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Releasing & Unlocking Resentments Part I

​Often times when we become passionate about those we love we assign ourselves a position and a place in their lives.

After time goes on this just becomes the relationship dynamic. Out of sheer habit, we continue doing things that are long past their expiration date.

But why?

Why do we hold on to these habits, people, and situations that are no longer serving us?

We forget all our reasons why it is important for us to do this thing and just do what it takes to continue the activity like a job or obligation long after the passion for the activity is gone. 

And somewhere, when we dig deep enough, we find that underneath the burden is that primary reason, that primary purpose that motivated us in the first place.

When we return to this place of why we were doing something in the first place we find first that we were trying to serve others in attempt to maintain things that are sometimes not even our responsibility. We find that we choose to serve them in these moments for a deeper need to serve and uncover our sense of self. 

We seek to have them to return gratitude, appreciation and to mirror our self image and show us who we are. 

We seek their health and nourishment through cooking for them, cleaning up after them and we seek their education and future in fighting their battles, but we forget the importance of them developing these attributes and abilities within themselves. 

Our result is often that we find ourselves over spent and undervalued with little to nothing for ourselves and a growing resentment for the burden that caring for them in these ways inherently brings.

(2 Be Continued)...

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Psychic Delilah Here to Answer Your Questions

​Hi I'm Delilah and I want to help you through your situations whether it's good or through the bad. I want to bring clarity into you life and bring ease to your mind and wellbeing. I use many techniques dealing with my Psychic ability. I use all my gifts to reveal an outcome for you, I'll advise and guide you through what you need to do to have the best outcome based on your questions and what I see for you.

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I want to help you!

​Hi I'm Delilah and I want to help you through your situations whether it's good or through the bad. I want to bring clarity into you life and bring ease to your mind and wellbeing. I use many techniques dealing with my Psychic ability. I use all my gifts to reveal an outcome for you, I'll advise and guide you through what you need to do to have the best outcome based on your questions and what I see for you.

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Navigating a Toxic Work Environment

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog, I am Psychic Shira and it is a genuine joy to connect with each of you.  Thank you for liking, subscribing, and sharing!

I get a plethora of call pertaining to  toxic work environments.  Helicopter bosses, a gossiping work culture, being held back from promotion due to prejudice, and being left out of the communication loop.  I have been assisting people regarding workplace issues for many years, and have witnessed the power each of you has to transform a toxic culture.

All too often, even with the humanist movement in business, you will find yourself on the receiving end of blame for something in which you had no part.  If you find yourself in the position of the corporate scapegoat, here are a few things you can do to be prepared to defend yourself.  I believe in preventative measures, so better safe than sorry:

1.  Document everything and keep it factual not emotional:  If you are coming from an emotional tangent, you are likely to look guilty for something that you had no part in, or for something that another employee in your division was assigned to complete.  Write down a) Who was involved b)time and date stamp c) details such as what resources were to have been utilized d) copies of any emails or memos that clear your name e) proof that you completed the portion that you were assigned in a timely manner and according to policy. f)a a record of any client or customer interactions.

2.  Do not share your documentation with anyone, including it's existence:  Keep it to yourself, and someplace where it is safe from prying hands and eyes. Having a  work journal in your personal email account that is ongoing is a great way to secure your data.  Never share your passwords with anyone from the workplace for your personal email records.

3.  Keep your personal life private:  Do not share anything from your home situation, keep it about work. Period.  Which leads to our next point.

4.  Dual relationships:  Realize that when you are friends AND work together that there can be leakage from one realm to the next.  Mindfully move into a workplace/friendship relationship.  Do think about the dynamics of your workplace should your friendship go sour for any reason.  Make sure they are trustworthy, even if you have had a disagreement.

5. Do your personal best:  By doing your personal best each day, and avoiding office drama, you ensure that your work reviews will yield positive results. You are not there to make friends, you are being paid to do a job, and to do it well!  

I also want to address some of the things you can say to change the energy of blame, shame, and scapegoating in the workplace:

I have a friend whom has climbed the corporate ladder, making her vulnerable to criticism and "passing the buck."  (She has given her consent for me to share this with you)

Here are some pearls of wisdom from her that she has used successfully: 

1. Thank you for sharing this with me.  I appreciate your time and effort in expressing this.  John was actually responsible for and assigned this task, but I will bookmark it for the future should  I have the same task given to me.

2.  Thank you for your feedback, I will pass this onto the team member that was responsible for the completion of this section of the contract.

3.  (if it is a boss)  Your insight and wisdom are valued at the workplace.  We greatly respect your perspective and appreciate that you respect our position and views with equal regard.  

4. (Narcissistic boss) You are always right on point and see things even before they manifest as an issue.  I will pass your expertise along to the crew in charge of this aspect of the project and have them get back to you right away.

5.  (co-worker at the same level)  Thank for taking the time to discuss this with me.  I see from the memo dated (put the date here!), that this was Jay's responsibility.  I suggest that you set a meeting with Jay to look at this and to establish a recovery plan.

6. (if someone is gossiping around you) Sounds like there is a lot going on here. Rather than talk about Sally when she is not here, let's talk to her directly about this to minimize any office gossip and damage to her reputation.

Here is the TO DO list for a happier work experience for you:

1. Come in with a cheerful and professional attitude.

2. Keep emotions out of it. Do leave the emotional doormat at home.

3. Be mindful of whom you have as friends at work.

4. Do your work the best of your ability each day.

5. Stay away from office drama.

6. Refrain from discussing any hot button social, religious, or political issues.

7. Show up 10 minutes early ready for work, and leave on time.  Have a healthy boundary between work and home.

8. Do take your designated breaks to keep up your energy, productivity,  and alertness,

9. Keep your communications efficient and clear.

10. Be professionally empathetic (I empathize with you for all the extra work you have taken on.  While I cannot  know how you are feeling, I respect you)

11. Treat everyone with respect, you never know when they might be a referral source for you. 

If after all this you find that your work environment has not improved, and you have given it sufficient time to resolve, do look for another job.  Make sure, though, that you are moving forward rather than running away from the previous toxic work environment. Forgive them, and let it go for your own sake and future professional growth.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  I hope that has been helpful and encouraging.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Shira <3

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VERY DETAILED AND ACCURATE TAROT READINGS! From love and relationships to finances and career, personal questions and much more

​Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am a intuitive psychic and powerful spiritualist, i work in many areas of spiritualism. I offer detailed tarot readings, I can pick up on your aura and energy field, I can speak to your spiritual guide and they can help to guide you in the best direction possible. A reading with me Will be very detailed and informative but above all it will leave you with great clarity and guidance.

I hope to hear from you soon! many blessings love & light 


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