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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
My name is Purity. I am a passionate, empathetic, caring & compassionate person who would love to help you in the following ways. In short, I am a healer, aura reader, energy balancer, paranormal investigator, pet & human psychic, remover of dangerous entities or energies, ghost & negative spirit remover, a spiritual guide, and an aid to positive manifestation in a safe and professional manner. I have been in this field for 10 years, giving readings to family members, friends, co-workers, significant others, and even strangers. I love what I do because I love helping people and seeking comfort to those finding answers. I hope to talk with you soon!

Psychic Purity Introduction, Bio & Services

Hi there! I am Psychic Purity from the damp, but green Pacific Northwest!

I am a millennial psychic with experience of over 10+ years doing personal readings and street booth readings. I am a medium, paranormal investigator, guidance tarot reader, distance energy healer, & dream interpreter. I specialize in negative manifestation removal & positive guidance. I will go over some information on how I do my readings, and what I can do for you.

Guidance Tarot Readings

I have two different sets of Tarot Cards. Both are to be used for guidance and inspiration and can answer any questions you have about moving forward in life. My first deck is what I call my "Faerie Deck". It contains visuals of guiding and inspirational words that the fearies of the universe gives to you. My second deck of cards are of the same nature, however, these are my personalized cards.

Before each reading, we will address your needs and your questions, otherwise I will do a general reading. I lay out 4 cards. The first being your target or goal, the second representing future and things you can apply from your future to now, third card being your present and the purpose to focus on now, and then the future card being the last, helping you look forward to your goals. 

Distance Energy Healing & Negative Manifestation Removal

I work with intense energy by helping those heal from long distance. Whether it be recovery from a loss, an illness or hardship, or if you just need an energy refreshment, I am here to help. I will be able to tell the purity of your aura and correct it if needed. 

I use meditation, prayer, crystals, oils & positive manifestation from my guides to help you rejuvenation your energy. I will say a prayer while meditating to help you in your healing, and guide you through your own meditation to help release negativity. This can take up to 5 to 10 minutes on a basic session. 

Dream Interpretation

During a dream interpretation, you will talk to me about a dream you had that you're not so sure of what it means. During this time, I may need to consult my dream dictionary to refresh on topics in the dream. For example, did you have a dream that you killed your best friend? In interpretation, we know that seeing killing in a dream represents regression, fear and expectations that are not being met. If you are killing your best friend in the dream, this may signify that your best friend and you have a relationship with unresolved issues, or issues that maybe you haven't addressed with your friend. Did your best friend use to steal from you, but she doesn't know that you know? Does she irritate you at inappropriate times? This would be an example of a typical dream interpretation meeting. 

Paranormal Investigation

In paranormal investigating, I can sense what kind of manifestations are hanging around you and your home. If I at all sense that there is a dangerous being nearby, I have the experience to get those manifestations away from your home and from your body. I may do guided meditation during these sessions to help you rid of them yourself using energy and positive manifestation and protection. 

I can also sense what is good nearby. Do you have family members around you? How many angels do you have around? What is your guardian angels name? Who are some of the human and non human spirits that hang out at your house? I am here to help you connect with the other dimension and keep you aware of what is out there.


What I can do for you:

  • Assure my caller if a loved one has crossed
  • Deliver messages from those who have crossed
  • Pass on information & messages to those who have crossed
  • Teach you how to communicate with your loved ones anytime, anywhere
  • Find out what good things are coming in your life

​What I cannot do:

  • Predict Deaths
  • Predict Lottery Numbers
  • Solve crimes or find missing loved ones
  • Tell if someone is going to hell or has gone to hell
  • Summon demons or negative spirits

I am excited to be a part of MeetYourPsychic and I hope to one day answer any questions or schedule a reading!

God Bless,
Psychic Purity
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Everything You Need To Know About Ghosts & Sending Them Home

DISCLAIMER: Each psychic, paranormal investigator & mediums have different beliefs and theories on the afterlife. This post is not to disrespect views of the investigators, healers & religious activists. This information is based on my life experiences & things that have worked for me. Each experience may differ. If you feel you are experiencing harm, hallucinations or are having negative emotional symptoms, please see a health care professional before taking this advice, as some may be experiencing a serious health condition.

If this blog post does not answer your questions for you, please make an appointment with me. I specialize in removing negative manifestation, paranormal investigating & sending home the lost souls. Otherwise, see another psychic that specializes in these fields.


All of us, regardless of our intuition or not, psychic or not psychic, will come in contact with a ghost once in their life, even when you don't know it. How do you know there has been a ghost following you around, taking possession of your home or just need you to help them, and how do you know a ghost is present? I will also tell you a little bit about them, including some myth's, FAQ's and how to send them home effectively without the aid of a professional.


Ghosts are people or pets who have died and have not yet crossed over yet, and they are still stuck on earth rather than going to heaven or hell. There are good ghosts and there are bad ghosts. If a ghost was a good person in their living life, they will be a good ghost. However, if someone was a bad person, they will be a bad ghost.


There is a number of reasons why someone might become a ghost, rather an angel. Here are some of the most common.

  • ​They are afraid of being punished, and refuse help of the angels to go home.
  • They don't want to accept that they are dead.
  • They have unfinished business and they feel like they need to stay on earth, because they don't believe they will be able to return to earth after crossing the heavens.
  • Fear of never seeing family, friends & loved ones again.
  • Anger, sadness, loneliness, shame & insecurity.
  • They like you or look up to you.
  • They think you might be able to help them go home.
  • In regards to bad Ghosts (once bad people), they are angry and want to continue to terrorize people and not be stopped.

Are Ghosts The same Thing As Demos/Spirits?

No. Ghosts were once humans or animals at some point who have died and are stuck on earth.Spirits are manifestations that come from both humans and non humans. Every person has their own spirit. Non human spirits are spirits who use to be with a human, but left, or they've never been with a human at all, so they do various jobs around the universe. Spirits can be both good and bad, just like ghosts.Demons are not the same either. Demons are evil manifestations of their own.

Can Ghosts Hurt You/Possess Your Body?

I intend no disrespect for people who think otherwise, but in my experience, ghosts can not do any physical harm to you, or "attach" to you in the sense that they have possessed your body and are controlling your every move.However, they can absolutely influence your subconscious, especially if they are bad ghosts, cause paranoia, sadness, anxiety, depression and bad thoughts. Why is that? It's because they have unfinished business and unresolved issues. The things they tell your subconscious weighs down on you. If you are emphatic, you will feel what they are feeling, causing more issues in your own living life. 

Personal Example: Isaac was 21 years old when he committed suicide. He had unresolved issues such as depression, anxiety, grief & low self esteem. Isaac followed me home from the mall back in 2012. Isaac refused to cross over, because he had committed suicide, he thought he would be punished. Isaac looked at me like a mother, and loved me because I listened to him and comforted him. The impact the ghost Isaac had on me was feeling depressed, anxious, fearful and feeling malaise. I also felt suicidal from the grief energy he had stricken on me. In 2017, things were getting so hard having Isaac around as a ghost, so I forcefully sent him home to heaven where he belonged. Isaac since then has been able to return to earth to pay visits, and he is healing. 

How Do I Know I Have A Ghost​?

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or are having dangerous thoughts, please see a licensed health care professional, as you may have an underlying health condition. Please consult them first before relying on this information I am giving you.

Symptoms of ghosts being in your presence concludes the following:

- ​Unreasonable paranoia

- Suspicion of a past life you may have had

- People in the home feeling scared, depressed or anxious for an unknown reason

- Malaise

- Insomnia

- Sleep walking fits & sleep paralysis

- Irritability

- Unusual thoughts or feelings

- Feeling as if you are being followed or crowded

- Memories of things you don't recall doing or ever seeing

- Frequent nightmares

- Feeling like walls are closing in on you

- Atmosphere changes such as air pressure, static, or temperature

- Strange noises, sensations & visuals

Why Should I Send Home Ghosts If They Don't Want To Go Home?​

As the reasons stated above. Ghosts are weakened manifestations of energy. They carry negative energy, giving you negative feelings. Even if they are good ghosts, ghosts attract a lot of negative feelings and manifestations, such as bad spirits (bad spirits love to pick on ghosts, so it isn't a good thing). They are trapped on earth. They don't have the freedom they would have in heaven. The best thing to do is look out for their best interests. They will have everything they want, as long as they're taken home. There is no business staying on earth after death when you have more opportunities in heaven, and a pain free eternal life. 

Personal Example: Another story about Isaac! Isaac begged me not to send him home. He said "Don't you care about me?" I said of course, and because I cared for him, it was time to go home. 5 years is a long time to be trapped on earth after death! In the end, Isaac was not angry with me, he was not punished, and he has better things in heaven. He still visits me from time to time to this day. So just let ghosts know they can return anytime!

Why Would a Sweet Innocent Animal Be Trapped on Earth After Death?

This is the sad case with pets. Sometimes pets do not want to leave their owners behind. They don't understand the concept of going to heaven, or "rainbow bridge" depending on your beliefs. They have grown attached to their humans and don't want to leave their family behind. It isn't a "curse" or a punishment to a pet. It's simply that they're not ready to let go and cross over, because they're afraid they'll never be able to return. 

Common Myths About Ghosts​

Myth: Ghosts can sexually assault you.

Urban legend calls this "succubi". This is just not true. After death, there is no need for reproducing or populating the earth. Ghosts are believed to no longer have a functioning reproductive system, therefore they can not perform sexual acts on you. If you believe you are having hallucinations of being sexually assaulted, please see a professional health care provider as this can be a health issue. 

Myth: Ghosts can throw things across the room/move/steal things

Urban legend calls this "poltergeist". Unlike spirits, human energy and demonic manifestations, ghosts carry the weakest energy. Their EMF (Electromagnetic Field) is very low. However, if you have enough of them in a room, they can change the atmosphere. Sometimes light bulbs will blow out, sometimes the door will swing open due to the heavy air pressure in the room, photos might fall from the wall, but they can not physically pick up objects and throw them with their hands.

Myth: Ghosts can leave physical injuries on the body

Some people view ghosts as the same thing as spirits, human energy and demonic manifestations, while that simply isn't true. Ghosts do not carry enough energy to physically harm you. As stated before, as an empathic person, they can influence your mind, but they can not bite, scratch, or leave marks on your body. If you feel as though you are being harmed for an unknown reason, please see a professional health care provider, or talk to a religious authority for help.​​​

Ghost DO's & DO NOT's​

Here are some Do's & Do Not's if you suspect you have a ghost around you. The most important thing to remember in dealing with a ghost; they were once a human like you were. Please treat them in a way you would like to be treated. 


-​ Be calm & collected.

- View them as the human they once were. 

- Don't be scared of them. They're in fact more scared of you. Don't add to their insecurity by viewing them as a monster.

- Be friendly, understanding and supportive.

- Set boundaries kindly with the ghosts. Tell them you prefer to be left alone when you're reading, eating or sleeping. Tell them to please stay out of the kids bedrooms.

- Assure them that they will be okay, and you're there to help them.

- Offer to help reunite them with their loved ones (instructions included below on how to send them home)

- If you don't want them in your home at all, say calmly and nicely "Hi there, I know you're here with me, but this is my home and unfortunately I can't keep you here. I will try to send you home, but if you're not ready, please find somewhere else to go.

- Reach out to a psychic if you need help sending them home if you feel you can't do it or don't want to.


- Insult, name call or provoke them.

- Threaten them.

- Yell at them, raise your voice, taunt or intentionally scare them. 

- Invite more ghosts into your home, unless your intention is to send them home. This can attract bad spirits & bad manifestations to try and taunt the ghosts & your home.

- Let them live with you for too long. Your home is not their home. 

- Confront them negatively for entering your home. The most important thing to remember is they're either there because they like you, they think you can help them, or they're like minded. Not every ghost is there to negatively affect you.

- Don't try to send them home in the sense that they're negative beings. Be empathetic and send them home with positive wishes.

How To Send Them Home Effectively & Positively

So now it's time to send the family of ghosts home. You do not need special tools, just your imagination. If you wish to have tools, I suggest a white candle to symbolize godly light, onyx stone for negative/residual energy absorption, amethyst for mental protection & care, & rose quartz for loving energy. 

Step One: Calm yourself down, force yourself to smile sweetly. Give yourself about 10 minutes to relax and calm yourself. Allow another 10 minutes or more to help get the lost home. Tell the ghost(s) thank you for reaching out to you and it has been a pleasure getting to know them.

Step Two: Say out loud "I am going to reunite you with your families now. Please do not worry, as you'll be able to return to earth anytime as soon as you find your home." You can also assure them that God is there to help them, and their pain will be lifted.

Step Three: Take slow, deep breaths. Close your eyes. Imagine a beam of white light is shining in the middle of the room. Keep calm the whole time. You may get emotional during this process, and that is totally normal. It will not screw up their chances of being home.

Step Four: Say a prayer in regards to calling upon angels to take them home. An example of this "I call upon the angels to come down and bring these people back to their families. I call upon God to help these lost souls to return home and lift their pain. I ask that extra help be sent to those who are too scared to cross over, and help lift their spirits. I ask the lost people in this room to accept the help of angels and the lord, and finally be at peace." 

Step Five: Imagine tiny white orbs being sucked into the white beam of light. Imagine tens of them being absorbed into this beam. Imagine an angel with large wings guiding these beings home. Continue breathing and focusing on this energy that you are giving them. 

Step Six: Thank your God & The Angels for finding these souls. End it with a thank you prayer. If you wish for these new angels to visit you again one day to check in with you, tell them they're welcome to visit at anytime as soon as they take time with their loved ones.

Step Seven: Allow yourself to process emotions, cool yourself down. This is a very emotional ritual to do. You may cry, you may feel anxious. You feel sorry for those who have been trapped on earth after death, so it will make you feel emotional. Do something relaxing after this process such as a cup of tea and a good book. 


There are still many mysteries in regards to spirits, angels, ghosts, demons and other vibrational beings. The important thing to know is that your positive attitude greatly affects your everyday life, and to keep an open mind. We all share one universe, and helping each other, even the unknown is important. 

As stated, if you have any questions or need any help with ghost manifestation, or any questions about the paranormal, make an appointment with me via call, text or email for more help!

Bless You,

Psychic Purity

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5 Most Common Dreams & Their Meanings

I am here to define 5 most common dreams that both men, women and children may have and what they could mean to you. The important thing to remember is that having dreams does not necessarily mean they will happen to you or that you're in danger, but things that happen in your everyday life will trigger these unpleasant dreams. 

CONTENT WARNING: These dream explanations may trigger negative feelings or memories. If you are feeling down and need help, reach out to a trusted love one or call your local crisis number.  

1. I'm being chased!

The most common dream a person will have at least once in their lifetime is being chased. Whether it be by a human, a monster, or a haunting. Here are some things that this type of dream could mean.

  • ​You are facing a difficult problem in your life and you feel stuck and feel as though you have no way out. You've subconsciously or conciously have thought about running away from those problems. The important thing to understand is running away will almost never solve this issue. If you need to run, you have to address the issue before doing so.
  • You are nervous about an upcoming change in your life time, and maybe you feel that you want to get it over with, but loathe the day when it comes a reality.
  • You have repressed memories or regression towards things that have happened in your life and feel as though you are endlessly running away from them.
  • Growing up, you may have grown up in an abusive environment where you always needed to watch your back, and you are dissociating with your past.

2. I'm falling!

There is old urban legends about these sorts of dreams. However, these dreams aren't harmful in anyway, but they could have meaning. 

  • ​You feel as though your life is spiraling out of control and you can't control what is going on around you.
  • You are associating with a negative group of people or individual who is not supportive of you, or where you feel like you constantly give, and they constantly receive, and offer nothing in return. This could be a family member, friend, or a relationship with a significant other.
  • You have a fear of heights.
  • You feel that you are letting go of things or people too soon.

3. I'm pregnant/giving birth/I got a girl pregnant!

These dreams could happen to anyone. They can happen to people that have kids, wish to have kids in the future, or don't want kids at all. This doesn't mean you are going to give birth or get anyone pregnant, but there is definitely reasons why these dreams could happen. 

  •  A new change is coming in your life and you have been preparing for it in your waking life.
  • Signification of a "new life". Perhaps you have changed your ways on something, you have a new attitude about life or maybe you have made amends with loved ones. The baby in the dream could signify your new life and it's prospective. 
  • You have a fear of pregnancy, child birth, or fear getting a woman pregnant, and you are dissociating with this fear.
  • You are terrified of a change that is happening in your life, like moving to a different city or state and leaving everyone behind, and you fear the change.

4. I'm dying!

I hear this urban legend a lot with the younger generation and conspiracy theory media. "If you die in your dreams, you're dying for real!" Dying in dreams doesn't necessarily mean you're dying for real. But they could have one or more meanings.

  • ​You have a fear of dying or fear someone in your life will die.
  • Someone in your waking life has died or is going to die. You are still mourning, you may feel hopeless and lonely, and sometimes you might wish that you could see them again soon.
  • You made recent changes in your life where you no longer own something, work somewhere, or you've gotten rid of possessions that might have meant something to you in your waking life. 
  • You have quit a bad habit such as smoking, drinking or using substances. You are leaving that life behind and you feel that the old you has died, and your new life begins.
  • You wish to have a new life and leave the old one behind. The death in the dream may signify your rebirth. 

5. I am dating/making love to THEM?

Have you ever had a dream where you have had sexual relations or a relationship with someone you are not attracted to or someone you don't even like? Have you ever had a shame and utter disgust fulfilled dream where you may have been dating a member of your family? They are embarrassing dreams. They make you feel disgust, shame and guilt, and you often find yourself punishing yourself for having that sort of dream. The important thing to remember is that you don't really think that way, and it's not your fault, and you can't always control those dreams. They have meanings, but they're not what you think.

  • ​You have an extreme dislike for someone, and you feel like no matter where you go, you see them.
  • You are fighting with a friend or a colleague that you use to spend time with and get along with. The sex or relationship signifies that you don't want to lose them, and you want to be your old selves again.
  • If a relationship or sex with a member of your family, you may have regressed feelings about something they've done to you or the way they have treated you in your past, and you wish things would be fixed. 
  • In your waking life, your sex and love life have not been fulfilling to you, or you feel that you have been selecting less than desirable people. 
  • You feel shame, guilt and disgusted about your love life because of the way you feel about yourself. You may have insecurities that hold you back from having a love/sex life. 
  • You have suffered abuse in your waking life and are dissociating with that part of your life.

In conclusion, always remember that your brain processes information during the day with what is going on and how you are feeling right before you go to sleep. Just because bad things happen in your dreams does not mean you will act on them in your waking life. 

I plan to do more dream meanings in the future in my blogs. If you have a dream you want me to help define, I am available for talk, text & email! 

Bless you,

Psychic Purity 

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Dreams Where The Phone Doesn't Work

​Have you ever had a dream where there was an emergency? There were robbers in your house and you went to call 911, but the phone wasn't working? You call about a medical emergency, you were hung up on or they simply didn't answer? These dreams are quite common. Regardless of the terrifying things that are happening in your dreams, trying to call someone where a phone doesn't work, or you are not answered is a terrifying dream. So what could this mean to you when you have those sorts of dreams?

CONTENT WARNING: This blog may trigger negative feelings, or bring up past traumatic events. If you are in crisis, please reach out to a trusted loved one, or call your local crisis number.

1. You are in crisis in your waking life, and feel no one is helping.

You feel like your life is spiraling out of control. There is something on your mind and no one seems to be understanding you. Maybe you feel as though you have no one to talk to, or if you do talk to someone, they're simply not listening? This dream signifies that your world is falling apart and you need someone to just listen, believe you and be there for you.

2. You've been in an ongoing argument that has not yet been resolved. 

Are you and your spouse fighting over finances? All you do is fight but nothing ever gets resolved. You feel as though you're trying to do the right thing, but no one is helping your resolve the issue. Some people complain about being in situations at work where one person wants to do things a harder way, while they have come up with a simple way that is still just as effective, but the other colleague or boss just wont let up. In a nutshell, you may be stuck in a never ending loop, and no one is helping. This dream signifies that you need people to work as a team, and they're not putting in their work.

3. Your family or friends circle is fighting. 

You have a whole group of people you love and care about, and they're just bringing each other down all around you! You feel helpless. You want to help them and no one is listening or you just can't help what they're fighting about. You feel like your dynamic is falling apart right before your eyes and there isn't anything you can do about it. Anytime you call, they're complaining about others that you love, and you just want it to stop, but no one can act rationally. You feel useless in this situation and just wish you could scream "ENOUGH!" but things are not going as planned. This dream signifies that your social life is crumbling beneath your feet and you want things to be back to the way they were. 

4. Your plans are not working out the way you wished. 

You wanted to bring the family on a family trip to Disney Land, you had months of planning both time wise and financially and everything seems to be going as planned. But now your spouse has to work, the kids are sick, and your mom needs someone to help take care of her while dad is away with family. This is irritating to everyone, especially when you put your heart, soul and spend sleepless hours planning just to make everyone else happy, and it all falls apart. This dream signifies that you need help because you are just trying to make everyone happy, including yourself, and you're feeling helpless. 

5. A tragic event has happened to you in your past, and things still haven't been resolved. 

Perhaps a crime happened in your life a few years ago, and they still don't know who is involved. Another example being you had a horrible relationship, and you feel as though that ex significant lover got away pretty easily. One more being you grew up in an abusive or unloving household, and you're still mad at the people who were suppose to take care of you and love you. You're still not fully healed from this event, and you feel like things could have been different, or there could have been more consequences than what they got. Picking up the phone in your dream and getting no feedback resembles the fact that these people who did harmful things to you or your loved ones has gotten away too easily, and this still pains you. 

6. You suffer from anxiety/depression.

While this could fall under the line of #1 on the list, sometimes people with anxiety and depression will manifest feelings uncontrollably, even when nothing appears to be going wrong. When you are anxious, and/or depressed in your everyday life, you process a lot of information during the day, and replay it in your brain at night time. You're constantly worried, and this manifests bad dreams such as this to happen. The phone line being dead represents that you're feeling stuck. 

Treating Nightmares Such as These & More Dream Meanings

If you would like to know how to treat and fix nightmares and reoccurring dreams, please visit my blog post at this link:

If you want to know the meanings of 5 of the most common dreams, visit my post here:

I wish for all to understand dreams, so I will be posting more dream related content and information.

Bless You,

Psychic Purity

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Negative Energy Release for Sunday July 22nd 2018

While I am new to MeetYourPsychic, I do a weekly tarot reading via blog every Monday, and every Sunday I write a blog to help clear out any negative energies you may have and begin it's balance for the week ahead. 

I use both prayer, tarot, meditation, crystal healing & distance energy healing to help guide you through this weeks energy balance

Focused Energy: Reward

Focus your energy this week on a reward for yourself. Set a positive goal, and by the weekend, reward yourself with something good, like a milkshake, a new book, or a walk in the park. Let the positive goal be something like "I will not absorb the energy of those who are passive aggressive around me." Reflect on that at the end of the week. What were some things you could do better? What will you plan to do next time in this situation? If you are proud of your results, reward yourself. Imagine forest green energy entering your body right now, and imagine a cooling sensation on your chest.

Unbalanced Energy: Support

I am getting feedback this week that some of you may be lacking a good support system, or you're not getting kind support or positive feedback in your everyday life, or maybe you're not getting any feedback at all. Take time by sitting in a comfortable spot. Close your eyes, take deep breaths that are comfortable for you. Imagine violet purple energy, entering in through your mouth, and filling your body from head to toe. Keep doing this until you've watched your body disappear, and all that remains is a body outlined orb of this purple energy in the shape of you. Imagine a large, pearly white ball balancing itself on your head. Carry that orb with you for the rest of the week.

Balanced Energy: Innocence 

The feedback I am getting for those with balanced energy focuses on innocence. Perhaps you have let go of things that have happened in the past that you had no control of, or had nothing to be apart of. You are learning to accept certain things that have happened that you got caught up in. If this feels uncertain to you, imagine a fuchsia colored orb entering your body from your heart, and slowly radiating through out your body. Then imagine a ball of green energy balancing itself on your head, then melting into your body slowly, flowing through each part of the body. If there are still things out there that you blame yourself for, please consider this exercise.  

Residual Energy Clearing: 

If you have a black Onyx stone, keep it on your person by simply holding it, wearing it, or keeping it in a purse or pocket. If you do not own an Onyx stone, call upon its essence.  Imagine a black cloud of energy raising from the mines where it comes from, floating over to your body. Imagine it being a vapor in front of your face. Take slow, deep breaths. Imagine inhaling its essence. Keep breathing comfortably as you imagine it slowly entering your body, while noticing it rubbing away the negative retention in your body. Inhale until the black onyx cloud has entered your body. Allow it to stay in your body while it works on replenish your energy. Allow it to stay for days if that is what it takes. 

Your heart is pure and sacred, take care of it this week. 

Bless You,

Psychic Purity

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I am Seeing Orbs! What Do The Colors Mean?

Orbs come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Do you see them from the corner of your eye? Do you see them when it's dark? Are they showing up in photos? What do they mean?

Orbs can come from an arrangement of things: Spirits, ghosts, angels, negative entities & manifestation, human energy, earth and elemental energy and residual energy. How do we detect which orb belongs to what? Orbs are not the same thing as human auras, however, humans can give off orbs depending on their state. Use this post as your own dictionary for figuring out orbs. I will also give suggestions below on how to remove negative orbs.

Key To Remember: Brighter or more neon colors resemble positive energy, while darker colors with a murky/muddy undertone suggest negativity.

If you are wanting to learn about body aura colors and their meanings, stay tuned for my next blog post on your aura's meaning!

Black With Light Outline: This type of orb that sort of looks like a lunar eclipse, with an outline of white and black in the middle suggests that you are in need of psychological protection and strength.

Solid Black: If you see a solid black orb with no glow, this generally means that a negative entity has manifested. In the case that a human is giving off these dark black orbs, this means that they are having less than desirable thoughts or plan to act on something negatively.

Bright White: This color orb suggests that divine energy is with you. This could be energy from the heavens surrounding you when you are worried, sad, scared or grieving. God sends this light when you need it the most.

Murky White/Grayish White: This white orb with a murky under tone, or grayish white, can suggest that there are lost souls (ghosts) nearby. They're looking to find their way home and believe you might be able to help. If you are feeling malaise from these orbs, this means that the ghost is feeling negatively. If you suspect there are ghosts nearby, read my blog post about them and sending them home here:

Gray: Gray orbs are simply residual energy from almost anything; humans, animals, trails left by entities. They're simply "dead" energy and they serve no purpose.

Silver: Not to be mistaken with gray energy, these orbs have a shiny, white outline. This resembles strength, courage, and also serves as congratulatory. If you accomplished something good in your day, you might see these orbs as a way to thank you and congratulate you for your excellent work.

Gold: Gold energy with a shiny white outline means you have been rewarded or great things are coming your way. This could also suggest prosperity and stability.

​​Bright Red: A bright red orb usually pops up when you're lacking energy, or your aura needs to be cleared. This orb also pops up when you're in need of protection. I call this energy "the light of a warrior". It guards you when you are feeling scared or weak.

​​Murky Red/Dark Red:This is usually indication that a bad spirit is nearby, or a spirit is angered, depressed or weak. They're up to no good, or they don't feel good, and they want to terrorize or bring down the people and manifestations around you, including you.

​​​Bright Orange: This is indication that a good, protective spirit is nearby. Perhaps they've befriended your spirit and are there to pay a visit, or they are there protecting you. These spirits with bright orange spirits are good ones, and you have nothing to worry about.

Murky Orange/Dark Orange: This orb is just pure energy that serves as a warning. It is not a ghost, spirit or energy, however it is a manifestation to warn you about certain events or places you shouldn't enter. It can also be somebody's aura to tell you whether or not you should be associating with this person. Sometimes, spirits carry this aura when they're having a hard time, and things may turn negative for them.

Bright Yellow: Bright yellow is a great orb of energy. This energy serves the purpose of strengthening your body, your mind, and energizing your aura. If you see yellow orbs that are bright and nearly neon, they're there because you're in need of replenishment.

Murky Yellow/Dark/Mustard Yellow: Think of police tape, because these orbs serve cautionary warning. If you see these in a particular room, this means do not enter. If someones aura is showing this color, it means to steer clear.

Bright Green: These orbs pop up when you're in need of healing. Think of green as a "doctor" of energy orbs. If you're feeling unwell physically or mentally, you might see these orbs bounce around.

Murky Green/Dark Green: These orbs aren't necessarily bad, however, these orbs pop up when humans and animals release negative energy or are healing from an illness, injury or a bad time.

Bright Blue: This is another form of healing energy, only it focuses mainly on your mental health and cleanses your soul. Think of it like rain. It's refreshing and energizing.

Navy Blue: This orb suggest that an authority figure is nearby to give you guidance. It could be one of an angel, or a spirit guide. Think of a police officer.

Sky Blue: This orb is energy left by cupids. The cupids know when you're in need of love, self assurance, and give you the "OK" when thinking of pursuing a new love interest, or that your love life will simply improve.

Violet Purple (solid color): This means that a once human angel is nearby. This could be your loved one paying you a visit.

Violet Purple (white outline): Your guardian angels are nearby. They are non human angels that pop up when you are in need.

Deep Purple: This energy resembles loyalty. You will see these orbs pop up if a loved one loves you so much, one of them is thinking about you from a distance, or you can tell when someone cares about you.

Burgundy: A burgundy orb can mean one or two things, prosperity is on the way, or greed is nearby. A materialistic spirit or person may give these orbs off to make their presence known. Otherwise, the orbs may pop

Fuchsia/Hot Pink:  These orbs bounce around when you're in love, feel loved or love is simply in the air. It is strengthening to your soul, your confidence & your hope.

Murky Pink/Dark Pink: These orbs come out when you are feeling hopeless about love, or you are letting your insecurities get the best of you.

Light Pink: These orbs generally pop up when there are children around, children's residual energy, or maybe you've got baby fever! If you are pregnant or expecting a new child, these orbs will also pop up due to your excitement.

​Indigo: When these orbs surface, you have many warrior guardians protecting you. These differ from your guardian angel. They are special non human angels that come by when protection is needed, or prevent negative events from happening.

Removing Negative Orbs:

Step One: Relax and be calm. Meditate if you need to. If you worry or are scared, more negativity could manifest.

Step Two: Close your eyes, an imagine a giant bright white orb growing in the middle of the room.

Step Three: Imagine the negative orbs being sucked in through the giant white orb.

Step Four: Say a prayer, for example "I ask for my guardians and the divine to absorb what is negative around me, and offer me your protection.

Step Five: Imagine that all the negative orbs are being sucked into this orb until they are all gone. Imagine brightly colored orbs raining down over you.

Step Six: Thank your protectors for their protection. Take a few minutes to relax and unwind.

If you have any questions about orbs you may have seen, email me for an orb analysis!

Bless You,

Psychic Purity

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Spirit Boxes, Radios & Devices for Paranormal Communication

Spirit Boxes, also called ghost boxes, radio scanners, and EVP Recorders have been used for many years, and have famously been used by people such as the Warren family. In addition to Ouija boards, pendulums, psychics and seance's, this allows you electronically to communicate with other vibrational beings. 

Some believe they can communicate with ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, and even God this way.  

How Do They Work?

EVP stands for "Electronic Voice Phenomenon". These electronic voices uses sound banks or radio waves to allegedly pick up and reflect back to you paranormal voices and sounds. Famous YouTubers such as Steve Huff with Huff Paranormal, and a Husband & Wife duo with Chill Seekers TV will use these audio devices to travel to places and pick up voices from beyond. 

There is a lot of controversy surrounding these methods, calling it a pseudo science, "a placebo effect" or "personal interpretation of the sounds you hear." 

Radio Scanners

The radio scanners used to pick up EVP sounds cycle through channels at a rapid fast rate, so all you can hear is static. The sounds are cycled too quickly to pick up any audible voices from channels on the radio. Spirits and other manifestations can allegedly "fill the sound in" with their own voices to make it sound like they are speaking in full sentences, answering questions and have a conversation with you. These devices can be purchased from $20 to over $100.

Ghost Boxes

Ghost boxes are professionally made solely for the purpose of spiritual communication. Some have a radio scanner built in, or they have sound banks that play to pick up reflections of EVP's. Some have EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readers on the box that light up when an alleged spirit is near by. Some have screens on them to show you sound waves, some have crystals and wires built into them so you can use your own energy to communicate. These can cost up to thousands of dollars when made by specialists. 

Audio Recorders

Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal sometimes uses special audio recording devices to see if he can pick up the silent voices of the paranormal. These work like any other voice recorder. People use them by pressing record, asking a question and waiting a few minutes in silence, and play it back to see if you can hear back any mysterious voices or sounds. However, you don't need a fancy one to try this out for yourself. I have taken a professional surround sound microphone, left it to record at night time, then played it back on my computer to see if I could hear any noises. This has been effective for me in the past in finding mysterious sounds and voices. But they can be inaccurate when there is too much noise. Recorders can range from $15 up to $300.

EMF Readers

People commonly use these devices in seeking electrical currents when doing construction or repairs. However, some use it for spiritual communication. Paranormal manifestations are believed to have an Electromagnetic Field. Some being weaker while some are stronger. I have used these before, and they are not my favorite method on finding who's nearby, especially in a home or building. The electricity in your environment can compromise the results. If you are going to use one, use it in an open field or in the woods where no electric currents are nearby. 

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Healing After Death of Spouse or Significant Other

Whether it was sudden death, expected or unexpected, there is light and life after the loss of your significant other.

CONTENT WARNING: This blog post may trigger negative feelings, emotions and grief. If you are in crisis, please contact a trusted loved one, or contact your local crisis number.

What inspired me to write this blog is after a session with a caller who had lost her husband to a death caused by the recklessness of others. As someone who lost a significant other at the age of 20, I can understand the severe pain of losing someone which seems to be too soon.


Just like any grief, we will go through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It is important that you allow yourself to go through these stages. What happens when you don't allow yourself to grieve is that it reopens your wounds, you continue to bleed and nothing heals.

Everyone deals with grief in their own ways, for some it takes longer or shorter periods. Some people do not cry right away, some people do. Some people do not cry until days, weeks, months, or years later, and that's okay. Some people don't cry at all, and that too is okay, as long as it isn't forced. When losing someone to a death, I do not always cry right away. Sometimes denial and anger hit me all at once and I just lose it, such as when I lost my grandmother as a pre-teen. The most important thing to know is that you need to let yourself mourn. If you are a man, do not let gender stereotypes overpower you that "you're a man and real man don't cry." because that is only a social construct, and it isn't actually true. With both men and women, the whole "Big ___ don't cry." aspect should not play a role in the way that you grieve. Please allow yourself to notice your pain, and give yourself your own space to do so by selecting a private place to do so, or around family members if you need support. Something else that is important to know, even if you are moving forward in life, there will be times in the future where you will begin to grieve again. It's been more than 5 years since the death of my significant other, and sometimes I still cry because I wished he was here. It never goes away, but it does get easier to move forward.

Social or Family Dynamic

When a member of the family dies, there are sometimes people that act selfishly. Such as wanting to obtain part of the will, wanting to take more of the deceased members items than they need, or point blame at people for the death when it wasn't anyone's fault. It is important to distance yourself from these people, not letting these people over power you and to try not to act out in anger causing more drama to untangle. If there is a person like this in your family or friends circle, work together with people that want nothing to do with it so you can communicate your concerns safely. If you feel that someone is acting unfair, use your resources on what is right. If there is a lawyer involved, work with them on what to do. If someone is in charge of the deceased possessions, or if you're the one in charge, don't give in, even if they're angry at you. You should not have to give away what you don't want to give away if this is your significant other who has died. Give that person space and keep your distance so you can grieve before discussing any money or possession issues.

Continuing Your Life After Death

After the loss of your loved one, you will find things hard to handle without them. You will need to learn to cope with everyday issues without the support of your partner, and this is very difficult. It is important that you keep in contact with family and friends who can be there for you, and if you have children, keep them very close to you. You will need each other in order to move on. You will never get over this persons death, and you shouldn't look at it in a way that you need to get over it. You need to look at it in a positive light as how to keep moving forward.

Your Loved One Still Visits You

It's true. While you may not see them, hear them, or feel them, they're there. They can return to earth at anytime to see what you are doing and what you're up to. They know when you need them, and they stop what they're doing just to be in your presence. While this is great and all, you may feel discouraged because you can't physically be with them, but they're sincerely with you in spirit. You can talk to them, joke with them, tell them they're favorite TV show is on and you're watching it with them. It isn't silly to be the only one with "a voice". It's okay to let people think you're talking to yourself. It's apart of your grieving if that's what you feel you need to do.

If you want to learn about how to communicate with loved ones without being a psychic, visit my blog post here:

Never Hold Back on Opportunities & Love

The beauty about reaching heaven is that you are still able to look after your loved ones from a distance, but you also let go of any negative emotions and insecurities. If you, the surviving member ever get the opportunity to move, get a new job, get a new partner or want to have a child, DO NOT HOLD BACK. Your deceased significant other will not be mad, disappointed, or jealous. Your significant other wants you to be happy so much that they'd only be disappointed if you missed out on a great opportunity just because you think they would look down on you. If this opportunity could really make you happy and make positive changes in your life, then go for it. If you are considering a love interest, don't hold back! If the love interest doesn't work out, that is okay too, but do not miss out on a new life just because you think they will disapprove. If this could make your happy and bring you to a better life, they won't ever say no or love you any less.

Let Go of End of Life Fear

While to some, what happens after death is unknown. But in my years of experience, there is life after death. Death can be scary to some people, and it's okay to feel that way. However, the important thing to look forward to after you have gone is that you'll be able to see the ones you love again. Don't ever think that they'll be waiting for you to cross and give you an earful about what you've been doing wrong, because that simply wont happen and you will never hear that from the mouths of your own loved ones. They will be glad to see you and help you move forward on what you want to do in your eternal life. Things will be nothing but pain free happiness in yourself in the end. It's okay to notice your mistakes, but hold no regrets or think of "what if's". Live your life to the best that you can, we are human and we make mistakes. In the end we'll all be united.

Final Thoughts

Remember: Grieve in your own way, keep your living loved ones close, keep moving forward without fear of disappointing your lost loved one, learn to love if that's what you stumble upon, don't blame yourself, don't let others blame you, and learn to look forward to the after life. There will be obstacles, but it's in your strength and courage to keep you going, and your loved ones always watch out for you.

Bless You,

Psychic Purity

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Weekly Tarot Reading - Week of 7/16/2018

Here is your weekly general tarot reading for the week of Monday, July 16th 2018

This week will be filled with great self care and a heightened positive attitude! Let's look at your 4 cards for this week.

Card 1 - Integrity

Integrity is a commitment to your truth. With integrity comes deep roots which support you in times of darkness until you find your light. Integrity is the basis for self respect and respect from others.

Surround yourself with people who support you for you. Any opinions you have, your loved ones should politely disagree with you. If you have loved ones who come down on you for your beliefs, it's time to seek a new support system.

Card 2 - Patience

Get comfortable and have patience. New growth and blossoms take time to develop into a ripe fruit. Relax and fully enjoy the times of growth and ripening, then enjoy the fruits!

It means that it is important to be patient when it comes to great things coming your way. If you are waiting on something such as a new job coming along, new friends or maybe you're waiting to buy a new car or home, keep patient. If things to not work out, other doors will open for you, and I bid you to stay patient for those as well. Impatience manifests negative energy, with pent up negative energy comes negative influences. Card #3 will explain how to help!

Card 3 - Meditation

Still your mind and calm your soul. By meditating you can feel the pulse of nature and the flow of the universe through your body. Slow down and you will hear your gentle wisdom, the quiet whispers which you can only hear when you are quiet and still. 

If you find yourself impatient as stated above, this will really benefit you from releasing negative manifestation surrounding things you are waiting to change. Everyone mediates in their own ways, and it's okay to do it in the way you find comfortable, but remember these key items when meditating: Quiet place or a place with ambient sounds like nature (a CD with rain or nature sounds can help indoors!), a tool to help you meditate like a cup of tea, a comfortable place such as a chair, bean bag or pillow. If you must do it at work or around children or family members, keep in mind to notice the sounds around you, acknowledge them, and focus on your thoughts and breathing. It's okay for there to be noises in your environment, such as talking or the fridge buzzing. But the key is awareness and breathing.

Card 4 - Dream

Dream, imagine, find your heart's delight, and then choose a dream to make into a goal. Dreams with energy form behind them then become goals. Do you have a dream that excites you? Make it real.

This card is informational in many different ways in both the dreams you have for the future, and dreams you have when you go to sleep. Expect to have better dreams when sleeping in a relaxed environment. If you are having nightmares, the key is to be aware of your worries and the nightmares that you've had and tell yourself "it will be okay." The dream card also signifies that new hopes for the future may soon be coming for you. If you don't currently have any goals, think of some and let them manifest positive energy to make them possible in the near future. In the case that you might be having nightmares, a good skill is to keep a dream diary. First, write down how the dream went, then on the second page, write down how you wish the dream would have went. This will rewire your brain into having a relapse of that dream next time you go to bed. If you rewrite your dream into a positive one, soon they will stop reoccurring and you will not retain negative energy through out your waking day. Make positive changes for your goals and your dream cycle. 

Bless you, and stay in touch for next weeks tarot reading!

Psychic Purity

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My Top 5 Favorite Crystals & What They Do

Crystals are gorgeous and fascinating to most people. There are people who believe that crystals carry different energies and vibrations that can help in manifestation and positive healing. Some crystals come polished, raw, and sometimes are sculpted into figures. Any way you own them, they all serve the same properties. I've been collecting crystals for some time now and I notice that they offer me peace of mind at times of need. Here are my top 5 favorite crystals, and what they could do for you.

1. Onyx

Onyx is a dark black stone. It's beautiful and sleek looking. Onyx can serve the purpose of absorbing negative energy, protection from negative manifestations and mental protection. You can rub this stone between your fingers when you are anxious, have negative thoughts or are worried about bad things happening.

2. Purple Amethyst

People who love purple will love this rock. It's shiny and transparent, and just looking at it will make you feel calmer. This is good for people who are going through a rough time and need mental stability. This crystal is also good to hold on your person or rub between your fingers as your relaxing, such as taking a bath, to help remove any negative emotions you've absorbed during the day. This can also soothe anxiety about upcoming events. Lastly, they can also heighten intuition and psychic development.

3. Rose Quartz

This is what I like to call "The Crystal of Love." because that's exactly what it offers! It allows you to manifest new friendships, relationships, strengthen bonds between your current relationships, but it can also offer comfort to those who have just suffered a loss like a friend, a break up, or a family member that wont talk to you anymore. It will not only manifest love, but heal you in times where love has been lost. This can also help you clear your mind in choosing your social circle selectively. 

4. Lapis Lazuli 

This gorgeous blue, marble like stone is what I like to personally call "The Third Eye". It almost looks like a gorgeous starry night sky. There is a long history behind this stone in ancient times in developing a deeper spiritual and vibration connection to the universe. Like Amethyst, it is great for intuitive development, and it offers you a more deeply calming effect. It can help you relax during the day when you need a moment to yourself, and you can simply rub it between your fingers, wear it or keep it in a pocket or purse. This crystal has always made me feel care free. 

5. Plain Quartz

This transparent crystal reminds me of diamond or glass. It's just as transparent and it is what I like to call "The Universal Crystal." It's great at reflection. For example, it could serve you in reflecting negative manifestations and bad thoughts. It has a divine energy that is good for nearly any situation. It is a common "worry stone" and if you do not have any other crystals, this one will serve you in any purpose. It is also a great aura cleanser when held, rubbed or kept on the body. 

This concludes my list of my favorite crystals. I will post more blogs about crystals in the near future. Hope this helps!

Bless You,

Psychic Purity

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Making Your Own Tarot Card Deck - A DIY

The art about Tarot is that people do not need a special gift to use them or understand them, and you do not even need to buy them for the deck to be valid or "correct". Everyone can use their own energy to apply them to making a deck of your very own. 

Some people like being frugal, some people even love the art of Do It Yourself projects. I am here to help you get started on making your own tarot deck. Let us start off with the basics...

How Many Cards Should I Make?

While you can make as many as you'd like, I suggest an even number, such as 12, 22, or 30. You can even make 100 cards if this interests you. The tarot decks I've made range from 22 cards to 40. 

What Do I Use To Make Them

You can make them by freehand, you can use an old deck of playing cards to glue a new artwork on them, you can download tarot card templates off the internet, and I've also seen tarot making software. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the look of mine, and got graphics from free vector stock photos websites. I then printed them out using my computer printer. 

What Do I Put On Them?

You can make your own artwork by using a photo drawing/editing software, or, you can use colored pencils or paints to make them by hand. The template I use is 1 graphic/artwork such as a graphic of teacher, the name of the card such as "The Mentor" and the purpose of what the card represents, such as "Guidance." You can have cards with just artwork on them without the names or meanings. I suggest first writing out a list of what cards you want to make and their meanings. 

How Do I Explain What The Cards Mean?

They can mean anything you want. Like stated before, write down a list of cards you would like to build. Write down the name of each card, then write down a definition of them. For instance, if you have a "Heart" card that represents "Love" write down what that could mean to someone or yourself. In this case, if the heart card represented love, I would write a note such as "The heart represents love. This can mean that one is in need of loved ones or a better loving circle of people they associate with. This could also mean that a new relationship is coming in the near future." Try to come with a strategy that in a way that the card would pertain to the persons question.

How Do I Use The Cards?

The templates you use to use the cards is up to you. For general readings, I use 4 cards. For guidance readings, I use 3-4, and for improvement reasons, I will use between 4 and 6 cards. Everyone's strategy is different. I strongly suggest studying and defining in your own way the cards that you have made using your "Definitions" list. This just gives you a general idea of what the card could mean to somebody. The way you define them is up to you, and the questions that you ask yourself or others ask you. Practice, practice, practice by asking yourself general questions and reading them out loud to yourself by defining them in your own words based on the definitions you have written.

What Are Some Tips & Suggestions You Have?

I suggest not using tarot in order to scare or suggest harm to people. Some call this "Black/Dark Magick". Some may use tarot cards that suggest death of loved ones or self and loss of possessions, jobs and pets. The reason I say that is some people take tarot very seriously and they may feel scared to get another one. Some may also truly believe something bad will happen to them. I suggest using tarot in a positive way for guidance or inspirational purposes. 

Like I have also stated, I suggest practicing on yourself, friends or family members before pursuing interest in a career. People really want to hear what your cards have to say, so study them deeply. 

When building your own deck of cards using vector graphics, if you plan to sell them as a craft, I suggest giving credit to the author of those graphics to avoid a copyright claim or unfair use. This could be a simple statement in the form of a small card stating where you got these graphics and to credit the author. The graphic credit does not need to be on the card. Please read the terms of vector graphic websites before selling them.

As you can see, the art of making tarot is totally up to the imagination! Thank you for reading, bless you and have fun!

Psychic Purity

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