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Houses in Astrology


> House of the Self, Appearance & Ego Drive

Sign – Aries

Planet – Mars



> House of Personal Values and Finances

Sign – Taurus

Planet – Venus



> House of Communication & Local Culture

Sign – Gemini

Planet – Mercury



> House of Identity & Roots

Sign – Cancer

Planet – The Moon



> House of Children, Creativity & Gambling

Sign -– Leo

Planet – The Sun



> House of Work & Ritual

Sign – Virgo

Planet – Mercury



> House of Partnerships

Sign – Libra

Planet – Venus



> House of Sex, Death & Other People's Money

Sign – Scorpio

Planet(s) – Mars & Pluto



> House of Adventure, Travel & Learning

Sign – Sagittarius

Planet – Jupiter



> House of Career & Public Persona

Sign – Capricorn

Planet – Saturn



> House of Gatherings & Crowds

Sign – Aquarius

Planet(s) – Saturn & Uranus



> House of Mystery and Intuition

Sign – Pisces

Planet(s) – Jupiter & Neptune

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Knock, Knock

Knock, knock…Who's There

You are suddenly startled out of your sleep by a loud knock, you assume at the door, but when you go to answer, there is no one there. Um, strange. You pass it off as just a dream and go back to bed.  Or maybe you are home alone when 'someone' calls your name, but you are alone, or are you?

Well the truth is, we are never really alone.  Our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are always with us, protecting and guiding us.  So to explain and clarify, that knock at the door is your Spirit Guide's way of getting your attention and giving you a heads up to expect something either slightly out of the ordinary or different in the very near future. This would be something that you did not expect to happen and could be either positive or negative.  Don't over think this.  You will know what it is when it manifests itself and surprisingly, you will know how to handle this event.

Now, to the voice calling your name.  Some people say, "Do not answer".  I say how else will you know what is wanted if you don't ask? This normally means that someone or something personal needs your attention.  So do not be surprised when you get that phone call, letter, email or text.If you are a visionary on any level, you may get a glimpse of what the matter is.  Surprisingly again, this is something that you can deal with.

To put a slight twist on these attention getters: Colors.  When there are colors associated with the knock or voice, these events become clearer.  Bright colors, red, orange, yellow, are the warm colors that signifies action, movement and high energy.  Subtle colors, blue, purple, green, are more relaxing, eased, less stimulating and somewhat calming. Earth tones, brown in varying shades is peaceful, without chaos and presents a sense or serenity and being whole with the universe. The presence of color or lack of, black or white, helps you to determine the urgency or lack of, with events coming your way.

To put this all together is simple.  When the object that needs your attention presents itself, you will be given a sign.  That streak of light surrounding the object, with that slight hue, tells one story.  That odd feeling in the pit of your stomach tells another and that slight pain, itch or twitch is another sign.  Pay attention to where these signs are: Where the colors or lights are around the subject, where that slight pain, itch or twitch is on your person  .It all means something, but that is another story for later.

So, the bottom line is, never brush these signs aside. They could be leading you toward or away from events or things that are significant and important to you.

Knock, knock

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Psychic Astara-Introduction

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

I am a spiritual advisor, teacher, and mentor. My psychic abilities are predominantly empathic and intuitive and have been evident for over 25 years My psychic talents involve being spiritually tapped into various non physical and physical energies that lead to accurate interpretations of vibrations. These abilities are evident on both the paternal and maternal lines of my family however, I am the first in my generation to develop these psychic gifts so that I can be of service to others. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies (comparative study of the major world religions) from Arizona State University and have been a student of New Age spirituality for nearly 20 years. My metaphysical studies have included:

  • Spiritual Channeling
  • Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Numerology
  • Law of Attraction
  • Chakras
  • Astrology
  • Animal Totems
  • Akashic Records
  • Past-Life Regression

In addition, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work directly with people from all different backgrounds and belief systems for the last two decades. In a variety of capacities, I have helped them enhance their lives and state of well-being regarding; career, life-purpose, romance, relationships, and other matters. My reading approach is compassionate, loving, and non judgemental...However, I can be direct and firm in my messaging from the higher realms in an effort try and get to the core of what is going on with my clients. My philosophy is that we must consistently make an attempt to be our best selves from a place of love so that we can be that for others.

I offer an initial, brief consultation to establish the focus of the reading before every session. I strive to establish an authentic connection with my client so that we can make the most of our time together. My clients can expect professionalism, clear communication, inspirational messaging, a positive flow, and practical spiritual advice each and every reading with me. I look forward to being of service to you!

Peace & Abundant Blessings,


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Self Care

​The words self care come to my mind lately. Many people have been running and racing for time, trying to get to meetings, taking care of their families, running errands. We get so wrapped up into daily living that we have forgotten to take care of ourselves along the way. What I mean by that is, take some time to take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to listen to a 5 minute guided meditation. Take the time to sign up for that yoga class you have been needing to do. Write into a journal to reflect upon your day. Do what makes you happy. What hobbies do you like? Similar to Marie Kondo's organization of living, you must do the things that spark you joy. Once you have that in your life and continue to do it each day, then your life becomes more balanced.

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Psychic Delilah Here to Answer Your Questions

​Hi I'm Delilah and I want to help you through your situations whether it's good or through the bad. I want to bring clarity into you life and bring ease to your mind and wellbeing. I use many techniques dealing with my Psychic ability. I use all my gifts to reveal an outcome for you, I'll advise and guide you through what you need to do to have the best outcome based on your questions and what I see for you.

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