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How to get what we deserves?

​Life is not about trying to get the right answers, it is about asking the right questions. So how we get what we deserve is simple. We have to have Self love. It is very important to change things in your life. See divination put us here to get to the awakening of the highest part of self. Self love is very important because it shows to others how genuine you are, and it shows compassion. Things like this will rub off on people which is not a bad thing.

Second would be to know your worthiness and become ego-less. When I say ego-less it means to release what you identify yourself to be such as appearance, relations, self-esteem. To do this you must become oneness, we are one and nothing else. Doing this can be really hard for a lot of people. This is not impossible, because we are of divination. 

With our society we are programmed to always have to prove our worthiness. Example  children have to always please their parents. Such as if they do chores,  or follow their parents directions they are worthy enough for love or to get something. Or another would be that we are not better than them, or someone next to you because of their position of power. Also we have to prove that we are just as good or better than someone. This make someone feel worthy of being liked or good enough. Sometimes we let other people dictate who we are and what we are. We have been trained to ask or please someone to know if your good enough and to get something out of it. 

So I believe these three things can help someone get what they deserve because you do deserve everything. You are of God too, your  just as good as everyone else. We all are one and come from the divine.

Changing our belief system is the biggest key to have a fruitful life.