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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic

Shira has been reading for 26 years, and is Certified in Energy Healing and Distance Healing Techniques.
She was trained in intuitive readings, beginning her path as an intuitive, as a teenager when she realized that not everyone saw, felt, or experienced the world the way she did.
Shira is Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and Clairvoyant, and believes that each of us is here to contribute to the greater good. Her empathic ability to see to the heart of the matter has aided her in bringing clarity to her clients for many years. She utilized her intuitive abilities as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years, and believes in the body-mind-spirit connection. It is her pleasure to assist in bring you clarity and compassionate objectivity with your beautifully evolving life.


It takes two to Tango

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I want to talk about our Master Contracts versus our Survival Scripts. There are two levels: Survival mode (lower Chakras) and Thriving, (coming from an open and loving heart).  

The Survival Scripts that we write will include these statements:

I need this to happen for me.

Why can't I find a meaningful relationship?

What's wrong with me?

I want this to happen now.

I will get attention, even if it means from negative validation.

I can't do this alone!

I need people to support me.

I will try to succeed this time.

The Master Contract says:

I am and know my abundance.

I have a fully open and loving heart.

I am happy when others are successful.

I achieve.

I commit and follow through.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I move easily into every aspect of my life.

The Survival Script goes something like this:

I need to be successful, and I want to have support in this.  If I could just get closure from the situations of the past my life would be better.  When I get this, I will be be happy.

I feel that I always just scrape by, when will things get better for me?  When will my relationships improve? How could I be so naive to believe them?

Associated emotions:  Hope, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, animosity, blame, shame, guilt.

Here is a Master Script Example:

I am grateful for everything that I receive.  I am success and abundance, and I know that I have already connected to the series of events that lead to a successful and abundant life.  I forgive those whom have harmed, and send them healing energy so they would find themselves transformed.  I see that I do have control over my life and the achievement of my goals.  Rather than limit myself I look to endless abundance.  I celebrate the success of others, and do my personal best rather than compare myself to them.  I know that closure comes from me, and my ability to forgive. I manifest a beautiful day, everyday, and my heart is open to loving everyone unconditionally. I take action, and act from a place of Wisdom rather than react and permit lower emotions control me.  I am connected to Divine Source, and accept all the gifts of the Spirit.

Associated Emotions:  Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Belief, Honest optimism, kindness, living ethically, 

I love you and I believe in you.  Reside in Love.  You are more powerful that you know!

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Happiness is the Sum

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing!

Let's take a look at happiness. Happiness is the result of commitments + living an evolutionary life.  When I am asked "will they make me happy?  Will we always be happy together?"  

The answer is no, for happiness is only one of our emotions!  During the course of any relationship you will feel joy, encouragement, empowerment, sadness, successful, and so many emotional states of being.   

Let us replace happiness with synchronicity trust,  and resonance.  Being in these states of connection means that both of you are striving to be your personal best, and offer unconditional love to one another.  When you have this as a foundation you can dialogue through anything, grow as a couple, face any challenge together, have a passionate and fulfilling relationship, and yes, have happiness come forward as well.  

Having happiness as your only criterion is short selling yourself short, and having low expectations. Even when you are "happy' you may find yourself wondering if this happiness is going to last, if so, how long, and how you will get past your anxiety.   Building and holding trust leads to a strong foundation from which you can build a strong relationship.  

Remember, you have chosen to live all of life's adventures, and experience life at a daily mundane level.  You have committed to being together for it all, and you are grateful for each  day you have as a couple.  Each day is a gift that you open together, with blessings coming in unexpected shapes, sizes, and manifestations.  

There is so much more  than just happiness.

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The Virtue of Patience

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to both my new and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.  

One of the biggest blockages to a relationship is patience.  Rather than build trust equity together, and get to know each other well, the energy is all too often





The idea of waiting for your life to unfold together, and wanting to have it all in one fell swoop (instant relationship, just add water!), It is well worth the wait to get to know each other, meet each other's friends, take vacations together, if you have kids-give your kids time to acclimate to the new person in your life, and if there are religious or cultural differences, leaning how you can celebrate your difference and incorporate them into your relationship.  If there is an age difference, spending time together and getting to know each other, and seeing how the two of you mesh, and seeing that you can stand the test of time together.  If you have met online or have a distance relationship, spending time together before giving your heart over will save you a lot of heartache.  Especially if you are in different countries. Patience gives you the benefit of knowing if the two of you are on the same page in having a family together as well, for more often than not in the millenial generation, many are opting not to have children.  It could be that one of you is content being in a committed partnership and in no hurry to get married, and the other is eager to make it legal.  There are many aspects of one another that emerge over time, so being patient is to your benefit.

I have done thousands of relationship readings, and I have yet to talk to happily paired couples that regret taking the time to get to know each other.  They gave each other the benefit of time, When the timing was right for them, they transitioned from one phase to another of their relationship.  While the relationship path is far from perfect, you can have the foundation and the ability to communicate in a way that is both healing and fair to the other.

Taking your time also means that you are on the same page with your romantic partner when it comes to relationships with exes.  Do you agree that you can remain friends with your exes?  Or do you prefer that they cut the cord completely?  Does time reveal that you can trust them to be faithful to you, or do you see signs that they are flirting with others in a way that causes you to feel disrespected?

Time will reveal this to you!

The Bible refers to love being patient, it was written with good reason, for patience is part of a loving, and long term relationship with your romantic partner in your career, andin your friendships.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love, Truth, and Patience,

Shira <3

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The Essence is Love

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking sharing, and subscribing!

Today's topic is love, unconditional love and acceptance.  Regardless of the energy healing system I am learning or upgrading my knowledge of, I find that the common thread in all systems is the  holding the intention of unconditional love.  Oftentimes, though, you and I feel that we are coming from this energy, when there is still the presence of judgement, anger, resentment, and the lower vibration emotions.

You know you are operating at Unconditional Love when:

*You can love and forgive those whom have hurt you.

*You can see something good in everyone you meet.

*You wish abundance for everyone.

*You are happy for other's success.

*You stop thinking about and focusing on other people's Karma and how they are going to "get it in the end."

*You are able to easily set negative feelings aside when they arise.

*You are able to stay in Divine Flow despite the energy around you.

*You learn to love and forgive yourself first, and know how to expand your heart's energy.

*You choose people with this same loving intention to be in your inner circle, and are careful with whom you call your best friends.

Set your filters to unconditional love,gratitude, forgiveness, and your personal growth.  When you are focused on these aspects on a daily basis, things flow much more easily for you, and time moves at a quick pace.  Making sure that your home is reflective of your inner state is essential to your growth.  I go through my home on a daily basis, including interior spaces, to keep the positive chi flowing in my home.  I can tell when I need to smudge or go through my home when my beloved dogs start to get cranky with each other.  I do smudge and pray in my home throughout the day, and I do include my car for that is a place of high energy, too.

It take Tibetan Monks years of focused and daily practice to successfully attain the state of enlightenment.  I believe that each of us can reside on unconditional love each day.

I lock this state of mindfulness in with small repetitions throughout the day.  Such as exhaling, washing my hands, and through positive prayers and affirmations during the course of the day.  I also stay away from people who gossip or bring drama with them, and have learned the power of no.  You are taken much more seriously if your yes is applied with the intention of being 100% engaged, rather than saying yes to placate or people please.  

When you are connected to unconditional love, the anxiety, fear, anger, judgement, and the lower state emotions drop away and you are left with boundless heart energy.

I often wonder what would happen if we all joined in this kind of love.  How would our world be transformed?

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Addiction to Toxic Relationships

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog for first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

Over the years I have received many call pertaining to people drawn to, and even addicted to Toxic Relationships.  This is actually being addicted to attention, even if it is negative attention, and one that can, with self work and awareness can shift.  It must shift for it will affect your health at some point. 

Let us first look at the markers associated with a toxic relationship:

*Creates a sense of co dependency and insecurity, which no amount of external validation can quell.

*You are always wondering where you stand with them.

*The communication is spotty or overtly negative.

*You give your power over to other people in search of their approval.

*You have difficulty achieving your goals in both personal and professional.

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Healing from a Lost Relationship

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog for all first time or to returning readers. It is a joy to connect with each of you.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I get a large number of calls with heartbroken people asking "how do I heal from the loss of this relationship.  I cannot get them out of my mind." or "I cannot love anybody else, I want them!"

Losing a relationship through divorce, break up, or even being estranged from your children, parents, and family, can bring about acute heartache. and disappointment.  My heart goes out to you if you are experiencing this.  Please know that this can be healed, and you replace these feelings with happiness, joy, and contentment in your life.  The loss of a beloved pet, according to recent studies, can have an even greater impact than that of the loss of a relationship.  Your beloved animal brings so much love and joy to your life. 

You are grieving:

You and I go through the same process in a break up as we do when losing someone to death.  Knowing that they have moved on, and are living their lives without you can be painful, and leave you feeling empty.  

There is healing for you:

Recognizing that the loss may be permanent takes time. Looking back at what you could have done or said differently will only prolong your healing. Give yourself permission to move forward.  When feelings do come up, such as a rush of memory, let it come through, and let it go.  Please refrain from giving yourself a timeframe for healing from this loss, and do not try to replace the relationship to stop the heartache.  It is likely that down the road they might not be a fit for your life, nor you for theirs.  

DO spend time with friends and family that love you.

DO get out and try something new every week.

DO establish nurturing routines such as a daily walk mediation, or hot bath.

DO place everything in a box out of sight from the lost relationship until you can see them without hurting or painful memories.

DO get a new bed so it has fresh new energy (if you can afford it).

DO take your time in getting another animal if you have lost your beloved pet.  Take your time in getting another and please do consider adopting a senior or rescue animal in need of a good home.

DO make your home your own if you have gone through a divorce or your long term romantic partner has moved out.  Changing the energy of your home will help you to heal.

DO stay single rather than jump into another relationship.  Start dating once the sting of the past relationship has lost it's intensity.

DO start dating when you feel comfortable being on your own, and have re-established your life rhythms.  You are likely to attract someone of a much higher caliber by waiting until your heart has healed.

DO talk with a professional that can help to bring you closure. There may be deeper issues that emerge and you will have exponentially moved forward in your life.

Feelings you encounter when you grieve:




Fear that you will not be happy again


Hope that you may get back together (if a divorce or break up)


and the Why's (why did this happen to me? Why have they been able to move on?  Why can't I find love?  Why don't they apologize to me?  or What was wrong with me?  What could I have done differently? )

Replace these dead end questions with new belief:  I am loved and worthy to be loved, I am happy being single and or in the right relationship, and I give myself permission to have closure.

Receiving Reiki, in person or as a distance healing can help to facilitate the healing of body,mind, and spirit.  

I send each of you love and healing and thank you for this time together.  

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Knowing each other's thoughts

​Bright Greetings,

Thank you to my new and returning readers, it is joy to connect with you.  Thank you for liking, sharing and subscribing to my blog!

Today's topic is communication around reading your romantic partners thoughts or energy. 

Did you know>?:

*Anxiety can block your intuition and created unnecessary insecurity.

*Being so focused on where "they" are versus staying connected to your authenticity can create a block the growth of your relationship.

*Jealousy erodes trust, which when lost is challenging to regain.

*Needing to be in a relationship versus choosing to be in one from a healthy place (as in :"it would be super to have someone to spend time with:.

*Guilt, shame, blame and the need to be right are all relationship neutralizers.

*Closure comes from YOU, not from the person that has hurt you.

*Forgiveness leads to healing or reigniting a relationship.


Your romantic partner cannot read your mind!

Yes in order for things to be clear having positive face-to-face communications where you can see their emotional state as you talk.


To share your feelings! (And we are not talking emoji's here)

I am so happy to see you!

I feel sad about a disagreement I had with my best friend.

I am excited for our vacation together.

I love trust, and respect you.

I believe in you I believe in me, I believe in us,.

I want to talk share something important to me.

To me, communication is....____________________________ (fill in the blank!).  They won't know unless you tell them what resonates with you!

Being faithful to me means... (not flirting with other people, being friends with your exes, etcetera)  They won't know unless you tell them!

The idea here is to share from a place of unconditional love to build synchronicity so that your relationship can open the portals to you growth as individual and as a couple.

Then there is communicating with your families and friends:

Remember the importance of standing up for each other, and for your relationship.  Do not share the private and personal aspects with other people, unless you want them  in the middle of your relationship!  It is not uncommon to have people insert their unsolicited advice, they in their own way, feel that they are being loving and caring.  Thank them for caring and sharing, and leave it at that.  

The complication of workplace  (or dual) relationships:

IF you work for the same company or business, or own a business together, please DO have a firm line between work and home.  Once the lines start to blur, it can be challenging to redefine them.  Have the agreement that you will have be able to divide the two for the sake of your success as a couple and your careers. 

We have a saying in my home:  It is all about the love (as in unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness courtesy, and consideration)

I love you and I believe in you!

Right now, today, this moment, you start anew!  Make every moment count <3

In Divine Truth and Love, 

Shira <3

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Spiritual Spot Cleaning: Staying Clear

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I want to talk about something that I coined years ago, Spiritual Spot Cleaning.  In my commitment to growth, evolution (soul, spirit, mind, compassion, empathy), I have learned to Spit Clean when a personal blockage is brought to my attention.  This is the ideal time to do a quick 360.  

What is happening?

Who is involved?

Where do I feel it in my body?

What emotions am I feeling?

From what age does this emi or originate?

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NOW: Spiritual Tantrums!

​Bright Greetings<

Welcome to my blog for all first timers and returning readers.  Thank you for sharing, liking, and following!

Have you ever known anyone that had a Spiritual Tantrum or had one yourself?

These moments of WHY does everyone else get what they want and I have to wait.  I want it NOW.  I deserve this!  What's wrong with ME that I cannot get what I want right NOW?!

If you have been on the outside looking at someone having a Spiritual Tantrum or Give it to me NOW syndrome, it is not a very flattering glimpse into their character.  Whether we like it or not, your tendency to base our further interactions with them on this low spiritual moment almost becomes reflexive.  Chances are, when you do witness their Spiritual Tantrum that you are thinking, "grow up, and step away from immediate gratification.!"  If you are staying in an empathetic vibration, you may feel that this is simply a rough patch and feel badly for the person having the I want it NOW episode.  But it does stick with you, and make you question if you are doing this yourself.

I have a friend (whom has given me permission to share this) whom at one point in her life in her 30's had a thriving career, Master's Degree, working on her doctorate, owned her own home, and had what others was a happy and fulfilling life.  Having worked on her career she now wanted to find a husband, get married within 2 months, and immediately get pregnant with the first of their 3 children.  She also expected him to move in with her, selling his home, and had a list of expectations and guidelines.  She called and asked me why she couldn't find someone to date that wanted to move into marriage.  In looking at her expectations together, she realized that she was enacting more of a business arrangement rather than a relationship. Her impatience in having everything NOW, and wanting it tied up into one neat package was unrealistic.  She set aside her agenda, and within 4 months, she met the man she would marry. They did end up having 2 beautiful children together,and a happy family life.  It was, as she told me years later, so much better than she could have imagined or designed.  The key was in her letting go of the Spiritual Tantrum of NOW.

When you find yourself having one of these moments, think about the real reasons that you are feeling this way.  Oftentimes this springs from comparing your life to other's, and wanting what everybody else seems to possess.  

Divine Source wants the experience of your life to be amazing!  Filled with love, laughter, joy, learning empathy and how to give back to your world/community, and having meaningful relationships.

You and I evolve when we move outside our comfort zones, and expand our awareness of this world we share.

My son this past year, went bungee jumping for the first time.  He shared with me that it is when you step outside yourself, and open yourself up to new possibilities, that your life goes from good to great!  He said that his whole perspective changed in his vertical plunge, and that it was the most liberating experience of his life.  I am so proud of him for discovering his capacity for growth and hope that it continues to inspire him to do and try more.

What is the leap that you need to make?  For it is these leaps, letting go, and stepping outside our comfort zones that transforms us.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  I send love, light, and healing to each of you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Evolving Your Psychic Gifts

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog to all first timers and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and following!  

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get when people are asking about being a psychic and developing their gifts is "how do you stay in flow and grow personally?"

Great question!   There is much more to it than simply being gifted.  Each of us is born with our intuition set to ON, but as you and I grow we are told what to think, given rote responses to address in academic testing, and how we are supposed to feel and act.  If you are blessed, your FOO (Family or Origin) will support your unique perspective and let you explore and discover your innate gifts and abilities.  All to often, we are expected to fit into a predetermined form, and as adults break free and become authentic as individuals.  

I discovered early on that I could see people that had crossed, and I was blessed to have a grandmother that helped me to understand and see it as a gift rather than a liability.

I recall at age 9, being at a friend's home for a birthday party.  They had a working ranch with horses, cows, goats, sheep, and chickens.  They had a beautiful vegetable garden as well, and I loved being there as I have a kinship with animals.  My friend and I were walking through the building connected to the barn, and I remember seeing a lamb that had recently passed.  She looked so peaceful, as if her spirit had been lifted from her body.  But I could feel her sadness at being ill, being confused, and not understanding what was happening to her.  I sat down with her and cried the tears that she could not, and offered her comfort.  This is one of the reasons that I have become certified in animal communication and healing, for her gentle spirit genuinely moved me. I wish I could have known her in life, but was glad to be there just after her passing to assist her in really moving forward in her soul's evolution.  Animals do not have to stay with the animal form in reincarnation, but often do so, as they want to return as the earth's healers.

I have been blessed to help a number of different animals cross.  One of the most amazing experiences that I have had was help a matriarch crow cross over.  I was driving near my home, and there were literally hundred of crows on fences, perched on power lines, and in the trees screaming.  I stopped the car, and there was the most beautiful crow, alive, but clearly near death.  I pulled my beach towel from my trunk and asked her if I could wrap her up and hold her, she consented.  I held her and I asked if she wanted to receive healing or to cross over.  She asked that I assist her in leaving her body with ease and peace.  I must mention that as soon as i picked her up, the crows, whom had been screaming, stopped, and it became eerily quiet.  I sat down with the crows in a circle above us, and held her until she passed.  I place her under the shelter of a tree where her family could come and honor her life one by one.  I could hear the "thank you" from her family as I had heard from her, and wept tears of joy at this unexpected connection.  

Staying in Divine Flow:

While you may have a gift, a gift unexplored or developed will not manifest to it's full and beautiful potential.  As an intuitive I study, and take regular continuing education coursework in psychology, PTSD,  C-PTSD, Trauma Recovery, mindfulness, energy healing, and am in the process of learning and evolving myself.  It is imperative to increase your knowledge, and learn to set judgement aside I am active in the healing community and offer a free 2 hour  Reiki class each month, and conduct Reiki healing circles to help others keep clear themselves.  The space is graciously donated to me by a local yoga clinic, and donations are accepted for local charities.

I have mindfulness exercises that are done daily, set goals both personal and professional, and have cleansing and self-care rituals built into my everyday schedule so that I remain a clear channel in my work.  

To be an intuitive means that it is important to come from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. This expansive heart energy is how we stay connected in Divine Flow, and offers a source of protection to us from negative energies or presences.  This can be a challenge sometimes and most often does come from the responsibilities of the home environment.  I can tell you, it is well worth the effort, for a peaceful, loving, and supportive home life is critical to being a psychic.  I am blessed to have a family that loves, supports, and even encourages me in my work!  

Making sure that you are getting enough sleep is important to keep yourself charged.  The emotional aspect of this work is a sacred responsibility, and one that I take seriously.  It is an honor to be working with each of you, and to hold sacred space for your healing.

Maintaining EMPATHY in all areas of your life as a psychic/intuitive/sensitive is critical.  For once the empathy begins to erode, so does unconditional love.  Offer empathy as much as you can, and notice how the energy changes for you.

Keep your relationships in healthy perspective as in, this is me, this is you.  Realize that as a psychic you will feel, see, and experience things from other's perspective, and it is critical to see it, share it, let it go.  This is especially true if you are working with negative spiritual forces and spirits that have crossed.  Unless you want to have a house full of spiritual energy attached to you, you must clear!  I smudge as needed, pray, and have protective icons from all belief systems around my home.  

Please be mindful for whom you have in your inner circle, for these people can greatly impact what you are attracting as a psychic.  I know this may sound harsh, but having needy, mean spirited, demanding people, or close friends with a victim mentality will drain you energetically and compromise your ability to be safe psychically (and physically).

Negative or high maintenance relationships do not have a place in your life if you want to represent that clear and healing presence in your work and life. The importance of learning to say NO, is more important than saying YES.  

Remember to step away from being a people pleaser!!  Stand by your healthy boundaries, and when you are given information from Spirit, offer it as verbatim as possible.  There will be points of validation that your client is needing.

Expect Psychic Scapegoats:  If you are in this work know that there will be people that will assign their ownership for their free will over to you.  When you encounter this, pray for them, send them love and understanding (for surely they are hurting), and let it go.  Being in this industry does mean that there are times when the person you are reading with will take out the negative feelings they have for someone in their life on you as they are unable to have closure or to clear feeling/emotions with the person with whom they are having the issues.  It is in working with these individuals (blame, shame, guilt, "that can't be right!") that defines your professionalism as a psychic.  In Buddihism, they are called Bodhisatvas, basically people that polish your life through friction (as in sandpaper!).  Please cleanse yourself of this energy before relating to friends or family, for this can leach into your personal life.

Doing this work you are likely to encounter people that are mentally ill.  As a psychic/intuitive/sensitive you can feel it before they call.  It is essential that you GROUND yourself, I do it to the center of the earth, to ride the waves of what can be disruptive energy.  Do send love and healing during the session, but remember, you have a defined energy field.  This is especially true in working with people that have schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder. Realize that this is something that they were born with, and that sometimes the best they can do is to manage it.  Do not expect a normal interaction.  If you feel that you do not want to work with, nor do you feel up to the intensity of working with them, please do set that boundary for yourself and ask Spirit to send them to another reader.

There are so many nuances to this work, and having been in the field for 46 years, I have learned a tremendous amount in this time.  It is my passion and joy to have chosen this as my life path, and to be here for each and everyone of you.

If you are interested in becoming a psychic yourself and expanding upon your emerging gifts, I encourage you to enroll in coursework to become certified.  It helps you to develop in a well rounded manner as a reader, and to have balance between your personal and professional life.  Please do sign up for a program that covers the psychological perspective, for having an understanding of people's motives, and recognizing how to work with people (connect with them) is critical to you continuing to love your work. When psychics step away from their work, the number main reasons that I have heard mentioned is they have lost their empathy as well as their patience.  If you feel this happening, DO take time to clear your energy, and take a break.

Thank you for this time together, 

I love you and I believe in you.

If I can be of assistance in helping to guide you along your intuitive journey, please do call.  I am honored to be present for you.  I have information on a number of qualified courses for a variety of geographical locations.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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DIY: Making your own cleaners!

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog to first timers or returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and following.

This goes out to all the DIYer's!  Here is my recipe for making your own energy clearing and pet/kid safe cleaners for your home or business.

You will need:


Cooking Twine

Small quartz crystals

Crumbles Sage and lavender

Gallon purified water or spring water

white distilled vinegar

Spray bottle for cleaning

Bundle the following up in cheesecloth:

Quartz Crystals

Sage and Lavendar

then tie off the cheesecloth with the twine.


the water on the stove so that it is hot, but not boiling:

Place the herb and crystal bundle into the water.

Set aside for 24 hours. 


The quartz crystals for the next batch.


the remainder with the water infused with the herb and crystal energy.


Use it to clean all surfaces and even add it to your laundry.

You Can Also:

Place the water in a container alone, and spray it around your home, business, or car for a quick energy clearing.


In Divine Truth and Love, 

Shira <3

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Valentine's Day Approaches: Cueing Expectations.

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog for new viewers as well as returning readers.  It is a joy to share this space with you.Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing!

Valentine's Day is approaching, and energy is running high if you are hoping to reunite with an ex, move forward into an engagement, looking at starting a family together, and wanting a super romantic Valentine's Day recognition from your beloved.

You have a script in your mind for what you want and expect to happen, what you want and feel that you need to hear to feel that your romantic partner understands you, and even abrupt changes that you hope will occur to heal the tension in your relationship.

There is no magic pill, but there is a principal that does make for a healthy and long-term romantic pairing.  In the years that I have been doing this work, and in talking to my parents, aunts and uncles over the years, all married at least 50 years (and to the same person!), I have gathered pearls of wisdom which have helped me in my work.
They shared this with me:

Be 100% committed to each other.  Regardless of what is happening in your lives, your commitment is to each other.  None of them ever cheated, strayed, or spoke badly of the other, but remained in a committed state, even when they felt they had fallen out of love.  Fortunately this did not happen with both people at the same time.  Rarely was the distribution even.  They hung in there, though, and when other couples were divorcing, they fell in love again and again. They survived loss, financial issues, parenthood, and through it all, they were determined to stay together and make the best of it.  (please note that abusive relationships are different and not at all acceptable).

They learned to laugh and play together as a couple and as a family, building positive memories whenever possible.

When they did have feelings for other people, they held their commitment higher than the feeling, for their marriages were not based on feeling, but on a practical foundation:


Not all their Valentine's Days, Wedding Anniversaries, and holidays were over-the-top romantic, but there were meaningful to them.

They were responsible for their own happiness, and took ownership for their lives.

They accepted their husband//wife for their strengths and short comings.

They learned how to fight fair, sticking to the issue at hand and not bringing up old wrongs.

They never went to bed angry.

They supported each other, even when they did not understand what the other was going through.

They kept their word, and refrained from name calling, blame, shame, and guilt.

They held hands, kissed, and hugged.

They woke up 100% committed to each other and went to bed 100% committed to each other.


To have a satisfying a healthy long-term romantic relationship, it takes effort by both people consistently.  Real love is unconditional and is not based in "feeling in love" but in having committed to love one another.  

IF YOU FIND YOURSELF BEING THE ONLY ONE WORKING IN THE RELATIONSHIP, and no matter what you do, you cannot get our romantic partner to put in the effort, it may be time to walk away so you can meet someone that will.  It is better to be single than to be in a relationship, and live a single life.

Communication is of course, important, but it is when your words and actions are in alignment that you know you have a keeper.

Happily ever after becomes, committed for the rest of our lives.

Have enough dignity to walk away from abusive relationships, and to get the help you need to reset your sense of self before walking into the next relationship. You are very likely to attract this kind of person again if you jump right into another relationship for fear of being alone.  Learn from your past, take the wisdom from it. Please do so especially if there are children involved, they are watching and learning from you about their future relationships.

I hope that you each have met the one that will ride out the waves together, committed to the waves that life can bring and to making this journey together.

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Dead End Questions

​Bright Greetings,

It is a pleasure to connect with each of you!  Welcome to my blog whether this is your first time, or you are a returning reader.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

Let's take a look at dead end questions and thinking:

I am sure that each of us has  a friend that calls with the same questions. What's wrong with me?  Why won't he/she text me back?  Why is she/he so mean to me?  Why does he/she always yell at me?  What could I have done differently?  How can I change things here?  What does she/he like about me?  When will he/she respect me?  How did she/he feel about what I said?  Why did he/she feel this way?  Will they ever change?  Should I stay in this relationship or leave?  Do you see how badly I am treated?

Chances are, you do not always pick up the phone when they call for the energy they bring is D R A M A.  This type of encounter can be and often is draining to everyone within earshot.  You want to be there to love and support, but you can only process the connection with them for a certain amount of time.  I have a wonderful Aunt, and when she calls, and I answer, I can anticipate being on the phone with her for two hours, with her doing most of the talking.  I mindfully call her when I do have blocks of time, to let her know that I love her, care about her, and am here for her.  But only if I really have the time to do so.  

I am committed to a each of you in our readings, and in offering a positive, clear, honest, and insightful consultation.  In my years of experience, here are a few questions that make your reading productive.

What can I do to be more confident and stand my ground?

What are my inherent gifts?

What challenges are present in my life, and how do I clear them?

Am I connected to my soul's purpose?

Do I have any toxic relationships in my life?

How do I turn this situation around and improve communication?

Is it to my benefit to walk away or to invest more of my time and energy?

Questions that are non-productive:

Why does he/she always do that?

How did she/he feel when I said that?

What will they say if I share how I am feeling? How will they feel about what I say?

Will they finally take ownership for always hurting me?

Should I keep texting them?  If so, when will they finally respond?

What does she/he like about me?

How am I different than other people they have dated?

Why aren't they proposing sooner? (the energy of I want it NOW!)

Another category of readings is Rapid Fire:

A Rapid Fire Reading is when you ask questions quickly, and want a quick, short response.  Asking Rapid Fire Questions can actually create the circumstances of you asking the same question numerous times as you have already forgotten the answer you received.  If you do prefer this format, please do ask for a recorded session so you can review the reading at a later date to fill in the gaps and recall the insights you received from your psychic.  Please ask one question at a time, rather than two or three, where you might have forgotten the answer to the question.  

I have a friend whom is a gifted reader and does offer Rapid Fire Readings once a week for clients that prefer that format.  Generally speaking, it takes the mind a moment to process the information received, unless you are someone with a extremely high IQ with the ability to focus and retain the response.  

Timelines and Freewill:

When asking for a timeline, realize that freewill can and does change the outcome.  Each of us has freewill, and even the most minuscule choice can impact a timeline.  One small step away from the direction in which we are walking can change things dramatically down the line.  Timelines, unless you are working with a banking or pragmatic business aspect, are malleable and subject to change.  Think of it this way:  Let's say you have $50 in your wallet, and your plan is to buy groceries with this money.  You have the right amount of cash to meet your shopping list.  Along the way, you see something that your spouse would like as a gift, and you spend part of the $50 on the present.  Now you have to cut something from your list, as you have less cash than you anticipated. Timelines are the same way, for time is a currency, and how we use that time does make a difference in future outcomes.

You are amazing, and deserve the healing answers that await you. I am excited to connect with you and to have a productive, loving, empathetic, and honest informational session with you.  Your feelings and perspective are of the utmost importance!

Thank you for this time together.  I look forward to sharing this blog space again with you soon.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Relationship Uncertainty: Unable to Commit

​Bright Greetings,

It is a joy to connect to each of you. Welcome to my blog for first timers and returning readers.Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

Usually I write about being the one wanting the relationship and how to improve communication, and connect more deeply.

Today I want to talk to those whom are dating someone, in a relationship, or seeing someone other than their spouse or committed partner.

The majority of my romantic calls come from people wondering what is wrong with them, why they are not receiving a marriage proposal or having it accepted, why their boyfriend/girlfriend disappears for days/ weeks/months at at time, and people that are just plain frustrated and hurt. The levels of rejection, and heartache they experience is devastating. They wake up to it, they go to bed with it, all the while wondering: When will things with us turn around?

My heart goes out to you if you are in this situation. Please know that you are loved and cherished, you deserve to be loved fully, unconditionally, and to have a rich and abundant life.

If you are not really feeling a long term future with the person with whom you are involved and you have been seeing each other for a year or more, it is time to think about how they are feeling. While life is not fair, I encourage you to contemplate how your romantic partner may be feeling staying in a stagnant relationship that is not really going anywhere. They may be hoping for marriage, or if you are married, wanting to start a family.

Look at the real reasons that you do not want to commit to them:

Are you afraid to commit due to a bad dating history or divorce?

Do you not really want to settle down with them in a long term relationship?

Are they Miss or Mister Right Now versus Right?

Are you married or in a serious committed relationship and they are a temporary playmate or distraction from your relationship that is failing?

Is this an office or situational romance?

Are you seeing someone who is also married or in a committed relationship, considered a safe relationship as it cannot go anywhere?

Please know, that the person you are seeing may have developed long term feelings for you and genuinely be in love with you. Consider their vantage point, and how badly it must be hurting them to go week by week, month by month, or year by year with no indicator or hope of having their commitment nor love reciprocated. They are hurting badly, and deserve someone that will be 100% in as a romantic partner in their lives. If you are dating someone that wants marriage and kids, the clock is ticking for them, and you are just not feeling it, please consider having an honest and loving conversation. Offer them closure and please let them know that it is not them, that it really IS you.

Here are some of the things people need to hear for real closure: Please share this with them in person, not in a text or phone call!

I apologize for hurting you.

I apologize for not having given you the time and attention you deserve.

You are amazing, and I want to thank you for our time together. I cannot offer a commitment to you, and I want you to be free to meet the right person so you can have marriage and family.

I was wrong to cheat on you, and I know I cannot make it up to you. Please forgive me if you can, and if you cannot, I fully accept and understand this.

If they ask what they could have done better or to get you to commit please let them know that they are wonderful, and that you are the one that is not feeling the long term commitment, that there is nothing they could have change or done better. They will need a great deal of reassurance from you in this parting, and if they do get angry or upset, please try to see their side of it and imagine how you would feel if the roles were reversed.

BE SINCERE in what you say, for they are already in a sensitized state, and will need time to heal. Cut ties, and do not try to be friends. Stop texting and calling and giving them false hope, Block their number and email if you have to, and block them from social media, so they cannot see how you have moved on with your life. I know this sounds harsh, but it helps to dissolve the cords between you with more grace and kindness.

One of the biggest issues in a break up is watching the person that you have loved moving forward in their lives by dating new people or connecting with others romantically. In my work I encourage people to stay away from looking at their exes social media as it can slow down the healing process for them.

It is okay if you are not feeling 100% committed, some people are in our lives for a short period of time, or for forever.

If this is a work affair or relationship, please include in your talk agreements regarding how you will act towards each other in the workplace. Agree to keep it professional, and simply that. Striving to be friends may not be realistic, so realize that you have to be the one to have the clear and clean boundary.

And last but not least:

When you do date again, please be clear from the beginning with your intentions. Refrain from misleading your new romantic interest if you want to keep it casual. If you DO feel that you might want more, do not share this until you know 1005 that is how you feel.

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3..

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