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Manifesting made simple

    ​Have you ever heard of positive breads positive? Well, I am here to say that it is 100% true! We have the ability to manifest the life that we want with nothing more than a positive attitude and willingness to let ourselves have what we ask for. Too many times we are made to believe that money  is too hard to come by or that promotion is our of reach, but with the law of attraction you can have it all. Manifesting with the law of attraction is actually very simple. There are three way which i have found give the best results.

1, the water method:

        Quite possibly my favorite of all methods, and the easiest. All you need is a glass jar of water( preferable the purest water that you can find) and a positive mindset. Grasp the bottle or jar of water in both hands, look at the water and state your intentions in the present tense. ( ex. I have a great job, I received a big promotion at work, money comes to me easily, I am a magnet for money.)  State your intentions and allow yourself to feel the way you would if it where true. Drink the water little bits everyday to remind yourself to stay in the positive mind frame that these thing s will be yours.

2. Stone method:

      This method gets a little tricky because you have to have the stone of what you desire. The easiest way to find your stone is to google what stone best fits intentions, there are so many stones that have multiple purposes that its best to find the one that speaks to you. My personal top picks for manifesting or adding and extra boots of power is Clear Quarts. Holding the stone in your left hand, clearly state your intentions in the present tense ( ex. I am a magnet for money, Money comes to me easily)  carry the stone with you and hold it daily to recharge it and remind yourself to stay positive.

3. write it out:

 with this method all you need is a notebook or journal. simply write out your intentions in the present tense an if they have already happened. I have found this method works best for manifesting love (ex. My boyfriend/ girlfriend is smart and kind, My boyfriend/girlfriend has beautiful brown hair and blue eyes, My boyfriend/girlfriend is successful) Read the entry every day to remind yourself to remain positive.

I cannot stress how important your emotions are when manifesting. It is imperative to stay positive and believe in your intentions, and allow yourself to feel the happiness that you would feel when your intentions become reality.

 Manifestation truly works and we are in charge or our reality so make it a good one :)

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Lucid Dream Exercises for Personal Growth

Many lucid dreamers prioritize fun activities like flying or meeting their favorite celebrities – I fully endorse these dreaming activities, but if you're hoping to achieve spiritual growth through the astral plane, there are better ways to use your dreams. If you're looking for sources on how to lucid dream, there are many good resources online and I will be posting my personal routine in the near future. These practices do require a higher level of lucid dreaming, so if you hope to utilize them you will have to practice lucid dreaming consistently.

The first, and possibly the best lucid dream exercise to master is seeking astral guides. I discovered this exercise when I began to receive helpful advice from women in my dreams; once I found that their advice had merit I started to seek them out during lucid dreams and asking if there was anything they wanted to tell me. The best way to do this is to set an intention to speak with astral guides before you go to bed. Then, if you become lucid during a dream, focus on this intention again. You can even call out, asking for any willing astral guides to come to you.

The next exercise I recommend is astral meditation. In my experience, dream meditation amplifies the effects of waking meditation. This exercise is simple, but requires serious focus. You may notice that meditating in a dream ends the dream and you wake up. This is preventable. Before you begin meditating in a dream, get a strong foothold in the dream. There are a few ways to do this. My personal technique is to pay attention to my five senses; touch your surroundings and notice how real they feel. What do you see and hear? Do you smell anything? Focus intently on these aspects before you begin to meditate to stay in your dream longer.

The third exercise is a mood elevation technique. You will need to be able to fly or float in dreams to practice this exercise. This exercise takes a few tries, but is fulfilling once you get the hang of it. This is another practice I discovered by accident. I noticed that sometimes when I began to fly or float in dreams, I felt a sense of euphoria. I began experimenting with this and found that when I focused my attention inward and floated off the ground, my mood would elevate as well. A few of my friends who lucid dream have practiced this and found it works for them as well. My method of "taking off" in this exercise is lifting my hands to the side, palms up, and my body follows.This mood elevation can transfer into your waking life - if done successfully you will wake up feeling bright and refreshed!

I hope some of you try these practices and find them to be helpful! If you have any astral experiences you wish for consultancy on, please refer to my dream analysis service. May your dreams bring you love and light!

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Full Moon in Scorpio

Have you been feeling the emotional intensity lately? Has the feeling of deep, true love been on your mind and moving you to make more bold actions lately? Let me guess you have been feeling into your sexuality more and wanting to find someone to sneak away with and take home with you when you leave the bar? Have you been going in and out of your thoughts from the darkness to the lightest? Been wanting to bond with someone outside of the bedroom and ask the soul searching questions to get to know them? Has the reality of the choices you have made come to light to where you can no longer lie yourself or others?

Let me guess you are a bit defensive as well? You are ready to defend yourself and others who you love dearly from the worlds cruelties? You have most likely been more observant lately as well, analyzing so much it can make your head spin. I am also assuming here that you have been taking time out to reflect on all of the emotional out bursts that you have been experiencingtoo? "Why am I swinging from being happy to acting like I am fine when I am not you ask yourself but?" But you some how are making it though the day keeping your self together without so much as a hitch. "Why am I proving my loyalty to those would could care less about me and my welfare.." you are asking yourself. Let me guess the intuitive feelings/ instinctual feelings you had about a person came turn despite dismissing that insight to begin with.

I am also going to say that you have been able to give back the karma to your enemies in cold unfeeling manner where you feel justified? Let me guess when you do or say what ever it is to your enemies you don't feel bad for it either, actually it make you feel for once vindicated. Are you hearing what others are truly saying while their words say other wise especially on the news and it is making you angry? I am also going to say you have been feeling more intuitive lately? You have now been able to let go of what no longer serves you while it is painful to you. You are letting go of it anyway and have no idea why? You may not know what is ahead of you but you know the best can't come without letting go of the grey clouds of the past trying to follow you around right? You can feel the rebirth but you don't know what the rebirth is yet?

Over the next three days; I am going to explain what a full moon in Scorpio looks like, what it feels like, and what we are meant to do with it as it teaches us to move through life the circle of life. Scorpio for starters is a complex sign, this sign is the most misunderstood of all zodiac signs. They are hated more than they are loved and less cherished by the rest of the zodiac and world until their predictions come true then they are a valued member of society.They have the most one dimensional character associations placed upon them. Thats all they are based off of too, they are a pretty face with a hint of wild child.

Have you been feeling or seeing everything I have described above? Thats ok if you have this is the greatest sign of the masters trying to work through you and with you. Unsure what this teacher is trying to show? That is ok Book a reading with me today! Have a question but not the time for a call no worries submit a email, chat, or text reading. If you have been having more dream activity with this full moon but your not sure what it all means go ahead and request me for dream analysis toady I have been doing dream analysis for the past six years! I am open to receive your appointment and look forward to your contact.

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What You Need to Know to Start Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a valuable skill that can aid in personal growth, decision making, and connecting with our spirituality. However, learning tarot takes a lot of practice and can be intimidating for beginners. That's why I'm sharing some things I wish I knew when I was starting out.

First, don't start by trying to memorize the meaning of every individual card. Instead, learn the meaning of the different suits and the story each suit tells. For example, the suit of swords tells the story of a long trial with a dark ending, though this end makes room for new beginnings. Some themes associated with this suit are communication, consciousness, trials, and focus. Once you know this, it will be easier to learn the meanings of each card. You can look at the imagery on a card, imagine how it relates to the suit as a whole, and use this to determine its meaning. As you practice this, look up the meanings of the cards you draw and compare it with the meaning you got from the card. This will help you remember the meanings of the cards more than studying flashcards would, and it helps you create a personal relationship with your deck.

This brings me to my next point. The best way to learn tarot is to practice. There are a few ways to incorporate practice into you daily life. One way is to draw a card every morning and reflect on it throughout the day. Where do you see the themes of this card showing up that day? How can the advice the card offers help you in your daily struggles? This is a great way to get to know individual cards more in depth. Another important aspect of practicing tarot is practicing on other people. It can be intimidating to share a new skill with others, but it will help you become a more competent and confident reader.

Everything I've gone over so far is essential to learning tarot, but the most important aspect of being a good tarot reader (which many readers overlook) is connecting with your intuition. Each tarot card has a variety of meanings, but when I'm doing a reading I don't list all the possible meanings of the cards I draw. Instead, I take a moment to tune into what the card means in this particular reading. I use a variety of skills to do this. I'll start by explaining the most concrete method I have for determining what a card is telling me; I look at the cards around it. If I notice a spread has strong themes running through it, those themes are likely to apply to the card I'm examining. Another way to hear what the cards are saying is to notice what imagery immediately stands out to me. When a certain item, color or person depicted in a card calls to me, I know that the message it represents is the one my client needs to hear. The most difficult aspect of intuitive reading in my experience is also the most abstract; opening your mind to messages that come to you during a reading. This skill takes practice outside of tarot. Practicing meditation, awareness, and empathy are ways to learn it.

It's true that some people have a psychic predisposition, but anyone can learn tarot with practice. I hope anyone pursuing this art takes the time to master it – it's a fun and fulfilling spiritual practice you can do every day.

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, I am Lady! I am so excited and happy that I am now apart of the Meet Your Psychic community. Allow me to introduce myself. I call myself Lady and this is short for Lady of the Lake. I call myself this because I have all three of the water signs in major aspects of my astrology chart making me highly psychic. I also have a water sign stellium in my chart making my already highly psychic abilities become even more powerful. This makes me extremely accurate but also gives me the awesome ability to be unbiased as a reader, a healer, and a seer this is what makes me the ideal psychic reader for you.

I do readings in the following areas of tarot, spell casting, distance healing, astrology, chart readings for individuals, and couples, I do sun and moon sign readings, I compare signs for love readings and compatibility. I do rune readings, pendulum readings, give unbiased readings. I can help you because I understand the soul but also what it wants, needs, desires, dreams, hopes, fears. I do readings for life path or direction, love, dating both long term and short, sexual desire, money, spiritual hurdles, career opportunities, challenges. I also do angel readings with that I channel with my intuition and throat charka with Archangel Micheal to deliver messages that are need to know. I do yes/ no questions with my pendulum, I read candle magic, life path readings. I do dream interpretations and give direct textual resources and pop culture references as well to help my clients to make connections from their dreams to help them make connections to what the dream is trying to tell them about their waking life.

I have been reading tarot for 13 years, since the fall of 2006 to present day. While I was learning about tarot I was studying art history and criticism at a university from fall 2010 to summer 2015. I received a degree in art history and criticism, and graduated from my university with honors. During that time I learned how art and the subconscious work together to express our wants, needs, desires, how cross culturally how art speaks to all of humanity and how our minds pick up on these messages that art conveys. I bring this depth and intellectual out look to my reading style as well and use a variety of decks that I allow my clients to pick out.

I like this because when the subconscious is attracted to a certain imagery style it is called to. Your subconscious can give you the messages you need to hear via the art work. I have over the last year been using this method in practice at local fairs here where I live to see how I like it as a modality from my findings it worked out great. My clients are happy and feel that they receive in their readings the guidance and direction they need for their lives. This is now my go to method for readings, but I also pull cards I have too or pick the deck. Usually when I read the cards they always free flow out which is a sign from spirit that those cards are messages you need to hear for your reading. I no longer work festivals at this time, I have more of a desire to stay closer to home which is why I picked to work on Meet Your Psychic. 

I have been working with astrology for 9 years today and I am continuing to learn more and more about the stars. During my time in my undergrad I also studied astronomy. I studied with a professor who did work in deep space. He studied black holes, and pulsar stars as well as blackholes. I love astrology and astronomy and will read both events in a persons chart. During my past years doing readings I have learned to include astrology or leave it out depending on my clients needs. I have learned in my years of experience how astrology impacts and echoes truths in readings regardless of time lines. Currently I am working on gaining and expanding on more knowledge about the Kipper belt. 

I have been doing spell casting, and distance healing since 2012-present day. I work with the charkas, my crystals, herbs, and other spiritual items to do this type of work. When I do this type of work I work with another persons intentions, values, morals, and belief systems. I WILL NOT WORK AGAINST FREE WILL on another person; I will only do work for the client in session with me. You can work with another's free will but not control them, so if that is what you want and are looking I am not the spell caster/ distance healer for you.

I have been working with runes for 10 years now and I love to add them as additions to my tarot readings, but I also read them solo in their own reading. With runes I use viking mythos and stories to relay to my client, energies and messages that are showing up in the reading. I have been working with herbs and candle magic since 2013-present day. Herbs; so many to work with and it can be confusing which ones to use if you want attract, love, money, opportunity, challenges, dating, ect. I like to combine my knowledge of herbs with crystals for healing of the charkas and how they work with the body.

Crystals; I have been working with since 2015 to present day, I have gained experiences by working with them in grids, with jewelry, divination, manifestation and so much more. I started reading with my crystal seer stone since 2017, is a recent exercise of my channeling abilities with crystals. Though I naturally channel while I have been giving readings these past 13 years. I also read candle magic as well, I have been doing it since at least 2012. It helps especially if you were working a ritual or casting because it will also give you lots of clues as to how the outcome of the ritual will be. I am constantly expanding on my psychic ability, through lectures, hands on approach, attending meetings, and meeting with fellow mentors.

I cannot wait for you to book a session with me. I want to help you make your life better than you could ever imagine it to be. Make sure book a session with me and schedule a reading with me today! I provide readings via: phone, chat, email, or text with so many options there is no need to delay. Let's work together to help you make your life move in the direction flow you desire. 

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