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Lucid Dream Exercises for Personal Growth

Many lucid dreamers prioritize fun activities like flying or meeting their favorite celebrities – I fully endorse these dreaming activities, but if you're hoping to achieve spiritual growth through the astral plane, there are better ways to use your dreams. If you're looking for sources on how to lucid dream, there are many good resources online and I will be posting my personal routine in the near future. These practices do require a higher level of lucid dreaming, so if you hope to utilize them you will have to practice lucid dreaming consistently.

The first, and possibly the best lucid dream exercise to master is seeking astral guides. I discovered this exercise when I began to receive helpful advice from women in my dreams; once I found that their advice had merit I started to seek them out during lucid dreams and asking if there was anything they wanted to tell me. The best way to do this is to set an intention to speak with astral guides before you go to bed. Then, if you become lucid during a dream, focus on this intention again. You can even call out, asking for any willing astral guides to come to you.

The next exercise I recommend is astral meditation. In my experience, dream meditation amplifies the effects of waking meditation. This exercise is simple, but requires serious focus. You may notice that meditating in a dream ends the dream and you wake up. This is preventable. Before you begin meditating in a dream, get a strong foothold in the dream. There are a few ways to do this. My personal technique is to pay attention to my five senses; touch your surroundings and notice how real they feel. What do you see and hear? Do you smell anything? Focus intently on these aspects before you begin to meditate to stay in your dream longer.

The third exercise is a mood elevation technique. You will need to be able to fly or float in dreams to practice this exercise. This exercise takes a few tries, but is fulfilling once you get the hang of it. This is another practice I discovered by accident. I noticed that sometimes when I began to fly or float in dreams, I felt a sense of euphoria. I began experimenting with this and found that when I focused my attention inward and floated off the ground, my mood would elevate as well. A few of my friends who lucid dream have practiced this and found it works for them as well. My method of "taking off" in this exercise is lifting my hands to the side, palms up, and my body follows.This mood elevation can transfer into your waking life - if done successfully you will wake up feeling bright and refreshed!

I hope some of you try these practices and find them to be helpful! If you have any astral experiences you wish for consultancy on, please refer to my dream analysis service. May your dreams bring you love and light!

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Full Moon in Scorpio

Have you been feeling the emotional intensity lately? Has the feeling of deep, true love been on your mind and moving you to make more bold actions lately? Let me guess you have been feeling into your sexuality more and wanting to find someone to sneak away with and take home with you when you leave the bar? Have you been going in and out of your thoughts from the darkness to the lightest? Been wanting to bond with someone outside of the bedroom and ask the soul searching questions to get to know them? Has the reality of the choices you have made come to light to where you can no longer lie yourself or others?

Let me guess you are a bit defensive as well? You are ready to defend yourself and others who you love dearly from the worlds cruelties? You have most likely been more observant lately as well, analyzing so much it can make your head spin. I am also assuming here that you have been taking time out to reflect on all of the emotional out bursts that you have been experiencingtoo? "Why am I swinging from being happy to acting like I am fine when I am not you ask yourself but?" But you some how are making it though the day keeping your self together without so much as a hitch. "Why am I proving my loyalty to those would could care less about me and my welfare.." you are asking yourself. Let me guess the intuitive feelings/ instinctual feelings you had about a person came turn despite dismissing that insight to begin with.

I am also going to say that you have been able to give back the karma to your enemies in cold unfeeling manner where you feel justified? Let me guess when you do or say what ever it is to your enemies you don't feel bad for it either, actually it make you feel for once vindicated. Are you hearing what others are truly saying while their words say other wise especially on the news and it is making you angry? I am also going to say you have been feeling more intuitive lately? You have now been able to let go of what no longer serves you while it is painful to you. You are letting go of it anyway and have no idea why? You may not know what is ahead of you but you know the best can't come without letting go of the grey clouds of the past trying to follow you around right? You can feel the rebirth but you don't know what the rebirth is yet?

Over the next three days; I am going to explain what a full moon in Scorpio looks like, what it feels like, and what we are meant to do with it as it teaches us to move through life the circle of life. Scorpio for starters is a complex sign, this sign is the most misunderstood of all zodiac signs. They are hated more than they are loved and less cherished by the rest of the zodiac and world until their predictions come true then they are a valued member of society.They have the most one dimensional character associations placed upon them. Thats all they are based off of too, they are a pretty face with a hint of wild child.

Have you been feeling or seeing everything I have described above? Thats ok if you have this is the greatest sign of the masters trying to work through you and with you. Unsure what this teacher is trying to show? That is ok Book a reading with me today! Have a question but not the time for a call no worries submit a email, chat, or text reading. If you have been having more dream activity with this full moon but your not sure what it all means go ahead and request me for dream analysis toady I have been doing dream analysis for the past six years! I am open to receive your appointment and look forward to your contact.

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What You Need to Know to Start Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a valuable skill that can aid in personal growth, decision making, and connecting with our spirituality. However, learning tarot takes a lot of practice and can be intimidating for beginners. That's why I'm sharing some things I wish I knew when I was starting out.

First, don't start by trying to memorize the meaning of every individual card. Instead, learn the meaning of the different suits and the story each suit tells. For example, the suit of swords tells the story of a long trial with a dark ending, though this end makes room for new beginnings. Some themes associated with this suit are communication, consciousness, trials, and focus. Once you know this, it will be easier to learn the meanings of each card. You can look at the imagery on a card, imagine how it relates to the suit as a whole, and use this to determine its meaning. As you practice this, look up the meanings of the cards you draw and compare it with the meaning you got from the card. This will help you remember the meanings of the cards more than studying flashcards would, and it helps you create a personal relationship with your deck.

This brings me to my next point. The best way to learn tarot is to practice. There are a few ways to incorporate practice into you daily life. One way is to draw a card every morning and reflect on it throughout the day. Where do you see the themes of this card showing up that day? How can the advice the card offers help you in your daily struggles? This is a great way to get to know individual cards more in depth. Another important aspect of practicing tarot is practicing on other people. It can be intimidating to share a new skill with others, but it will help you become a more competent and confident reader.

Everything I've gone over so far is essential to learning tarot, but the most important aspect of being a good tarot reader (which many readers overlook) is connecting with your intuition. Each tarot card has a variety of meanings, but when I'm doing a reading I don't list all the possible meanings of the cards I draw. Instead, I take a moment to tune into what the card means in this particular reading. I use a variety of skills to do this. I'll start by explaining the most concrete method I have for determining what a card is telling me; I look at the cards around it. If I notice a spread has strong themes running through it, those themes are likely to apply to the card I'm examining. Another way to hear what the cards are saying is to notice what imagery immediately stands out to me. When a certain item, color or person depicted in a card calls to me, I know that the message it represents is the one my client needs to hear. The most difficult aspect of intuitive reading in my experience is also the most abstract; opening your mind to messages that come to you during a reading. This skill takes practice outside of tarot. Practicing meditation, awareness, and empathy are ways to learn it.

It's true that some people have a psychic predisposition, but anyone can learn tarot with practice. I hope anyone pursuing this art takes the time to master it – it's a fun and fulfilling spiritual practice you can do every day.

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Healing from a Lost Relationship

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog for all first time or to returning readers. It is a joy to connect with each of you.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I get a large number of calls with heartbroken people asking "how do I heal from the loss of this relationship.  I cannot get them out of my mind." or "I cannot love anybody else, I want them!"

Losing a relationship through divorce, break up, or even being estranged from your children, parents, and family, can bring about acute heartache. and disappointment.  My heart goes out to you if you are experiencing this.  Please know that this can be healed, and you replace these feelings with happiness, joy, and contentment in your life.  The loss of a beloved pet, according to recent studies, can have an even greater impact than that of the loss of a relationship.  Your beloved animal brings so much love and joy to your life. 

You are grieving:

You and I go through the same process in a break up as we do when losing someone to death.  Knowing that they have moved on, and are living their lives without you can be painful, and leave you feeling empty.  

There is healing for you:

Recognizing that the loss may be permanent takes time. Looking back at what you could have done or said differently will only prolong your healing. Give yourself permission to move forward.  When feelings do come up, such as a rush of memory, let it come through, and let it go.  Please refrain from giving yourself a timeframe for healing from this loss, and do not try to replace the relationship to stop the heartache.  It is likely that down the road they might not be a fit for your life, nor you for theirs.  

DO spend time with friends and family that love you.

DO get out and try something new every week.

DO establish nurturing routines such as a daily walk mediation, or hot bath.

DO place everything in a box out of sight from the lost relationship until you can see them without hurting or painful memories.

DO get a new bed so it has fresh new energy (if you can afford it).

DO take your time in getting another animal if you have lost your beloved pet.  Take your time in getting another and please do consider adopting a senior or rescue animal in need of a good home.

DO make your home your own if you have gone through a divorce or your long term romantic partner has moved out.  Changing the energy of your home will help you to heal.

DO stay single rather than jump into another relationship.  Start dating once the sting of the past relationship has lost it's intensity.

DO start dating when you feel comfortable being on your own, and have re-established your life rhythms.  You are likely to attract someone of a much higher caliber by waiting until your heart has healed.

DO talk with a professional that can help to bring you closure. There may be deeper issues that emerge and you will have exponentially moved forward in your life.

Feelings you encounter when you grieve:




Fear that you will not be happy again


Hope that you may get back together (if a divorce or break up)


and the Why's (why did this happen to me? Why have they been able to move on?  Why can't I find love?  Why don't they apologize to me?  or What was wrong with me?  What could I have done differently? )

Replace these dead end questions with new belief:  I am loved and worthy to be loved, I am happy being single and or in the right relationship, and I give myself permission to have closure.

Receiving Reiki, in person or as a distance healing can help to facilitate the healing of body,mind, and spirit.  

I send each of you love and healing and thank you for this time together.  

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Developing Spirituality through Lucid Dreaming

​     If you're interested in the metaphysical arts, you've probably heard of lucid dreaming. Basically, lucid dreaming is realizing when you're in a dream. The immediate appeal of this practice is learning how to control dreams so we can live out fantasies we can't achieve in the waking world, such as flying, element bending, and even shape shifting. This aspect of lucid dreaming is fun and certainly worth learning, but there's another valuable aspect of lucid dreaming that most people miss out on.

     Simply put, to practice lucidity in our dream state helps us practice lucidity in our waking state. One of the most important tools available to us in our spiritual development is awareness of the present moment. Lucid dreaming and awareness of the here and now relate in several ways. On a basic level, you need to practice awareness of your surroundings to become a proficient lucid dreamer; you need to learn what it feels like to be awake versus asleep so that you may become aware that you are dreaming as soon as you enter the astral plane.

     Beyond that, practicing awareness in dreams trains your mind to practice awareness in waking life. The practice of lucid dreaming helps me feel calmer and more perceptive in day to day life. I experience less absorption in myself and more connection with the world around me. As a practicing psychic, this connection is crucial to my craft.

     Furthermore, in many ways waking life is just as much an illusion as our dreams. We view the world through many different lenses based on our past experience and our own prejudices. The way we perceive different people and themes in our dreams is often an exaggeration of how we perceive them in waking life. Recognizing how our perceptions are affecting us can help us see past them and gain a broader perspective.

     This is a rather brief overview of the spiritual aspects of lucid dreaming, but I hope to write more about lucid dreaming and dream interpretation in the future. I encourage anyone interested in spiritual development to pursue these practices! 

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