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Happiness is the Sum

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing!

Let's take a look at happiness. Happiness is the result of commitments + living an evolutionary life.  When I am asked "will they make me happy?  Will we always be happy together?"  

The answer is no, for happiness is only one of our emotions!  During the course of any relationship you will feel joy, encouragement, empowerment, sadness, successful, and so many emotional states of being.   

Let us replace happiness with synchronicity trust,  and resonance.  Being in these states of connection means that both of you are striving to be your personal best, and offer unconditional love to one another.  When you have this as a foundation you can dialogue through anything, grow as a couple, face any challenge together, have a passionate and fulfilling relationship, and yes, have happiness come forward as well.  

Having happiness as your only criterion is short selling yourself short, and having low expectations. Even when you are "happy' you may find yourself wondering if this happiness is going to last, if so, how long, and how you will get past your anxiety.   Building and holding trust leads to a strong foundation from which you can build a strong relationship.  

Remember, you have chosen to live all of life's adventures, and experience life at a daily mundane level.  You have committed to being together for it all, and you are grateful for each  day you have as a couple.  Each day is a gift that you open together, with blessings coming in unexpected shapes, sizes, and manifestations.  

There is so much more  than just happiness.

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