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Thanksgiving Stress

​Thanksgiving can be a time a great stress for many people. The truly terrible part, isn't that we feel stressed as much as it that we tend to feel a ton of guilt that comes with the stress! I'm going to make a "Guilt List" and I'd like for you to just play along and see how many things on this list you tend to feel every year, or you feel this year. If this is your first Thanksgiving with new in-laws, in a new town, during a family debacle, or with relatives that seem to have a drama forcefield around them at all times which seems to suck everyone around into it, welcome! Some of us go through this every year. 

The Guilt List: 1) Guilty over what you eat. 2) Guilty that you wish you had more time. 3) Guilty for wishing you had more time for yourself. 4) Guilty for dreading cooking (after all someone will be cooking more, or something more difficult.) 5) Guilty for knowing you're going to bring something that isn't homemade. 6) Guilty that you are dreading being around certain family members or friends. 7) Guilty for being tired. 8) Guilty for making promises that you know you won't keep (like getting up at 4am to go Black Friday shopping with a family member). 9) Guilty for knowing you can only stay in one place for a short amount of time because you have two other Thanksgiving dinners to attend. 10) Guilty for getting frustrated. 11) Guilty for not being more thankful.

Those are just a few things that I know I have felt guilty over on more than one occasion. It has been drilled into our heads that it is a time for giving thanks. I mean, if the pilgrims and natives can manage to sit down to a nice dinner together and give thanks, then you and your mother-in-law shouldn't have a problem, right? Right? It is a complicated world we live in, and people have to want to get along. Some people love to cause problems whether they do it intentionally or not. You can only control what you say and do. 

I'm not here to make you feel guilty. I'm here to tell you to let go of that guilt. You will have a more enjoyable time this holiday if you do. Don't over extend yourself. If you can make it to all three dinners, that's great, but my advice to you is if you're having a really good time at one- stay there. You'll be a lot more thankful if you do. We tend to let all of the people and commitments weigh us down, steal our joy, and cause us to ignore our inner voice. You are a physical AND spiritual being. Feed your body and feed your soul. If you do that, you will be thankful. You will have less guilt. So what if Karen has 12 kids, works a full time job, and still managed to bring a homemade pie? Good for her. That sister-in-law who already has a map of her Black Friday shopping spree all planned out with different colored highlighters? Turn down her invitation and let her have her fun, or misery, without you. That cousin who keeps lifting up his shirt to show off his rock-hard abs? Get him to use the can opener so he can be reminded he is still human. Stop trying to compete. You are you and you are just the way you were meant to be. If you believe in a divine creator, then you have to believe that They know what They're doing. 

Take a nice, deep, cleansing breath. Hold it. Exhale slowly. Release. Let it all go. Listen to your inner spirit and feed it with what it is hungry for and you will feel gratitude, and be thankful for things you have almost forgotten even existed. Allow your spirit to guide you and your words. Laugh every time you can. Turn on music that lifts your soul. Its hard to feel thankful when all you seem to have room for is stress. Get rid of that stress and gratitude will flood through you. Then, eat and feed your body. It is so much harder to feel grateful when your body and/or spirit is malnourished. Don't feel guilty about what you're feeding either one. 

If you find yourself beginning to feel guilty, put yourself in a time-out. Go into a different room, or outside, and sit down. This time-out is not for punishment, but reflection. Take five or 10 minutes to think about what you are stressing over and why. Then, let it go. You'll be thankful you did.

I'm sure that I speak not only for myself, but all of us here at MEET YOUR PSYCHIC, when I say that we are so very thankful for each and every one of you! You are appreciated! 

Wishing you all the magic and blessings that each new day has to offer! 

Psychic Heather

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Unlock Your Mind, Body and Soul's True Potential With Chakra Healing

​You may or may not realize this, but according to quantum physics, everything on a base level is composed of energetic molecules, which come together to form our solid form. With that being said, these energetic molecules flow into our body's energetic centers, which spin to keep our mind and bodies balanced and healthy. But much like anything else, they can get out of whack from time to time, causing blockages and imbalances.

I like to think of our body as a river, and the chakras as the dams that keep the water in. When the dam breaks down, or isn't opened from time to time to allow the excess to flow where it's needed, our centers either become blocked or spin too fast, allowing excess energy and free radicals roam and cause chaos within our bodies and without. 

What you probably don't know is that it is simple to keep up the maintenance of these energetic vortices, or chakras, if you work with a certified practitioner who works with these centers each and every day. On a day to day basis, I give guided meditations with crystals, even for clients who aren't present with me. These meditations allow for you to use the energy of colors, sound and crystals, even remotely. One session works wonders, but multiple is the most beneficial. But within a 20 minute time period, you can already have an overall balance completed and bringing peace of mind to your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

If you constantly feel drained, depressed, uncomfortable with yourself and sickly, you may need to have all of your chakras balanced and I would be happy to help you relieve yourself of discomfort by unlocking the true healing potential of your body and it's energy centers. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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Healing Words

Words have power! They have an intention and thought behind them. Words can be used to uplift and inspire or be cruel to others. Have you ever turned those negative thoughts and words on yourself? Repeated thoughts eventually become beliefs. Beliefs are how you can heal or harm yourself. 

Your own body listens to the words you speak. The cells in your body listen to the words you speak. The negative self-talk is received by the body as; instructions on how to behave. If you walk around always saying, I have this or, that illness. The body will respond accordingly. 

Learn to uplift yourself by speaking positive phrases. You will be amazed at the changes you can make by switching a few words. Use positive phrases to change your mindset. Pay attention whenever you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself. This exercise is not about self-judgment only observation. See how many times in a day you are negative towards yourself. 

Want a headstart in changing your thoughts? It is beneficial to see me as an energy healer. I can remove some of the emotional blocks causing the resistance to change. I can also help guide you with the best way to phrase the new affirmations.
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Mercury Retrograde? Let's get through it successfully together

Hello, everyone! I'm Psychic Alycia.  I'm new here, but very experienced, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.  

So, as you can probably tell right now we've just hit Mercury Retrograde. On Halloween no less, and it lasts until November 20!  Yikes!  Mercury Retrograde, as any retrograde, is tricky but there are some simple rules to live by that help you breathe and walk with the energy with very few problems. 

The first rule encompasses a lot.   Always remember that Mercury governs communication, business, and transportation especially so during Retrograde don't make any major purchases or travel plans, or sign any contracts at all especially without double or triple checking all of the details.  You'll save yourself a lot of problems in the end.  

Second, communication is extremely likely to frustrate you at times.  It's important to take a beat and think about what the other person is saying before responding as this prevents miscommunication and stops arguments in their tracks.   

Lastly, during Retrograde there is a wonderful opportunity for creativity to be front and center in your life.  Indulge in it!  Whether it's problem solving, the arts, or just dancing in the rain and being spontaneous take time to enjoy yourself and feed your soul.  It's vitally important every day, and we don't get enough of it.  

I hope this helps you all have a smoother Retrograde!  Any questions feel free to message me.
As always, I'm available over phone, chat or text for readings, healing and guidance. Many, many Blessings! ❤️❤️❤️


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