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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


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Evolving Your Psychic Gifts

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog to all first timers and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and following!  

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get when people are asking about being a psychic and developing their gifts is "how do you stay in flow and grow personally?"

Great question!   There is much more to it than simply being gifted.  Each of us is born with our intuition set to ON, but as you and I grow we are told what to think, given rote responses to address in academic testing, and how we are supposed to feel and act.  If you are blessed, your FOO (Family or Origin) will support your unique perspective and let you explore and discover your innate gifts and abilities.  All to often, we are expected to fit into a predetermined form, and as adults break free and become authentic as individuals.  

I discovered early on that I could see people that had crossed, and I was blessed to have a grandmother that helped me to understand and see it as a gift rather than a liability.

I recall at age 9, being at a friend's home for a birthday party.  They had a working ranch with horses, cows, goats, sheep, and chickens.  They had a beautiful vegetable garden as well, and I loved being there as I have a kinship with animals.  My friend and I were walking through the building connected to the barn, and I remember seeing a lamb that had recently passed.  She looked so peaceful, as if her spirit had been lifted from her body.  But I could feel her sadness at being ill, being confused, and not understanding what was happening to her.  I sat down with her and cried the tears that she could not, and offered her comfort.  This is one of the reasons that I have become certified in animal communication and healing, for her gentle spirit genuinely moved me. I wish I could have known her in life, but was glad to be there just after her passing to assist her in really moving forward in her soul's evolution.  Animals do not have to stay with the animal form in reincarnation, but often do so, as they want to return as the earth's healers.

I have been blessed to help a number of different animals cross.  One of the most amazing experiences that I have had was help a matriarch crow cross over.  I was driving near my home, and there were literally hundred of crows on fences, perched on power lines, and in the trees screaming.  I stopped the car, and there was the most beautiful crow, alive, but clearly near death.  I pulled my beach towel from my trunk and asked her if I could wrap her up and hold her, she consented.  I held her and I asked if she wanted to receive healing or to cross over.  She asked that I assist her in leaving her body with ease and peace.  I must mention that as soon as i picked her up, the crows, whom had been screaming, stopped, and it became eerily quiet.  I sat down with the crows in a circle above us, and held her until she passed.  I place her under the shelter of a tree where her family could come and honor her life one by one.  I could hear the "thank you" from her family as I had heard from her, and wept tears of joy at this unexpected connection.  

Staying in Divine Flow:

While you may have a gift, a gift unexplored or developed will not manifest to it's full and beautiful potential.  As an intuitive I study, and take regular continuing education coursework in psychology, PTSD,  C-PTSD, Trauma Recovery, mindfulness, energy healing, and am in the process of learning and evolving myself.  It is imperative to increase your knowledge, and learn to set judgement aside I am active in the healing community and offer a free 2 hour  Reiki class each month, and conduct Reiki healing circles to help others keep clear themselves.  The space is graciously donated to me by a local yoga clinic, and donations are accepted for local charities.

I have mindfulness exercises that are done daily, set goals both personal and professional, and have cleansing and self-care rituals built into my everyday schedule so that I remain a clear channel in my work.  

To be an intuitive means that it is important to come from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. This expansive heart energy is how we stay connected in Divine Flow, and offers a source of protection to us from negative energies or presences.  This can be a challenge sometimes and most often does come from the responsibilities of the home environment.  I can tell you, it is well worth the effort, for a peaceful, loving, and supportive home life is critical to being a psychic.  I am blessed to have a family that loves, supports, and even encourages me in my work!  

Making sure that you are getting enough sleep is important to keep yourself charged.  The emotional aspect of this work is a sacred responsibility, and one that I take seriously.  It is an honor to be working with each of you, and to hold sacred space for your healing.

Maintaining EMPATHY in all areas of your life as a psychic/intuitive/sensitive is critical.  For once the empathy begins to erode, so does unconditional love.  Offer empathy as much as you can, and notice how the energy changes for you.

Keep your relationships in healthy perspective as in, this is me, this is you.  Realize that as a psychic you will feel, see, and experience things from other's perspective, and it is critical to see it, share it, let it go.  This is especially true if you are working with negative spiritual forces and spirits that have crossed.  Unless you want to have a house full of spiritual energy attached to you, you must clear!  I smudge as needed, pray, and have protective icons from all belief systems around my home.  

Please be mindful for whom you have in your inner circle, for these people can greatly impact what you are attracting as a psychic.  I know this may sound harsh, but having needy, mean spirited, demanding people, or close friends with a victim mentality will drain you energetically and compromise your ability to be safe psychically (and physically).

Negative or high maintenance relationships do not have a place in your life if you want to represent that clear and healing presence in your work and life. The importance of learning to say NO, is more important than saying YES.  

Remember to step away from being a people pleaser!!  Stand by your healthy boundaries, and when you are given information from Spirit, offer it as verbatim as possible.  There will be points of validation that your client is needing.

Expect Psychic Scapegoats:  If you are in this work know that there will be people that will assign their ownership for their free will over to you.  When you encounter this, pray for them, send them love and understanding (for surely they are hurting), and let it go.  Being in this industry does mean that there are times when the person you are reading with will take out the negative feelings they have for someone in their life on you as they are unable to have closure or to clear feeling/emotions with the person with whom they are having the issues.  It is in working with these individuals (blame, shame, guilt, "that can't be right!") that defines your professionalism as a psychic.  In Buddihism, they are called Bodhisatvas, basically people that polish your life through friction (as in sandpaper!).  Please cleanse yourself of this energy before relating to friends or family, for this can leach into your personal life.

Doing this work you are likely to encounter people that are mentally ill.  As a psychic/intuitive/sensitive you can feel it before they call.  It is essential that you GROUND yourself, I do it to the center of the earth, to ride the waves of what can be disruptive energy.  Do send love and healing during the session, but remember, you have a defined energy field.  This is especially true in working with people that have schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder. Realize that this is something that they were born with, and that sometimes the best they can do is to manage it.  Do not expect a normal interaction.  If you feel that you do not want to work with, nor do you feel up to the intensity of working with them, please do set that boundary for yourself and ask Spirit to send them to another reader.

There are so many nuances to this work, and having been in the field for 46 years, I have learned a tremendous amount in this time.  It is my passion and joy to have chosen this as my life path, and to be here for each and everyone of you.

If you are interested in becoming a psychic yourself and expanding upon your emerging gifts, I encourage you to enroll in coursework to become certified.  It helps you to develop in a well rounded manner as a reader, and to have balance between your personal and professional life.  Please do sign up for a program that covers the psychological perspective, for having an understanding of people's motives, and recognizing how to work with people (connect with them) is critical to you continuing to love your work. When psychics step away from their work, the number main reasons that I have heard mentioned is they have lost their empathy as well as their patience.  If you feel this happening, DO take time to clear your energy, and take a break.

Thank you for this time together, 

I love you and I believe in you.

If I can be of assistance in helping to guide you along your intuitive journey, please do call.  I am honored to be present for you.  I have information on a number of qualified courses for a variety of geographical locations.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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