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Psychic Nicola

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Hello and thank you for your interest in me. My name is Nicola and I am a natural born Medium Psychic. I have over 20 years of experience with my gift.... and I tend to connect fairly quickly. No tools needed, the less I know, the better :) Mediumship is my favorite part of my gift. Being able to give others closure and healing from their loved ones allows my heart to feel so full. I also touch on other aspects while reading such as love, relationships, career and family. I’ve attempted to use tools in my early days with my gift but the insight comes so quick for me they are not needed. It’s almost like, I just know!

Accepting its Your Fault

​You ever take a step back an evaluate your life? I mean really pause for a moment, take note of everything that's around you and seeing where you stand on the scale of life? What emotions came? Did you feel any form of sadness, regret or anger? If the answer was 'Yes' to any of those emotions or anything less than happy, I'm here to tell you my friend, that those emotions are your fault. It's time that we have an honest moment and take responsibility for the actions and decisions we've made thus far.

Life has a very unique way of handing us situations that we tend to want to blame others for the outcome. What I mean is, when we go through life experiences and others are involved, if the outcome isn't what we wanted or expected, somehow it can be everyone else's fault but ours. Pushing the load off on someone else is much easier than carrying it ourselves and dealing with the issue. How long do you continue to pick up the tiny violins every time something doesn't your way? When does your accountability kick in? Now I'm no expert, but I am learning a thing or two about this world that we live in. My breakthrough came when my previous relationship ended. Y'all, I was in LOVE! There was nothing or no one that could tell me any different that he was my fairy tale and happy ending. Well, apparently the Universe had other plans for me because boy did things shake up. Everything that felt right soon felt left. Needless to say, the relationship ended and for the first true time in my life, I felt broken. Of course the typical human thing to do is fall into depression and I fell deep. Everything I had around me began to fall through my hands like sand. My businesses, failing. Friends, where? What relationship. Family just didn't seem to give the support I felt I needed at the time. It felt like the ENTIRE world was against me and I didn't know why. I had experienced my life going into shambles for two years until one day I woke up and was sick of shit going wrong. I had to have a serious 'coming to Jesus' moment with myself about what was going wrong and howto fix it...FAST!

The energy we create tends to be the energy we attract, so if you're constantly being Negative Nancy---you better brace yourself! Taking accountability can be one of the hardest yet rewarding actions to accept. If you're reading this and trying to figure out how this applies to you, let me lay out a few scenarios; If you are unhappy with your relationship, that's your fault. If you are unsatisfied with your job or career, that's your fault. If you are frustrated with your finances, that's your fault. If you are upset with your progress in life, yup that's your fault too! We usually tend to look at life's low moments as hardship instead of looking at those times as moments of growth. When the ground breaks, that usually means something new is on the way!

 It's 2019, so I'm sure we are all somewhat if not fully aware of how the Law of Attraction works. And if you don't, it sums up to 'our thoughts/actions are our reality'. With that being said, how many times did you allow yourself to remain in unhealthy relationships in the 'hopes' that it will get better? When(or if) you wrote out your goals, how much effort did you put towards them? When you look at your bank account, are you crying yourself a river or trying to figure it out? In a situation where you were put last, what did you do to be first or did you just accept your position? The point I'm trying to get at is, every situation and opportunity that approaches us, WE as individuals also have to be the ones who makes a decision on what will be our next steps on our path. The efforts of your affirmations also create your world. We have to understand that the situations we attract are either meant to help us grow or lend a hand in success.Sometimes pain is placed in our lives so that we can open our eyes...realize our worth or experiencing something so heartfelt, that we can lead another through tragedy. Nothing in this world is against us unless we allow it to be. Granted, we cannot control our pain but can control how we recover.

The awesome thing about the Universe and the Law of Attraction is that we have the power to change our realities through our thoughts but the first step is accepting the gigantic role you've played in your life thus far. Learning how to control your mind while recognizing your purpose in all situations is the true gem in this process. Recognize when your energy is being fed and when it's being drained. Know when your presence no longer serves its purpose and when your worth is increasing. Understand just because it's hard doesn't mean it's torture.

Try to find the lesson and growth then apply it as you push forward. Just like we have to feed and exercise our bodies, we have to feed and exercise our minds and souls. Although we desire love in many ways, keep in the forefront that self love is the best love. So today, I challenge you to release yourself from all things that are not of your highest being, forgive all past emotions and remove your pity hat from anyone who no longer serves purpose to you. Use past experiences as motivation to encourage you to keep striving for what you deserve in all areas of life. Whatever you choose, just make sure you remember to take accountability for your happiness and peace because nobody is responsible for that but you.



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