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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I have received messages from a very young age. I am an empath with clear connection. I have been called to help others live their best life and I am here to fulfill that calling. I can guide you on taking back your life. I also use candles to enduce meditated visualization and will share with you how you may do this on your own. I use Tarot, pendulum and spirit guides in a reading and will state clearly what I see and I will be honest, even in situations where it might not be what you want to hear as my calling is to tell you what you need to hear.

Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck? Are you feeling like you KNOW life has more to offer you? Are your enemies low? Sometimes, we cannot pinpoint what it is that is bringing our energies down. Sometimes the aanswer is right there in our face and we don't see it; better yet we don't acknowledge it. All of of energies intertwine, meaning if you are having a difficult time at home it can affect your career or vise versa. Other times this is something deep seeded. Did you have goals you feel you should have accomplished by now but haven't? Have you given up on these goals but they haunt you? Let us see what the heart of the matter is and free you from your bound ties.

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Is it intuition? Is it fear?

Fear and intuition can sometimes confuse us. They are both astronomically overwhelming. So what is the difference between intuition and fear? Often we go through life experiencing great things and experiencing setbacks and disappointments. These setbacks and disappointments often leave us with scars that cannot be seen. So we enter a new relationship and we're happy but we always have this feeling like we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. That feeling is putting negative energy into the universe. It sometimes makes us see things that are not  there similar to when we see things through Rose Colored Glasses so let's say we're seeing things through scarred glasses. We often start to compare situations and people with things and people that have hurt us in the past this is normal as it is a natural defense mechanism designed for us to not get hurt again to protect ourselves as you may say. However this can be doing the exact opposite as it is not allowing us to live our best life. It is not allowing us to enjoy the good. Call me today and let us figure out if this is fear or if this is intuition you are feeling. Many blessings hoping to connect with you soon.

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Spiritual Alignment

What is spiritual alignment? Why is this important? Is it important to just you? No...spiritual alignment is important for relationships and those involved. Are you feeling emotionally obsessed? Are you feeling lost? Call me today and let us tackle your alignment together. 

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Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck can be one of THE worst feelings. Especially if it is love or career as these are two very big aspects of life. Why do you feel stuck? What is the way you can release yourself? There is always a way my loves, call me today and allow me to assist you on searching within and  finding your answers.

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Why is everything so scattered?

Venus in retrograde...Mercury going into retrograde moon in Scorpio. Its a whirlwind of emotions...this is not only significant to romance. Where is it all going? Are you in the right path? Call today so we can find out together. I can help you breakdown your goals, your view of self and open your eyes to what you deserve. 

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Are you on the right path?

Your path, your climb is what it is all about. The end goal is just what gives you the drive to forge ahead. Have you lost balance? Are you focused more on THEM than you are of yourself? Are you feeling out of sorts? Out of character? Call me today so together we can find your balance and empower you the way you are meant to be empowered. 

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Venus is in retrograde guys!!!

Love life going heywire? Call today to see if this has something to do with the retrograde. Does he or she love you? Will this work? Will they come back? Are they your twin flame?.....let me help you live your best life.

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Does he/she love you?

​Love is a powerful word. The feeling of LOVE is even more powerful. A lot of times we are connected to someone who does not serve us because we love the feeling of their NEED. We are addicted to LOVING them way more than we realize and we often find ourselves in romantic relationships that do not serve our higher self. This is because we (especially those of us with feminine energy) are nurturers by nature. We fill the voids in our life by those feelings we get from loving others...sounds a little off?...Take a minute and break it down to yourself using a situation that you are in or have been in where you have felt or ended up feeling as if you were left out in the cold. Why does he/she just not see how much I love them? Chances are you are not serving their need to be needed. This is a hamster wheel of emotions this is where we get lost along the way...

Call today and let us figure out together is this is possibly the obstacle that is standing in your way. This might be the moment you are able to reclaim your love and happiness. 

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Self Happiness

​How many times do we hear "He/She makes me happy" when talking with someone whose relationship recently soured? Well my loves, there is part of the issue right there in those four little words. Happiness comes from within or at least it should. Depending on another to "make" you happy is toxic to all parties involved and will essentially leave you and them empty, resentful and 'happiness-less'. When we draw on happiness we are trying to fill a void within; our own void. It is a vicious cycle. When our souls enter the mortal realm as a child we are full of all of the good energies, happiness, love, understanding, trust and so on. Where did our happiness go? Throughout life people with their own void, life's little curve balls and situations drew on it and left us empty.  We need to find the happiness within ourselves, our inner child our own peace. Two glasses half full equals a full glass. Call, message, chat, email me today and allow me to help you not only find but keep  your own personal happiness as the first step in living your best life.


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Your gut is not just there to protect you...

​"Trust your gut!" we hear this, we say this we believe this. Or do we? Lately I have found that we tend to listen to our gut when it is telling us to beware. What happened to the gut feelings that are telling you "Go for it!"/"It's going to happen."/"Keep the faith."? It is because we are living in such a doubtful society. Have you ever been really excited about something, or believed in something really and truly even when the chips were down, then mentioned it to a friend or relative and by the time you leave that conversation you feel horrible, hopeless and even naive? WHY?!?!? Think of a specific time this has happened and now ask yourself how the party that brought this doubt upon you was affected by your situation. Chances are your answer is they were not affected at all. "I don't want you to get your hopes up, only to see you disappointed in the end." Now I am not saying there is ill intent there however, you are grown, yes? You have gotten this far in adult life on your own, yes? "I am telling you this out of love." Really, are you? Now I challenge you to go outside of yourself and ask yourself what makes this person right and the same gut feeling that keeps you safe wrong? Failed at love in the past? Failed in business in the past? I promise the folks that are discouraging you have also experienced failure in the past. Samuel Beckett said it best..."Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." If your intuition is telling you to go for it. or be patient...listen. Contact me today to get your self confidence back.

Blessings loves.


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Stop being a sponge...

Negative energy is consuming. Yes, we love to be there for our loved ones in there time of need, this is a beautiful thing. However, are you absorbing the negative energy of someone or a certain situation that should not be affecting your well being? Opening up to someone is not only about telling them your inner most secrets or confidently venting with out the concern of being judged. Opening up to someone is kind of comparison to opening a door to the outside. You can let the smell of the burnt fish in the kitchen out and let fresh air in. On the other-hand you can open the door and the air that comes in smells like garbage. Maybe you let that fish scent out only to have replaced it with eau de sanitation truck. What do you do now? close the door, right? Now you have this house with a smell of garbage in it that just will not leave (chances are you also smell that fish lingering). You can spray freshener or perfume, will that help? Or will you have a house that smells like fishy garbage and roses? This is the same with energy. We have to be so careful before opening our hearts and our spirit with others. Taking on someone else's problems is so much easier than we think. We do this often without thinking, and we end up a huge ball of stress and anxiety that is not even ours. Can any of us say that our own life is stress free? No, I highly doubt it. There needs to be a disconnect of emotion at some point. I am NOT saying to not be a good friend to those who are good to you I am saying to not be a sponge and absorb all the negativity of someone else's issue. How is this helping them anyway? It is not. I have seen this with lovers, family, friends even co-workers. There is so much to be said about being "supportive" first off there is the EXTREMELY fine line between being supportive and being an enabler. There is also a fine line between being there for someone and being their doormat. Even if the issues or the situation is not as deep as just stated we need to learn how to disconnect so that we are good to all parties, ourselves first and foremost. Contact me today to discuss release and disconnect of all the bad juju we collect daily for the first step in living your best life. Blessings loves.


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Tips for Visualization

​Visualization is one of the simplest and most difficult things we can do to help to bring our dreams, wishes and goals into reality. 

I have been doing visualization from before I actually knew what it was. My spirit guide spoke it to me at around the age of 9 or 10. I am going to list a few tips on how to proceed with visualization and exactly what mindset one would be in before proceeding.

First, you should not be in an emotional state, for example, if this is about a recent breakup and you are in the state of frenzy or depression. STOP. If you just lost your job, and are in the state of panic or severe anxiety. STOP. Desperation will not help you get into the state of meditation you need to be in. Chances are it will only upset you more and that is the last thing you need. (Check back for tips on clearing these feelings from you)

Now that we know you are calm and your able to think of your intentions clearly.

Go into a quiet setting, music is fine preferably it is instrumental only as lyrics will distract you.

Light a candle this can be any candle. I prefer standing candles such as small tappers as the flames are free and always clearly visible. *Note: if the candle has a problem lighting due to no visible cause. STOP. In my experience this is because you are not in the right mindset. Clear your emotions and try again.

While staring at the flame, clear your mind. FULLY. Anyone who practices meditation will find this easier than one who does not.

Find your peace, picture a meadow or an empty plains a still body of water.

Envision yourself standing there and your intention happening, envision your love coming to you, envision that interviewer offering you that job. Whatever it is you desire without malice heart. Feel it happening, breathe deeply letting the positivity of the moment in. Smell the surroundings, feel the contract in your hands, feel your partner's arms enveloping you. Feel the warmth of the sun.

Continue this until the candle burns out.

You have just completed visualization loves.

Obviously this is not meant for you to sit back and put no physical or manual effort in to succeed.

Positive thoughts + positive energy= positive outcome.

For more on this or to get to the point where you can successfully have a clear mind call, email, text or chat me for a reading today.



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SoulMates: Touching on Twin Flames

What is a soul mate? There are different types of soul mate. A soul mate is not necessarily a romantic partner. You also very well will have more than one soul mate during a mortal lifetime. This might shock some but it has nothing to do with common interests or likes. A soul mate is someone who's soul is connected to yours. In this blog I am going to touch on the Twin Flame soul mate. The twin flame soul mate relationship sounds so dreamy, does it not? This is usually not the case. This relationship is ridiculously intense. A twin flame relationship is a relationship that allows us to look into a spiritual mirror, they reflect our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses as well. This is not saying you and your twin are the same, or should I say reflect the same qualities or similarities. Often times you will find you are complete opposites. Twin flame relationships also are all about divine timing. If your twin and you are not aligned properly this can be a horrible time in your life. Fighting with or breaking a relationship with a twin flame is not like any other relationship. You spiritually COMPLETE one another. Look at a picture of a heart, an actual human heart. Now mirror that image. You should now be looking at the image we have grown to know as the heart symbol. A twin flame relationship with out divine timing can spiritually as well as mentally destroy you. A break in a twin flame partnership is temporary but know that without divine timing it is necessary. A twin flame's love is unconditional therefore if you are in a place in life where you do not have self love or if you are not living your life's purpose you are not at the point where unconditional love can be offered or accepted. Too many times we fight the separation and waste valuable time NOT doing what we should such as giving your own soul nourishment and motivating it to grow. Let's talk. Allow me to guide you on getting aligned.

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