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Meet Your Psychic

It takes two to Tango

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I want to talk about our Master Contracts versus our Survival Scripts. There are two levels: Survival mode (lower Chakras) and Thriving, (coming from an open and loving heart).  

The Survival Scripts that we write will include these statements:

I need this to happen for me.

Why can't I find a meaningful relationship?

What's wrong with me?

I want this to happen now.

I will get attention, even if it means from negative validation.

I can't do this alone!

I need people to support me.

I will try to succeed this time.

The Master Contract says:

I am and know my abundance.

I have a fully open and loving heart.

I am happy when others are successful.

I achieve.

I commit and follow through.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I move easily into every aspect of my life.

The Survival Script goes something like this:

I need to be successful, and I want to have support in this.  If I could just get closure from the situations of the past my life would be better.  When I get this, I will be be happy.

I feel that I always just scrape by, when will things get better for me?  When will my relationships improve? How could I be so naive to believe them?

Associated emotions:  Hope, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, animosity, blame, shame, guilt.

Here is a Master Script Example:

I am grateful for everything that I receive.  I am success and abundance, and I know that I have already connected to the series of events that lead to a successful and abundant life.  I forgive those whom have harmed, and send them healing energy so they would find themselves transformed.  I see that I do have control over my life and the achievement of my goals.  Rather than limit myself I look to endless abundance.  I celebrate the success of others, and do my personal best rather than compare myself to them.  I know that closure comes from me, and my ability to forgive. I manifest a beautiful day, everyday, and my heart is open to loving everyone unconditionally. I take action, and act from a place of Wisdom rather than react and permit lower emotions control me.  I am connected to Divine Source, and accept all the gifts of the Spirit.

Associated Emotions:  Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Belief, Honest optimism, kindness, living ethically, 

I love you and I believe in you.  Reside in Love.  You are more powerful that you know!

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Preparing For Your Call

When you are ready to give your Psychic a call there are a few things you can do to make your call more productive and get a better quality experience.

  • ​Don't eat for at least 1 hour
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Meditate or relax for a few minutes
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask
  • Make the call in a quiet environment
  • Take a moment to mentally or energetically connect to your intended Psychic before you call
  • Choose the Psychic Reader that your Intuition tells you to choose.
These things are not essential but they really do help!

I never eat within 1 hour of going on call and I keep myself in a near meditative state and channeling while I await your call. Which is why I sometimes sound like I'm sleepy to my callers but in reality I am very energetically charged. ​The more relaxed I am the easier it is for me to connect. 

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Mercury retrograde after effects

I don't know about you all, but this past Mercury Retrograde was tough on me. While it ended March 28th, the after effects have been rather jarring for my family. We had a pipe burst last week and had to live with friends for an entire week. So I deeply apologize for not being online to take your calls this past week. As you probably know, I would have loved to be home talking to you all! For those of you who don't know much about Mercury Retrograde - what happens is that Mercury appears to move backward.  And for some reason that can cause chaos with our computers, phones and anything electrical. But it also can change our mood. Make us isolate ourselves from those we love, we may become more insecure or easily rattled. It is a good idea to keep the time of year that Mercury Retrograde happens in mind!  Next time is July 7 - August 2nd. I hope you are all well, and I look forward to speaking with you! All the best, Psychic Megan

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Twin Flames - Road to Union

​Most of my clients are at one of two places on the Twin Flame Journey. They either want confirmation of the connection they have or they want to know why a relationship that they previously enjoyed has suddenly become so difficult. I am going to address the latter point.

More and more Twin Flames are being incarnated due to our rising population and the decline of Mother Earth due to human interference. Many of these people never realize, or "wake up", to the journey. For those that do, it can feel like being thrown into the deep end of an intensely painful, turbulent relationship. This is due to the cycles of triggering pain then retreat that each Twin has to go through. Without resources, you may be left seeking out similar stories as your own online, or watching general Tarot readings on YouTube (I did both of these). A personalized reading, however, is the best way to determine where you are on the Journey and the next steps for you to take. I can help you with that.

Despite the love you feel for your Twin, everyone who is on the TF Journey will come to a point where they can no longer support the triggering cycles and must take time apart to heal. Remembering that this ​is​ in your best interest is easy to say but much more difficult to put into action! The time will arrive that you feel like you just can't deal with the other person's bull**** any more, but at the same time, it is terrifying to think you might lose them.

For those who have reached that point, I strongly encourage you to follow the Divine guidance you receive, and ​end​ contact with your Twin. Although physical contact must stop, Spiritual contact can continue, and I am here to guide you through meditation strategies, Twin Flame Telepathy, and psychic connections with your Twin both in dreams - and daydreams! It is real, and it can help you get through the difficult period of separation that is necessary for you to heal the core wounds blocking you from coming into the stages of final Union with yourself and your Twin. Past Life Regression work can also help facilitate healing, by allowing you to remember karmic wounds and then heal them.

No matter what anyone says, the Twin Flame Journey is ​not​ easy, but with the help of someone who has been where you are, it becomes easier to understand. With understanding, comes acceptance and with acceptance comes healing. Let me help you understand and heal so that you can reunite and enjoy your Twin Flame's company once more.


Psychic Holly

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Greed Vs Need

As channeled through my spirit guides

How many of us need money? We need money to pay bills we need it to buy food and clothes. Do you not need money to live? Yes some choose to live a life free of the material forms of money, There is nothing wrong with this choice but it does not make them a better person than someone who chooses to live a life of being paid or having an abundance of money.. As some of you were told or thought "Money is the root of all evil" or that wealthy people were evil and would never get into heaven, as some religions may teach. You are told that if you ask for more than what you need then you are being greedy. This has been a life long teaching for many of you and it has been placed deep into your DNA, so no wonder so many of you have issues with money, finding a fulfilling job that values you and pays you what you are worth.  You were thought that you should be happy to get whatever you get and that most of you are not worthy of being valued or paid enough to live off your wages.  This is very sad but the truth is you are all worthy of being paid 100x your worth and value, as you are all beings of abundance! 

 As defined by the dictionary, Greed is an intense selfish desire for something especially wealth or power, 

Need is to require something because it is essential or very important.

Do you not NEED money to survive in this world today? Is money not important to live?  As I said above you need money to purchase those things you need. So why do so many people think to desire more money means you are being greedy? Because of what you have been conditioned to believe by your parents, your grandparents, society, religions, friends, the list goes on.and It has been going on for a very long time.  Why is that? Is it because only a select few want to be able to have the money and power over others? possibly, or is it because those who have money have changed their belief systems to understand money is not the root of all evil it is only energy and an exchange of energy. when you pay for something and are happy to release that money energy,  you are giving power to that energy.  In order to have an abundance of money it is very important to change your out look on the energy of money and love it rather then despise it.  What you despise you repel, what you love you attract. 

This is not to say some people who have money are not greedy, and it's not to say some people who have little money are not greedy. You all know of those who make money off of the despair of others, they do not pay their employees fairly so they may have more. They make money off of products that may kill or cause damage to humans or any other living being. What they do is not out of need but out of selfish desire to have more.  So you ask what is the difference between me wanting more than what I need and these people? The difference is you are not hurting anyone if you accept a job that pays you $20.00 an hour vs $10.00 an hour you are showing the universe that you value yourself and you deserve to be paid more.  What if you ask for a million dollars is that greed?  Some may say it is because you are asking for more than what you need. Are you asking for more than what you need? If you did not have a job wouldn't a million dollars come in very handy for a very long time?  If you win a million dollars in a lottery are you hurting anyone? Did you obtain this money from something that is not good for you or any others?  Is it selfish to desire to have a million dollars? Depends on how you intend to use the money.  Are you going to waste it on self destruction or the destruction of others? Or do you intend to use it to help your family and others? You see there is a big difference in the energy of the first question as the energy in the second. Greed has a very low vibrating energy, where as to desire and obtain money out of the need to help yourself or others.  The vibration in the second question changes and is much higher,  It is ok to win a million dollars and never have to work for an employer who will never value you. Why would it not be ok? You need to get rid of the limiting beliefs that we are all to live in lack, as this is a poverty consciousness, once you dissolve this way of thinking from your energy you will start to see many doors opening for you. Not only money but opportunities to enjoy life, struggles will seem to disappear, you will find a new perspective of life and love.

Go ahead and dream of winning a large amount of money, go ahead and ask for it. Picture yourself going on that wonderful vacation or buying that beautiful home.  We all need vacations, we all need a home, we do not need to limit ourselves to a cave or a house that is falling apart. This is not what spirit wants for you nor does the higher source you believe in want  for you. There is more than enough money to go around, you must believe this and know you are due to have a portion of it.   Your source wants you to be happy and to be of service to yourself and others. You cannot do this if you are constantly worried about paying your bills.  Do not think poorly of those with money, bless them and believe you too are deserving of wealth as it is your birth right as well. 

Blessings Gaia

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