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Cyber Bullying

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers.  It is a joy to connect with you!  Thank you for sharing, subscribing, and liking.

If you are online in any capacity, Youtube, working as an online Psychic, customer service, or an online celebrity, you will encounter cyber bullies and trolls.  People who would rather use their time and energy to drag other people's energy down. I believe that it is a "misery loves company" scenario.  Often cyberbullies will blame you for their problems, issues, and refuse to take ownership for the fallout they have in their personal or professional lives.   There is a significant percentage that have a moderate level of mental health imbalances, whom people have been afraid to hold accountable for their destructive and volatile behavior.  It saddens me to see so many without love, support, and encouraging influences.  I have empathy for their situation when they fall into the the victim mentality (life happens to them rather than making their lives happen), for their life path surely must be filled with hardship, most of which is not their fault.  Remember, life happens TO them.  The lack of ownership is apparent, with the blame, shame, and guilt they apply to everyone else, rather than really taking responsibility for their actions and consequences.

In the many years of doing this work, I have worked with many different people.  My 3 years spent as part of my energy healing certifications in a locked psychiatric unit have been of great benefit.  As an intuitive, I have love for everyone, coming from a place of 

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