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Rising above the Diagnosis

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, subscribing, and sharing!  It is a joy to connect with each of you.

This morning's message is about Rising above the Diagnosis or Pathology.  You are more than you you diagnosis. Letting your diagnosis or pathology define you is limiting and diminishes the true beauty and expressions of YOU. 

Diagnosis: defining a problem based upon a list of symptoms.

Pathology: the science of determining a diagnosis based on scientific process and principles.

Do you define yourself by your hypertension, depression, diabetes, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar, arthritis?

You see yourself through your relationships, career, parenting roles, soul's purpose, spiritual or religious beliefs, groups or organizations you belong to, and so much more!

I was out at the local farmer's market shopping for produce last Sunday and I heard (hard not to hear!) a woman complaining that people always judged her on being bipolar, nobody liked her, and that she was being victimized and judged by her family.  She was being very vocal about it, and at one point was saying how she was going to have to reschedule all of her medical appointments later that week as her family would not give her the gas money to go or take her.  She made a number of such attempts to have the person with her give her cash, always going back to being bipolar and nobody liking or helping her.  Instead of asking for a ride or for gas money outright, she fell back on her diagnosis, her abusive family, and on her companion's sympathy. The underlying message?  You don't have my illness, so you need to do this for me! The person being barraged failed to succumb to the guilt based manipulation and eventually she stopped her diagnostic diatribe. 

While I had empathy for her situation, as did the person with her, it would not have done a bit of good to enable her to stay "stuck" where she was, for surely she would have been back again without learning to rise above her diagnosis, and thrive in life versus survive.

I am pretty good at seeing through to a person's character, not in a judgmental way, but through the lens of love, and best and highest good.  

You and I are more than the assessment from our medical doctor or psychiatrist!  You and I are more than a number from the medical coding system, and yet, we use it all the time to define us.  

You have hobbies, friends, a wide array of life experiences, feelings, talents, gifts, intellect, athleticism, creativity, a soul, our feeling self, and our connection to source.

One of my cousins (whom has given me permission to share this with you!) developed diabetes early in life, and lost her eyesight. Her parents sat her down and told her that while diabetes had taken away her eyesight, that letting it define her or stop her from living life to the fullest was the worst thing she could do.  She participated in the same activities as her sight oriented siblings,and even surpassed them. She out swam them, won cycling competitions, running competitions, and even took rock climbing classes.  

She, along with her husband, rode her bike across the United States, and set a new world's record.  She most certainly took her  parents' message to heart. She is fearless, and we step up our game because of her passion for life and living.  She has inspired us all to be better, do better, and actualize our dreams.  

She could have been disabled and been defined by her early life changing medical issues. But she did not!  She was blessed with family that encouraged her, and did not offer her special treatment.  She even got her doctorate in her chosen field.  

Let's go back to the woman at the Farmer's Market, fully sighted, and trying to get people to do FOR her, rather than being empowered to rise above it, finding her life, and living passionately and positively.  

You are I write the script of our lives, and determine how we will approach the curve balls that come our way.  You choose to rise above and live a life filled with purpose, meaning, contribution, and love...


You resign yourself to your "fate."

Friends that I have known that have had cancer and won, are like my cousin, and have a zest for life.  Each day is seen as a gift, and they do not dwell on what was, rather, what is in front of them right NOW.

You are so much more, and your potential in this lifetime is unlimited.  What will you do with it?  Allow others to define you? Or will you rise above it and be empowered in your life?

Thank you for sharing this time together.

I love you and I believe in you.

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In Divine Truth and Love,

Shira <3

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..What??? There Are Good Things About Mercury Retrograde?

 Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bad rap lately. The truth, however, is that there are good things that come out of Mercury retrograde if you know how slow your vibration and go with the flow while paying attention to the fine details of all that is around you. During the week before the start of this mercury retrograde (July 7th), I could feel the slowing down of energies. When I went into the office I could feel I was out of sync, I felt like my energy was faster than the world around me as if I was tripping over my toes, almost like trying to go faster than the treadmill I was on. Once I noticed this, I realized we were heading into a retrograde. Having been aware of the retrogrades of the last few years, I know the downside of a retrograde pretty well.

The need to pay attention to fine details, communication issues with people as well as anything to deal with electronics, phone messages, emails, etc. However, as with anything in life, there is a yin to the yang, a polar opposite that shows its attributes and can have its benefits. During Mercury retrograde, it is a good time to find lost things. I lost my engagement ring, and I guess it is time to get my pendulum or dowsing rods out. It is also a time for finishing old projects. I find this a big help during mercury retrograde as I have more focus on these unfinished projects and get them off of my "to-do list." Finishing old projects also help when the energies start going forward again so that these projects do not hold you back in the forward-moving energy of mercury once it goes direct. It is also a good time to rest and let your body repair. If you have been planning a vacation before mercury retrograde, but are scheduling your trip during the time the planet appears to be going backward, make sure it is a resting one or one that takes you back to your roots. Mercury retrograde is also good for reconnecting with old friends and family you have not seen in a while. In business, it is also good for connecting with previous clients or coworkers. When you are with x or current coworkers or friend's problem solving and brainstorming on projects or problems can be very effective. You will wonder, "why didn't I think of these things before?"  In the energy of Mercury retrograde, it allows for these solutions and ideas to flow more easily when dealing with previous situations or projects. Mercury retrograde is also a time where the truth comes out. If you are wondering about someone's intention and if there are issues with integrity or honesty in a relationship of any type, this is the time where it will come to light easily. Like the truth, mistakes may also be brought to light during this time, which can keep you on your toes but also allows you the right time to find the solutions for these mistakes. As you can see thought the downside of Mercury retrograde is well known you can now see it does have its positive side as well. Take the chance to slow down and take advantage of this time, and you will see that when Mercury goes direct your life will feel like it is taking off.

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​Hello lovies!! 

I am Psychic Brandy, I am a skilled tarot and angel card reader as well as a practicing Wiccan. I specialize in, but are not limited to all things love and career oriented. My readings include the burning of specialized herbs and essential oils cock-tailed together to help awaken my third eye and heighten my psychic ability. I also use candle magic (based on the questions and needs of my clients) to open up the gates to the universe and invite the answers and insight in. I also surround my working area with hand picked crystals unique to each of my clients readings to give not only myself a feeling of clairvoyance and calming but also to extend the vibrations to my clients as well. 

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Shine bright today!

Today is a beautiful day 

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