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​Want to know his or her intentions and feelings? Psychic Ariel is an intuitive spiritualist specializing in love and relationships. Allow her guide to provide you a sense of direction, clarity & solutions towards your personal questions and concerns with prophetic in-depth details.

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Lucid Dream Exercises for Personal Growth

Many lucid dreamers prioritize fun activities like flying or meeting their favorite celebrities – I fully endorse these dreaming activities, but if you're hoping to achieve spiritual growth through the astral plane, there are better ways to use your dreams. If you're looking for sources on how to lucid dream, there are many good resources online and I will be posting my personal routine in the near future. These practices do require a higher level of lucid dreaming, so if you hope to utilize them you will have to practice lucid dreaming consistently.

The first, and possibly the best lucid dream exercise to master is seeking astral guides. I discovered this exercise when I began to receive helpful advice from women in my dreams; once I found that their advice had merit I started to seek them out during lucid dreams and asking if there was anything they wanted to tell me. The best way to do this is to set an intention to speak with astral guides before you go to bed. Then, if you become lucid during a dream, focus on this intention again. You can even call out, asking for any willing astral guides to come to you.

The next exercise I recommend is astral meditation. In my experience, dream meditation amplifies the effects of waking meditation. This exercise is simple, but requires serious focus. You may notice that meditating in a dream ends the dream and you wake up. This is preventable. Before you begin meditating in a dream, get a strong foothold in the dream. There are a few ways to do this. My personal technique is to pay attention to my five senses; touch your surroundings and notice how real they feel. What do you see and hear? Do you smell anything? Focus intently on these aspects before you begin to meditate to stay in your dream longer.

The third exercise is a mood elevation technique. You will need to be able to fly or float in dreams to practice this exercise. This exercise takes a few tries, but is fulfilling once you get the hang of it. This is another practice I discovered by accident. I noticed that sometimes when I began to fly or float in dreams, I felt a sense of euphoria. I began experimenting with this and found that when I focused my attention inward and floated off the ground, my mood would elevate as well. A few of my friends who lucid dream have practiced this and found it works for them as well. My method of "taking off" in this exercise is lifting my hands to the side, palms up, and my body follows.This mood elevation can transfer into your waking life - if done successfully you will wake up feeling bright and refreshed!

I hope some of you try these practices and find them to be helpful! If you have any astral experiences you wish for consultancy on, please refer to my dream analysis service. May your dreams bring you love and light!

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Full Moon in Scorpio

Have you been feeling the emotional intensity lately? Has the feeling of deep, true love been on your mind and moving you to make more bold actions lately? Let me guess you have been feeling into your sexuality more and wanting to find someone to sneak away with and take home with you when you leave the bar? Have you been going in and out of your thoughts from the darkness to the lightest? Been wanting to bond with someone outside of the bedroom and ask the soul searching questions to get to know them? Has the reality of the choices you have made come to light to where you can no longer lie yourself or others?

Let me guess you are a bit defensive as well? You are ready to defend yourself and others who you love dearly from the worlds cruelties? You have most likely been more observant lately as well, analyzing so much it can make your head spin. I am also assuming here that you have been taking time out to reflect on all of the emotional out bursts that you have been experiencingtoo? "Why am I swinging from being happy to acting like I am fine when I am not you ask yourself but?" But you some how are making it though the day keeping your self together without so much as a hitch. "Why am I proving my loyalty to those would could care less about me and my welfare.." you are asking yourself. Let me guess the intuitive feelings/ instinctual feelings you had about a person came turn despite dismissing that insight to begin with.

I am also going to say that you have been able to give back the karma to your enemies in cold unfeeling manner where you feel justified? Let me guess when you do or say what ever it is to your enemies you don't feel bad for it either, actually it make you feel for once vindicated. Are you hearing what others are truly saying while their words say other wise especially on the news and it is making you angry? I am also going to say you have been feeling more intuitive lately? You have now been able to let go of what no longer serves you while it is painful to you. You are letting go of it anyway and have no idea why? You may not know what is ahead of you but you know the best can't come without letting go of the grey clouds of the past trying to follow you around right? You can feel the rebirth but you don't know what the rebirth is yet?

Over the next three days; I am going to explain what a full moon in Scorpio looks like, what it feels like, and what we are meant to do with it as it teaches us to move through life the circle of life. Scorpio for starters is a complex sign, this sign is the most misunderstood of all zodiac signs. They are hated more than they are loved and less cherished by the rest of the zodiac and world until their predictions come true then they are a valued member of society.They have the most one dimensional character associations placed upon them. Thats all they are based off of too, they are a pretty face with a hint of wild child.

Have you been feeling or seeing everything I have described above? Thats ok if you have this is the greatest sign of the masters trying to work through you and with you. Unsure what this teacher is trying to show? That is ok Book a reading with me today! Have a question but not the time for a call no worries submit a email, chat, or text reading. If you have been having more dream activity with this full moon but your not sure what it all means go ahead and request me for dream analysis toady I have been doing dream analysis for the past six years! I am open to receive your appointment and look forward to your contact.

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The Essence is Love

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking sharing, and subscribing!

Today's topic is love, unconditional love and acceptance.  Regardless of the energy healing system I am learning or upgrading my knowledge of, I find that the common thread in all systems is the  holding the intention of unconditional love.  Oftentimes, though, you and I feel that we are coming from this energy, when there is still the presence of judgement, anger, resentment, and the lower vibration emotions.

You know you are operating at Unconditional Love when:

*You can love and forgive those whom have hurt you.

*You can see something good in everyone you meet.

*You wish abundance for everyone.

*You are happy for other's success.

*You stop thinking about and focusing on other people's Karma and how they are going to "get it in the end."

*You are able to easily set negative feelings aside when they arise.

*You are able to stay in Divine Flow despite the energy around you.

*You learn to love and forgive yourself first, and know how to expand your heart's energy.

*You choose people with this same loving intention to be in your inner circle, and are careful with whom you call your best friends.

Set your filters to unconditional love,gratitude, forgiveness, and your personal growth.  When you are focused on these aspects on a daily basis, things flow much more easily for you, and time moves at a quick pace.  Making sure that your home is reflective of your inner state is essential to your growth.  I go through my home on a daily basis, including interior spaces, to keep the positive chi flowing in my home.  I can tell when I need to smudge or go through my home when my beloved dogs start to get cranky with each other.  I do smudge and pray in my home throughout the day, and I do include my car for that is a place of high energy, too.

It take Tibetan Monks years of focused and daily practice to successfully attain the state of enlightenment.  I believe that each of us can reside on unconditional love each day.

I lock this state of mindfulness in with small repetitions throughout the day.  Such as exhaling, washing my hands, and through positive prayers and affirmations during the course of the day.  I also stay away from people who gossip or bring drama with them, and have learned the power of no.  You are taken much more seriously if your yes is applied with the intention of being 100% engaged, rather than saying yes to placate or people please.  

When you are connected to unconditional love, the anxiety, fear, anger, judgement, and the lower state emotions drop away and you are left with boundless heart energy.

I often wonder what would happen if we all joined in this kind of love.  How would our world be transformed?

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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God blessings

​God blessings is love Peace health and happiness call upon your   Guardian angel that God has sent you, to help guide you through your journey of life calls me now so we may call upon your angels 

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