20 years experience reading tarot combined with my natural abilities, you can rest assured that your reading will be as individual as you are, completely confidential and delivered with shocking accuracy.Whether it's questions about love and relationships on your mind, career and finance or your future in general, I am very excited about the opportunity to help you find the answers!

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Five Keys For Greater Connection

Five Keys for Greater Connection

In a world where everything is fast-paced and instant gratification, it is sometimes difficult to connect with others we don't know well. These tips can help in romantic relationships, friendships and in business.

1. Be a Reporter:Ask questions. As many of us are on our phones much of the time, you becoming a person who takes the time to ask questions will make you stand out. Not all people will respond well to various questions about their interests and opinions--this is okay. For every one person who does not appreciate you taking an interest, in my experience, five people will.

2. Be Genuine:Ask yourself what is the goal in mind. If you're looking to connect with a man or woman whom you find attractive, be sure to remember to be honest and real with who you are as you begin to ask questions and start conversations about who they are. Avoid the slippery salesperson-type persona that comes from being fake. If you genuinely take an interest in getting to know someone, that will come through in your delivery and will further make you stand apart from everyone else.

3. Follow Up and Follow-Through:This is so imperative! If the person you're talking with tells you that he/she has a parent who is ill, take the time to concentrate on what they are telling you and make a mental note of what they have said. Follow up with them as time goes on and ask how that situation is going for them. This may also be a time where you can offer to help them out in some way. Should you offer to help out and they accept your offer remember to follow-through. Too many people are too busy these days to be helpful, available and dependable. Be different and they will notice and appreciate that you are.

4. Be Considerate: Understand boundaries. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Try to be patient. This is a process and although very often it is one that moves along quickly, there really is no telling just how long it is going to take. Just know that by being kind and respectful you are making progress!

5. Be Honest: Don't lie, brag or falsify. You may not make a million dollars a year, and chances are, the person will still like you if you're up front and honest with them.If you don't agree with something that the other person says, be honest about that too. Say something like, "I'm not necessarily of the same opinion, but I can appreciate your point of view." Be honest even in times where it's uncomfortable will safeguard you and the other person from feeling betrayed and taken advantage of; and will also allow for even greater connection.

We all need to connect with others, we all crave greater connection and stronger more fulfilling relationships in our lives. In my experience, these five tips have more than anything else helped me to connect better with those around me.

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Three Keys to Healthy Relationships

Three Keys to Healthy Relationships

Regardless of whether or not the relationship is romantic or not, there are three common denominators that can be found in all healthy relationships. Healthy relationships can be friendships, family relationships, work relationships and of course love relationships. If these three things are present in a relationship, there is no obstacle that can't be overcome. Every relationship is give and take and cannot be perfect all the time. If these things are present in the relationship however, success is inevitable.

1. Communication/Honesty: Both people are open and honest willing to share both big matters and small. In addition to communication, an effective relationship will have two people who are also willing to listen and adjust as needed.

2. Mutual Respect: If there is mutual respect in the relationship, both people are going to take care not to hurt the other one intentionally. Both individuals are going to be considerate of one another, help one another and work to build one another up to be the best that they can be in life.

3. Determination: This means that both people are focused and committed to the relationship. They understand that the relationship is important and are determined to see it work. Both people have made up their minds to do whatever it takes to work through problems and stay together. This also means compromise. Understanding that not one person can have their way all the time.

Relationships are difficult it's true. If they were easy, everyone would have perfect relationships (perfect relationships don't exist unfortunately). Even if the relationship is less than perfect, if you can recognize these three traits in your relationships and build on these foundations, you have a healthy relationship. In our imperfect world, a healthy relationship is as close to perfect as we can possibly get.

Love on!

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When Love Hurts

In an ideal world. Love should not hurt. In the reality though it does; a lot. I'm not talking about physical pain. If you are being abused or are being physically hurt in anyway, it's time to leave and get help from a health care professional.

I'm talking about emotional hurt and anguish. The feeling that just affects you to the core of your being. If you are going through this right now, here are some things to do to protect yourself from greater hurt...

1. If you are putting yourself in a situation that doesn't feel right or is against your moral's time to get out of that. Please love, don't ever put yourself in a situation that goes against your character and beliefs. Love that is real and healthy will not have you go through that.

2. Don't give too much without getting in return. If you're giving out more than you feel you're getting back, it's not worth it. Healthy, lasting relationships are always give and take. If you are giving money, time, energy and attention to someone who is not reciprocating, this is not healthy for you and you are not in the right relationship.

3. Set up boundaries for yourself. Think about what it is that is ok to you and what is not ok and tell the person. If he/she really cares about you, they will respect your boundaries.

Remember you are worthy of love, mutual trust and respect.

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Time to Let Go

Sometimes we stay in relationships or preoccupy ourselves with bad relationships/break ups, when it is clearly time to move on.I believe that there are two major times when it is better to try to let go.

1. It's Hurting You or Others... If you or someone close to you are in physical pain (ie, being abused in some way) it's time to let go. Please reach out to a health care professional who will be able to assist in helping you find resources in your area.

The relationship or thoughts of the other person are going against your moral code. If all of this thought and worry about the person is making you do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do, or do not agree with, it's also time to let go.

If it's interfering with your life...If your anxiety about this person and/or the relationship is so much that it's difficult to function at work and/or you are having trouble doing normal activities etc., it may be time to let go.

2. It Doesn't Feel Right... We all have a sense of right and wrong . We also all (I believe) have our own gut feelings or intuition. If something about the person or the relationship doesn't feel right or is making you feel uncomfortable you may do well letting go.

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