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Mental Health

​Sometimes we are so caught up in the real world or even the spiritual world that we can no longer see our true selves. We search for the voices of our guides, our friends, but they are all too loud over our own heart.

Take some time aside before the fall and winter hit and try to reconnect with yourself. We need some mental health pregame. Winter hits us hard so lets make a plan with our doctors, guides, mental health practitioners to prepare us on every level.

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Are You Align With Your Life Purpose?

​Do you know what your Personal Energy is for 2019? Do you know your Life Path number? Does Your Career Provide you with the four Ps (Purpose, Passion, Prosperity , Power)? Book a Cosmic Energy Reading to help realign your Chakras and raise your vibration to live your best life NOW! Call and ask for Psychic Angel.  

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Keeping Your Attitude Positive During Tough Time

Enjoy this article I wrote. Would love to do Angel Messages for you. I hear, feel, see Angels and share this with love. I read best with those who have a loving heart. 

There is quite a difference between concern and worry when it comes to the way one handles day-to-day life and the obstacles that occur along the way. A problem-focused mentality which is called Murphy Law Syndrome, worries and sees their obstacles in the form of problems. This can cause struggles and pain. This leads to greater fears, limitations, self-doubt, negativity, judging, powerless words, time pressures, and more problems. There is a continual focus on it by dwelling on the obstacles and playing the self-pity game. Constantly complain, blame, moan and groan forming a domino effect in all areas of their life. Their attitude is affected, becoming negative to the point where they are not willing to let go of the struggles and attempt to control the situation. 

Through persistent feeding negativity, they are unable to 'let go of the chattered thoughts and complaining and relax. They feel stuck and unable to become pro-active and resolve the problem, feel like a victim.The more one worries, the more their attitude is affected negatively. It has been medically proven that a negative attitude affects your health. One can manifest depression, headaches, ulcers, colds, heart attacks, and even cancer because they are repressing their emotions and thoughts in a negative way. These repressed thoughts and emotions are in the form of negative energy. When these negative energies are stored in your body and are not released, the body reacts by getting ill. 

List of results that come from a non-positive attitude:

*Your focus on what you do not want

*Your focus on DOING in order to control some outcome

*Your focus is on negative results

*Your emphasis is on what you do not want

*You end up attracting more problems*You have conflicts, frustrations, fears, etc.

*The results are procrastination and/or quitting

*You feel out of control and powerless

People who perceive their obstacles as challenges experience feelings of concern rather than that of worry. They focus on their obstacles and life with a 'Serendipity Attitude'. They choose peace, love, joy, prosperity and well-being. They choose to live life BEING love, joyful, and peaceful. They are pro-active and look for solutions that support overall well-being and harmonious peace for all concerned not just themselves. They know the challenges they are facing are not permanent and that there are lessons to learn. Their attitude is positive because they look at these challenges as opportunities for growth as they focus on being in the present moment with gratitude.The more you accept life for what it is and what it is not, the greater inner peace, joy and love is experienced. From that place you are better suited to know how to live a pro-active life that allows you to enjoy life rather than just live. 

Enjoying the simple things that life offers, such as, nature, children laughing, animals' affection, people laughing, reading a book, nature, and taking a walk. By realizing that you don't have to DO something to HAVE greater peace, love or a positive attitude, you enjoy life more. 'Doing' in order to 'Have' joy, love, peace is looking OUTSIDE for joyfulness, peacefulness, love, etc. All that is necessary is to GO INSIDE and choose to BE at peace, to be happy, to experience inner love. Thinking grateful thoughts supports a positive attitude. Feeling Appreciation, supports joyful living. Gratitude and Appreciation is the means of moving your consciousness and emotions off what is making you unhappy to that of choosing to BE happy

.List of results that come from a positive attitude

* You focus on what you would enjoy.:

* You choose to BE joyful, peaceful, and loving

*Your emphasis is on positive focus and opportunities

*You receive insights and innovative ideas.

*You attract people who are supportive and caring

Comparatively between the two lists, you can see it takes fewer steps and far less invested energy to create intentions when you have a positive attitude than to get goals in life and attempt to control the outcome with a negative attitude. In order for you to enhance a positive attitude, it is imperative to take responsibility for your life. You alone are responsible for your happiness and well being. It is important for you to truly know who you are and what makes you happy. By Being happy, you will create a more fulfilling life. By Doing, to then have something to BE happy, is backwards. Being happy, claiming it and choosing it, provides for more effective decisions making. Mistakes occur along the way, yet they won't be perceived as failures to blame on another or one oneself. Rather, see them as opportunities to grow, mature and develop more wisdom.

You release those feelings and thoughts that are not caring or have compassion toward another. You accept and choose peace vs. attempt to figure out or understand the reason. You use discernment rather than judgment. You avoid personalizing, so your attitude is not affected by any possible unfavorable behaviors.When you take better care of yourself, you enjoy life more. Your attitude says, "I choose to live life and I would rather enjoy life than worry about it." By taking responsibility for your life and the obstacles you face, the decisions you make are more productive. Your life is run by what brings you happiness and well being because you know you deserve it. You assert in a responding manner with conviction and compassion, rather than become reactive in unpleasant feelings and thoughts on situations and people that attempt to affect your happiness and well being.

Having a positive attitude includes balancing your life in all areas-including family, friends, health, exercise, work, spiritual, education, and eating healthy. You are enhancing a positive attitude, by trusting your intuition and allowing it to be your guide rather than allowing fears and other outside sources to be your guide or tell you what is best for you. To learn more on serendipity and living the essence of love, read book- Living Life as You Always Dreamed.

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All Progress Starts Somewhere

​Goals, the things we set out to achieve, start with us. We base our goals on who we think we are, how we want to view ourselves, or by what we have already accomplished. When we set out for a goal to be the best base ball player, what is it that we tell ourselves? When we establish a goal to be the best baseball player we are saying "Hey I play baseball, If I work hard enough and believe in what I am then I will earn what I deserve".  We take apart our habits and qualities that we have or want and put them to use.

Affirmations are essential to our starting point when we want to move forward. We can't achieve if we are full of self doubt. Why? Because even if we win a gold metal in the Olympics, if we do not believe in ourselves who says we will even be proud of our award? When we do not set our selves up to receive our success, we let moments pass us by that we should be celebrating. We play down the excitement and praise we are due. We think we do not deserve the goals we have accomplished and the rewards we have earned. If we do not set our selves up for success, If we do not believe we are worthy of reward, or prosperity, or love, then why should we leave it to others to have that faith for us? 

When we do not believe in ourselves we put our burdens on our lovers, our families, our children, our coworkers. We leave the world to pick up our negativity. In truth, everyone else is trying to lift their own spirits. Think about all the people who believe in you and look through their eyes when you think of affirmations you make for yourself.  Your son thinks you are a super hero, so you are. Your mother thinks you are the smartest person she has ever met, so you are. Your husband thinks you can handle anything and knows the heights you can read, so you stand tall. Your wife thinks you are compassionate and caring, because you are. Now if we believed in what people see in us, we could achieve so much more. 

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Do YOU feel Stuck?

​When you feel stuck that may mean one or more CHAKRAS are blocked. When a CHAKRA is blocked that slows you down or prevents you from creating your desires in LOVE, CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, WEALTH, TRAVEL and MONEY. Ask about a Chakra Balance Healing Treatment during your Reading to help CLEAR your Energy and Vibrate at a higher frequency! Book your reading today. I look forward to helping you heal. Ask for Psychic Angel.

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