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Meet Your Psychic
Hello everyone, I am LoveAngel. I am a very strong empath and clairsentient. Which means I am able to feel things on a deeper level, it is the ability to clearly sense, percieve or feel things as well as see them, espically the things that are hidden in plain sight. I would like to help you obtain the answers you seek in regarts to the past, present and those you need closure from that have passed. I love helping people I feel as if it is my lifes calling. My background I have been gifted all my life I have seen things before they happened and scared my family in the process as they didn't understand how or why I am this way I DO NOT judge anyone or other readers. I do not ask for anything during a reading I do not use props, cards just me and you.


​We are all searching for something "What am I supposed to do in life?", love, answers "Why did I lose my loved one?" and "Will I ever find that perfect career?". We all ask these questions let me help you find the answers. I have been a clairsentient and strong empath since I was a little girl and I too had questions. I was scared of the things I knew were gonna happen before they did and not understanding why I was different. As I got older I have become a lot stronger and grounded. I am honored to have the gifts I do as I believe they were given to me by god and I love helping people with all the questions above if you find yourself asking these same things please contact me I would love to help you. 

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Shine bright today!

Today is a beautiful day lets help get you the answers you need today to stand tall and shine bright!

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