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Make Friends with CHANGE

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy to connect with you!  Thank you for subscribing and sharing. 

Let's dive into the topic of CHANGE, the C word that so many of us dread.  For instance, you boyfriend or girlfriend talks to you about needing change in the relationship. If you are with the majority of readers, your mind skipped ahead to a negative outcome.  Change is often positive!  Chaos or change is the very nature of our world.  A trees loses it's leaves in the fall, and regains them in the spring. Bulbs in the ground go dormant until reawakened by the beginning of warm weather. Children grow from infancy to adulthood, with us celebrating their milestones!

Change is positive, for it is how you and I EVOLVE, grow, and thrive.  

Yet change is feared. You and I want things to stay the same, the status quo, predictable, consistent. 

But what if your life could be BETTER, more alive, more abundant, and more meaningful.

What if your friendships could be deeper and more fulfilling?

What is your career is thriving, growing, and developing?

What if you could go from dating to being engaged?

Or engaged to being married?

Or being married to having your first child?

Change is the Cosmic "what if" and is necessary. There is a season, and a time for everything and everyone.  We dance with the energy of the Universe, rather than fight it, staying in a constant state of retrograde (which we all know is tedious!). Let go of fear and be adventurous!

As humans we long for change, upgrades, and living thriving and vibrant lives.

Make change your friend, and watch the magic unfold.

What if?????

In Divine Love, Truth, and Change,

Shira <3

Spiritual healer and advisor
You Hold The Key To Your Own Happiness