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Psychic Messenger

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Messenger is an Angel Walk-In, Gifted at birth providing Angel Messages as she reads the energies without human filters directly from the Angelic Realm, Current Year Lessons through Numerology and Love Frequency Sessions. She does this with the help of channeling Pure Love Beings including the Angelic Realm where she becomes a conduit for their pure loving energies as well as channels messages. Messenger focuses on Love, Career and Relationships.

Messenger reads best with those who have an open positive loving heart. She is not an appropriate fit with those who are dealing with heavy drama such as negativity, limitations, drug/alcohol addictions or financial issues.

I am often asked what does a walk-in mean and what happened to the other soul that left. With a walk-in, a more evolved spirit comes into the human body and continues the journey. A walk-in experience is when two individual soul expressions switch places. The first soul has gone as far as he or she can in their evolutionary development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken their place will serve in a different capacity than before. The Universe grants permission in order for this to take place. Another way to call the experience is soul transference. The other soul continues on their journey, either to reunite with a loved one and/or continues to another place to continue learning without returning to Earth.

Love Frequency Session:
With a unique style of Hypnosis Angelica guides the Angels and Pure Love Beings into the emotional, mental and physical energy field to assist with expanding and ascending the energies to higher love frequencies. She becomes a conduit for their pure loving energies to download higher frequencies of love and to activate the Inner Spirit. Anything not aligned with that will come up to be released fully.

Fear of Intimacy or Loving Intimacy

Message from Messenger

Fear of Intimacy or Loving Intimacy

If we have been so hurt by others, feel betrayed, abandoned, dumped on etc so many times we can come to a place of fearing intimacy. The fearing is coming from not wanting to get hurt again. We set up walls, shut our hearts from feeling, become skittish with certain types of people that we may perceive as judgmental and / or negative. We become protective. Shutting our hearts from feeling is also hurting ourselves because we are not feeling love. If we protect ourselves this way we also keep us from experiencing the love we can have in our life. We end up just living life rather than living life in bliss and depths of love. We spend our days going to work, getting our groceries, maybe working out and going into nature. Yet on some level, we are hiding from the world. We have healthy beliefs systems and some that are not serving us. Some of these beliefs we are aware of while others are hidden in our subconscious to emerge and be healed and evolved to higher levels of self-love. The belief systems that are not serving us are what I call contrasting belief systems.

Life experiences pushes on our buttons around the contrasts within us some call shadows to enlighten us to greater self love and empowerment. Instead of hating these contrasting beliefs that are not serving us and blaming others for them, we can have courage and embrace those beliefs and learn what they are teaching us. When fear comes up shift it to courage; when we want to judge others that are pushing our buttons in areas that are not serving us, shift the judgments to love and gratitude; shift any negative thinking to positive thinking; and embrace all insecurity so it shifts to empowerment.

Meditation is one of the ways I believe supports this transformation with greater ease because it quiets the chattered mind, calms the emotions and relaxes the body. You are not the thoughts, emotions or sensations you experience them. Giving your power to the thoughts, emotions and sensations is like giving it to another human to run your life. You then have no power of choice. Learning to connect more fully into the higher power of love I call Universal Love Realm and feeling this higher vibration of love, rather than doing it alone, is what some call Kundalini. Don't blame the people that are pushing the buttons within you around the contrasting beliefs that are not serving you; rather thank them for assisting you to loving you more by embracing and releasing those unhealthy beliefs.

We have to have the courage to open our hearts again with healthy boundaries. To learn to love ourselves enough to be our best friend. To develop empowerment, acceptance and self respect. To learn to connect with the higher power of love, I call Universal Love. Some call God, Christ, or Buddha. When we reach and hold this vibration of depth of self love to a place where we are more comfortable in our skin, we experience freedom and loving intimacy. It all starts within. We start to attract this level of loving intimacy more with those who also have this knowing within themselves. It becomes a simple relationship based on sharing love and joy with each other. We have intimate relationships with those that embrace and accept us and we embrace and accept them. That is true sacred loving intimacy that is fun, playful and empowering. I talk about how to do all of this in my book Transformation. As an Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author and Minister of Love, I connect and channel pure loving energies and messages directly from the Angelic Realm, Pure Love Beings and Ascended Masters. This helps to bring greater clarity and direction in life. To learn to take responsibility for your own life is the first choice in having emotionally mature relationships. If what I share resonates with you., contact Messenger for an Angel Message session

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Want more money? Greater Relationships? Better Job?

Hi this is Psychic Messenger.

Many call to ask the Angels about relationships, jobs, and money. I have an important answer for you that changes lives.

We live on a vibrational planet. Our thoughts, emotions and sensations are trigger points to let us know if we are in limiting thinking, fear, negativity, or insecurity. If we are filled with fears, insecurities, negativity or limitation our relationships, job and money reflect this. We may be experiencing unhealthy relationships with self and others, or relationships we want to improve on, a job we may not like, over working and underpaid, unemployed, or lack of income. 

If we feed this with more stories of what is not working, we continue to attract more of it. Not coming from integrity with your relationships, self, job, money only fuels more of what you don't want. Not paying your bills, not being open and honest, not coming from self value are examples of how you can continue to suffer.

Loving yourself, embracing your fears, thinking positive, staying honest, and paying your bills are the steps in moving from what I call the lower vibes such as fears, insecurities, negativity and limitations to that of abundance.

I am reminded of an experience I had which is proof that abundant thinking and honesty works. I had to get my car fixed 3 times totaling 995 dollars. The first time I had a bill for 670   I panicked. Two weeks later I had to bring my car in again for $205. That time I said "I know the truth, The Universe is my supply of abundance."  A few days later, I was guided by the Angels to send this company a letter stating how they didn't honor their word. 1 week later I had to again bring my car in for service $120. I again affirmed that the Universe is my supply of abundance. The total amount of my car bill came to $995. I just knew it would be paid off.

I stayed in integrity of paying the visa bill. Not knowing where the money would come yet I just knew I had to pay the bill off. A few days later i get a letter from that company I sent a letter to with an apology and $995. Had I cheated the car service company by not paying the bill, I know I would have more bills coming to show me the dishonesty and limiting thinking. Because I stayed honest, the Universe showed me how I am taken care of.

I hear stories like this often. YOU must trust and BELIEVE that The Universe , God, Christ, Buddha what ever word you use will take care of you. You cannot hope the Universe will rather affirm with conviction.

I am Messenger and I provide messages for those who are ready for the Angels to assist in relationships, love, job, money. I do this without human filters. If you are ready to improve your life and do it with love and joy and honesty, contact me for a reading

Happy Holidays and much love to you.

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Our mind operates like a computer filled with programs from stories we bought in to. These programs if fed often become beliefs. Some beliefs serve us and some don't. There are beliefs we know of and others are in our subconscious. Some beliefs we experience joy and other beliefs sadness. This is duality living because they have polarity thoughts and emotions, such as happy and sad, right and wrong, accept and judge and love and hate.

If we commit to happiness, we live more from gratitude and appreciation. We live more in the "now."If we are around lots of negative influences or complain often, we experience more drama in our life. We attract more of that where we feel stuck or disconnected from feeling joy. If we judge the person or situation, it keeps us stuck longer in what we are judging. The thoughts and feelings become like an unruly child, stuck in the "don't wants." If you are sensitive to feeling other people's energy, you can take on other people's energy like a sponge. It is like an ever ready bunny that has gone wonky. It's important to monitor how you're feeling. If you notice your energy dropping, excuse yourself from the person or situation. Take deep breaths and neutralize your energy, by quieting your thoughts and bring it to a more centered place of love. Eventually, you will feel more empowered to be able to neutralize your energy while in the situation or with the person and move into love. Judging or resistance will only keep you stuck more in the dense energy. Using colors helps because the mind cannot feel colors. Pink for love, white for purifying and green for healing.

There is an easier way to living life with greater joy, love, and peace. I call this a direct connection to Universal Love. Some may call God, Christ, Buddha, or Higher Power. This is where you have greater gaps of silence and you live within your heart feeling Universal Love in a greater way. Universal Love is within. You start with deep breathing to relax. Focus your attention on the 3rd eye between the eyebrows where your inner spirit higher consciousness resides to quiet the mind chatter. Then move your focus into the heart and feel Universal Love filling up your heart by calling it in and being open to receiving this expansive pure love. The more you remember this, the greater the connection inside you feel with Universal Love. The human ego subsides its control mechanisms of protection and you flow with greater love, joy, peace and prosperity consciousness. This is because the connection to Universal Love only knows of love, joy, peace, prosperity, and health. It knows of no duality living. You enjoy life more fully experiencing greater joy, peace, love and prosperity consciousness.  

Helpful steps:

Exercise to let go of tension in the body.

Deep Breathing

Focus on gratitude and appreciation

Embrace what is

Allow the mind to go into gaps of silence as you focus on the 3rd eye

Focus on the heart feeling love

You can play higher vibration music and focus on a lit candle to help relax

It is phenomenal when you have that connection to Universal Love because you know the truth to what is real rather than what is an illusion to what you don't want in life. You don't have to suffer to get to bliss. You still have lessons to learn yet you can do it with greater ease, joy, peace and love.ere ...

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Message from Messenger

One of the biggest challenges I hear from people is around love and relationships. Many go out searching for their true love, community, friends as well as having better connection with their family. The searching is what gets us in chaos. This is because of our expectations of what it is to look like. Our stories and judgments around that and our feeling of missing something, going out to get it in the outer world. We end of feeling discouraged, insecure, doubtful, and hopeless. When we learn to go within and connect to God, Higher Power, Christ, or whatever the word you use for nurturing love, we become empowerment in this greater inner love. We feel whole and complete from within where we don't feel we need to go out to find love rather to share this greater love from within with others. From this place, we have a greater opportunity to attract true love and potentially attract higher vibrations of love in community, relationships, friends and with family.

My name here is messenger, I provide message from the Angels, coaching, and energy reading for the year. I connect best with those who have a grateful loving heart. I look forward to providing messages for you.

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Angel Message from Psychic Messenger

Psychic Messenger here providing  an Angel Message.

Life is a journey not a destination. We get to choose from each moment how we get to live our life. We can live our life in gratitude and appreciation. Or we can play victim to life, giving our power to the conditions and people and becoming insecure and fearful. This will hold you back from wonderful opportunities life presents. You get to choose your response to life. You can blame others for your life or take responsibility and make life magical. YOUR choice not someone else.  YOU get to choose whether to be happy or sad, Loving or mean, judgmental or kind, peaceful or chaotic/ We live in a vibration planet. Choose wisely.

Angels have wonderful messages for those ready to receive. Contact me for loving messages -have an open loving heart and receive. 

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Angel Message from Psychic Messenger

As an Angel Walk-in, I get to experience the Angelic Realm fully. So much love and joy. I get to channel messages from there free of human filters to answer questions. 

The message today is that Life is a journey not a destination. Along the way we get to experience life's magic if we align with love and joy vibrations. We get to experience lessons to become smarter. These lessons can either keep you stuck in fear and insecurity if fed or free you knowing they are illusions you bought in to as truth.

Come toward love and joy and experience the magical journey of life.

For personal Messages from the Angels, contact me for an appointment.


Psychic Messenger

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Message from the Angels from Psychic Messenger

Being an Angel Walk In, I have direct contact with the Angelic Realm. Many wish to control life and the outcome they wish to attain. What comes about from doing this is stress, frustrations, and a limited perspective. This only keeps you stuck in what you Do NOT want. With the Angels assistance, you learn how to flow with allowing the higher power to fulfill your dreams. Results are greater joy, patience, amazing fruition beyond your wildest human mind can perceive. Let us assist you in living life and enjoying the fruition along the way. You do have a choice to go through lessons in gratitude and appreciation for what it is teaching you or suffering and struggle only to make you miserable

Psychic Messenger

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Message from Psychic Messenger: Who is talking?

Who is Speaking?

Many times we can get caught up in our thoughts and feel lost in them. Our thoughts represent either the past of what has happened that we wish was different, better, or that we had greater wisdom to handle differently. I call that the "what if" syndrome. We know more now, becoming wiser from lessons we have learned and yet we wish we would have known that at an earlier time in our life. That would have given us a different outcome in the now. We learned that lesson to become wiser now so in the past you did the best you did with where you were at. You didn't do anything wrong rather learned from what was in front of you at that time in your life. Our thoughts also can represent the future of what we would love to accomplish. If we have so much attention there and not in the now, we can miss out on wonderful opportunities. We go through a process in life. That process is filled with both lessons and creations. When we allow the creations to come about from a higher power- GOD, the Universe, Source, Christ- we receive even better outcomes than when we do it from an ego control centered place. This is because we are getting something far beyond what the human mind can conceive. Something new and even more exciting. Forcing outcomes to have more joy, love, wealth, health etc, only creates stress and more of what we don't want. We have such a huge attention focus on getting something that we actually create the blocks to getting it because we are focused on the limitations or lack around what we want. By celebrating what we would love to have as if we already have it, we allow ourselves to become an open vessel for greater opportunities to come about. We feel led, inspired, and open to the necessary steps to take. Having patience and faith can seem challenging if we are caught up in the linear time frame of getting it vs. the divine order of allowing it. Enjoy what life is now because GOD knows what you want to have. Focus on being happy and love allowing the magic of life to happen.I am an Angel Walk-in where I see, hear and feel messages from the Angels. Contact me and get Messages from the Angels

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Awakening the Inner Spirit by PSYCHIC MESSENGER

Awakening the Inner Spirit by PSYCHIC MESSENGER

Some may ask, How do I know when the Inner Spirit is awakened? The human mind is complex, having many

beliefs. Beliefs that are conscious and others are hidden in the unconscious. Some beliefs activate the Inner Spirit

and others put it to 'sleep'.

When the human mind dominants by over thinking and you give it power, it controls your life, creating many

complexities through its familiar belief patterns. There are beliefs that trigger the ego control and those that

activate the inner Spirit. When the ego is running your life, that area it's running it's running have dormant and

active beliefs that are not serving the inner spirit. The Ego reacts through a flight, flight, protect mode where it

feels it has to shield itself from lower frequencies.

If you allow the human ego to control your life and identify with it as you, you create separateness and experience

struggles. The stronger the human ego control, comes in the forms of resistance. judgment, force, and hate

the greater the level of struggle creating more struggles and negative influences. Habits and beliefs that are not

in alignment with your Spirit being attract lessons, in the form of challenges in the area necessary to evolve, to

help you become smarter "spiritually. As you start to Awaken the inner Spirit, you expand spiritually and become

more playful, loving with a peaceful expression

Choices we make are based on the most Dominant belief System-Transform the Belief System-Transform

YOUR Life.

Judgment is a label of right and wrong, good and bad based on inward beliefs. Any feelings you are experiencing

as a participant you then identify with those feelings, thereby trigger behaviors that are self-focused, in insecure,

fear- driven, and needy. Quiet the mind and calm the emotions. Put your attention on love, appreciation, gratitude

and celebration not on fixing, correcting the dramas in the world, Move you out of judging the situation or person

and avoid attracting negative influences. Focus and keep your attention on what you would like to create, rather

than what is annoying you. In other words go above the condition rather than underneath it.

.Embrace any feelings of Fear, insecurity, rather than resist, persist through complaining or judge it.

Be the observer rather than participant of the human thoughts, unpleasant situations or chaos in order to diffuse its  power over you . This will allow you to move into an inward calmness to respond vs. react to the thoughts,

situation or chaos.

A Buddhist said if you don't accept the gift it is not yours. So if someone behaves in a manner that you don't

feel connected to, bless them and know it is perfect. Yon don't have to entertain it, by teaching, giving your

opinion, judging, etc. That moves you out of a inner Peace and Love and then the Ego control of fight,

flight and protections kicks in. 

A Peaceful-Joyful-Loving Approach to the Inner Spirit mind is simple. Its focus is on gratitude, innovation and exploring new tasks at hand.This educates the human mind and you become smarter in a more joyful manner.

When the heart is focused on appreciation and love first in your life, it triggers the Inner Spirit to become

more active and there is a more loving flow with life and all decisions. The Awakened Inner Spirit has a sense of

freedom, an aliveness, higher sense of love, joy, peace and harmony. You feel vital and accepting. A sense of

being in the moment and enjoying life. 

You "awaken your Inner Spirit" when you transmute enough of the beliefs that no longer serve. As these beliefs are transmuted, more of your inner Spirit 'awakens' and can express in a fuller manner. Eventually you experience a level of Spiritual Freedom, a heightened frequency level of inner peace, greater joy and pure love. where you are so connected to love that there is no shielding because the lower frequencies cannot touch this vibration.  

You enjoy sharing from a 'we' focus and flow with life in a calm, peaceful, harmonious, humble, happier and more positive manner. 

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Message from the Angels from PSYCHIC MESSENGER

Hi this is psychic messenger and I channel Angels and Pure Love Beings. There are so many messages the Angels wish to share. I am an Angelic Walk-In so I can see, feel and hear the Angels. They love all. 

We are living on a vibration planet. What energy you put forth is the energy you will receive back. Put our fear, anger, insecurity you will receive this back. Put out LOVE, JOY, PEACE and you will receive this. Trust that all comes in divine order. There is no time on the ethereal realm it is made up on the Earth plane. We have choices on how we respond or react to conditions in life. 

When you are faced with a condition you don't enjoy, CHOOSE Self-Love, compassion and blessing it. Remember some don't know any better they are behaving where their consciousness is at.

Call me for messages from the Angels. Again this is PSYCHIC MESSENGER. Love to all


"Just wanted to thank you so much for my messages from the Angels. .I am truly blessed to have met you and have the wonderful reading with you....I am so much more at peace now....thank you, thank you." Christine J. Bend Oregon

"Thank you so much for my messages from the Angels I feel more energetic, hopeful, and more loving and accepting of myself. I am more aware of my internal conversations and thoughts and have been more communicative and more action-oriented. Things are going well, and I am seeing life with more appreciation and beauty!" Nancy M. Northern CA

"I received the most profound messages overnight. I have two books that have been almost at the point of publication, but things just did not seem to be going right with either. (Deadlines, delays and so forth.) Today I feel that I can get both my books completed because I understand my assignment better. I want to give you this testimony, not like you need one-however I am for certain that you helped me to change my vibration, and sent in the guides that I need to go forward. I feel released from a dark misty shadow into the light. I appreciate and love you for being here on the planet. Sincerely," Nancy O. Omtimes Magazine

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Angels have wonderful things to share

I am an Angel Walk-In and I am able to hear, feel, see the Angels and Pure Love Beings I channel my whole life This year is such a huge wonderful year. I do numerology and it is an 11 year. A year of mastering what you are learning. I can assist you with answers directly from the Angels. Bring you loving questions and open heart and give me a call.

Have an awesome day. Here are some testimonials:

"Had my 1st reading with her. She didn't ask a lot of questions I just told her my question and she had a very strong connection to me, to my situation and the people involved. She gave accurate insight and I felt really at peace after speaking with her.TY!!" Stevie T.

" My time with you getting an Angel Messenger reading at the Enlightened Living Faire truly touched me, thank you!" Sam S. Grants Pass, Oregon

"I'm calling just to give you a heads up your Angel Message stating I would get an important message within 2 days came through and it was awfully fabulous. It was wonderful. It was fantastic.". Sheila West Linn Oregon "

"I am preparing to open my first meditation centre, place of peace in the new year....can't wait to see what the universe brings with this and your Angel Messenger Session that time has been a big catalyst to the reinvigoration. so well done and thank you." Anthony C. Ireland

"Thank you for the great show. I was guided to your Blogtalk radio show tonight for a good reason. My soul mate died 11 years ago. I was devastated and blocked my heart chakra. Your Meditation and your words brought me healing and now my heart chakras glowing and open. Moving forward and healing has been a long hard road for me. So thank you for that and for checking up on me after the show. If you need any healing work done feel free to call on me." Kevin W Madison Wisconsin

"In our Angel Messenger Session what you shared turned out to be 100% accurate. Thank you so much." Alenka.

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Joyful Living

Come join me for Angel Messages, Love Coaching, Energy Balancing (chakras) and Numerology. Born gifted as an Angel Walk-In

Who is running your life, the human ego control or the inner spirit? If the human ego control is running your life, you will experience more conflict and stress in your life. Depending on how active your human ego control is, will only lead to a never-ending bunch of doing activities and not feeling fulfilled. If your inner spirit is more active, there is more joy, peace, love, and prosperity. You flow and allow desires to unfold and take inspired action. You have this deep sense of inner connection to the Universe, feeling empowered by the connection.

First step is aligning yourself with higher frequencies, such as love and joy. We areliving on a vibration oriented planet that mirrors your vibration at the frequency you are emitting. If you have lower self-esteem, fear, negativity, or limitations, your experiences will seem harsher and you will become more reactive and protective. As you take responsibility for your life and choose to take care of yourself, you become more self-aware. You let go of any lower vibration thoughts and emotions. You let go of the stories and complaining about them and choose to be happy. My transformation book shares tips on this.

Choosing happiness, frees you of any fears, insecurities, limitations, negativity in the form of beliefs that were hindering you and keeping you stuck in lower frequencies. If the human ego control is more active, there is more doing through goal setting. With that comes more activities, lots of doing and more stress. Time plays a key role here and so does impatience. When the ego controls at a lower frequency, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, limitation, dominates your life. You attract experiences that mirror this frequency. Doing activity after activity, creates stress because the results are not there. Only the "don't want." The Ego wants to experience instant gratification and you become frustrated when the results are not there. Blaming and insecurity become more dominant in your focus. There is more of a tendency to care-take others, discounting your own needs to please others. Therefore, you have less joy in your life.

When you choose higher vibration thoughts and emotions such as gratitude, joy and love, you live a more empowered life. You live more from a vibration oriented place. Your focus is more on energy and more emphasis on being happy and self-love. The Ego control no longer works. You have intentions and desires. You have to become aligned to the frequency energies of your desires. You have a split energy going one if you have one foot in the lower frequency and one foot in the higher frequency. This could potentially sabotage the outcome because you feel unworthy of it.

When you align with the Universe to deliver these intentions and desires in the form intended at the Universes time frame, you experience higher self-belief. You are allowing and become relaxed with the unknown knowing it is already done in the ethers. You feel excited to see how the Universe delivers. You are more processor oriented enjoying each moment vs. outcome oriented where you become happy whenthe outcome occurs. The higher the self-belief, receptivity and aligned frequency with what you would enjoy in life, the quicker it comes into fruition. You experience inspired action with the proper people coming together with greater ease.

When obstacles occur instead of giving it your power, which is conditional based, focus self- love and joy. Bring the empowered love into the obstacles. Empowered self-love no longer allows the conditions to damper your confidence. When contrasting self-defeating beliefs occurs, you no longer look at it as making a mistake or it being a bad thing, judging it. Instead, you see it from a neutral place and shift your attention on compassion, self-love and joy.

Surrender any hold or attachment around the self-defeating contrasted beliefs, so you don't become frustrated or want to give up. Fill yourself up with joy and love and bring that into any contrasting beliefs. This way the contrast loses its power over you and you become even more empowered. You are a spiritual being having a higher vibration experience in human form. You get to enjoy life more fully at a higher vibration. Enjoy life rather than over care-taking others to prevent you from becoming exhausted.

Below are some tips to live in a deeper divine connection with Universal Love

Do things that make you feel happy which brings your energy to a higher vibration place.

Fill yourself up with love in meditation by connecting to divine love. This empowers you so that when you are in the world you stay connected fully in this oneness connection to love.

Bring the divine light of love into any contrasting self-defeating beliefs or outer world conditions so it loses its power and doesn't run your life

Take breaks if you feel you start to give your power to a condition.

Fill yourself up again with inner love and joy. Bring that inner love into the condition at a higher vibration. This will help you become detached when the situation is not at your liking

Bring the divine love of light into the outer world condition rather than the condition into your light depleting you

A fun breathing exercise to do daily is to close your eyes and breathe in joy, breathe out joy. Breathe in love, breathe out love. Breathe in peace, breath out peace. Notice the feeling of expansiveness that occurs inside. Share this feeling with those you meet in your life.

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An Angelic walk-in experience

This article is about Energy from an Angelic walk-in experience.

Please call me for Angel Messages, Numerology to read your year's growth development and chakra balance sessions

What would happen if instead of the human form dying, your spirit continued the journey as a spiritual being having a spiritual experience, in human form? Usually, when a human is complete with what he or she came to learn on Earth, their human form dies. They finished what they came to learn on Earth in that expression form they are in, and they move on to the next experience of their evolution. Their spiritual journey helps with deciding whether that entails incarnating on Earth as someone different or moving on. When one chooses to evolve spiritually, some come to a point in their life where they wake up and realize they are a spiritual being having a human experience. Can you imagine incarnating as an Angelic walk-in while discovering a human incarnation for the first time?

I am often asked: "What does a walk-in mean, and what happened to the other soul that left?"

A walk-in experience is when two individual soul expressions switch places. The first soul has gone as far as he or she can go in their evolutionary development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken their place will serve in a different capacity than before. The Universe grants permission for this to take place. Another term to call this experience is soul transference. The other soul continues on their journey, either to reunite with a loved one and/or continues to another place, to carry on their learning without returning to Earth.

With a walk-in, a more evolved spirit comes into the human body and sustains the journey.

The spirit is an energy that is pure until it comes into form with the belief systems it came to evolve. Imagine dying with the knowledge you have now, and then you incarnate again on Earth as a baby. You come in wiser because you learned from your previous incarnation.

For me, instead of coming in at birth, I dropped into a body at the age of 37 and continued the journey where the other expression left off. The other expression that was complete moved on by leaving the body as a spirit. This is where the body normally dies. Instead, I dropped into the body as a spiritually more evolved expression incarnated than that of what was originally residing in the body, to continue the journey of awakening the human ego and serving my purpose as an Angelic. I was guided by the Angels and Christ to help me navigate the energy to a different frequency making it easier to release the emotional control.

Before your spirit incarnates in a human form, it is pure energy.

The human expression is a form filled with belief systems. There are conscious and unconscious beliefs embedded in the form of energy stored in the emotional, mental and physical energy field. Some are serving your greatest good, and others are hindering you. Whatever you give your power to expands. Self-defeating beliefs come up to the surface in the form of thoughts, emotions, and physical body. If you focus on, judge, fear, or become insecure with them, you get stuck like glue, and you attract more of these self-defeating beliefs. If you see them for what they are, as energies to be released, you can bless them and let them go. Then you are able to fully align with the new energies that are downloaded. This helps you create healthier beliefs and heightened levels of love, joy, peace, and prosperity. My b book talks about the transforming from human ego control to spiritual activation. 

When enough of the self-defeating beliefs are released, you experience a level of freedom.

There's a high vibration of energy that comes from love and a lower vibration of energy that stems out of fear and insecurity. These beliefs can either be for your greatest good or they can hinder and limit you from experiencing a deeper connection to inner peace, love, joy and overall well-being. Depending on how we feed the energy, it can either come in the form of unconditional love that is fed by joy and peace or conditional love fed by fear and insecurity. Unconditional love does not attach to unpleasant conditions or people. It lives in the present moment instead of the past or future. We live life with heightened levels of love, joy, prosperity, and peace as we connect to Universal Love. Alternatively, conditional love has attachments to beliefs that come from the past and present.

When self-defeating beliefs dominate your life, you will experience fear and insecurity.

The more you allow these self-defeating beliefs to have control, the stronger they become and turn into habits. The great news is that energy is easy to transmute before it comes into form, so you do not feel stuck in self-inflicted beliefs. Self-defeating beliefs are teachers to help you learn lessons and become smarter, "spiritually." If you perceive these lessons with a problem-oriented focus, you will have a tendency to complain, blame, and judge them and experience more struggles and suffering.

As these beliefs in the form of energies get transmuted, your vibration raises in frequencies of love, and you get to express in a fuller way. Eventually, you experience freedom, a heightened frequency level of inner peace, greater joy, and pure love in human form. You become more of an observer of any thoughts and emotions that may stand in the way of your happiness and can quickly bless and release them. You let go of the attachments to the past beliefs to measure up to what you are currently experiencing or the expectations of future outcomes.

You enjoy the now-moments in life.

Denser energy such as fears, insecurities, negativity, and limitations make you feel stuck in self-defeating beliefs. Whereas higher frequency energy such as love, confidence, joy, and prosperity-consciousness create healthier belief systems. The conditions in the outer world and people reflect your dominant belief systems. When you take responsibility for your own inner evolution, you look inside and strengthen the bond of divine love versus giving your power to the outer world. You learn to see what the outer world is showing you. You can shift inside your belief systems when a contrasting belief is triggered from the outer world. You replace it with new thinking patterns that empowers you. Therefore, putting more attention on what was going on inside the human expression versus giving power away to the outside world influences. Avoid getting caught up in the denser energies in our thoughts and emotions.

Chattered thoughts take up so much time and energy because the human mind wants to figure out what is going on. Letting go and allowing provides for greater clarity and wisdom. You can raise your energy vibrations by keeping the thoughts silent or imagining something you are grateful for. Focus your emotions on appreciation. Be grateful for all situations that present the perfect opportunity to express love. Embrace, accept, and bless it, and know Universal Love is always in you and everywhere.

Life is not about solving problems or suffering. If we embrace the discomfort, we do not amplify the energy of suffering. This can include how you perceive people's behaviors or situations. Focusing on both, inner love strengthens the truth of love, joy, peace, etc. Universal Love is omnipresent and omnipotent. Connecting to Universal Love allows for greater love, joy, and peace at higher vibrations.

There is nothing to fix. You are not broken. Choose to celebrate life and the love it has to offer.

You can shift a fear-based mentality by seeing people and outer world conditions as temporary energies, instead of attaching to the form they are in. Focus on heightened love and appreciation versus judging it, so you don't get stuck in that energy. Judgment sucks you into the experience out of insecurity or fear. Love it all using discernment with that which is not serving you and your chosen lifestyle. If you see a repeated pattern in your life with people and situations, become the observer to see what beliefs are dominant. I call that being mindful. Focus on appreciation, love, gratitude, to keep your energy frequency high. This will prevent you from taking in the dense energy. Choose forgiveness and peace. It is not about being right but instead having freedom from that which keeps you stuck.

If you feel turmoil or discomfort, there is something for you to learn from that situation.

Move any potential thoughts out of judgment and into the heart. Feel love with situations that could potentially annoy you or surrender it to the Universe if it becomes easier to do that instead. Stay present without comparing beliefs about the past or future. Connect to Universal Love for unconditional love. We start with pure love energy and come into the human form, and we leave with amazing wisdom from the Earth School.

A great way to enjoy life is knowing you can appreciate the moments in life and have higher energy frequencies.

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Don't Worry Be Happy

Don't Worry Be Happy By Psychic Messenger

I Am available for Angel Messages directly from the Angelic Realm. I also do numerology and energy-called (8 chakra) balancing sessions. call me- you deserve it!

There is quite a difference between concern and worry when it comes to the way one handles their obstacles and fears.

The worried person has a 'Murphy Law Attitude' where they stay 'stuck' in their problems and play the "victim" game.

Focus On:

* Don't want

* Negative's


- Problems

- Conflicts, frustrations, fears, etc.

- Procrastinate and/or quitting

- Feel out of control/powerless

People who perceive their obstacles/fears as challenges, observe with concern rather than worry- 'Serendipity Attitude.' They take action and resolve the challenges and obstacles, knowing they're not permanent; These challenges are lessons to learn and opportunities for growth, while striving to achieve inner sanctuary of love, joy and prosperity..

Focus On:

* Enjoying life

*Inner love connection

* Living in the moment


- Greater Love, Joy, Peace and connection to Divinity of Love

- Allow Universal Love to deliver and provide inspired action for you to take

- Attract people who are supportive and caring

Positive focus allows you live a life that brings you happiness and well being because you know you deserve it.

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