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Humanity’s main soul lesson is to learn how to love thyself and love others. Uncover the difference between true love, egoic attraction, psychic vampires, soulmates, and twin flames. Learn how to manifest healthy relationships by loving yourself first.

One of the most important topics that many online psychics answer questions about daily is …you guessed it, LOVE! Many of us want a loving, romantic, take-my-breath-away connection, but are you ready for it? We all go through growth cycles and chan... Continue reading

 Bright Greetings,Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy to connect with you. Thank you for liking, subscribing, sharing, and following. As a psychic reader, I have done thousands of psychic readings online, many of them about roma... Continue reading

We all love twin flames, I know I do. Because I am one, and being that I am a twin flame, I can fully understand how hard it can be. Especially when friends and family think you are crazy for obsessing over a guy/girl. Trust me, you are not alone, an... Continue reading

Have you ever looked around the room when you first walked in, scanning for someone who may seem appealing, single, and even attractive to converse with? How about when you're sitting alone at a bar, and you're hoping someone that actually has a bit ... Continue reading

Bright Greetings,Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy to connect with you! Thank you for Subscribing and sharing with my blog as well as the other amazing articles at Meet Your Psychic.Spirit has directed me to dive into the topic of ... Continue reading

Bright Greetings,Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for following, liking, sharing, and subscribing. All too often, in a psychic reading after a breakup or a bitter end to a problematic relationship, the question that I get asked is, ... Continue reading

Sometimes before we embark on the journey to discover a loving relationship, we need first to take some time and learn to love ourselves better. We can occasionally get caught up with life and lose sight of the importance of self-care and the value o... Continue reading

People often wonder how do you know when you've found your soulmate?The advice "you'll know when you meet them" is not always accurate. Sometimes we don't feel an instant attraction for the one who is meant for us, but we can feel a certain pulling t... Continue reading

If you find yourself obsessively working with psychics and having tarot readings for love continuously, day after day, you may be obsessed with finding love. Sometimes this obsession can be temporary as we go in and out of our needs and emotions unti... Continue reading

All of us want to be loved, and seeking out people who are not right for us is, unfortunately, a part of the journey towards finding our soul mate. Learn the signs that someone really does like you as much as you like them and take heed of the warnin... Continue reading

The arguments are productive.Healthy conflict is at the heart of any relationship. Don't fear disagreement with your person of interest. Discord can make you understand the value of respecting each other's opinions and differences. It's only when one... Continue reading

Set reasonable expectations.Depending on how long you were involved with your partner, it may be shocking to re-enter the world of dating. Give yourself time to adjust to the process of meeting someone new. Consider what you want at first, and it may... Continue reading

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