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Feeling Lost and Seeking Direction?

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for subscribing, sharing, and liking. It is a joy to connect with each of you.

Let's talk about feeling lost without a compass.  Not being sure which direction you should move, and wishing that you even had the ability to overcome your own inertia.  Let's do a 360 and investigate some life aspects that could be dragging down your Chi, or life force energy.

Let's do it old school and count down  ten to the number one culprit!

10. Over committing yourself: Filling your schedule up will only confuse the issue.  The key word here is SIMPLIFY.  Making things more complex may make you feel like you are doing better, but this illusion will only last for a short time. Only this time you are up to your eyeballs in commitments that you cannot step away from.

9. Watching your phone every second of the day:  It is physically draining to be responding to every text, every email, every call, all day, everyday.  It takes away from your ability to focus and to have a calm, stable, nervous system. Keep your phone away from your bedside (if you can!), so that you give yourself some social "downtime."

8. Impulse purchases: This is one form of distraction that you utilize when you are feeling lost or seeking direction.  Do you need the energy twirler from the store?  Will you really use it?  Or is it just good money down the drain, and and item for your next garage sale?

Have a list when you go shopping, and a budget, to help prevent purchases that make you wonder "what was I thinking?" later on. 

7. Impulse or emotional eating: Rather than go for peanut butter cups or comfort food, try a cup of tea or water first.  If you do feel the need to nosh, have healthy items prepped to eat in the refrigerator or cupboards. Eat a small amount, see how you feel. It is easy to fill the void with emotional eating.  Do a 360 and look at what is bothering you. Come up with a plan for resolving this, so that you are moving into having purpose and direction in your life again.

6. Binging with any form of movie or television series:  Nothing distracts like watching a television or movie series in it's entirety! Going into fantasy mode, or living through another's eyes and reality do take away from your dilemma of feeling lost. In the long run, though, it does more harm than good.

5. Using drug and alcohol to fill the void: This only digs the hole deeper, for when you are sober and back to reality, you can feel even more lost than before, and very likely lost and alone. Lean more in the arena of self regulation, to begin to regain your strength and direction.

4. Call your friends and eat up their time with your unhappiness: If you want to keep your friends, please keep these calls to a minimum and do ask how they are doing, too.  It is when you step outside yourself and show empathy, love, and concern for others that you start to regain the use of your own compass. If you are legitimately feel low, and that you are having difficulty going on, please see a therapist that can address these concerns with you. Your friends are not your therapist, and cannot give you the tools you need to overcome feelings of being blue or depressed.

3. Curling up under the covers rather than engaging with life:  When you feel the need to curl up and hide, take a walk, get moving, connect with your physical strength and vitality.  Working in the yard or garden, connecting to Mother Earth cam help to ground you, giving you a feeling of purpose.

2.Procrastinating:  Telling yourself that you will take care of it tomorrow, and that one more day won't hurt.  Stepping up and attending to the details of your life DO help to bring you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  Do this everyday!  Do this everyday for the next moth and you will have moved forward, and found the rhythm of your life.

And here is our number one!  Before we hit our top stagnation culprit, if you like what you are reading, please SUBSCRIBE to my blog and that of the other readers at Meet Your Psychic that you read on a regular basis!

1. Comparing your life to others:  They are so successful, why can't I be that successful?  What's wrong with me?  Time is passing and things are not getting better!  Step away from comparing yourself to others for it only leads to you feeling more isolated.  Think about what you do what your life to be, at it's highest ideal. If you are single, what ideally is your perfect mate? What financial status do you personally envision for your life? What is the quality of your friendships?  Rather than have happiness as the focus, look at where you really want your life to be, Base this on your vision, and set aside the opinions of those around you. Step away from being a victim to someone that is empowered and focused on your dreams, goals, and vision for your life.  Set daily goals towards achieving the life that you want.

If you read all the way through, you have already started to change your life, for you took the time to look at he 10 major blockages to moving forward.  Congratulations!  

Thank you for sharing this time together. Many blessings as you move forward as an empowered and inspired YOU.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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