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Distant Energy Healing

​All of use are one and we all have energy running up and through our body. I am a natural healer I have Native American decent in my DNA and naturally I am in tune to healing people of their physical pain like stomach, headache, body pain. Also I will heal you of emotional pain such as anxiety, anger, negative thoughts and confusion. When I heal I work on you like a onion and peel away all of your negative attachments that everyone get from our daily life. 

Chakra is what I work with, it means wheel or vortex of energy. Each chakra deals with a area of your life. There are seven chakras they run in the middle of your spin up and down is how the energy flows. The name of the chakras are 

1. Root or Base chakra -color red

2.Sacral chakra- color orange

3.Solar Plexus chakra- color yellow

4.Heart chakra- green

5.Throat chakra- blue

6.Third Eye chakra- purple or indigo

7.Crown chakra- white or gold

If you want a nice calming and flowing energy, more energy, mentally happy, less pain. Book a appointment with me through customer service. I look forward to healing you. 

Peace, Love and Light

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