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Psychic Mikaela

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I am Mikaela. I helped a high profile attorney during a TV trial. I am kind and understanding. I work for Your highest truth and good without misleading you. Focusing on your individual situation, I can help you find Answers, become Empowered, get Solutions!

Using my special psychic gifts, I am able to recognize sources of situations and relationships to help you understand on a deeper level what is happening and what can happen, and give advice to help you down the right path. My guidance is honest and thoughtful, and my readings will guide you to lead the most positive life full of joy, love, and inner peace.

I empower to heal hurting hearts, emotional wounds, and can cast a brighter outlook into your being. Feel Your Freedom. My specialties are Love, Relationships, Dream Interpretations, Life Questions, Spiritual Wisdom, Pets, Money, Career, and some Medium work to connect with those on the Other Side.

I can take appointments as well.

Truly Yours, Mikaela

Disenchanting Relationships

Spirituality of Disenchanting Relationships

Oh My Goodness, the reality of a Budding Beautiful Relationship, or the Long Lived Beauty of a Relationship, or somewhere in-between.  The most important part of the Relationship is simply the long lasting realities of the Relationship, yes, I know, you know.

I put this under Spirituality because this should indeed involve a lot of Spirituality, or, tapping your own inner Spirit or Soul, and  simply let IT navigate you through, to, around, and to a better place, All The Time!

Relationships are so hard sometimes because our Emotions tend to lead us, which is great in many instances, as we need Love, and naturally seek that Love, with our Emotions (Hearts).  However, sometimes our Emotions can be rather misleading to us.

Our Emotions are very very powerful in of themselves.  It can seem that finding Love is very hard to navigate through with a completely clear head on some levels.  In many ways our lives become brighter and therefore easier, every time we do begin to connect well.  

On top of that, after about 2 - 3 months into a new love relationship, in my psychic opinion, we actually get quite Attached. (We can become Attached in just 2 - 3 weeks in many instances.) Our Hearts have opened, we are giving that wonderful life fulfilling beauty, Love!  We are receiving that awesome wonderful Heart Filling Love, while Releasing all that pent up stuff in us, and Love!  Wow!  What a ride!  It is starting to feel so safe, so secure, so magical.  With Soul Connections, it is also beautifully electrifying, and healing on several levels of our lives.  It will also awaken so much much more, no matter how the relationship will work out. 

Here is the clincher, Love and Light from the Highest would like us to experience all things listed above, and it is there, plus plus. There is no denying it, so don't deny it, plain and simple. It "Is" really, all these things.  We need Love in our lives.  We thrive and bloom beyond our own expectations many times when Love comes in so deeply, richly, and, just plain beautifully.  It can even get rid of, or cause us to let go of, old bitter thoughts and feelings about Love. 

It is it's own kind of Grace.  So, hence, very difficult to keep our Heads about us in a logical manner. 

Yet when we don't deny it, and let loose, which is exactly what Spirit Divine leads us to do believe it or not, we have now hit this threshold, where we as humans can get caught up in a web of not so desirable Realities, and still believe all will be just fine, and /or start to begin the bitter making process.   But, wait, this threshold is so important for many reasons, one of which is, We Do Have To Let Go, to allow our Hearts to open, so we can literally live and learn our way through this. Yes we can get hurt, that is a Reality of being Human, unfortunately yes it is true. 

More Importantly, if we do not flourish ourselves, in allowing our Hearts to open, in time we begin the process of becoming resentful, annoyed, and that nasty word, narcissistic, meaning in my psychic opinion, loosing our ability to care fully about others as well as ourselves.  I believe we are to be our own true empath towards others, because it is what we would like for ourselves.  Right?  Oh but, naughty humans, they can get colder as they get older.  Many many people unfortunately do, if life has hurt them in various ways.  We can even loose the ability to care about ourselves fully.  Quite a balancing act, yes. 

Yet, it is so important to allow our Hearts to open fully when going into a relationship, as it is just that opening, that keeps us attuned to the wonders of life, physically and spiritually.  It keeps us Spiritually attuning to our greater selves as a Human, to our greater Soul Selves, and even opens us to a Spiritual Awakening, or deeper awakenings to our Divine Connections.  Your Soul is always there to lead you and take care of you, especially in hurtful times.  Your Heart takes time to open fully anyways, so no worries, right?  I have learned a lot from receiving all those wonderful goodies from the Divine Source, not through my own experiences as much, but through the readings which have come my way, which has opened my mind to seeing the bigger picture.  Spirit often guides to assist others in opening that Heart, allowing love to flow, while simply keeping your Head at the same time.  It is hard to do sometimes because the Emotions are so powerful, it seems to completely envelope everything else.  Then, if it doesn't work out, we feel so many confusing and hurtful feelings and thoughts, we are resentful of ourselves for letting go as much as we did.

The mightiest hurt I believe, is the feeling of, oh my goodness, I trusted so much and gave so much, and they broke my trust like it was no big deal.  In some cases, they even get mad at you for feeling so much!  For Goodness Me Oh My!  If it was a big deal to them, and they did take responsibility, it can still seem to cut into our souls beyond our hearts ability to take it.  It really hurts.  No matter the level of the betrayal.  (A betrayal can be on many levels.)  The natural human response as I see it for many, is to go cold, and sadly, colder for the next relationship potential. 

Additionally, with a Soul Connection, it is very hard to separate if need be.  If the Connection is great, and where it should be for a healthy thriving relationship, and there is a Soul Connection present as well, then you have a Gift of the Divine in your Life, and it is indeed a wondrous ride to enjoy and love. This in turn allows you to be more loving everywhere in your life, and to be more lighthearted in your life. Yes, lighthearted in such magical ways, while deeply Loving. 

Confusing? It is not that confusing when you are experiencing it, as deep Love actually causes so much freedom right along with a very deep feeling of security.  It is much easier than one thinks to free yourself and be very lighthearted, which in turn changes your life completely.  Being Lighthearted is actually one of the, what I have termed, Golden Keys To Life. 

When we do finally move on if need be, this is when we say, I will never open my heart to someone again unless it's this and that, with all these requirements all over the place!  Ouch!  So, now your own Heart, yes your very own Heart, has become, or has, begun to become, closed.  Double Ouch. Then, some of us simply let go, and look forward to a much more rewarding relationship. 

This is that threshold to me anyways, when the person being hurt, can begin to become less caring in a relationship or future relationships (a Narcis.. nasty word). The scary part, is most people who have become that nasty word, don't realize it. They in fact think they are quite capable of being that wonderful loving being, when they feeeeeel like it, or when they are reaaaady for it, or when they have time for it, or as long as that person is carved out of a cookie cutter in perfection, and that special someone just really Does It For Them.  Really, they are just putting up roadblocks to opening their hearts period. You can now see, how impossible it is going to be for that person to love again.  Sadly, no one is ever really going to do it for them anymore.

So why in the world would You open Your heart when this seemingly can easily happen, or when you have been through the ringer in love already?  It is true, when you hook up with someone like this, it will seem great in the beginning, and yes they will change, and yes you will get hurt.  Hence the motivation for me to write this blog.

Divine Source is there to help you Love, and literally Not shut down your Heart when going into a relationship, as it is the only way you can really get to know if this relationship is going to work well, not only in Love, but also in the practicalities of a relationship.  It also allows you to find out faster if this is a keeper or not. Yes, we can indeed get Attached in the short term learning process, as I described above, which yes, obviously makes it hard to detach.  So no wonder us poor Humans get hurt and confused and start to shut down, or worse, just stick out a bad damaging relationship. 

We just need to follow our Hearts a little deeper actually, not close ourselves off, as seems natural sometimes.  Use your own intelligence to make sure you are unconditionally loved very very deeply by your partner in all aspects of life.  So let loose with Love, as when we are doing so, it is simply good and nourishing for us to allow ourselves this opportunity to open, as fully as we can.  It also allows us to heal faster and deeper, even if it doesn't work out.

Yes, because if we let go of our Hearts and Love deeply, and then realize it just isn't going to work, we can I am shown, get through it easier, just because we Did let go, and we Did heal to different degrees of betterment, etc.  We will then remain healed, or continuing to heal, as long as we look at it that way!  Hence, we are better prepared for the next hopefully right relationship.  So now instead of starting the bitter or fearful path, we actually can't wait to start to feel that thriving Love again, with the right person.  We have now placed ourselves on the right path!  We have unblocked ourselves.  We have stopped their negative issues from getting into us so deeply.

Additionally, when we put the blocks on, it takes longer to discover if it will work or not, at the same time we are not allowing ourselves to heal at all, and it causes a lot of confusion to the other person.  One person has become like hot and cold water as they say, and the other one is just kindly waiting for that love to come through, getting confused along the way.  You can get attached through this process as well, by simply loving the nice loving parts that are there!  It's only natural after-all.   We are wired to Love.  Accept that.

I get that because our Souls are always pure Love, it is exactly that Spiritual Connection to ourselves, that will lead us Happily in and/or out of a Connection.  Just Love yourself for all you gave, and accept fully, that you did do all you could, as that is all that counts, for you!   Allow yourself to thrive.

When we learn to say a simple loving "no" to something that is not right, the Universe seems to propel you to a better experience, closer and/or to,True Love, and to Love in general in your life.  You Soul, therefore, is still able to keep flourishing you, filling you with Love, much easier.  Shew, thank goodness for that!

So, go for it in Love.  Keep your head, but let your Heart open.  You may find less pain, and actually some empowerment.  There is much more to say, but this is getting too long.  I Love You, knowing you are Loving You! 

Psychic Mikaela

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