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Meet Your Psychic
Hi I am Psychic SkyAzure. All my life I have been able to feel things and at times see things through visions and audio psychic experiences. I read tarot and give guidance through my spirit guides on the phone and email readings. I do email readings where I channel messages through a type of automatic writing online where I give a personal message to you from those that have passed. I am so excited that you contacted me so that we can take this amazing journey together! It’s an exciting time, everyone is going through changes let’s see what changes the universe has in store for you!

We all have gone through relationship breakups, but it is never easy. Why? Because it is a death of part of you that you could count on to be around and suddenly it is not there. Your life is shattered as you know it. People say you got to move on. But first you need to move through. Like experiencing a death of a love one there are phases that you go through in a breakup: (not necessarily in this order and often you repeat different phases)

  • Shock and numbness
  • Guilt (If only I had been like this or did that he would still be here)
  • Anger (also feeling vindictive or revengeful."I'll show him, I'll get him")

Depression (loneliness and lack of motivation, staying in bed all day


Things that help when you are moving through these phases:

A good cry and a little drama

You know that feeling when you are outside after a summer rain, the world seems clean and fresh. Everything smells so good. That's what a good cry does.Everything seems clearer and you feel not quite as terrible.You may even be able to laugh a little, eat a little and get out of bed.

Also, I believe in drama. Wail and scream and throw things around a bit to get out any aggression or hostility, well, in a good way, in a way of release like pillows or dishes that you hate especially if he or she loved them.(Be sure and wear protective glasses if you do this.) Stay right there with your shattered heart (and shattered dishes), in your soot and ashes for a second.This is another way of clearing and releasing angry that will leave you feeling calmer and better.

Symbolic Gestures

1. Releasing in the wind

I love the season that we are in right now.Autumn, when the leaves change colors and then eventually fall from the trees and bring way to new growth in Spring.This is the time I like to say goodbye to old relationships, thank them and set them free and just like autumn leave they will make way for new experience and new growth.I do a ceremony I call releasing in the wind.I try to do this on the night of the full moon because the full moon is the time of completions and endings so that we can be ready for new beginnings.I like to do this at the river (I live near a river) but any place you feel at peace works. I place a leaf in both my hands (cradling it) and then say the following, (you can use your own words) "John, (fill in the blank) thank you so much for being in my life, I remember all those wonderful times (and list them) we h ad together (try to keep it positive because negativity will add on more negativity) but now it is time for you to go.I wish you well, I wish you peace and that you will find the happiness and joy you are looking for.I release you.Goodbye."(Then either place it in the river or raise your hands above your head and let the leaf ride the wind.) I use this time to include all people that have left my life that I still hold on to, like old friends, people I worked with, etc., it is a sweet time of remembering but also an empowering time to say that you release you and goodbye and let them go.One thing, I would like to add is that the expectations that we have of others has a strange controlling type of power on us when we do this exercise of releasing and letting them go, we release all expectations we had of that person.You will be surprised of the new things that start coming into your life and how other people start reacting towards you and how people will be drawn to you including those you would never expect because releasing creates a space for the new to come in.

2. The Breakup Ceremony

This is a combination of a wedding and a funeral.But, more celebratory than sad.Invite all your friends over with there own beverages and snacks and have a bonfire.If friends want to bring something over to celebrate your new upcoming life they can.Gather all your old pictures and memorabilia of you and the ex and together with your friends one at a time throw these things into the fire and say, "Out with the old and bring in the new" or anything else you want but again, I would stay away from saying anything negative like "good riddance bad rubbish" because negative just adds more negativity and it could bite you backside.

3.Bringing the positive energy in

Sit on the floor in a comfortable position i.e. lotus position.Have your arms open and in front of you.Bring your arms into your heart chakra and say, "I release all negativity coming into me" and then bring your hands back out in front of you and I release all negativity (three times.)Then say "I accept and will receive all love/positivity coming into me and will send love/positivity" out (three times.)You are releasing all the negativity that you or others say, and you are accepting all love and positivity in.

When depression comes


When a breakup happens it often is very hard on our self-esteem.We start having a lot of negative self-talk."I'm not a good person, I don't deserve a good relationship, I will never have anything good, blah, blah, blah."Wait, guess what?We've entered the negativity junk yard! Sometimes we get so deep in all the muck and mire of the junk yard that we think we will never get out, it is hopeless.That is when our old friend creeps in, well, it's not our old friend at all, it's depression.When it gets to the point that your life is hopeless then is the time for you to call in the experts, those people that can direct you to get you out of despair and depression.There are three important things to do.1.Talk to a counselor or someone you trust to help you see that things are not hopeless at all that this junk yard is just and illusion and 2.Meditate.It's time to center yourself and stop the endless self-talk that is usually so critical.Check online and you will find hundreds of websites that will have guided meditations (for free) that will help quiet the mind. Also, 3.Exercise.Exercise to the point of real excursion and sweating up a storm.This will help you relieve stress and feel better.

After a while you can raise your heard and look around and really see.The important person is still intact, YOU. You are creator of your reality along with the universe and the universe hasn't dropped you, you are still loved, you are still important, you're just on to a new adventure.

Don't think that without that person to provide a life for you, you are nothing. Because essentially you are saying that "I am not enough, I am only valid when I am with him/her." Granted, they have and changed the landscape of your life and that was a very good thing but after you have experienced that you will go on to something new in the process of your evolution.

Make a change

There is a commercial for apartment rental service that says change your apartment, change your universe.Making a change even a small change can make a difference.Take a karate class, go to Europe, head a committee to save the polar bears, sign up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.Do something totally new and have experiences you have not had before.


Grab a pen and paper. Now list all the things you have that are a blessing in your life right now. What are you grateful for?Such as, "I'm grateful for air, water, beautiful sky, my children, and on and on and on.List everything. Do this every day and list at least 20 items. Recognizing the good in your life will help you to be happier.People call it a gratitude journal I call it my transcendence to higher ground book.Once you see how much you have received (and this list will keep growing) you will see how much you have to live for. You will come to a point where you look at past relationships and be grateful for the time you have spent with past lovers and friends and the joy that they gave you at that time.

Don't negate what you had together, don't say it was a waste of your time because this is what this Earth experience is all about, to gain experience and learn. Everything that we allow into our life, gives us experience and ultimately leads to joy.if you can look at what you had together you will see where they added depth and perception to your life that you didn't have before.After that relationship is gone, don't hurry, take time for self-care and self-discovery, then when your ready something new will soon be on the horizon....

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