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Self-Healing Begins With The Heart

​...And reclaiming lost pieces.

The most important aspect of the self we must nurture is our ​heart,​ in all its forms (mental, spiritual, ​and ​physical).

Though the heart is not regarded as logical, it still thinks, it still wants, and it still sometimes executes decisions on our behalf--whether or not we regard it as the superior aspect. The key is that neither the heart ​nor the​ mind are inferior in this way.

Rather, it is the heart that processes our mental, emotional, and spiritual traumas before our logical faculties do; meaning that though we aren't consciously aware of its development, it is still thinking, remembering, and storing the distortions in our body and psyche throughout our experiences.

Whether they are positive or negative.

​The process of accruing negative experiences can be referred to as "soul loss" when parts of the soul/spirit flee the body in order to survive the occuring trauma, taking with them the vital parts of ourselves that fill us with life and vitality. As some fellow light workers have expressed, it can happen in innumerable ways: divorce, death of a loved one, natural disasters, chronic illness, childhood abuse, and more.

As a result, many things ​happen​ in its place: apathy, depression, dissociation, addiction, 'deadness', memory gaps, the need to 'fill' the void, the emptiness, and a variety of other conditions that inhibit our ability to connect and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

When you choose me as your adviser, you will receive soul retrieval in our online chat readings and our phone conversations when you purchase 30 minutes or more.

The journey through soul retrieval can be a lengthy, personal process that sometimes requires the assistance of an experienced light worker.

In our session, I will help you identify the area(s) in need of restoration, will help you to understand what the process looks like, and will put my best foot forward in providing a lucrative experience that will ignite your journey to self-healing.

I will use varying degrees of channeling, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, spirit/angel guide communication, and theta (meditation/journeying) to assist our endeavor. If necessary, I will use tarot/oracle as well, and will always work closely with our spiritual guides and teammates in order to provide the best service possible.

When you commit yourself to working with soul retrieval, and myself as your adviser, you are opening the door for clarity, health, abundance, more balanced relationships, success, fulfillment, happiness, and then some!

Come and learn about soul retrieval and receive guidance on the issues and challenges that trouble you.

Change begins when you reach out. :)

~Psychic Walker

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