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Dreams vs Fears

​Dreams vs Fears 

Why is this so important to think about? 

We are powerful Creators made in the image of our CREATOR... So why is it so important for us to really stop and look at what we are thinking about?  Because, We bring about what we think about. 

How many times have you feared something was going to happen and as soon as it does you say " I knew it was going to happen"

What if I told you that is how powerful you truly are??? 

This world is filled with so much business happening all day long our thinking can sometime set itself to auto pilot. The problem with auto pilot is it automatically differs to what we think about the most. So you see all of us have dreams and goals we want to reach. We have seeds planted deep inside to sprout and help carry us to our life's purpose , But so many time we allow FEARS to block us and keep us from those dreams....


We begin to focus on these blocks, those fears that are in our way and the next thing we know, we have create more fear ... Why because that's what we have been so focused on... We have created the thing we have thought about the most.... 

So how do we break out of this cycle? 

Change the focus... look past the block at the dream.

What does is feel like to live present in that dream?  How does it feel to be sitting in your dream career? How does it feel to be driving that new car? Smell the new car smell.... Feel yourself sitting in the seat.

Trust and know that your dreams will come true. Then step back and allow your Creator and heavenly team to guide you. Listen to that inner knowing. Follow the steps to your dreams... If a block appears just look past it and trust you will be guided safely around. You don't need to fear how just know that you will.... And remember your heavenly team is always there ready willing and able to help, you only need to ask... Ask and then watch and listen for your answers... Again don't focus on the answer just believe and know it WILL come...  

Sending Love and Light for all who wish to receive ...  

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