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Impulsive Actions

​It's that time of the year again, making gift lists, enjoying warm drinks, football, holiday planning and let's not forget - feeding the birds! Being out and about this weekend at various stores brought me face to face with the many types of bird feeders and plain ol' bird feeder odds and ends that go along with "birding". Well always one to overdo and act impulsively, I thought I have one feeder why not a few more. The new ones looked so "updated".

Bigggg mistake! It didn't take long before the word got out...bird telegraph or birdy emails.. that Lily had the best free chow in the area. Birds descended upon my yard...cleaned out the feeders...left white "artwork" (if ya know what I mean) all over lawn furniture. Not good. Back to one feeder.

My "impulsive" actions taught me quite a bit.

1. First, impulsive decisions as a whole...

Impulsiveness can be gets the energy going. (Hence, why quickly and with excitement numerous bird feeders were put into place.) Impulsiveness also involves very little to no thought, logic, or planning. Hence, my birdy restaurant outcome.

2. Second, Count to "1000" ...

Taking time to pause when an exciting idea hits us, deciding if someone is Mr./Ms. "Right" vs Mr./Ms. "Right Now", or an overwhelming desire to purchase something comes along gives us TIME to consider the descision or idea. When I suggest counting to "1000" I actually mean count to one-thousand very very slowly. Usually by the time I'm done counting I've a clearer picture of my thought process. It can be difficult to stop, pause and think...and obviously, as proven by the bird feeder incident, I have not mastered this particular lesson.

3. Lastly, See the goal and plan accordingly ...

Seeing the goal is often easier than the plan to attain it. Without a plan to achieve the goal we might be able to enjoy some momentary joy, excitement, or motivation but it is not long term. For me impulsive descisions all have "fun" involved. Many times they keep me "busy" and I have an excuse to avoid the monotony of chores or "things that must get done". The point here is that the chores do not go away and before long the impulsive choice becomes one of regret. Plain ol' waste of time or money. A good solution is to write down your plan and "see" if you still want to follow through.

As for my now lone feeder? Well every time I see fancy feeders in the stores and I get that urge I am now walking by as I put into practice my lesson learned. I truly talk myself both into a "plan" and it seems quickly out of it, and I've come to realize not following through on my impulsive buying choices keeps more money in my pocket. Money I can put toward Squirrel Boxes :>).....yes, I know, start counting to one thousand.

In joy, love and thoughtful choices ~ Lily
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