‚ÄčAloha ,

For many years I viewed ego as a prideful person who thought themselves better than others. I thought ego was Being flashy with your wealth and uncaring to other. The truth is I thought it was many things but was it truly was. There for when others would speak of ego I would stop listening because I did not think that would apply to me.

One day for some reason I was able to hear for just a moment, truth behind the word EGO....




My ego is anything that keeps me from my connection to great spirit.... Anything that keeps me from connecting with God is ego... Edging God Out 

It has many disguises but the root cause of all one thing .. FEAR

So how then do we overcome fear and remove EGO? 

Practice listening , Truly listening ... God is all around us , There is not a spot where god is not... Watch for the signs from your heavenly team. Listen for the clues... 

Ask for EGO to be removed and replaced with love


Do you want to see magic happen in your life today? Ask for the EGO to be removed and be open to the amazing possibilities in store..

Sending Love light and Angel Blessings