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You are Loved

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers.  It is a joy to connect with you.  Thank you for subscribing and sharing.

In my communication with Spirit the overwhelming message is YOU ARE LOVED.

You have love behind, to the side, above, below, and in front of you.

The trouble comes when you and I create blockages so that it is not seen that there is love and validation all around you.  Sometimes this love comes as a no, or a redirection.  Having love around does not mean that you get what we envision, rather that you trust in Divine Source, and stay in your own learning and growth curve.  Learning to step out of your way, and stop creating barriers to having unconditional love fully infuse your reality, is often your greatest challenge.  This is an opportunity to see that there is something greater for you!  The Universe has big plans for you; let go of your own agenda and let it flow into your life.

This does not mean letting go of ownership and personal responsibility, be honest about your life!

It does mean that you put in your sweat equity, and Spirit does their part.   This is a collaboration, not a solo act.  

You are loved, loved beyond human comprehension, loved beyond measure, and the ability to feel the magnitude of this love.  When you do permit yourself to feel it, it floods you with such an uplifting energy, that words are likely to fail you.

The first time that I encountered and Angel, all my words failed me, and I felt such love that all the questions I had wanted to ask completely left my mind.  It was my job to receive the healing being given. I have had other opportunities to ask questions since, but that feeling of being immersed in Sacred Healing Love or Quantum Love Energy (terminology which I have coined),  changed me for the better.

Knowing how deeply and unconditionally you and I are loved, I set fear and the lower state emotions side, and walk each day in the assurance that it will manifest in the ways that you and I need it (rather than want it).

You are loved. Forever. Always, Unconditionally.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  Like what you are reading?  Please do subscribe so you get notification of my blog straight to your inbox. Please do share for those in need of love, support, and encouragement.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Life Hacks for Raising Sons

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers.  Thank you for sharing and subscribing!  It is a joy to share Sacred Space with you.

This is the second part of lessons to teach our children for successful and fulfilling lives.  I have 3 children, 2 daughters and a son, all of whom have graduated from University, and are successfully launched on their own.  They are responsible, thoughtful,intelligent, and dynamic world citizens.  They are loving parents to their animals as well. It was well worth the time and effort to help get them to successful adulthood.

Here are essential things to teach our sons:

1.  Learn to manage your resources wisely:  teach your sons in their teens how to balance a checkbook, and to save money.  Encourage them to think about how they are spending, and to be fiscally responsible. You want them to have a god credit score so they can purchase  a home, car, and not be prohibited by black marks on their credit history.  Talk about credit cards, using them mindfully, and paying them off.

2. Be a loving and supportive spouse:  demonstrate to them what a good spouse does in doing their share of the chores, keeping their promises, being faithful, patient, and kind.  Show them what it is to be a loving parent as well.  Teach them about being a proactive communicator, rather than holding things in, and do remind them that being part of a couple or a family means that they are not the center of the Universe.  There is saying and I have found that it holds true, "Mother's raise their daughters and love their sons."

How would you want to be treated as a spouse?  Dialogue and show your sons what this looks and feels like. 

3. Cooking: Teach them to be proficient cooks, to know how to shop for groceries, and do a proper kitchen clean up.

4. Ethics:  Raise sons that are honest and law abiding.  Every parent's worst nightmare is their child dying or going to jail.  Teach your sons right from wrong, and instill in them the strength to stand by these values in the face of peer pressure and other life issues.

5. Give them a foundation of faith of some kind: Whether it is Spiritual or a particular religion, having a Spiritual platform to make guide your life and assist in making wise decisions gives your son a strong foundation to build upon.  Should he choose to deviate from the family religion, and does so according to his beliefs, please support him.

6. Emote:  Raise your son to be in touch with his feelings, and to be able to talk about them.  Encourage them to communicate before something becomes an issue, and create space for these conversations to occur.  Make time to sit down across from your son and talk about their day or week.  By doing this, they see that this is something that is valued, and it takes root in their lives.

7. Discipline: Work together on various projects and set goals together.  Work together to achieve them. Do this consistently, and you have raised a goal oriented and disciplined man,  Watch them soar to success because of your time and effort.  Praise them when they reach their goals, and make it a family celebration.

8.Friends:  Talk to your son about him as having the same reputation as the friends he has in his life.  Choosing friends wisely is one of the big life lessons, and often where difficulties in life can ensue.  Show your son by making positive friend choices yourself!   

9. Sexual responsibility: So much focus is placed on girls being responsible, that our sons seem to be able to be immune to this responsibility.  Talk about the reasons that you wait to be intimate, and how being active soon can change the dynamic.  The point is to talk about it together, and give your son a responsible foundation for becoming a man.

10. Listening:  Teach your son to be a good listener, and to hear rather than try to "fix" the situation.  Be a positive listener to your son, and show him what it is to be listened to with empathy, and genuine connection.

11. How to deal with negative emotions:  Another major area, please talk to your son about the long term affects of being angry, and emitting negative emotions.  Let him know that he has safe space with you to discuss them before they become an issue.

12. Love: Teach your son to love unconditionally. This is something that is imprinted or patterned.  Love shows up!

13. Confidence: Instill in your son a sense of confidence so he does not look for validation solely outside himself.  

14. Learn from mistakes:  You and I learn from our mistakes, let your son know that he does not have to be perfect or strive for perfection.  Making mistakes is part of being successful, and he will grow in wisdom and learn greatly from them.  It is how he handles his mistakes, both in action and mentally, that matters.  Talk about positive strategies, and as situations arise.  Share how you have learned from yours.

15. Keep I love you and I am proud of you separate: When you and I say as a parent I love you and I am so proud of you, it can equivocate our love with that of them achieving a certain performance standard.  Keep these two statement apart.  This leads to a successful, happy, and secure man.

16.Sobriety:  Every parent dreads the drug and alcohol talk.  Talking about it is one thing, but demonstrating it is another.  Refrain from being under the influence with your son. This is especially true for same gender parent!  

17. Be politically aware:  Vote, know the issues, and be part of the solution, not the problem.  Take your kids to the polling station with you.  Let them learn first hand how important it is to be proactive and have your voice and vote count.

Let us all work together to encourage strong and successful boys to men. Being a parent is the best and most challenging role we will have in life.  Raise sons that are loving, awake, and aware world citizens and watch them excel!  Nothing feels better than that!

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Psychic Charity- an Introduction

​I'm so happy to be here!! I'm Charity, and as I'm new to Meet Your Psychic I thought it only fitting to share a little about myself. First of all though, I'd like to thank those of you who've chatted with me so far for the warm welcome!! My favorite thing about sharing my gifts is being able to help others. While I've run my own website for a while, this one gives me a broader spectrum to be able to help more of you- and that TRULY makes my heart happy.

I have known I had "gifts" for as long as I can remember. When I was very young I would freak my mother out by telling her things before they happened. As a young teenager I lost my Grandfather. He and I were extremely close, and I remember not being able to be that sad when he was gone. It was because he wasn't gone from me. I still felt his energy around me. A couple weeks after he passed I was in my Grandmother's bedroom with her and their very fluffy cat. The cat raised her nose to sniff something that wasn't there, and then nuzzled her head into an invisible hand. We visibly watched her fur flatten from her head to the tip of her tail, as if being petted. Her purring had been so loud you could hear it into the next room. My Grandfather had been her "person." I knew it was him in the room with us, and my Grandmother did too. In that moment we exchanged our first acknowledgment that she and I were alike. He had appeared to her more than once. They had shared an incredible love affair for more than 40 years. He passed too soon, but he continues to stay with her to this day. She is now 96.

That moment made me realize it was okay to embrace my gifts and not see myself as an outcast or weirdo. As I grew older I learned to hone my empathic skills and radiate out my mind to be able to read emotions and events from a distance. It came easily. I learned the Tarot and was then able to give more clarity and meaning to what I was seeing. 

After college I met a wonderful man, got married and had children. As my oldest son got older I started to notice skills and gifts appear in him- even stronger than they were in me. He could clearly see "imaginary playmates", and described them in clothing styles that wouldn't have fit this decade, nor was he old enough to know that. 

I continued my studies to strengthen my gifts and by the time my children reached high school I had learned to interpret dreams and contact not only my spirit guides, but others through meditation and dreams. I also learned I had gifts in the realm of casting. It became important to me that I used these newly found skills to help others in need. As I did so my powers became stronger, and the spells I cast failed less and less.

Even in 2019, being someone with my particular skill set is still widely frowned upon- especially in the Bible Belt (which is where I reside). While my spiritual beliefs are strong I remain hidden in the broom closet and only help others in private. I practice deep meditation every day and connect with my guides regularly. My guides help put me on the right course and direction to find people in need, and have led me here to Meet Your Psychic. I may not have mentioned it, but my wonderful Grandfather is indeed one of my spirit guides. I'm so incredibly happy to never be without him.

There is SO much more to my story and I'm genuinely thrilled to have a space to share it with you. I hate to spill too much at one sitting, though. So we will save the next chapter for another day.

Message me! Let me help and guide you. I look forward to making a new friend in you.

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Amazing Healing Crystals

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readings. Thank you for subscribing and sharing my blogs.  It is a joy to share sacred space with you.

One of my passions in life is working with crystals.  I have been rock hounding since I was a kid, and the child in me still finds them fascinating.  I have a dog that is a rock hound as well, she brings me rocks to add to me crystal altars in my office.  Our shared interest is one of the many things that I love about her.  

You are aware of the divas of the crystal world, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Fluorite, and lovely Rutilated Quartz.

Some of my favorites, though, are inauspiciously dressed in brown, black and dull reds, but have amazing healing properties.  I use them in my healing practice and have used them for my own health and well being for over 50 years.  

Willemite:  Discovered in 1830 and name after William I of the Netherlands, this zinc silicate mineral, with red and brown rhombohedral crystals (think of a 3 dimensional cube at an angle), is one of the category of crystal that fluoresces under short wave UV light. It is used in some top shelf mineral makeups for it fluorescing qualities. It is often found in matrix with Zincite, Franklinite, and Orbicular calcite. You can carry a small specimen with you or simply place it on your office desk.  Going for a job interview? Place it in your purse or briefcase to help ease you nerves. It comes in more than 4 forms and colors.

Here are a few of it's healing properties:

Clears creative blocks for writers and artists

Renews lost relationships OR brings healing closure to them

Helps to connect to the astral plane for psychic intuition cultivation

Eases nerves and stress

Helps to alleviate addiction issues


Aragonite is a calcium carbonate and it is created from fresh and salt water precipitation.  Finding it near bodies of water is quite common.  It is Orthorombic (a rectangular prism), and it comes in many different forms.  It is a reddish brown, and a strong healer. Dull rather than shiny due to the striations from the twin interior access.

I have an Aragonite sphere in my office, and it is offers a supportive, grounding energy.  If you are going through a divorce, or you are in transition from a stressful job to a healthy work situation, inauspicious Aragonite can help you. This also have fluorescing properties under short wave UV lights.  Wear it in a ring, or carry as a pocket stone to assist you in feeling grounded in any situation.  Meeting your future in laws for the first time?  Wear an aragonite pendant to make it a low stress meeting.

Here are a few of it's healing properties:

Alleviates environmental stress

Supports the lower 3 chakras

Supports in stressful home and work situations.

Assists in easing transitions.

Brings out the truth in any situation (radionic)

Snowflake Obsidian:

This is a silicon dioxide, with with white inclusions.  Thus, looking like snowflakes!  It was first discovered in Ethiopia by Obsius, 77 AD (he was a Roman Emporer). It is widely seen in Mesoamerica  in the form of arrowheads.This is a volcanic crystal, igneous, which is produced when lava from an volcanic eruption is forced through small small spaces in rock and flows into water, going through a chemical metamorphasis (composed of magnesium and iron). Since it is derived from lava flow, it forms in sheets of glass-like substance. Differentiating Obsidian  from other crystals that over time, form as crystals.The lake bed where I go in Oregon to see it, is in the formation of an obsidian basin, as it coated the lower surface of the lake, creating a beautiful black sheen. (it is illegal in most areas to take obsidian, so be sure to purchase mineral rights for the day, and get permission for specific areas!) There are many distinct colors of obsidian, one of the most beautiful being green. Please be careful as the edges on Obsidian can be quite sharp and in some cases, cut your skin (in it's non tumbled form)  Wear in the form of jewelry or place a speciman in the central part of your home, along with a Hiimalayan salt lamp to keep you home loving, pure, and positively charged.  Great to have where there is heavy traffic with children and animals.

Here are a few of it's healing properties:

Grounding stone and associated with cleansing the environment

Especially calming to the 2nd and 4th chakras

Used to dispel negative Spiritual energy before it can take root.  If you already have an existing Spiritual issue, you will need to couple with black tourmaline or a crystal that rid your space of negative energy.

Brings any unhealthy or addictive issues to the forefront so you can work with them.

You and I are in alliance with the healing crystals and minerals in our world.  I find the structural and chemical properties remarkable.  I have a healthy respect, and in fact, awe, for the gifts of Mother Earth. Let us use her resources wisely, and ever in gratitude, offer that love back at every opportunity.

Thank you for sharing this time together.  

I love you and I believe in you.

Like what you are reading?  Please share!  Let's keep the love going.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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We all have gone through relationship breakups, but it is never easy. Why? Because it is a death of part of you that you could count on to be around and suddenly it is not there. Your life is shattered as you know it. People say you got to move on. But first you need to move through. Like experiencing a death of a love one there are phases that you go through in a breakup: (not necessarily in this order and often you repeat different phases)

  • Shock and numbness
  • Guilt (If only I had been like this or did that he would still be here)
  • Anger (also feeling vindictive or revengeful."I'll show him, I'll get him")

Depression (loneliness and lack of motivation, staying in bed all day


Things that help when you are moving through these phases:

A good cry and a little drama

You know that feeling when you are outside after a summer rain, the world seems clean and fresh. Everything smells so good. That's what a good cry does.Everything seems clearer and you feel not quite as terrible.You may even be able to laugh a little, eat a little and get out of bed.

Also, I believe in drama. Wail and scream and throw things around a bit to get out any aggression or hostility, well, in a good way, in a way of release like pillows or dishes that you hate especially if he or she loved them.(Be sure and wear protective glasses if you do this.) Stay right there with your shattered heart (and shattered dishes), in your soot and ashes for a second.This is another way of clearing and releasing angry that will leave you feeling calmer and better.

Symbolic Gestures

1. Releasing in the wind

I love the season that we are in right now.Autumn, when the leaves change colors and then eventually fall from the trees and bring way to new growth in Spring.This is the time I like to say goodbye to old relationships, thank them and set them free and just like autumn leave they will make way for new experience and new growth.I do a ceremony I call releasing in the wind.I try to do this on the night of the full moon because the full moon is the time of completions and endings so that we can be ready for new beginnings.I like to do this at the river (I live near a river) but any place you feel at peace works. I place a leaf in both my hands (cradling it) and then say the following, (you can use your own words) "John, (fill in the blank) thank you so much for being in my life, I remember all those wonderful times (and list them) we h ad together (try to keep it positive because negativity will add on more negativity) but now it is time for you to go.I wish you well, I wish you peace and that you will find the happiness and joy you are looking for.I release you.Goodbye."(Then either place it in the river or raise your hands above your head and let the leaf ride the wind.) I use this time to include all people that have left my life that I still hold on to, like old friends, people I worked with, etc., it is a sweet time of remembering but also an empowering time to say that you release you and goodbye and let them go.One thing, I would like to add is that the expectations that we have of others has a strange controlling type of power on us when we do this exercise of releasing and letting them go, we release all expectations we had of that person.You will be surprised of the new things that start coming into your life and how other people start reacting towards you and how people will be drawn to you including those you would never expect because releasing creates a space for the new to come in.

2. The Breakup Ceremony

This is a combination of a wedding and a funeral.But, more celebratory than sad.Invite all your friends over with there own beverages and snacks and have a bonfire.If friends want to bring something over to celebrate your new upcoming life they can.Gather all your old pictures and memorabilia of you and the ex and together with your friends one at a time throw these things into the fire and say, "Out with the old and bring in the new" or anything else you want but again, I would stay away from saying anything negative like "good riddance bad rubbish" because negative just adds more negativity and it could bite you backside.

3.Bringing the positive energy in

Sit on the floor in a comfortable position i.e. lotus position.Have your arms open and in front of you.Bring your arms into your heart chakra and say, "I release all negativity coming into me" and then bring your hands back out in front of you and I release all negativity (three times.)Then say "I accept and will receive all love/positivity coming into me and will send love/positivity" out (three times.)You are releasing all the negativity that you or others say, and you are accepting all love and positivity in.

When depression comes


When a breakup happens it often is very hard on our self-esteem.We start having a lot of negative self-talk."I'm not a good person, I don't deserve a good relationship, I will never have anything good, blah, blah, blah."Wait, guess what?We've entered the negativity junk yard! Sometimes we get so deep in all the muck and mire of the junk yard that we think we will never get out, it is hopeless.That is when our old friend creeps in, well, it's not our old friend at all, it's depression.When it gets to the point that your life is hopeless then is the time for you to call in the experts, those people that can direct you to get you out of despair and depression.There are three important things to do.1.Talk to a counselor or someone you trust to help you see that things are not hopeless at all that this junk yard is just and illusion and 2.Meditate.It's time to center yourself and stop the endless self-talk that is usually so critical.Check online and you will find hundreds of websites that will have guided meditations (for free) that will help quiet the mind. Also, 3.Exercise.Exercise to the point of real excursion and sweating up a storm.This will help you relieve stress and feel better.

After a while you can raise your heard and look around and really see.The important person is still intact, YOU. You are creator of your reality along with the universe and the universe hasn't dropped you, you are still loved, you are still important, you're just on to a new adventure.

Don't think that without that person to provide a life for you, you are nothing. Because essentially you are saying that "I am not enough, I am only valid when I am with him/her." Granted, they have and changed the landscape of your life and that was a very good thing but after you have experienced that you will go on to something new in the process of your evolution.

Make a change

There is a commercial for apartment rental service that says change your apartment, change your universe.Making a change even a small change can make a difference.Take a karate class, go to Europe, head a committee to save the polar bears, sign up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.Do something totally new and have experiences you have not had before.


Grab a pen and paper. Now list all the things you have that are a blessing in your life right now. What are you grateful for?Such as, "I'm grateful for air, water, beautiful sky, my children, and on and on and on.List everything. Do this every day and list at least 20 items. Recognizing the good in your life will help you to be happier.People call it a gratitude journal I call it my transcendence to higher ground book.Once you see how much you have received (and this list will keep growing) you will see how much you have to live for. You will come to a point where you look at past relationships and be grateful for the time you have spent with past lovers and friends and the joy that they gave you at that time.

Don't negate what you had together, don't say it was a waste of your time because this is what this Earth experience is all about, to gain experience and learn. Everything that we allow into our life, gives us experience and ultimately leads to joy.if you can look at what you had together you will see where they added depth and perception to your life that you didn't have before.After that relationship is gone, don't hurry, take time for self-care and self-discovery, then when your ready something new will soon be on the horizon....

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