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Meet Your Psychic

What Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You

​ Dreams are very controversial things. Are they spiritual? Are they the subconscious mind trying to communicate with the conscious mind? Are they nothing more than a natural function of the brain required for proper sleep? Nearly every religion and culture believes dreams to be more than a requirement for proper sleep. They also believe that some people are able to interpret dreams just like Joseph, and others, mentioned in the Bible. Here at Meet Your Psychic, there are several of us who were either gifted with the ability to analyze dreams, or have studied it, or (like myself) have acquired the ability through both. Often times, having a natural ability is wonderful, but to fully understand it, you have to study it as well. Let's not forget; practice, practice, practice.

Interpreters are crucial to understanding dreams, because they are coded messages. I would never begin to guess why they can be so cryptic to the dreamer, but usually they are very easily analyzed by the interpreter. It is simply the way it works. Most of the time you can have a dream that you can't make heads or tails of, but the one doing the analysis usually goes, "Oh! Well, that's easy!" It can be very frustrating for the dreamer. There are often dreams that make the dreamer uncomfortable or embarrassed, causing the dreamer to fret about it, and not want to discuss it with anyone. For instance, I had someone come to me years ago who was very upset because he had had a dream he had sex with his sister. As it turns out, he was simply worried about her for various reasons I can't go into. It did NOT mean he wanted to sleep with his sister. The interpreter knows this, but the dreamer can sometimes do nothing but sit back and ask themselves, "What's wrong with me?!" I never dream shame. You're asleep. You can't help it. You're freaked out, so you're unable to see what the real meaning is about. My point is, dreams are important. They should never be ignored or brushed aside. Whether you're dreaming of being chased, hiding, sleeping with your sister, or that it is raining macaroni (another one that really happened), there's nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Allow one of us here to help you understand what is really going on in your life. 

Dream analysis with Meet Your Psychic is so easy! You can find the Dream Analysis option under the Readings header, or you can click on the psychic of your choosing and see if they offer dream analysis. You will be asked a few questions, just be as detailed as possible. Details help us give you the most accurate analysis. Don't worry whether or not a deceased loved one is trying to tell you something, ask us and find out. That's what we are here for. It is our pleasure to guide you through your dream journey and help you resolve whatever you are going through.

Wishing you all of the magic and blessings that each new day has to offer!

Psychic Heather

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The Beauty of Email Readings

​There are so many ways to get readings here at Meet Your Psychic, but one that I would like to discuss is email readings. For me, email readings offer me a great variety of methods for helping you find the answers you are looking for. I have so many methods of doing readings, but my old reliable is my standard tarot deck. I always choose this deck for phone, chat, or text readings. The main reason is that I have had this deck for a very, very long time so I am able to give faster readings with accuracy. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm not good with my Angel deck, my Gypsy deck, my Ostara deck or my Runes, I can very accurately use them all. Many of the members here who want text, chat, or phone readings are in a hurry, and that's okay. We live in a very busy world. The beauty of email readings is that YOU can CHOOSE which method you would like me to use, and I have more time to really dig in and evaluate the cards or runes to give you the accurate reading you expect, with the method of your choosing. If you don't want to choose, that's okay too! I will choose the one that calls out to me the most for you or your personal situation. It allows both myself and the members here at Meet Your Psychic to have options. I like that. Another thing that I like about the email readings is that you don't have to worry about your time constraints, or mine. If I'm not currently available (or the psychic of your choosing), it's okay. I will still get the email when I am available. I will still have the time to concentrate on you and give you the best reading I can. Of course phone, text and chat readings work!  They're great, they're personal, and not to be underestimated, but email readings shouldn't be tossed aside either. They're an excellent way of getting answers when you don't have time to chat or call. I invite you, beloved members, to give email reading a try with the psychic of your choosing. 

Wishing you all the magic and blessings that each new day has to offer!

Psychic Heather

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Tarot, Astrology, & Love Compatibility

​I would like to introduce myself, I am Malia, a third generation clairvoyant. This means that I have the ability to see the unknown and piece information together for clarity. At times I am also clairaudient and clairsentient; I find these two gifts to be especially loud and clear when transmitted. I have been a practicing Astrologist for 18 years and familiar with the Tarot for over 15.  When doing remote readings, I love to use the Tarot to get psychic insight into your situation to offer you strategies toward preferred outcomes.  I use Astrology to give you a deeper reading into your life path and how to proceed.  My abilities are especially attuned to Love Relationships although I can help you in any area that you are seeking guidance.  

I would love to help you on your spiritual if you would like to request a reading with me.

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Psychic Love

​Hello, I am a gifted psychic and relationship expert with 25 years of experience. I have helped many clients through my guidance and meditation to find happiness within their broken relationships. They listened to my intuitive advice and found their relationships, marriage and love life turned around for the better. Through my guiding them, they have fixed those broken relationships, healed their hearts, and have found that new love that they didn't even know was looking for them. I also have helped many in finding that job that they so desperately wanted.

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Let's Talk About It!

​Hello! I'm Psychic Rainbow. I am a second generation tarot reader, having received my first tarot deck at the age of 10 from my mother. She taught me everything she knew and I have spent my whole life practicing the arts of divination. I am most talented in astrology, numerology, tarot reading, and dream interpretation. I majored in psychology and blend modern science with ancient wisdom to deliver guidance that is grounded in practical theories and infused with the intention of helping you to find the answers within. Having lived in a Zen Buddhist center during my training, I also embrace a mindfulness-based approach that combines Eastern philosophy with western practices. 

I am an extremely intuitive empath and I guarantee that I will compassionately listen to all your questions and concerns. No question is too big or small! Together we will come up with answers and solutions to all your heart's desires. Let's talk about it!

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