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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic

Shira has been reading for 26 years, and is Certified in Energy Healing and Distance Healing Techniques.
She was trained in intuitive readings, beginning her path as an intuitive, as a teenager when she realized that not everyone saw, felt, or experienced the world the way she did.
Shira is Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and Clairvoyant, and believes that each of us is here to contribute to the greater good. Her empathic ability to see to the heart of the matter has aided her in bringing clarity to her clients for many years. She utilized her intuitive abilities as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years, and believes in the body-mind-spirit connection. It is her pleasure to assist in bring you clarity and compassionate objectivity with your beautifully evolving life.


Punching the Relationship Timeclock

​Bright Greetings,

It is a genuine pleasure connecting with each of you as we explore and hold Sacred Space together.  This is our healing time.

I was doing my morning meditations and I felt drawn to write about the dynamics of punching the relationship clock.  

While you may start out in love and being excited about your relationship, over time complacency can set it in and you can find yourself punching a  clock, and logging in the hours as a couple, rather than really growing together.

It may take months or even years to arrive here, with kids, work, social, and extended family obligations gradually squeezing out your time together.  The resurgence of the Bromance and the Goddess movements have been fueled, at least by (a strong 50% ) the fact that you are not being fed by your marriage or romantic relationship any longer.  The relationship has become more of a business contract (I pay the bills, do the chores and you mow the lawn and clean the gutters on the house).  The importance of smart technology in your life, it is easy to use that as a distraction from the dis-satisfaction you are feeling in your relationship.  At some point, you simply stop trying to get your romantic partner's attention and find yourself fulfilling a role, rather than have a loving or uplifting connection.

Outsourcing leads to a lack of emotional trust, so this means, that if you are a woman that you stop sharing your emotional self with your romantic partner a little at a time, until the communication is down to the necessary and minimal transmission of FYI. As a man, you find yourself focusing on work, and time with friends or at the gym rather than spending time at home.  As the descending spiral continues, you may be utilizing text messaging, emails, or some form of messaging application to relay data to one another, thus cutting out the actual conversation aspect of your relationship out nearly completely.

The passion and intimacy will have been leached out of the relationship long before this, as well as any kisses, hugs, or having family dinners or time together.  It is not uncommon to see you living in separate bedrooms at this point.  If you have kids together, or have financial commitments as a couple, that will keep you together for a time, but the place you once called home is now a house where you share space (roommates).

It is not surprising that your attentions can start to turn to romantic interests outside the relationship, where you are getting the validation you no longer receive where you live.  With the online dating apps, slide left or slide right, and the ease of on line profiles and the ability to casually meet, that you find someone else and then the relationship really is over, for you have given your feelings over to another.

This is the end of empathy for your "romantic partner of record" (for your friends and family may not know your situation yet!), and when empathy leaves, things really are over.

Without empathy, we really do have a mechanical relationship, where things are done on a schedule or by rote.  You many find yourself arguing when you do attempt an in person communication, and are even more frustrated with the dis-connect.  Trust is nearly completely eroded, and you are quite simply FED UP with living such a hollow relationship reality.

The million dollar question:

Can this be prevented?


The moment that the affection and communication start disappearing, you have a window of opportunity to save your relationship and family. Assess what is happening and do a 360 sweep around you.  What do you see. feel, hear, sense?  How is your communication?  Do you talk about things other than the essentials?  Has your level of affection decreased?   Do you still laugh together?  Share meal time?  Text and talk throughout the day?

Answer the call to your relationship 911:

Add Empathy back into your relationship, and make space to listen to each other!  By adding empathy, even if it is not verbally expressed if can be felt.  Be tenacious in staying empathetic, for it takes time to turn things around.  Realize, though, that being empathetic does not entail becoming a doormat or a whipping post.  Please do hold a healthy boundary, and have a sense of personal confidence and dignity.  

Start saving energy for your relationship again, and slowly start integrating non essential communication back into the relationship.  Such as : "I had a wonderful lunch today with my high school best friend, it was lovely to see her after so many years."  Let you romantic partner back into the nuances of your life and this is critical, do no expect nor demand reciprocity.  Let it flow naturally!  It takes time to tear down the walls between you, for they were built brick-by-brick.

Start including affection again: sweeping hair back from their face, brushing their hand when you talk, hugging, kissing, and shoulder rubs when you are in the same room together.  

Be patient, and let the re-connection and trust grow again between you. naturally. If you find yourself falling back into the same pattern of distancing yourself, move back into the space of empathy and intentional, loving, connection.   

Step away from criticisms, and when you feel a fight about to brew, stop and take a breather,  You can talk about it when you are both calm.

This one is important!:  Please do not use your cell phones in the bedroom.  That is your sacred space as a couple.  Either turn your phone off (only exception, if you are on call for your business or company), turn off the ringer, or set it where you cannot see it.  Remember, most people turn to technology, such as the wide array of games you can play on your phone, or stream movies, to decompress and avoid real time contact with others.  This is escapism at is best!

Socialize with other happy couples, for this vibe is contagious!

You CAN stop being on the clock and have your relationship back.  Be mindful of where your energy is going, and watch your relationship go from sour to sweet.

Thank you for sharing this time together. 

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love, Truth, and Connection,

Shira <3

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Do you get the TOO?

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to our Sacred Place.  A place where you and I can commune with Divine Energy.  It is a joy to meet you here!

I felt drawn to discuss the TOO of relationships.  I am referring to the TOO added to the end of I miss you, I love you, and the energy that you put forward into your relationships and friendships.  

If you are at the TOO end of things, you are the one saying I love you consistently and you get the "I love you, TOO."  this can lead to more than a little frustration!

I love you, too.

I miss you, too.

I need you, too.

I like spending time with you, too.

I appreciate you, too.

Finding yourself at the TOO end of things, over time, gets old.  Even when you back off saying I love you, I miss you, I appreciate you, you may find that that the effort to say these things to you of their own volition is not present nor in action. 

Unless you back off and give them space to open up to saying it to you first and making the verbal validation more equal and reciprocal, things do not change.  The longer you have been the one to initiate the more challenging it is to cease offering it up with high frequency  Place the energy into growing your sense of healthy self-esteem and boundaries instead.  Take the inward journey and connect to the part of yourself that needs the external validation versus knowing your inherent value. Work with a counselor it you find that you need some therapeutic tools for working your way through this terrain.  

When you are giving out more I love you, I need you, I appreciate you, than you are receiving, you may be giving too much.  You can embody  these statements in your energy and your actions and they will be more easily seen by those around you.  While manners to count (please, thank you), you are more likely to have things turn around to being more equitable and reciprocal, if you stop extending past healthy boundaries.  Giving too much and people pleasing can become a lifetime pattern, and one that yields little happiness or joy.

When you give from the place of having more than you need, and freely (not expecting nor demanding immediate reciprocity), and are certain in the security of YOU, that'w when change starts to occur.  You will get the I love you, I appreciate you, I value you, I cherish you, and it will feel amazing!

Remember, though, rather than add the TOO at the end, and only if you feel drawn to say it, do say it back.  The positive impact of giving and receiving an I love you, without the TOO, holds much more emotional currency and significance for both parties involved. 

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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It starts with Gratitude

​Bright Greetings,

If you are reading my blog for the first time, welcome!  It is a pleasure to connect with you.  This is our safe space to connect and to share healing messages.

Spirit has asked me to talk today about gratitude.  While this adjective has a broad definition, I am referring to a deep state and appreciation of a gift having been received or given.

Gratitude when added to Wisdom, Trust, and Respect, provides an expansive abundance portal.   When I talk about abundance, I refer to an amount beyond your imagination, and outside the scripts that we want to have played out for us in our lives.  An amount with more zeros than you can imagine!  

Abundance in love, friendship, love, career, health, and in fact in all aspects of life.  The very act of loving opens up abundance for you.  Loving unconditionally changes what you will receive from others.  Love conditionally, and that is what you are more than likely going to receive.  Give with no expectation of reciprocation, and free yourself from issues of obligation, and having ownership in another person's life.  Which also means that we are free ourselves!

Offering Gratitude can smooth out the bumps along the way, and takes the place of worrying, anxiety, and uncertainty.  We cannot feel gratitude and anxiety or fear at the same time.  We  have a choice to make, and even though we may not feel that we, we really DO have a choice!  We can REACT and permit our lower states of emotion come in with uncontrollable and unpredictable energy, or ACT and be present with Gratitude that we have the Wisdom to handle or process any situation with grace.

The intention of staying in this state of Grace reduces stress, and keeps our head's clear so we can be present with each and every situation.  

Saying Thank you and meaning it, can help others to feel appreciated and respected, and this helps us to establish the reputation of being someone that is loving and grounded, and someone that people can trust.  Yes, healthy boundaries do apply!   We are not being taken advantage of, but rather have such a loving and present energy that the world of abundance opens up for us in beautiful and unexpected ways.

I was shopping for groceries the other day, and the clerk saw that a woman only had enough money for $20 worth of groceries.  (She was holding the $20 in her hand as if it was her last cash) The clerk gave her the items she was purchasing at a sale price, and what surely would have been nearly $35 was under $20.  She looked at the clerk to correct her on the amounts, and the associate at the store laid her hand on hers and said, "no, these are the right prices.  Have a wonderful day."  I could see that the woman was visibly moved and she walked away as if someone had just told her she won the lottery.

I was grateful to witness that act of kindness, and moved by the clerk's kindness and courage to act on her behalf. 

It is with gratitude that we give and receive.  I am grateful to connect with each of you as I write this, and imagine your faces before me as if we were connecting in person.

I am grateful for my MYP Family and being able to work with such gifted and loving intuitives, admin, Customer Service, and founders of this great service.  I am gratfeful to each of you!  I am grateful to my family for supporting me in my work unconditionally.

Let us all stop and inhale gratitude and exhale stress or non grounded energy.

I love you and believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

(Please contact myself or any of the gifted readers at MYP if we can be of support to you and offer clarity to your situation)

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Becoming a Professional Psychic/Intuitive

​Bright Greetings,

It is a joy to connect to each of you in our Sacred Space.  I send love and light to you.

Today I feel inspired to discuss what it takes to become a successful Psychic Reader.  I get a number of calls asking "do I have what it becomes to become a psychic reader?"  There is more to it than a deck of Tarot Cards!   While the journey varies from psychic to psychic, there are a few basic guidelines for success.

Lineaged Reader:  If you have an inherited family gift, and your family actively encourages you to use your gift, you are a natural.  Bur realize that even though you are gifted, it does necessitate some training and learning to hone your craft.

Start and end your day with Spirit:  At the beginning of the day connecting to the messages you will receive, and placing a bubble of protection around you and whomever you will read with that day, and at day's end offer gratitude.  

Have some business savvy:  Do take some courses in advertising and marketing.  Know how to promote yourself while staying in Divine Flow.   Understanding finances, how much to charge, and establishing financial policies is part of being a reader. And by all means do get a solid CPA to help with taxes at year end.

Pay attention to your dreams:  Your dreams will reveal things you need to know in advance to offer in your readings. Be sure to write them down for later reference.

Have a schedule that works with your biorhhythmic cycle:  If you are a morning person, and have your hours set for primarily evening, you are selling yourself short. LEt your hours reflect when you are most intuitive and alert.

Know your Clairs:  Know the gifts that you have, and cultivate them from reading to reading.(i.e. Clairsentient, Clairvoyant etc...)

Know your style:  Direct, Compassionate, Spiritual, how do you choose to do your readings?

Choose a reader name:  Pick a name that reflects your reader self, and also protects your personal life.  Having a firm division between the two is important for balance.

Training and mentorship:  We are all born with a wide open intuition, but lose it over time as we grow older.  If you have a gifted child, encourage them to use their intuition and please do take them seriously.  I do recommend that you enroll in a psychic intuition course, and one where you can be certified as a psychic/intuitive.  This will help you to hone your gift, and to learn the anatomy of a reading (including the psychology of the work)

What do you want to offer?:  Knowing what you want to offer is critical to being a successful psychic.  If you do not enjoy offering romance readings, have someone that you refer to, and get cross referrals in place so everyone benefits.Stay with what you do best.  Do you want to work with runes, tarot, angel oracle decks, ogham sticks, numeralogical dice, or other psychic tools?    If so, please do be absolutely fluid with your understanding and accurate interpretation of these tools.

Staying clear as a reader:  As a professional psychic you will need to have good mental hygiene, the ability to clear after every reading, take good care of yourself in terms of nutrition, and do regular space cleansing.  A stable and loving home is essential to be successful as a reader, so make sure that you have a lot of love flowing through your home.  Discourage friendships that are filled with drama.

It is not about you:  It is for the person whom has called you for clarity.  If you find yourself relating too closely to their situation, breathe, ground, and connect to the messages intended for them, and share them as verbatim as possible for their validation.  Transference is an early issue as a psychic reader, but this is part of the certification training in most coursework.

Refrain from reading for family and friends:  You are too close to be objective, so please do refer them to a trusted colleague and give them just enough information to come into the reading clear.

Refrain from offering free work:  Do you want to be taken seriously?  You are not handing out samples at a grocery store!  Even if you are offering a one card reading for $5, it helps to ensure repeat business.  There is the full circle reciprocity, your clients will value you more if you charge even a minimal fee for they have invested themselves in the process.

Be supportive of your psychic community:  Selfishly hoping for all the readings yourself and coming from a place of ego, will take you out of Divine Flow.  In your daily prayers or meditation time, ask that all the psychic readers have an abundant living.  In this way you attract abundance into your own practice.

Have a social media page people can visit:  This will help you to gain business passively.  Be sure to update your accounts frequently.  

Never work under the influence:  You don't drive a vehicle under the influence, so stay clean and sober, and keep a clear head.  Also have a policy that you will not work with clients under the influence either. 

How do you offer your readings:  Do you offer chat, Skype, Facetime, Email, or text?  If you offer Facetime, Whatsapp, or Slkype, please be mindful that your appearance is professionally oriented (including the background).

Working as a Subcontractor:  MYP is a great company to work for and I  love being part of this amazing family! W e have awesome readers, admin, customer service, and clients!  Be careful for whom you subcontract, and DO know the terms of payment. Do take the time to check out their reputation online, and see if they are part of the Better Business Bureau.  Not all Psychic Services are alike, so know you are dealing with right from the beginning.  IF you have doubts, trust your intuition and explore other options. Do honor the terms of any company with whom you choose to subcontract, and be as professional and responsible as possible (for you are representing their reputations as much as your own)

As you move forward as a reader you will discover that your gifts change and grow with your practice.  You are as unique as a finger print, and nobody will do exactly as you do.  

If I can be of support or encouragement to you, please do schedule a reading with me or one of the gifted readers at Meet Your Psychic.  

Thank you for sharing this time together. 

I respect and appreciate you.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Relationships: Walking the Line

​Bright Greetings,

What a pleasure to connect to each of you in our sacred space.  This is our safe space, and our time to immerse ourselves in deep healing.

I want to talk about walking the fence in a relationship.  When you are in a relationship that is challenging (hot/cold, together/broken up, passive-aggressive), it is easy to find yourself walking the fence rather that being all in, or all out.  One of my dogs will stand in the middle of the sliding glass door, and refuse to go all the way inside or all the way outside.  It takes the countdown of 3-2-1 to get him to make a decision!   Even when he does decide, he will change him mind quickly and want me to open the door again.

If you are in a relationship where you feel that you have one foot in the door and the other foot out (and usually with a plan B, and someone to fill the place of the person you are uncertain about), and you are waiting for some "sigh" for them to change to choose a direction...stop stalling!

If you are afraid of being hurt, be willing to face those fears and look more deeply at the emotions being evoked.  Are you feeling this way because you were hurt in your last relationship?  Or are you feeling uncertain because you know at an intuitive level that this is Mr./Ms Right or Mr/Ms. Right now?  Are you not ready for a long-term commitment, but do genuinely care for the person you are dating?  Are you in a marriage/relationship (and have been for some time) where you feel you are spinning your wheels?

Be willing to look closely at your motives to stay half in and half out.  Realize, too, that the person that is on the other side of this pairing may be feeling anxious themselves, and without the certainty of knowing how you feel, they may choose to walk away from the relationship before you can make a decision.

Here is how you can avoid walking the line:

DO take your time getting to know each other before committing to each other.  

ASK key questions:  What are your family relationships like?  How do you feel about money?  Do you put work before your personal life?  Have you been married or engaged before?  Do you like to travel?  Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?  Do you want or have kids?  What is your religious belief?  What are your educational plans?  How do you act when stressed, retreat or talk about it?  Will your family accept and embrace our relationship?   What is the longest relationship you ever had?   

Obviously you will ask these questions a bit at a time and when they are appropriate!  But learn as much about each other before committing so you are either fully in or fully out.

AVOID the plan B, C, etc...  If you have other people as "back up" in the event that they are not the one, that is stringing not just one, but several suitors along, and surely someone will get hurt, including yourself.  It will only add confusion!  If you are married, please do not cloud the issue by going outside the marriage.  If it really is not working out, then walk away from the marriage and be single and free to date and explore a new relationship in all it's fullness.  If you are not committed and dating several people, do be honest with them about your status.  Give them the opportunity to share how they feel rather than have them feeling hurt later, should you choose them, that they were only one of several options.

KNOW what you want before you start dating:  And especially know yourself!   Figure out what you really want before getting serious with someone, so that when you realize that they meet all or some of the things on your ideal mate list, that you will want to invest 100% in them.  

TRUST your closest friends in their observations of your relationship, they love you and have your best interest at heart.

BE honest from the beginning:  Have honest and transparent communications.  

MEET their friends and family: to see where they come from.  Are the relationships happy?  Do you see and hear loving and positive communications?  Do they laugh a lot together?  How do your lifestyles blend?

I had a friend (whom has given me permission to share this with you) whom was dating a new gentleman.  Things were hit and miss in terms of communication, but she gave him a chance to show who he was.  When she met his friends, they were playing drinking games (at 49?!) and getting intentionally buzzed when they got together.  She found out that he was perpetually poor and was unwise with money. She was a light drinker  at best, and financially responsible, and walked away from him due to the differences in how they spent their free time and viewed their fiscal standing.  She got off the fence quickly and was the better for it. This relationship surely would have slowed her down on the career path she had chosen, as a party boy at her side with her social appearances would not have resonated. with success.

ASPIRE to the best version of yourself: but if you find that your romantic partner makes it hard to do so, or is not supportive  it is time to have a serious conversation.  If they are willing to see how they are affecting you, and want to make it work, great!  If, however, they are not willing to take ownership, time to walk, for time only locks in the dynamic you are experiencing.

WHEN you find someone that really inspires you to be your best and you feel empowered by:  Do explore this!  Be 100% in and see where it goes!  Do get to know what makes them so great (values, ethics, beliefs).  What has lead them to be the extraordinary person they are now?

There are a million tiny moments that determine whether or not the person we are interested in,  living with, or married to, is a good fit.  Be attentive, and when you know for certain where you stand, take action.

Be 100% in all that you do and you will have a life that is successful, joyful, and abundant.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  I wish you joy, happiness, and abundance in all things.  May all your lessons be small 

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Staying Emotionally Grounded in Readings

​Bright Greetings to you,

What a genuine pleasure to connect with you in the time and space of this blog.  I am excited to share Divine Wisdom and insight and share this healing energy.

I was standing in line the other day, waiting to collect and item that I had ordered, when I observed the person being served yelling and berating the employee serving them.  They  became quite hysterical and unreasonable, and the service person, had to call their manager to take care of the matter.  The long and the short of it was that they had ordered the wrong part, and were blaming the company rather than taking ownership.  They were transferring their error to the person who was in all sincerity working to assist them. The employee remained calm and patient, even though they were being treated with a great deal of unkindness.  I was moved by the employees strength  and empathy in this situation, and in the end, my opinion of this business was elevated, as they were calm and grounded the entire time despite this person's tirade.

But it got me thinking...

When coming into a reading, please be grounded and calm, for there are messages that hyper-emotional states will cause you to miss.  When you are feeling emotionally charged, it is only natural to listen to part of what is being shared, and already be forming a statement or question without fully listening to the message.

In each reading...

I hold sacred space for you, a safe place where you can breathe in and out, and know that you are loved.  You can relax and know that Divine Source has message for you, and I invite you to actively listen to them.  If you find messages forming in your mind as a message is coming through for you, please write it down, and ask after the message has been relayed.  We will get to as many questions and concerns as time permits.

Transference in a reading...

can happen.  Your reader is not the person with whom you are upset, nor are they involved in the circumstances of the issue.  Your reader is there for YOU, to bring healing messages and clear the fog from the situation so you can make positive decisions that move your forward.  Transference is where you reflect someone else's actions, words, or history onto someone that is not connected to the situation or issue.  Let Spirit come through your intuitive for you, for your healing, for messages of hope and healing for you.

When you feel your emotions ramping up...

take several deep inhalations and exhalations.  Breathe, shake out your hands, and relax your shoulders and hips.  It is my deepest goal as a reader for you to receive all the healing information that is intended for you.  I love and respect you and it is a joy to hear that exhale of relief from you, as you feel that connection to Divine energy.

Let each of our readings together be in absolute love, light, compassionate honesty, and in a calm and grounded emotional state.  For these are the most productive.

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

I respect and appreciate you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Soul Connections Explained

Bright Greetings to you all!

I am excited for our time together in our healing space. A place where you and I can come together in Sacred Space. Welcome to each of you!

When you and I hear about Soul Connections, for there are so many that we have together!

Soul Group:

A Soul Group is a group or people that you are with lifetime-after-lifetime. We encourage, support, share,and are a catalyst for each other's growth. You and I are connected and you can feel that tug between you when you meet, or gaze into one another's eyes. You have been there as sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, spiritual advisors mentors, the voices of honesty and reason, cohorts, colleagues, best friends,. You and I are connected in a myriad of ways. You and I have fought together and have been better for having been together for the lifetimes that we have shared. I love that you and I can share such a wealth of experience collectively, and be better people for it. Together we can raise each other's vibrations and reside in love, truth, hope, honesty, and encourage personal growth.

Being part of the same Soul Group is not the same as a Soulmate, for the possibilities are vase in terms of HOW we choose to connect. It is not a fixed outcome, and is quite malleable. There is Free Will to determine how we choose to incorporate into each other's lives. These types of relationships are liberating, and all too often you and I do not take advantage of the growth that you can experience. You and I can explore and expand our understanding of the Universe together.

Twin Flame:

A Twin Flame is a someone whose soul emerged the same time as your own. You began together, at the exact same moment, and you are connected through this experience.

A Twin Flame, though, may represent an on-again-off-again relationship where the connection lacks consistency. In your times apart, which is often necessary for Twin Flames, you strike out on your own, soaking up life experiences and come back together to share. Twin Flames are usually quite independent in nature, and do not like to be tied down, or prefer a more open understanding. While you feel the spark with a twin flame, the intensity of this connection varies in strength. This is a very special relationship in which you can encourage phenomenal growth together and separately. It is the time apart, though, that you really grow the most. Having the assurance of this reconnection is freeing! This means that you and I can explore and learn with the knowledge of picking up right where we left off. Twin Flames ted to have a very free spirited relationship, and refrain from traditional roles, titles, and gender assignments. Twin flames can be, to say the least!, unconventional. These relationships are always interesting, and can have the feeling of being in a tug-of-war, but are well worth the effort!


Current research and school of thought reveals that there are at least 8 types of soulmates! Yes eight! We have soul agreements to be together in different capacities, not just romantic. Being soulmates does not ensure that we will be together, but more that you and I will seek to find each other and be together. This is a more limited contract, for it has a less expansive role in your life. If it is a romantic soulmate, for your to come together, the two of you must be on the same wave length. When you do meet your soulmate it might feel extremely intense! The sparks are flying, you can feel the energy moving between you, but coming to the same place in terms of how quickly you want to move forward can vary. Take your time, you have already made the agreement to seek each other out, now have the patience to learn about one another ad to grow together. In the soulmate relationship, because it is not as independent as Twin Flame, you need to keep a strong foothold in person growth so that the two of you maintain that passionate spark and interest in working on the relationship for the lifetime of your relationship. While there are many other soulmate relationships, including Spiritual Soulmate, each serves a specific role or place in your life.

I find it encouraging...

that you and I have such a wide array of connections and intertwined relationships. We have the opportunity to evolve, and be the best version of ourselves by exploring as many facets of our development and relationships as possible. Let us each avail ourselves of the opportunities afforded us, grow, thrive, and learn!

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

Please call if I can bring you clarity and help to spark the amazing growth that you are meant to experience.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Shira <3

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Romance: So many choices!

​Bright Greetings to each of you!

It is a joy to connect with you in our healing space. We are free to explore together in unconditional love and acceptance. 

I want to look at multiple potential partners in a romantic reading today.  With the accessibility of online dating, and connecting with a wide array of potential partners, it can be quite confusing.  Being single and free to explore the plethora of choices is such a blessings, but it can be confusing.

It is not uncommon in a romantic reading to be asked about multiple men/women that you are dating, talking to, working with, or have an interest, but want to know the potential prior to initiating a conversation with them.  I can empathize, for there are such an array of personalities, ages, different religious/spiritual/political beliefs that I am in awe that we can distill it down to "the one."  You are correct in taking your time, rather than rushing into a long term commitment.





When you are calling to ask about several suitors in the reading, for the sake of clarity, please list them at the beginning of the reading.  In this way, we can look at them one by one, and the reading will be smooth and you will be able to differentiate who has what qualities after the reading with greater understanding.

But before you start dating multiple people or have interest in three or more people...




in what you really want in a mate, or what kind of romantic lifestyle you wish to embody.  With the variety of relationships (monogamous,friends with benefits,traditionally gender role relationship,  polyamorous, kids or no kids, blended family, open marriage/relationship etc...), knowing what you want before you start shopping around does help to make the process so much better than the anxiety inducing journey that so many have.  If you are unclear as to what you really want, you can easily make your preferences match a specific person or persons!  If you know that you are each responsible for your own happiness in the relationship, it makes for a much healthier pairing.

If you are looking for a Christian mate, look within the Christian dating pool.  

If you are looking for someone more Spiritual, have that as a firm guideline.  If you decide to have kids, and are with a religious person, their religion plays a huge part in the upbringing of the children.

If you are looking for someone that loves animals, make sure that you are not compromising.

If you are looking for someone that loves to travel together, place that at the top of your list.

Want the white picket fence?  Make sure that your potential mate wants this, too,

These are resonating standards and you must be clear from the beginning, before you start looking, that is what you want.

Mr/Ms Right versus Ms/Mr Right now:

Getting to know people, even if you start out as casual can change quickly.  Be clear that you are dating Mr/Ms Right now, if you find yourself in that relationship, in essence, a placeholder until you find "the one."  You already know they do not embody what you are seeking, so be honest with yourself from the get go.

Having someone to spend time with is quite lovely, but when Mr/Ms Right Now and you start to fizzle, know that at some point you will be parting ways, and thank them for the wonderful times you had together.  Part in gratitude.

Go through four seasons together before making it legal, for you can tell a lot about a person in that time.  Give yourself time to meet their family, friends, co workers.  Know their financial habits, credit score, and see whether they are faithful or not to you.  Give it that year to learn about each other, and keep that list of what you know you want (which you had before meeting them!) written down in your wallet or someplace you can easily review it.  It is easy to lose track of what you want  once you are out there actively dating and meeting potential life mates.

Be confident enough to say NO, and honest enough to say YES.  

Be true to yourself in this process, and give only at the level of the relationship.  For instance, doing their laundry on the second date?  That is taking over their responsibility.  So step away from premature helpfulness, for that can take away from the healthy dynamic early on in the dating process.

And yes, I do advocate going on actual dates versus staying home and chilling.  You will get to try different things, and learn more about them by actually going out on dates, rather than staying in all the time.

You can be find the right person to share your life with, so please be patient with each other as you "try each other on for size."  

And remember, have fun in the process!

Thank you for sharing this time with me, I am grateful for each of you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Am I giving too much?

Bright Greetings,

It is such a joy to connect to you in our healing space.  I am excited to be here with you.

So often I am asked, "Am I giving too much?"

If you find yourself asking this question, and dealing with frustrating relationships, the answer is more often than not yes.  I also receive the question "Am I giving the wrong thing? Why don't they validate me as a person?"

More than likely, you are in a relationship with a narcissist. The more you give to a narcissist when it is not warranted, the more they will take and feel entitled to getting more.

They do not have the emotional receptors to to give cultivated, they really only know how to take.

I recently had a friend (whom has given me permission to share this with you), married 15 years, had her husband tell her that he was throwing her a birthday party.  He has only gotten her two gifts (including anniversaries, Christmas) in the entire time they have been together.  She has given him many nice gifts and parties over the years, and all she gets is a "hey thanks hun."  The more she gives, the more he takes her for granted.  So when he said that he would throw her a birthday party, she was shocked!  He asked for the guest list, insisting that some of his "buddies" be included, and suggested they eat at his favorite restaurant. She was able to negotiate going to the eatery of her choosing after a few intense conversations, and he then told her to make the arrangements (send out the invitations, call the restaurant, etc...).  He would pay for it, but she needed to handle the logistics. Knowing he is paying for dinner for 25 guests, whom are now all expecting this lovely dinner, he goes out and buys a $500 stereo component for his car 2 days before the party.  He told her that she would either have to pay for it herself, or cancel the whole things. She ended up paying for her own birthday party as well as arranging it.  Because his name was listed as the host on the invitations, he went ahead and took the credit for the party. This was not an uncommon pattern for him, as he has gaslighted her for years, making promises, then breaking them at the last minute.  

Now she stands at the crossroads once again, and she is feeling humiliated, angry, let down, and fed up.  She had already been to an attorney several years ago, when she was at this dead end in her marriage to him.

She has chosen to walk away, as she realized that she was giving too much.  In hindsight and living on her own she has learned that working full time, managing all the household affairs, and making his life so easy that all he had to do was to come home, eat, sleep, and shower, was running her ragged.  

So what makes us give too much?

Our desire to cinch a relationship into place, and to show our potential mates what we have to offer drives us to over-give.  If I show him/her how great our lives could be together, they will want a relationship with me.  This is far from the reality.  It is imperative that you and I give in stages as appropriate to our status.  

For instance:  If you are first dating, giving your new romantic interest the spare key to your home is not appropriate.  That is something that comes when you are in a committed/engaged relationship. For it is, in a way, the key to your heart.  Hold onto it until circumstances 

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Situation-ship or Relationship?

​Bright Greetings to you,

I am so thrilled to share this time with each of you.  This is our place, a sacred space to share the healing available to us all.

Today I want to talk about a being in a Situation-ship versus a relationship.

Many years ago, when I was younger, I found myself in a what I thought was a relationship.  While we were both on the lease, I was working full time, goint to school, doing all the cleaning, and ensuring that the bills were paid on time.  While he paid his share of the bills, I had to be fairly persistent in getting him to give me his portion of the money due, while he showed up to shower, eat, and sleep only.  This lasted a very long two years, and he and I agreed to part ways for our own happiness and peace of mind.  

So what happened to land me in a situation-ship?

When we first started dating, everything seemed okay.  He was a perfect gentleman, and we naturally evolved towards living together, and even being engaged.  Early in the relationship, though, I took things on too soon.  I started to do all the laundry, for which he was thrilled then later became quite complacent.  After that, he stopped doing as much knowing that I would pick up the slack.  I gave too much too soon!  A hard reality to accept even in hindsight.

The more I gave, the more he took, The more he took, the farther apart we grew, and I found myself in a bonafide situation-ship.  He was off with his friends, and acting essentially single, while I was working and keeping the home running.  We were engaged, but we were not progressing with a date to wed, nor was there any real enthusiasm n the part of the groom to be husband and wife.

I had a decision to make, and it was a tough one, I won't sugar coat it.  I had invested 2 years of my life into him.  After repeated attempts to communicate with him, basically having these conversations set to the side for later, I waved the white flag.  I surrendered to the reality that this was not working, and I had become little more than a house manager, or personal assistant, and not really valued on top of it.  He was either working or with his friends, and did not save nor carve out time for us to evolve together.

So I finished my degree (with honors!), and let him know that I was moving out at the end of the month.  He did hot see surprised, but accepted it right away, he too, no longer wished to be married.  I thanked him for our time together, and moved out on my own, with a new job, and a fresh start.  I will add that the apologies to each other came much later, and long after we had been broken up,  Even so, there was nearly nothing to it, but there was closure.

It was difficult for me to admit that I needed to walk away.  I thought that maybe if I had done more, been more patient, took more initiative, and invested a few more years in us that things would turn around.  But I could feel that this was off, and so I found my courage, and did both he and I a huge favor.  He was comfortable with our arrangement, and would have continued for as long as I would have stayed.  

Both he and I make some critical errors that lead us to being in a situation-ship:

We took shortcuts in getting to know each other.  We rushed things and were living together prior to even knowing each other a year.

We spent less and less time together when we did cohabitate.

We stopped helping each other, and were tuning our relationship into more of a roommate situation.

We stopped thoughtful communications and actions. As we began to drift apart, resentment set it, and we no longer did the small thoughtful things for each other that help a couple grow.

We tuned each other out.

We replaced our relationship with time spent with friends.

In essence, there was a lack of empathy present, and that marked the beginning of the end.  We had both become numb to each other.

I learned a tremendous amount from this e

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Ancient Calendar Energy

​Bright Greetings,

It is a joy to connect with you in our healing place.  You and I can connect and share sacred space together.

I want to talk about the Wheel of the Year.  For me, the real beginning of the year is at Yule or Christmas time.  I have always felt energetically that October first, heralding in the change of seasons, and our rush to comfort foods, was locked into my physiology.  The Celtic Calendar, or the wheel of the year, ends on October 31st, Samhain (pronounced S-owww-when) when the veil is thinnest between that of the living and those whom have crossed.  That feeling of wrapping the year of starts October 1st of each year, with the feeling of counting down, reminiscing over years past, and feeling that sense of solitude and the need for deep self nourishment.  Yule, or Winter Solstice is the beginning of the New Year according to the ancients.  This goes back past the Druids and is a pivotal part of Celtic Culture.  Their calendar was based on the natural cycle of the crop and food cycles, and represented their profound respect and connection to Mother Nature.

At harvest time, Mabon, in September, a basket was placed outside the field where the crops were to be gathered.  In this basket they asked that all working in the field to harvest to food, leave all their burdens and negative energy, as they believed (as do I, and science has now backed this up!) that this would impact the food they ate.  I have had a Burden Basket in my home for many years, in the foyer, where people can leave their unwanted energy.  

If you have been feeling a little more tired, or are feeling your emotions at greater magnitude, this is all in keeping with the end of the year, self reflection process.  Surely there are things that you need to wrap up and take care of, or perhaps conversations that you have wanted to have, but find that you lack the courage (or timing).  Perhaps you have been longing to move forward with a new job and you find this energy pressing into your mind.  

Honor your feelings and thoughts, for they are coming into your mind for resolution or for reassignment/reassessment.  If you are feeling tired or sore, this can be a build up of emotions that you have not safely released over the course of the year coming to an end.  This is a fantastic time to take long hot bubble baths, receive healing therapeutic massage, see your acupuncturist/Chinese medicine herbalist, or to seek counseling to get closure on unresolved issues. 

If you are a religious or Spiritual person, daily healing prayers, where you are turning your stresses over to a higher power or meditating can be healing and cleansing.

If you prefer a more Shamanic perspective, doing a sweat, in a traditional sweat lodge will help to clear your energy as you move forward into the new year cycle.

In the Buddhist's Heart Sutra, it talks about the idea in order to fill your vessel, the vessel must be empty.  On the face of it, this does not make immediate sense from a Western Spiritual perspective.  So let's break this down:

If you have a beautiful wine glass, filled with wine that is days old, it will be bitter due to oxidation of the wine.  It is undrinkable.  So you pour out the bitter wine, rinse out the goblet, and now have a fresh, clean vessel ready for use.  

So the bitterness is our toxic emotions, lower states of being like anger and frustration, so we in meditation, pour these feelings out, and using our breath, clean out the glass.

Now we are ready to receive healing energy, and to fill our glass with beautiful heart energy.

What a lovely way to start each day, to end your year, to start your year!  By having gratitude, and humbly acknowledging your humanity.

My family and I have a saying, which is said so many times a day, that we practically say it in unison "it's all about the love."

The Wheel of the Year will walk you through each phase of your year with conscious and mindful realizations.  You will be happier and find that your levels of abundance in true connections with the world around you, increase.  You will attract love and understanding.  

Thank you for sharing this time with me.  I am so blessed to have you all in my life.  I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

(Please schedule a session with me if you are in need of support, it is my joy to be here with you and for you)

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Communication in a Psychic Reading

​Bright Greetings to each of you!

It is a pleasure to connect with each of you in our healing space. 

I want to talk today about the importance of communication, intention, motivation, and energy in a Psychic or Intuitive Reading.  

Firstly, check with our customer service and ask for someone that resonates with your communication style.  If you prefer to refrain from asking questions, you will want a reader that simply shares as they receive, so please do be prepared for insights that you may not have requested, but will be invaluable to you.  If you prefer a more esoteric reading, ask for someone that is more Spiritual and less direct.  If you prefer a direct, no frills reading, ask for the reader that utilizes this style of relaying information.  We are here for you, so please do express a preference to ensure that you have the best reading possible!

Testing your reader:While it is one thing to come in as a skeptic, it is another matter altogether to come in with combative or negative energy where the whole purpose of the reading is to test your reader, rather than have a productive and clarifying session.  We are here to assist you in showing you what your choices are and to share the underlying energies.  Let's work together, and let us do our best to facilitate this for you.

Asking your hardest questions at the end of the reading:  Put your questions with the most energy to them at the beginning of the reading., you will feel almost immediately better, and the reading is much more productive.

Remember that your reader is a person, too:  While we come in with neutral energy, so you have a fresh reading specific to you and your concerns, and we come forward with unconditional love and respect for you. Please treat your reader with regard and respect not only for their service, but as a person.  This does help to keep the empathy growing and thriving in your life and is beneficial to you. 

Psychic Scapegoating:  Calling to have your psychic tell you what to do or what to choose is really not what this work is about.  It is about you using your free will and the information that your intuitive offers to you for further insight.  Ultimately, it is up to you to make your choice, follow through with it, and reap the success of your actions.  Coming back later and blaming your psychic for the decisions that you choose to make is likely to come back on you through a source in your life (where you are blamed for something outside your responsibility).  We offer compassionate insight for the betterment of your life and are here to encourage, support, and reveal.  the possible advantages to the circumstances in your life.  It is our joy to be here for you.

Mediumship:  The person that you ask to speak with might not come forward right away. Pl;ease be patient with this process, as your Psychic Medium is committed to sharing the messages being sent forward for you. 

Transference in a reading:  There are times in a reading where it is easy to direct the energy that you have for someone onto your psychic.  Please remember that this is not a Process Work Session (where you do use the person you are communicating with as a surrogate for the person with whom you have the issues or want to communicate).  This is in the framework of Psychic or Intuitive reading.  Addressing your negative emotions that you have for the person with whom you wish to clear the air onto your psychic  is not the best route.  It also can make hearing the messages from Spirit more difficult to receive or hear if you escalate into hyper emotional behavior.  Your reader will encourage you to breathe, and to feel the calm within you to re-center for your optimal reading.

Rapid Fire Questions: When asking questions, please do give a space in between them for your psychic to connect to Spirit and to answer.  It may not be the answer that you expect, so be open to the information coming through.

Setting your script aside:  your script is much like your resume and from a neuroscience aspect is connected to the left frontal lobe of the brain, and the "I" or the self.  It is where you store your data and facts about yourself (i.e.  I am 48, an accountant, have blue eyes, married with three kids, etc...).  There are correlating centers in the left brain nearer to the cervical spine as well that store your resume or script.  You want to be in the feeling or experiential self which is where your midbrain fires and connects you to being able to hear messages of hope and healing for your life.  This is also the empathy center of the brain where you permit yourself to feel rather than run your script over and over and over again.  This has been proven in neuroscience laboratories (under scan with electrodes and activating the mind through words and imagery) to be detrimental to your balance and well being.  A healthy mind is able to access both hemispheres of the brain for a positive and balanced life.  

Which bring us to our final point:

When you are with your reader, you are in safe space.  Your Psychic will hold Sacred Space around the two of you as you go into the reading and and until your consultation is completed.  Permit yourself to relax into your time, and know that you are loved, appreciated, respected, and valued. It is our joy and pleasure to be here with and for you.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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The Key to Happiness

​Bright Greetings,

It is a joy to connect with you in our healing space.  I am excited to connect with you today!

I want to share some ways to click into deep happiness.

Happiness as a goal will not necessarily help you lock into deep happiness and joy, for it is the outcome rather than the point of initiation. It is a bit more complex than that!

Here are the steps to achieving happiness, this is the process:

1.  Face yourself honestly: Many times we are addicted to drama, pain, fear, and the lower states of emotion.  Joy emanates from the higher states rather than the lower states (as seen an Maslow's Hiercharty of Needs).  If you focus more on the why's, what it's,why didn't I/why did I's, you are less likely to find deep and sustainable happiness.  Just like the 12 step programs which have you say, my name is Joe and I am an alcoholic/drug addict.   My name is Jane, and I am addicted to drama and external validation.

2. Look at your patterns of behavior:  What do you see in your life that repeats?  Are you able to maintain close and healthy relationships?  Do you find that you are alone and isolated?  Do you consistently dwell in negativity?  

3.  Stop asking WHY:  Why leads to unhappiness and discouragement.  Why was I so silly?  Why did I invest myself in the relationship for so long?  Why does everything I do seem to fail?  Why leads to why, and it fails to progress you towards happiness. WHY keeps you stuck in the past, and you miss what is in front or around you right now.

4.  See the positive in every situation:   Find the positive in everything and everyone.  Imagine what it would be like to be in that person's shoes. My friend's husband is very impatient if they have to wait for anything other than his activities.  The other day (and she has given me permission to share this) they were sitting in the doctor's office and the doctor was running behind a bit.  He sat there and complained to her in the waiting room.  Rather than use the time having meaningful time together, it was tainted with his negativity.  He is not thinking about the footprint that he is leaving behind, and how that impacts his wife.  He is stuck in impatient mode and everyone around him is pushed away by his behavior.  Another friend of mine, whom has a new business was upset over a bounced check from a client.  (he has given me permission to share this with you) His mortgage was due in 2 days, and that check represented it's payment to the bank.  He realized that he did not have strong enough financial policies in his paperwork, so he updated the financial policies page of the contract for future clients. When he called the client, she paid the check and all the fees associated with it.  But he learned a valuable lesson.  The experience could have been completely negative, but he learned and grew from it.

Finding the gift in each circumstance, will help you to lock into deep happiness, as you are stepping away from negativity  When you consistently see how you can grow, versus being mired in misery, you will begin to see and feel positive change in your life.

5.  Let your actions reflect the new positive you!:  Now that you are changing your thinking, let's follow it up with acting on it.  

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Relationships: Have you been demoted?

​Bright Greetings,

It is a genuine pleasure connecting with each of you in our healing place/ This is our time to connect and to join with like minded people.

Spirit has inspired me  to present the topic of Being Demoted in a Relationship. When you are demoted occupationally, it is clear cut.  You are lower on the totem pole in your work or job, and it can feel harsh and abrupt. 

Being demoted in a relationship happens gradually, rather than an abrupt shift.  While you may start out getting attention and being a priority to the romantic interest in your life, this can change as negative behavior or talk enter the relationship. There are a number of variable that factor in as well.  If there are kids from a previous relationship, conflicting work schedules, varying religious beliefs, and if you are two different personality types (one more introvert, one more extrovert), it can act to push apart what is a remarkable romantic pairing.

Let's take the case of my friend Sue (name changed, and she has given me permission to share this with you).  She and Joe started out as devoted to one another, but Sue had 3 kids from a previous marriage, and Joe became jealous of the her time with them.  They were married within months of meeting each other, and family and friends did share their concerns that they did not know each other well enough to take this step.  Joe started taking on extra shifts at work, rather than being at home, and when he did get off work, he was going out with friends from work and coming home late.  He stopped calling, texting, and grudgingly turned over money towards the running of the home.  Sue continued to work, as she could see that if things continued as they were, that she would need to be able to support the family on one income.  Their communication was reduced to very basic communication, and she and Joe cultivated their own social lives.  This happened over a 10 year period, slowly, and in small phases.  By the time Joe was taking on extra hours and days at work, Sue had already been demoted to an obligatory relationship.  The energy in their home was tense to say the least, and Sue was grateful that Joe was gone, just as Joe was grateful to be away.  

There is accountability on both Sue and Joe's parts for the relationship falling apart. Sue and Joe, in fact, demoted each other.  When Joe did not get along with the kids after they were married, Sue felt that she had to make a choice between her husband and her kids...the kids had to take priority.  Joe did not make the effort, not did he want to go to counseling to work through things as a family, even though insurance through his job covered the sessions. 

Emotionally and mentally, the loss of hope, is the end of a relationship, and when we demote our romantic partners.  Neglect, which can originate from a lack of communication or the ability to work through problems together, enacting solutions, seeps in.  Feeling that your efforts in your relationship are unseen or unappreciated can cause you to step back from the loving actions your used to have between you. There is a loss of empathy, compassion, and effort on the part of both parties.  When the outsourcing commences (going out separately and cultivating friendships individually), that is when the relationship has been demoted.  It is rare that both people demote simultaneously, it is often a conflict or disagreement that is unresolved (or a number of them!) that starts the process.

What you have is a couple tolerating each other in the same home, and often sleeping in separate rooms.


If you resonate with Sue and Joe's situation, here are some steps you can take to heal your relationship:

1.  Recognize that the problem is mutual, and that both of you need to make changes to come back together.

2.  Be willing to have an honest dialogue regarding how you are feeling, do so when you are able to share in a non-confrontational way.

3.  Change your mindset into one that is more positive.  Often when you are engaged in a degrading relationship, it is common to fall into negative relational patterns. Rather than focus on what is not working, reinforce the positive connections that you still have together.

4.  Bring back the tenderness.  While this may not work immediately, being consistent with loving actions will take root.

5.  Refrain from stepping out on the relationship and having an affair.  This alienation of affection, and then involvement outside of your committed relationship (even if your partner/spouse has cheated!) will only make it tougher to get back together and heal your relationship (if that is your intention).

6.  Forgive them.  Do this for yourself, for carrying this toxic energy does not serve you.  Whether you end up staying together or going your separate ways, you will refrain from carrying the baggage from this relationship with you.

7.  Make consistent, positive, and gradual change without the expectation of immediate reciprocity with your romantic partner.  While this usually does come, they are also looking to see how serious you are about making changes in your life.

8.  Do not post your negative relationship issues to social media, or try to sell the image that you happier than you are in actuality.

9.  If asked about your romantic partner, abstain from running them down or belittling them.  If you are able to work things out, you may have alienated them from friends and family, and making you a less than desirable couple which they choose to spend time.

10. Take care of yourself, be mindful of what you need, and stay with healthy habits (exercise, healthy eating, good mental hygiene). 

11. If you sense a fight coming, walk away!  Or if you find yourself with negative feelings bubbling up, take a moment to let it go, or breathe it out. 

12. Remember what you loved about them in the beginning.  Revisit these memories.

13. Seek counseling if your partner is on the same page.

14. If you believe in prayer, pray for your partner, and for the healing of your relationship.  Connect to your church, synagogue, temple, or religious/spiritual center for support.

15. Live each day in gratitude, and find the goodness in your life. You can not live with anger and gratitude at the same time.

If you find that after this process, you still want to walk away, please move away from a place of gratitude for what you did receive in the relationship.  Be willing to dive deep and do the work to discover your part in the flagging relationship.  Please do so before you date again, as you are likely to find yourself back in the same situation as before, for you still carry the pain, distrust, and loss from the relationship with your ex.  Part amicably, if possible, and speak politely regarding your ex once you have parted.  Trashing them does not serve you nor them moving forward in your lives. It really does take two to tango!

(Please note, that if you are in a relationship where there is some form of physical, verbal, emotional, or mental abuse, that you may need specialized therapy to overcome these circumstances and to trust in a relationship again.  It is well worth your time to make the effort, especially if you have kids)

I see the light in each of you, and am honored to have spent this time together.  

Reside in love.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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