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Think Positive "Even" If You Don't Believe It

Who doesn't need a pick-me-up from time to time? We all do. It is important to coach yourself during challenging times, new transitions, and higher positions and through changes. Often times we doubt our abilities or second guess our capabilities. This only brings down our energy and lowers your confidence. We have to think positive even when we do not believe it. Why… you ask? This is because good vibrations, optimism, and a positive mind set will help you create great patterns for growth. Not only will you gain mental strength and courage, you will also elevate spirituality. Your life will truly change for the better because through losses and denials, you will handle then in a "lighter" manner. Meaning, you will learn to understand that rejection is God's protection. You will find the lesson and grow spirituality because you have elevated your mind. You will feel okay even when things do not go your way because you will have a knowing and greater understanding that better blessings are ahead. You will trust your spiritual family to lead you on the right path that awaits you. You will want what God has for you. What is meant for you will be for you. Think about it. A psychic reading from me will include positive thinking and empowerment while you get honest, accurate, and spiritual answers to your questions. Through my continued growth and wisdom, please receive messages from spirit below.

  • 1. Give yourself permission to be happy. I sincerely do believe happiness is a choice and when you make this declaration, you will look at life more beautifully. Always find a reason to smile and laugh. Comedian's exist for a reason. It is a great thing to feel good even when you don't feel uplifted. Ever laugh at a sassy picture, story or a joke someone tells a joke at a memorial or homecoming? Of course or you may. As disheartened as you feel inside, you could find yourself laughing unintentionally even if only for a few seconds? I have. That is a good thing. Just like crying, happiness helps us get through life.

  • 2. Remember you are powerful. Stand in your courage and you will be successful. If you got up and tried then you are a winner. When you do not feel like trying, remind yourself to try; even a little. A little can go a long way. When you are sick and cannot eat, can't smell and you force yourself to eat some bland soup; think about how great it is going to feel when you can devour your favorite meal again and savor every single bite. I could go for some extra cheesy beef tacos right about now-slathered in guacamole, sour cream, fresh crisp lettuce, cold juicy tomatoes and a drizzle of hot sauce. What came to mind for you?

  • 3. Your achievements, choices and actions are honorable. Celebrate yourself! Take pride in yourself because you have dignity. Remember to love yourself by praying for yourself, treating yourself to shopping or breakfast. Acknowledge your milestones and cleanse physically and spiritually. It is ok to sleep in from time to time, get a facial, body massage, nails done, hair done, even if you do it yourself sometimes. Spend some time on you. You are worth it and you know when you deserve it.

Overall message from spirit:  New Year, new beginning. Anything that you want to start, start! Begin even if the conditions are imperfect. Yes I said it. I-m-p-e-r-f-e-c-t. With God all thing are possible. Know that.

As a Psychic Advisor, Tarot Reader and Life Coach, I am happy to offer further insights, affirmations, and readings to help you to train yourself to think positive so that you can be happier. Find out what is next for you. You can live your best life. I am only one text, chat, email, or phone call away.

Happiness, Peace, Joy, Blessings and Abundance!

Psychic Empress


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Wanting to hear from a loved one on the other side?

​I have been able to communicate with the other side my whole life. I've assisted many clients in receiving the closure needed to help with their grieving process

 Spirit as well want to give messages or advice to their living loved ones. Please allow me to convey those messages. 

 I'm also able to give any advice or answer any questions you have regarding any aspects in life. I'm able to tune in to my spirit guides as well as yours to give accurate and detailed answers tailor made just for you. Not everyone gets the same answers. Find out what yours is!

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Our Guides want the best for us!

​The day we are born. We all get assigned a main guide. Then throughout life other guides come along.  For me. I have 8. From my main guide who is a Native American chief. My grandparents..3 close friend's. And also can't forget to mention my Guardian angels. 

Different energies. But same goal. To have us become the best version of ourselves possible. I can communicate with guides and,past loved ones, and by the end of the call. I will provide that message that makes sense to you

I've saw and assisted in giving the accurate and the words you would soak up like a sponge. And may lead you to a complete different mindset. 

I love being motivated  by the subtle signs to push me.

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Make 2020 the best year'

​My spirit guides allow me to provide the questions and guidance needed to grow and allow me to provide the tools tailor made for each and every client I assist. Not everyone is the same. So my specialty is to provide the tools that is going to help you!

 Also since I am a psychic medium. I am able to provide closure and the tools needed to allow the path to heal. I am able to pass the message from your loved one to provide that peace of mind needed!

 Please call and let's work together to come up with the best game plan best for you!

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Seeking answers?

Needing that certain question or closure answered? Allow me to help serk those answers with you! I am able to communicate the answers from spirit to provide the peace of mind needed. I was born with the ability to communicate with spirit. I have provided 100's questions answered to clients needing that healing. Let me help you!

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