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Lily began readings surrounded by the love of all things natural. Raised by Scottish grandparents life was full of rejoicing in the "signs and symbols" the earth blessed us with. Their was never a lack of answers or guidance for whether it was the wind, or a leaf on an aged Oak, direction was found. The gifts of reading the symbols, translating them, and being grateful for each, was passed down and taught with a meaningful joy in all of life's challenges and blessings. I use "Animal Wisdom Tarot" and stone (crystal/gem) readings for Medicine Wheel, love/family/relationship and/or Vision readings. My hope is to always assist others to find balance....peace in a chaotic world....and most of all the gifts among us known as blessings

Rainy Days

​When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars ~ Oscar Wilde

It's raining this morning. Not a downpour, just a "welcome spring" drizzle pushed by a nice breeze. The kind of rain that turns scenery into a watercolor painting and somehow makes that cup of coffee taste even better.

It also brings about a natural meditation that can be restorative and clarifying.

For one, a good rain gives an opportunity to stay in "one spot". To just "be". To de-clutter. Whether thinking and purging negative thoughts, organizing our chaotic feelings, or actually physically de-cluttering a room, a junk drawer, a closet.

That "rainy day time" has allowed, or dare I say given us permission to take time for ourselves.

To hug to us warm memories and remind us of our growth, and where we continue to bloom.

Keeping in mind how beautifully positive rain can be, helping things blossom, and grow, cleansing the air, refreshing lakes and streams, is a great way of reflecting on our lives and outcomes. The rainbows after a rain are much like the joy, and lessons learned after a rough time.

Our days include both rainy and sunny ones.

A balance.

The good and the bad. The calm and the stressful. The smiles and the tears.

The "rain" in our life offers reminders...breathe...take time for YOU...believe in the blessings that grow from what we plant...renewal is but a washing away of the negative. Rainbows and sunshine will always follow.

In joy, peace, and beautiful rainbows ~ Lily

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Finding Grace

​The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails.~ Ramakrishna 

Grace? What is it? The definition includes many meanings ...charm, love, beauty, just to name a few. For me the meaning is about all of those qualities being a part of me and more importantly my acknowledging them and rejoicing, no make that applauding, that I have them.

Grace is a freedom that we carry with us when we realize that love, joy, and especially giving is a gift. Grace is the spiritual freedom that arises when you realize that living life is the true gift.

When we are in a sense of grace we feel deeply, we know our meaning, our path. When in a state of grace, you are moved to be your best, share your best and feel a sense of joy in having found your "best".

Those who experience grace find a contentedness in their lives, a sense of harmony and peace. It is the type of peace that accepts instead of worries, believes in what is to be, and the blessings we can create within our lives. Grace is the kind of happiness that accepts everything, while accepting that situations can be even better.

So how do we find our state of Grace? I find that the first small step is embracing "gratitude". Being thankful for all the blessings in our life and those that greet us each day. Finding even in the rough patches of a day those things we can be grateful for.

Grace is kindness. Being kind to ourselves and to others. Responding with a gentle approach vs. an angry one. Thinking about what to say and saying it with love.

Peace. More than anything Grace is peacefulness. A patience in knowing that what you give you receive. That the love you put out does come back to you. That serenity and contentment comes with enveloping ourselves in knowing who we are and following this practice toward accepting others and loving them for who they are.

In practicing, working toward a state of "Grace" we create a sense of peace within ourselves that "extinguishes" worry and replaces that space with calm positive thoughts.

Grace awards us an inner wisdom gained as we learn acceptance of all things in our lives. With Grace, this wisdom, this inner peace, comes a feeling of happiness, balance, an ease in relationships, careers, and even health.

In joy, love, and the grace of all that is wonderful. ~ Lily

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Less is More

"Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more, and all good things will be yours." ~ Swedish proverb

Less is more. Three little words that hold such meaning. A meaning that we can apply to many avenues of our lives, and a reminder to prioritize what is important.

By working towards the "simple things in life" one can remove the unnecessary. The emotions, situations, "things" that do not contribute.

"Less is more" is a mantra that reminds us to select and make important our wisest choices, our priorities, so that we may achieve and be at our best.

It reminds us to NOT surround ourselves or waste our energy on those "things" that do not benefit us.  To discard the negative.

Many people desire clarity in their life and I have found that by "carrying" less emotionally it allows one to "focus" on that which is important. Most of us realize at some point that all the "clutter", all the "friends" we gather on social media, does not add up to the ​​"how to get and maintain happiness" equation.

Less is more thinking is about re-evaluating what is important, getting rid of the clutter, especially worries and stress - letting it go! In doing so we gain focus on that which is important. We are not distracted, or overwhelmed by "too much".

Having clarity, focus, and direction, because we are not buried under "too much" of what we put on ourselves, aides us in truly knowing what, and yes, who we value and adds joy and happiness to our lives.

In joy, love, and knowing the best is yet to be ~ Lily

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Winter Rest

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home." ~ Edith Sitwell

This time of year I'm reminded life is a circle. A time of work and a time of rest. I so often write about energy...doing, "getting into it with everything we got". Not today. Today is about "rest". Time to wear the comfortable baggie clothes, nibble on whatever the kitchen holds as we read, watch TV or play board games. Yep...prepare to hibernate.

Stories and legends from long ago often state that Winter is a time for rest and renewal. Of course in today's busy world we do the opposite..."pedal to the metal" and "full steam ahead" being the motto. However, their comes a point where we know, we feel, we acknowledge... it is time to stop. Take a rest. Revive. Renew.

Winter is a season of all that our spirit needs to "recover". It's a turning point. Everything is moving towards the Spring. I like to think of it as a "spiritual reboot".

It is a time of stillness. A time to go inward and just be. You know get in touch with who we are? How we feel about everything, anything. Be mellow, or as the term says "chill".

It's in winter that nature, all creatures great and small, take a long rest. Whether hibernating in dens, birds flying south, or the plants resting beneath snow and earth...all are renewing.

Healing of all kinds is found with rest. Being sons and daughters of nature we too benefit from following the cycle and balance of the seasons.

By renewing, and going "within", whether our meditative process is a hot cup of tea or wrapped in a favorite comforter, we reenergize, and prepare mentally and emotionally for the warm seasons to come. Seasons where we are "doing"! Not much time to slow down once spring approaches....that "spiritual reboot" is now.

It's the perfect season to really think and sharpen our hopes, goals, and accomplishments planned for in months ahead. Winter offers time to reflect on the past: lessons learned, what we've achieved, and what we are working toward.

While we count the days to the awakening that lies shortly ahead when trees begin to turn green with foliage, tulips bloom and the first warm breezes of spring are felt, do no forget to celebrate the peace Winter offers and the strengthening of spirit gained as we "rest". 

In joy, love, and knowing the best is yet to be ~ Lily

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​"You are a mirror of yourself in others. Whatever you want, give. Be the best reflection of yourself." ~ Karen A. Baquiran

When was the last time you reflected on life, your choices, your goals?     Time seems to move swiftly these days and finding time to "reflect" on anything let alone decisions and hopes can be difficult. Taking a few special moments in our busy life to reflect creates an opportunity to "get outside" of ourselves and reevaluate where we are and where we are going.

I've listed a few reflections that aide me in moving forward, grasping my dreams and shaping my hopes. I hope they assist you as you take time for yourself in the months ahead to reflect on all that is in your world.

Reflections...understanding and accepting that life is all about the choices we make.   So often when looking back we see at least a few things which we'd want to do differently. Of course, with that, we know we can't go back in time to change them. What was...was. What Let it be.

Reflections...believe in yourself rather than believing you can't, couldn't, wouldn't.    If you do not love "you", embrace " you", trust in "you" it's difficult to have a joyous relationship with anybody.

Reflections...I choose to be happy.   Just saying it makes me smile. Find your smile in the simple things in life. Rejoice in even the smallest blessings. Hug to your heart the moments that bring contentment. In finding and embracing your happiness you will gather even more joy as you notice the happiness of others. Be your very own sunshine as well as a bright spot for all you meet.

Reflections...helping others.    Feeling grateful for the opportunity to share your blessings, the talents you are gifted with, or the kindness of your spirit. Yes, true happiness can be found in reaching out to those in need.

Reflections...holding dear the silly moments in life.    I try to find joy in each moment. There is way too much seriousness in the world. Embrace your inner wild child...your inner weirdness. Enjoy playing, coloring, singing out loud, trying on funny hats (yes, in stores!), dancing around a room... and please don't forget to motivate others to wrap their arms around life as well! Laughing is healing. 

Reflect on those things you love doing, love sharing and loving yourself.        In doing so your "reflections" will shine back at you.

In joy, love, and knowing the best is yet to be ~ Lily

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A New Day, A New Year

​ Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you really stop and ponder the idea of "New Year" every day is the start of a new year. January 1st is the beginning of a calendar cycle that most folks recognize, hence "New Year". Pondering, as I often do, a "New Day", " New Week", or "New Year" etc. begins as we wake in the morning. Fun to think about.

Any day can be our "New Year" and we can use it as needed to motivate, change for the better, forgive, or share blessings.

Resolutions and I just don't get along. I believe in living life as an adventure and making changes for the better, especially as I learn those life lessons that we all come across. A once upon a year resolution list would eventually find it's way lost and tattered, and I would be making a new resolution to put lists where I could find them.

New Year's resolutions are about making a change...and usually these are changes from within. Change requires really wanting to change. Change also requires planning and positive thinking. If you want change in your life it is everyday, it is right now.

All of us are incrediably blessed with the ability to make a change at any time in our lives. We don't have to wait, or put "on hold" changing or improving ourselves or our situations.

Each morning we are blessed to wakeup is a new day, a new year!

Yes, a New Year. Which is today, and will always be today.

Have an adventure today...enjoy the moment now...that's a real resoultion for a New Year.

Happy New Year. I hope in this year, you discover every morning is blessed...and every day is your new year.

In love, joy, and the best yet to be ~ Lily

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Tis the Season

​I love Christmas!  Yep, I am one of those completely absorbed Christmas people… you know, the ones who are always singing Christmas songs, decorating every square inch of there home and making sure all pets are wearing bandanas' that twinkle?  Yep, that's me! Cookies, lights, joy in the air, hot cocoa, shopping... I love it all.

I also realize, especially, with just a few weeks left, that with all the "hustle and bustle" the real spirit of Christmas can get lost. We can become so distracted with all "the sparkle" that we forget to embrace and enjoy the people around us. We can get so caught up in all the "business" that we forget what this time of year is about… the gift of hope, and the continuing promise of joy....of light in a world that can often times seem negative and sad.

It truly is the season to remember where we came from and where we want to end up...where we are going.

To reflect on how many hearts we touched this year. Were we kind? Were we a "light" for another's darkness, another's caring friend or comforting spirit?

Did we take time to laugh with the young, enjoy the purr of a cat, get lost in the carefree antics of a dog, stop and listen to the song of a bird, study the colors of a flower...a sunset...the shape of clouds?

Did we learn a new song, a new recipe, try a new dance, act silly, forgive, let anger go quickly, smile at strangers just because, rejoice that we are loved, do nothing because we wanted to, walk in the woods, hug with abandon....share love with another and ourselves?

For Tis the Season...the season of remembering our joys and making a joyful noise unto all that is dear to us. The season of holding in our hands the promise of overflowing blessings found through the gifts of giving. Yes! Tis the season.

In joy, love and the blessings of the season ~ Lily​

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​This time of year, hoping for enlightenment and love...for the world, ourselves, those dear to us, prayers and blessings are often present in our minds and hearts. Tis that time of the season.

What is Prayerfulness.  In it's simplest meaning it is putting into the Universe positive intentions. Prayers are an extension of our love and caring towards another. It keeps one within the flow of that divine energy that they may have grown tired from seeking themselves. It maintains faith and hope in that which creates blessings.

There are times the people in my life ask for prayer when things are difficult. Others ask for positive energy or healing thoughts when they are in need of support. Both are asking for spiritual support, but in different ways.

Intentions, blessings, prayers ...where do we begin? How do we offer our love and prayers in a caring and giving manner?

It can be difficult to know what another understand another's pain...but try we must is the first step in a prayerful mindset. Prayer is a powerful, hopeful and joyful energy, but it is not magic. It can not erase painful memories or stop all of our day to day challenges, but it is a positive and wonderful place to begin.

Words are not a need with prayers and many times I just envision the individual I'm thinking of surrounded by warm light.

We are energy, and in being connected to the energy around us we are connected to others. Our thoughts, feelings, and what "we do" have an effect on all around us. When we pray with others in mind we reach out. The intentions, the prayer, helps focus are love, our thoughts, are positive intent in the most needed direction and that blessed energy can put more than we realize into the best of outcomes.

There may be additional things we can do for the people we pray for. Helping others in need as we think of them with kindness and caring can be prayer. Sharing love and hope for those who are lonely, or giving to the less fortunate with heartfelt caring can be prayer.

Whether we call it positive energy or prayer, this way of sharing love and strength is an important part of caring for one another. Whether we say, "You're in my prayers" or "I'm sending positive energy" the statement that care, love, and concern is being added to the spiritual energy that is needed is the great blessing.

Prayers' workings are an amazing mystery, but the spiritual help we offer matters. Our connection to others, the belief in being heard, and the guidance and love of that which is beyond us, the divine, the greater energy, brings us closer to each other and most importantly joins our inner spirit to all that is blessed.

In joy, love, and many blessings ~ Lily

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Embrace the Season

​"Are you ready for the Holidays?"

I'm keeping count of how often I hear this question. It's definitely a way to begin a conversation! This question comes as a reminder of things to do, things to add to a list, and knowing that no matter what, yep, some things will be forgotten.

For many of us the days feel shorter, the weather less pleasant, and we remain busier than expected. However, amongst the hustle and bustle....the fact Thanksgiving is not quite here, the stores have Christmas trees lit and laden with ornaments, and sale tags are posted in shopping aisles, joy is to be found. Joy in the moments.

Joy as we embrace the holiday season and all it represents. As we welcome our traditions and celebrations...whether wreaths on a door, stringing lights, sparkly ornaments, or enjoying the smells of holiday baking, the warmth of memories take hold. Stories, many times exaggerated from what they once were, are shared and laughed over. Photos of times gone by fondly remembered, and as the perfect gifts are sought after, thoughts and feelings of what others mean to us. With these joys that holiday preparations greet us with, we find that we look forward to the family get togethers, the holiday songs and rituals the season brings.

This preparation of embracing the season is a time of readiness. A time of light. A time of renewal in our life and how we touch others.

The spirit of the holiday season hugs us close as people take the time to talk, enjoy, and find that the hope for joy and peace is a wish we share. This time of the year, as we prepare, embrace those many magical moments this holiday season offers us, whether alone or shared with others.

When enjoying the holiday lights may it bring a smile to your hearts and spirits. Most of all I hope that this "time of the season" brings you feelings of being loved, happy, and believing the best is yet to come.

In joy, blessings, and love ~ Lily

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Impulsive Actions

​It's that time of the year again, making gift lists, enjoying warm drinks, football, holiday planning and let's not forget - feeding the birds! Being out and about this weekend at various stores brought me face to face with the many types of bird feeders and plain ol' bird feeder odds and ends that go along with "birding". Well always one to overdo and act impulsively, I thought I have one feeder why not a few more. The new ones looked so "updated".

Bigggg mistake! It didn't take long before the word got out...bird telegraph or birdy emails.. that Lily had the best free chow in the area. Birds descended upon my yard...cleaned out the feeders...left white "artwork" (if ya know what I mean) all over lawn furniture. Not good. Back to one feeder.

My "impulsive" actions taught me quite a bit.

1. First, impulsive decisions as a whole...

Impulsiveness can be gets the energy going. (Hence, why quickly and with excitement numerous bird feeders were put into place.) Impulsiveness also involves very little to no thought, logic, or planning. Hence, my birdy restaurant outcome.

2. Second, Count to "1000" ...

Taking time to pause when an exciting idea hits us, deciding if someone is Mr./Ms. "Right" vs Mr./Ms. "Right Now", or an overwhelming desire to purchase something comes along gives us TIME to consider the descision or idea. When I suggest counting to "1000" I actually mean count to one-thousand very very slowly. Usually by the time I'm done counting I've a clearer picture of my thought process. It can be difficult to stop, pause and think...and obviously, as proven by the bird feeder incident, I have not mastered this particular lesson.

3. Lastly, See the goal and plan accordingly ...

Seeing the goal is often easier than the plan to attain it. Without a plan to achieve the goal we might be able to enjoy some momentary joy, excitement, or motivation but it is not long term. For me impulsive descisions all have "fun" involved. Many times they keep me "busy" and I have an excuse to avoid the monotony of chores or "things that must get done". The point here is that the chores do not go away and before long the impulsive choice becomes one of regret. Plain ol' waste of time or money. A good solution is to write down your plan and "see" if you still want to follow through.

As for my now lone feeder? Well every time I see fancy feeders in the stores and I get that urge I am now walking by as I put into practice my lesson learned. I truly talk myself both into a "plan" and it seems quickly out of it, and I've come to realize not following through on my impulsive buying choices keeps more money in my pocket. Money I can put toward Squirrel Boxes :>).....yes, I know, start counting to one thousand.

In joy, love and thoughtful choices ~ Lily
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New Directions

​​There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don't you? – Rumi.

Moving on. Changing direction. Often, for many of us, there is a time in our lives we seek a new adventure. A new life map.

We leave a season of our lives behind and set forth on a new path. I find as I give readings and counsel that choosing a new direction is connected many times to a feeling of the "fear of the unknown" or being unsure of where one is going in life.

As we look around at the world in which we live, and take time to consider where we are and what our lives mean, we often find more questions than answers. If we pay attention to what's happening in our day to day life, the people we surround ourselves with, the time we spend and how we spend it, we find situations that share meaning. Those situations guide us. The excitement we feel with a person, a creative moment, a type of work can be the map that shows us a new direction.

At different times in our lives we encounter problems that require our inner strength to "get through". Many people that go through a rough time or challenge in their life discover that they have more "fire in their soul" then they had thought. When looking back to those challenges these same individuals see the growth and purpose that happened while doing so. The conquering of these life hurdles aides in our choice of purpose. Knowing what we don't want is sometimes more important than knowing what we do want.

Moving, growing, away from old habits, whether in how we think or repeated experiences, opens us to that which really matters...a renewal. Taking time to reflect on what we want in life assists us in understanding that it isn't others who hold us back, only ourselves, and our thoughts.

That new season of your life, that new direction is worth contemplation. Give yourself permission to take as long as you need before moving forward. Do not hurry the process. Feeling good about "where we are going" or "a new plan" strengthens us. That which "is in us" will always push us toward where we need to be and help us to get there.

Following our own path and reflecting on where we feel happy, fulfilled, in tune with life, truly noticing these moments... THIS is how we find that "direction", the "ahhhhh" experience.

In joy, love and blessings ~ Lily

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Candle Light

May I light a candle for you?   For the lighting of candles is often a gift of healing, prayer, or blessings shared.

Throughout the world, lighting candles is considered a sacred process. They have been used for centuries in religious, spiritual, ceremonial practices and rituals. The lighting of candles can cleanse negative energies, assist and encourage healing, dedicate prayers, and promote focus and clarity.

Lighting a candle with a goal or purpose in our minds symbolizes giving light and reflection to that which we wish for.

When I light candles for healing I consider a few things...

  • Choosing the proper color. The right color candle can aide in creating a balance and enhance our prayers and purpose.
  • Cleansing the candle. This process is called "dressing the candle." It offers strength to the color and candle so that the energies put forth are "more in tune" with the purpose requested.
  • Meditating and focusing on the request, intention, as I light the flame and also at the time I extinguish it. I want to establish my request and also seal it in place. (Do not blow a "healing" candle out rather get yourself a snuffer or use wet fingers to put out the flame. Remember, do not leave a candle unattended and please burn them in the right candle holders.)

Some Candle Color Meanings ~

White: Pure thought. Cleansing.

Black: Used to remove negativity. Physically used an aide to remove infections.

Blue: Used to encourage a peaceful home, positive thougts, and emotional balance.

Brown: A wonderful grounding choice. Balances our thinking. Alleviates stress.

Orange and Yellow: Great choices for gaining energy...motivation, creative ventures

Purple: Protective and surrounds one with a feeling of personal power and confidence. Physically and mentally aides in strength to heal.

Silver: Brings about calm and clarity of thought and direction. Wonderful for use against depression and anxiety.

To light a candle is to illuminate the self.

Meditating and putting forth intentions with "candle work" is a wonderful addition in your spiritual routine, whether lighting a candle as a prayer for peace or a request for healing. The light symbolizes the energy reflected in our hopes, blessings and desires.

"I learned without saying a word that there are truly many ways to pray, and lighting a candle is one of them."  ~ Pat Schneider, How the Light Gets In

Joy, Blessings, and Love ~ Lily​

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Closing the Door

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Imagine holding a beautiful wine glass, or a solid coffee mug, ok now imagine it falling, hitting the ground and breaking into all sizes of pieces? Do you somehow try to mend the pieces back together with glue? The answer is no. Yet, many of us try to mend and piece together relationships, whether friends, family or intimate that are broken beyond repair.

Perhaps, as often happens, it is you who were hurt beyond repair. Difficult to accept and often harder to move forward.

It's so difficult to close past doors and look towards the future. It can be a heart wrenching journey to even think about starting new relationships, or to accept that the time has come to end a relationship.

Moving forward from all we are comfortable with can be a huge task but leaving those doors open to the past will certainly stop us from looking ahead and welcoming what could be.

If we are spending our time and thoughts on "gluing" pieces together, or waiting at an open door for signs of change, we may miss that somebody, that something that could be so much better for us!

What about keeping that "door open" because you may want to go back to it? It is stated that people who do not let go of the past often fall into depression. This makes sense because if we are consumed with focusing on the "use to be's" or  "use to have's"  we are not thinking about what we have now and planning for our future.

Closing doors on past hurts shuts out and puts behind that feeling of waiting for a situation or someone to change... to "fit your hopes", "what you want to happen."

Close those doors. Remember the lessons you've learned and lessons you've felt, but focus on TODAY.

Enjoy others, find a purpose in laughter, and plan for the future.

Plan on opening other doors!

Closing that door helps you in moving forward.

Will you stand at the door, peeking around the corner, pulling up a chair to wait for something to change, living your life based on "waiting" ? Or will you begin the walk and adventure in moving forward, closing that door behind you, whether quietly or with a slam, and shoulders back shout " life here I come, OPEN my doors!" ?!

In joy, blessings, and love ~ Lily

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Mud Puddles and Life

It's pouring rain. You are wet. Everything around you is dripping and you are doing your best to avoid mud puddles. Many of us can remember many times this has happened.

Hmmm....sounds a bit like life. Or at least those days when nothing seems to go quite right.

I've certainly had those days. Feelings that I'm a bit stuck. I'm trying to "just avoid" the mud puddles aka problems or people that contribute stress to my life. Doing my best to get around "them"....not get "dirty". Not make them a priority. Most importantly not be defined by the mud...the dirt.

So staying positive? Learning to avoid...heck, dance past life's mud puddles?

This very moment is the most amazing gift you have. You cannot change the past but you are blessed right now, in this moment to change your future. Try to set for yourself exciting or creative objectives. Don't allow today, this time to go by without putting into action something positive...whether a kindness or a new direction in how you do things.

O.K. now quit staring at that "mud puddle"!

In other words forget about the past. Yep!  Let it go!

Think of regrets, or what you call "mistakes",  as lessons L-E-A-R-N-E-D. Lessons learned through experience help us avoid mistakes in the future. Accept the past and avoid thinking of the negative, rather think of the lessons learned that will guide you to joy. Say Goodbye to the mud puddle.

Another plus in our arsenal to avoid the mud puddles in life are "positive" and supportive people. The kind that will carry you over the dirt of those puddles. Better yet, the kind of individuals who help wash the stains from any mud tossed your way. Good folks, the "stand by you no matter what folks" make everything better. Positive people can inspire and truly aide in your well being and staying optimistic.

So, mud puddles of life in sight?  No worries is the attitude to have. When life gives ya mud...make mud pies.

Mud Puddle Mantra...

"the mud puddle was back there... exactly where she had left it. It wouldn't move... for that was the nature of mud puddles. But she would, for that was the nature of her." —Terri St. Cloud

In joy, blessings, and love ~ Lily
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Release That Baggage!

Saying "Good Bye" to the past and being "awake and present" in the now continues to be a wonderful learning experience for me. I visualize this tug of war a bit like carrying, or in some cases dragging, a lot of luggage aka baggage behind me. Sad to say, most of us carry around baggage from the past, and are not certain what to do with the heavy load or how to at least lighten it.

Maybe a relationship? A regret? Mistakes made? A family member or angry words? Perhaps, trauma or heartache we continue to relive. All baggage...all emotions and parts of our past that weigh us down and keep us from moving forward.

Awareness you're toting this heavy baggage is the first step. This is followed by emptying those heavy bags. That's right emptying them. Get rid of the weight of the past. Whether you replace the contents with positive life affirming thoughts, or leaving the "baggage" to lay where you empty it, having dealt with it and recognizing it as "useless", it's about what makes you feel free...unchained.

When the baggage is gone? What can you expect? Well the following are a few of my joys in "dropping the bags"!

1. Making room for something better in my life!    I've always believed there is a reason something doesn't work out. Unanswered prayers. I believe it's because something better is waiting for me...something that I wouldn't have room for if I had all the past baggage. Moving on from focusing on one thing opens you to being AWAKE to something new...something marvelous.

2. Lightness of spirit!    Think about it, carrying around heavy baggage ( thoughts, memories ) and now they are gone! Wow!  A chance to look ahead, move in a direction of your choosing...rebirth! Dependency on the old is removed. Enjoy that freedom.

3. You did it!    It feels so good to know we conquered an obstacle. Achieved a goal. The confidence and pride in ourselves rewards us with a "knowing" that we are winners and can trust in ourselves and what holds meaning to us in the now.

Toting that past baggage with us can slow us down in so many ways...from blocking us to a better future to manifesting stress and anger. If we practice freeing ourselves, releasing what holds us back we open our journey to the opportunities reaching out to us.

In joy, blessings, and love ~ Lily​

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