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Psychic Roxy Blue

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Welcome to this most fortunate moment that Source has connected you and me! It is not a coincidence

you’ve selected to explore your life’s possibilities with me! As an empath and a high Sensitive, it wasn’t

easy being born into emotionally traumatic circumstances. But having explored other planes before

birth, I effortlessly became immersed in the world of plants, birds and animals, spirits, shapeshifting,

interdimensional travel, advanced dreaming, tantric dreaming, and psychic experiences. My undying

love of Nature and Source also empowered me to navigate my way through the continual bombardment

of disembodied energies who wanted me and my attention.

By high school I was trying to make heads or tails out of all my experiences, but I was certain of one

thing. I wanted to spend my life facilitating others on their journeys through their lives. In ’98 I acquired

my first Tarot deck and discovered the deep sense of satisfaction and peace I could reach together with

others, in all imaginable states of need. I offer you decades of experience with honoring messages from

beyond the visible, bubbling out from the boldest to the subtlest of energies. I meditate and bless my

crystals and cards regularly, to keep them and myself endowed with the authenticity of present moment

through Source.

I also work as a Life Coach and an Advice Columnist, so I encourage you to ask me for detailed practical

advice on a personal level. I’m available to work unscheduled hours for repeat clients who require me

at a different time.

My Best for You,

Roxy Blue

Who's Your BFF?

Greetings Friends!

Today I'd like to talk about a concept that's so near and dear to each and every one of us, that we often forget all about it.  And that thing is… the friendship we have in ourselves.

Do you find relationships to be emotionally challenging?  Do you ever feel that you're all alone, even in a room full of friends?  Do you sometimes come up against petty, gossipy behavior and find yourself wondering who your friends really are?  Or are you one of those with social anxieties, who doesn't connect with others easily enough to make and maintain steady friendships?

If some of the above sounded like you, I'd like to remind you of one of life's little secrets… At those times when we feel isolated from the love, support, and healthy companionship of others, we must remember to love ourselves!  If that sounds anticlimactic to you, then it's a fine art you truly must learn.

When the chips are down, make a commitment to healing yourself through self-nurturing.  You heard me right!Poor a bath, read an inspiring book, watch a movie you secretly love, indulge in a pint of chocolate ice cream.  That's it, go ahead!  Remember that you always have you, that you are the master of all your decisions (and nobody else!), and that you know the truth when others have fallen prey to gossip.  Most of all, realize with every bone in your body that those who doubt or take you for granted cannot and should not be as valuable to you as you are, because you're the one radiating confidence and appreciation for all you do.

Each one of us has to take on the incredibly complex task of being ourselves.  When we know we're representing our best selves, living honestly and justly, then we can radiate that confidence of self-appreciation.  And when we know we can do better with our actions and ethics, it's still up to us to love our own selves unconditionally.  For there are myriads of reasons we end up living the challenging lives we do, and we must hold our heads up and love ourselves through the dark times of life.In fact, we respond harder to judgement from ourselves than we do from anyone else!

Allow yourself all the positivity and nurturing you would provide to a helpless child who needs to receive love at that moment.  Now, sit back and watch as the sun starts shining on your life more brightly!

So Much Love,

Roxy Blue

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When Free Will Surrenders

Welcome friends of MeetYourPsychic!  Having 20 years of experience with psychic and intuitive advice and coaching, I'm new to this hotline and am pleased to introduce myself through my first blog!

After my first two weeks of calls, I'd mainly like to congratulate everyone on your strength for reaching out to me, opening yourselves to vulnerability, and respecting the answers received.  At times it's difficult for me to deliver the messages from the Astral Plane to the physical dimension, as we humans can be so attached to our ideals of the outcomes, futures, paths, and relationships we want.  All of us are strong, brilliant individuals who have the spiritual tools to carve out the destinies we dream of…but we can only do so based upon the terms of highly individualized 'karmic maps' that give each person the unique experiences we're most intended to have, in order to reach full completion and realization during our lifetimes.

This is the fine line where Free Will must surrender itself to Source, knowing that the highest plane of wisdom has all of our best interests in mind, and that we're ultimately not in control of how our unique dances of destiny will play out.  But please rest in knowing there are no mistakes, no coincidences, and no closed doors that don't open into something new on the other side…even if it's an ended relationship or a loved one passing out of their earthly body.

How fortunate we are when we can arrive at this peaceful place of surrender, and allow our lives to unfold without resistance!  Emotions quieten when we find the moment to let go...

I wish all of you continued strength on our journey through life together!

With Love,

Roxy Blue

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